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February, 2010

UFC 110: The Liveblog From a Land Down Under

(Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

For those of you who have ever wished that you could spend a Saturday night reading live results from a UFC event sprinkled with more "Crocodile Dundee" references than are even remotely necessary, this is about to be an evening you’ll never forget.  UFC 110 goes down at the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia tonight.  It’s actually Sunday afternoon there, so maybe that means they already know how all the fights turn out.  Man, I sure hope they don’t spoil it for us.  They probably will, though.  Bunch of criminals. 

Stick with us for commentary and intricate descriptions of Joe Rogan’s ice-related freakouts, and everything should work out just fine anyway.  Remember to hit refresh often to keep the page current, and remember, when you’re bickering with one another in the comment section, let’s keep the ad hominem attacks to a reasonable minimum. With both Bens indisposed tonight, Chad Dundas of The Rumble checks in to handle the particulars of the live blog.


Friday Link Dump

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Logan Stanton: The UFC Has No Loyalty to Anyone

(Dammit, that’s the same leather bikini I just put on. One of us is going to have to change, because I am not going to look like an idiot at the Microtel Inn pool. Photo courtesy of Fight Magazine.)

Now that Logan Stanton’s career as a UFC Octagon girl is firmly in the rearview mirror, she no longer has to smile and play nice when people ask about the experience. It’s like that time I got fired from Old Navy for my political views (and for stealing a bunch of cargo shorts) – once you get that last paycheck, you can tell the whole mall about how Steve used to peep in the dressing rooms at teenage girls before he became assistant manager and started thinking he was too good for everyone.

Stanton’s version of recent events seems to be that she was never really that into being an Octagon girl anyway, and the UFC is a company that will fire anyone at any time if the mood strikes them. Even the girls’ beloved “Octagon mom,” Leslie Hedges, got let go recently, which Stanton said didn’t surprise her because “the UFC really has no loyalty to anyone.”


Yep, This Is About What We Expected From TUF 11

High drama.  Bad blood.  Low blows.  Tired clichés.  Everything we were expecting from the upcoming season of "The Ultimate Fighter," all wrapped in one neat little video package.  No surprises here.  Hope you’re ready for a season’s worth of a laconic Chuck Liddell becoming increasingly agitated with Tito Ortiz‘s mouth, while Ortiz tries out one-liner burns that never quite hit the mark they’re aiming for.  If that doesn’t interest you, might as well checkout right now and go watch "Tool Academy 3."  Actually, it’s pretty much the same crap over there, so either way you’re stuck. 


MMA FightPicker Head-to-Head: UFC 110 Edition

(Some Silva vs. Bisping hype, courtesy of nicktheface.)

Update: In light of the Rothwell/Cro Cop/Perosh situation, which will henceforth be referred to as the saga of Mirko and "The Hippo," just for laughs, we’ve updated the FightPicker questions. We’ve also replaced Sinosic/Haseman with Lytle/Foster, so there’s that too. You should probably go update your picks accordingly. Picks can be changed until 11 pm PST tonight. If, after that point, any more changes happen to make our existing questions obsolete, we’ll just declare those a tie. Sound good?

It’s the Friday before a big MMA event, and as new tradition dictates, it’s time for BF and I to make our MMA FightPicker picks public so that we can bust each other’s balls on Monday morning. Before we get to it, have you made your own picks yet? And have you considered entering one of the prize pools to win an iPod Touch? Not trying to nag or anything, it’s just that we regret the things we don’t do in this life, you know? Anyway…

1. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Cain Velasquez at UFC 110: Who will win?
BG: Nogueira. He’ll handle Velasquez standing, and he’s strong enough on the ground to avoid being squashed.
BF: Strong enough to avoid being squashed, yes. But strong enough to avoid being put there again and again and worked over for three rounds? I have my doubts. Velasquez via decision. Maybe then you’ll realize that it is not 2006 anymore.


UFC 110 Gets Weirder: Cro Cop Cut in Sparring? Perosh Ambivalent? Everything in Australia Upside Down?

(You take all these precautions in training, and still something bad happens. C’est la vie, old buddy.)

Some ideas are such obviously bad ideas that watching them being methodically put into action is like watching a car crash in slow motion. Certain marriages are like that, as are most of the movies Kevin Smith has made in the last ten years. Now it’s starting to look like the Mirko Filipovic/Anthony Perosh bout at UFC 110 might become MMA’s version of “Jersey Girl.” Only unlike “Jersey Girl” we will all end up watching it.

In the most recent development, a Croation website that looks like a bunch of squiggly lines to us (but apparently makes sense to someone at Fighters Only) is reporting that Cro Cop suffered a cut over his eye in a late sparring session and had to receive several stitches. This doesn’t mean the fight is off, however. Cro Cop reportedly refused to pull out and “let weeks of hard preparation go to waste.” Since there’s no athletic commission to act as the irrefutable voice of reason in this instance, and since the UFC has already demonstrated a willingness to make this fight happen no matter how crazy it becomes, it looks like all systems are still go.

But what about Anthony “The Hippo” Perosh, anyway? What’s going through his head right about now?


Rothwell Out, Perosh In Against Cro Cop; Sinosic/Haseman Scrapped Altogether

(The best part about this Anthony Perosh highlight video?  It’s set to Mötley Crüe’s "Kickstart My Heart.")

Welcome to Bummertown, Potato Nation. informs us that Ben Rothwell has been pulled from his heavyweight clash with Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic at UFC 110 with an undisclosed illness, and in his place will be Australian local boy Anthony "The Hippo" Perosh.  As if one late change wasn’t enough to disappoint the sold-out crowd, the rematch between Elvis Sinosic and Chris Haseman, which was only interesting to Australians to begin with, has been removed from the card completely after Sinosic suffered a shoulder injury. 

But chances are you don’t really care about that.  Chances are you’re wondering, who the hell is Anthony Perosh, and does he have any shot in hell of beating Cro Cop on a few days’ notice?  The answers to those questions, in order, are 1) He’s a 37 year-old jiu-jitsu black belt who is 10-5 with losses in the UFC to notable fighters such as Jeff Monson and Christian Wellisch and wins over no one you’ve ever heard of, and 2) no, probably not. 

Perosh is homeboys with Sinosic (though who isn’t in the Australian MMA scene?), and he appears to be a natural 205-pounder.  His most recent outing saw him win a rare TKO victory over Kym Robinson in November, and before that he went down to a nasty knockout at the hands of James Te Huna in the finals of the Cage Fighting Championships light heavyweight tournament.  This is the point where we say that in MMA anything can happen and blah, blah, blah, but odds are that this guy is headed for the land of wind and ghosts this weekend.  Don’t believe us?  Watch the Perosh-Te Huna fight after the jump.  Then imagine that Te Huna is a heavyweight who once did this kind of stuff to people.  Prognosis: negative.


At Least We Know That Jose Canseco Is Watching Some Actual MMA Training

After watching this video of Jose Canseco in the gym with Nick Diaz and his boys, we still don’t know whether the former slugger is really learning anything about fighting.  All we know is that he has seen what real training looks like when professionals do it, and that he had the foresight to make sure that somebody was shooting video of him while he witnessed it. 

Honestly, this might be a more interesting video if we could remove Canseco from the frame altogether.  Then you’d just have Nick Diaz explaining some of the finer points of the clinch game, which is pretty awesome.  If that’s not enough to hold your attention, there’s also some Fifty Cent to bob your head to.  See?  Something for everyone.  Except Jose Canseco.  He only watches videos if Jose Canseco is in them, which results in him watching a lot of really annoying videos.  Or unintentionally hilarious ones…


Interview: Ben Rothwell Talks Cro Cop, Training Camp Changes, + More

(Photo courtesy of

Much to our dismay, Ben Rothwell says he won’t be rocking an Extenze sponsorship for his bout with Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic at UFC 110 this weekend.  But that’s not the only thing that Rothwell has changed as he hopes for a better outcome in his second UFC fight.  From his preparation to his overall mental state, everything about this time out looks to be different for Rothwell, and he’s hoping the result will bear that out.

You changed up your training some for this fight. What did you do differently and why did you decide to do it?

I moved my training full-time to Wisconsin, where Duke Roufus is my coach. Instead of only getting him part of the time, now he’s got full control over everything. It’s definitely for the best. There’s a lot of good energy here. I’m not trying to be negative, but the past couple of years that good energy wasn’t there for me. I wasn’t as passionate about training. It was a job and I was doing it because I had to, not because I wanted to. But when I came back here I was working harder and having more fun. That’s what you need. I’m just trying to keep getting better.

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