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February, 2010

Michael Bisping: Wanderlei Is “A Bit Of A Bully”

(Skip to the 2:18 mark to see Bisping seeking solace in the arms of his Twitter followers)

In Michael Bisping‘s latest video blog from Australia he pauses for a moment to get one thing straight: it’s not his fault that things have gotten personal between him and Wanderlei Silva.  For reasons that are either totally understandable or utterly baffling (depending on your own personal take on the guy), Bisping seems to have become the guy that fans and fellow fighters love to hate.  He doesn’t see why, and insists he never wanted to get into a feud with Silva, who he calls "a bit of a bully." 

It is at this point where we are forced to feel something resembling sympathy for Bisping.  It’s a fleeting feeling though, and it passes as soon as we see the moment from the press conference in part two of the video blog where Bisping tells Silva, "You do need to win fights in this business, Wanderlei, and you haven’t been doing that lately."  Yep, there goes that sympathy.  All better now.

Check it out for yourself after the jump, including the odd moment where this fight is referred to as "perhaps one of the most eagerely anticipated bouts in UFC history."  I guess at this point we’re just spouting hyperbole and hoping that no one is listening too closely.


UFC 110 Press Conference Notes: Nogueira or Velasquez Could Challenge Brock, Silva and Bisping Talk Trash + More

(Joe Stevenson and George Sotiropoulos break down their main-card matchup. Props:

— During a UFC 110 press conference held yesterday in Sydney, UFC president Dana White announced that the winner of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Cain Velasquez could potentially get the next shot at Brock Lesnar‘s heavyweight belt. "Mir and Carwin are going to fight for the interim title because that fight was already made before Brock said he was coming back," White explained, "[but] the winner of this fight [between Nogueira and Velasquez] puts them right in the mix because something could happen to either Shane or Mir in that fight where they couldn’t fight Brock, so the winner of this fight would fight Brock."

— After the UFC’s first trip to Australia sold out the first day, White stated that Australia could be an annual stop for the UFC. Also, a season of TUF hosted Down Under is "absolutely possible."

Wanderlei Silva and Michael Bisping‘s professional rivalry is getting personal. At yesterday’s press conference, Silva said "We’re going to have a great show, and I’m going to kick your ass." Bisping took it in stride, but later needled Silva about his recent losses. Silva told Bisping to shut up, and said "100 percent of the guys that talk to him, (talk to me and say) kick him…Everybody don’t like him." To which Bisping responded, "That’s nice. Fortunately, I couldn’t give a [expletive]." In an earlier interview, Silva said that seeing Quinton Jackson in Bisping’s corner will only make him more motivated to beat The Count: "Maybe I’ll beat the one and then after, the other. Two for the price of one."


Caption Contest: Win a Copy of ‘Wrong Side of Town’

Wrong Side of Town DVD Bautista Ja Rule Rob Van Dam
(The tag line is "Who wants to die first" — just like that, without a question mark. That’s how you know these guys are serious.)

Don’t ask us where we got them, but we recently came into possession of a box of Wrong Side of Town DVDs, which don’t even hit stores until next Tuesday. (I know, I know, this crazy life we lead.) But instead of flipping all of them on the underground bootleg market, we’re going to skim five off the top and give them to you, our loyal and long-suffering readers. Hit us with the plot synopsis,

Bobby (Rob Van Dam), a former Navy Seal, seeks revenge by killing a crooked nightclub owner who attacked his wife. The owner’s brother comes after Bobby by placing a massive bounty on his head. Bobby’s only hope will be to enlist his old friend Ronnie (David Bautista) in retaliation efforts. But first he’ll have to repair the falling-out they had years ago. With Ronnie’s help he’ll stand a chance, but ultimately it will be up to him to save his family and escape his death sentence.

To win a copy of the flick, all you have to do is come up with a clever caption to the completely unrelated photo after the jump — which shows Kimbo Slice posing with the World’s Tiniest Pimp — and post it in the comments section below by Tuesday at noon ET. Finalists will be announced later that day. This is your moment, people. Grab it with both hands.


UFC Trumpets Legal Victory Over…Ken Shamrock?

(Dammit Ken, this is why we begged you to get a real attorney. No matter what he says, watching every episode of ‘Judge Judy’ does not qualify Big John to give legal advice.)

If we’ve learned anything at all from receiving UFC press releases over the last few years, it’s that the world’s top MMA organization is not the most gracious of winners. Whether they beat you in a ratings battle or a game of hangman, they’re probably going to gloat about it in a press release. The latest opportunity for internet chest-thumping comes in the form of a legal victory over UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock, who lost his lawsuit in a Nevada court today and now gets to have his nose rubbed in it by Zuffa’s PR staff. Because apparently laboring on far past his prime wasn’t enough of an indignity.

You may recall that Shamrock sued the UFC when they refused to give him another fight following his post-beatdown retirement after a third loss to Tito Ortiz. Shamrock thought he should be able to unretire and have the UFC honor the old contract, while the UFC thought he should go get his face smashed elsewhere. Turns out Judge Susan H. Johnson agreed with the UFC, which means Shamrock won’t be getting a fat payday after all this legal wrangling. Instead, just to make his life even worse, he may be getting a bill:


You’re Going to Have to Do Better Than That If You Want to Surprise These Kids, Cro Cop

(Props: MMA Scraps)

Now that Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic is on the verge of making his possibly glorious, possibly disastrous return to the cage against Ben Rothwell at UFC 110 this weekend, we might as well take a look at the man’s softer side. Granted, he’s a bad-ass Croatian fighter, so his soft side isn’t even really all that soft.  It’s more of a malleable metal than a bowl of jello, really, but that’s not the point.  The point is, if there’s one thing Cro Cop respects it’s kids who kick other kids in the head.


Video: Countdown to UFC 110

(Props: via Card)

"The guy who won’t stop ’til you’re done, and the guy who can’t be stopped" — so says Dana White in the latest installment of Countdown when describing the UFC 110 main event between Cain Velasquez and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. It’s a matchup that seems to hit almost all the buttons. Besides the Irresistible Force/Immovable Object dichotomy, you’ve got the young up-and-comer vs. the war-weathered veteran, the ground-and-pounder vs. the submission artist, the American vs. the Brazilian. Nogueira is feeling as strong as ever thanks to his new S&C coach and his training at the stacked Black House gym. Velasquez is ready to fight the big names he’s watched since the sport was young. But is he ready to beat them?

Meanwhile, another Brazilian legend, Wanderlei Silva, faces a must-win situation against British star Michael Bisping. Bisping and his camp respect Silva, but Wandy’s UFC bonus checks and BJJ black belt don’t mean shit to them. We learn a few things about Silva in this show: He’s back with his original trainer Rafael Cordeiro, and looking to recapture the "old" Wanderlei Silva. He started his own gym partly because nobody wanted to train with him at Xtreme Couture. His fans are really his friends, and the fighters he develops are really his family. He snores, which is something his funny little manager knows all about.


The Ohio Athletic Commission Rescues Us From the Tyranny of Sylvia/Sims II

(This matchup was briefly considered as a replacement bout until Sims was deemed ‘non-competitive’ after it was revealed that the guy in the sweatshirt had taken six weeks of jiu-jitsu classes a few years back.)

As much as we hate government intrusion into the private lives of citizens – particularly those citizens among us who just want to date that cute sixteen year-old chick with the glasses who works at the movie theater without those arbitrary ‘age of consent’ laws getting in the way – but there are times when it’s obviously necessary, such as in the case of the completely unnecessary Tim Sylvia vs. Wes Sims rematch. The Ohio Athletic Commission, in its infinite wisdom, has decided not to sanction the bout for the March 20 Adrenaline event in Youngstown, on the grounds that “the fight was not going to be competitive at this time.”

That’s right. Tim Sylvia, who got knocked out by Ray Mercer last year, can’t fight Sims, who “sucks” too much to even get in the same cage with "The Maine-iac." Forget the one-sided loss to Bobby Lashley and his attempts to sell Kimbo Slice’s skull cap from TUF 10, now Sims has officially hit bottom.

Not that we’re complaining, mind you. Whatever prevents this fight from bringing the overall integrity of the sport down with it, whether it’s an act of God or a heavy-handed athletic commission, we’re all for it. Now let’s see what the Ohio commission can do about those age of consent laws.


Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 110

(Proof that being a bad-ass does not prevent you from looking like a stereotypical tourist in a foreign country. Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

This weekend’s UFC event down under is a tricky one for your old pal the Enabler. You see, years ago I promised my sponsor that I wouldn’t bet on any more Australian sporting events. It’s a long story that I’d rather not get into right now, so let’s just say that it involved a high-stakes netball match and a ’92 Pontiac that wasn’t exactly mine to lose.

But this is different. This is the UFC. Surely I can make an exception here, right? Not even that lot of criminals can fix a fight in the UFC. Not like those crooked netball games. The tastiest betting lines on the internet come to us courtesy of

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (+105) vs. Cain Velasquez (-110)
Wanderlei Silva (-130) vs. Michael Bisping (+130)
Joe Stevenson (-240) vs. George Sotiropoulos (+218)
Keith Jardine (+140) vs. Ryan Bader (-135)
Mirko Filipovic (-135) vs. Ben Rothwell (+130)


Win an iPod Touch in the First MMA FightPicker Prize Pools!

iPod touchAntonio Rodrigo Nogueira UFC 110

Happy hump-day, Potato Nation. We have a couple of important MMA FightPicker-related announcements to make this morning. First off, FightPicker now has a fan page on Facebook, where you can get updates on the game, chat with other players, and make your weekly picks. Do us a solid and become a fan, okay?
Secondly, and more importantly: The first FightPicker prize pools are now open for business! If you go to the Open Pools page you’ll see three new pool categories at the top. Here’s how they’re set up…

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* To prevent ties, we’ve added a tie-breaker question to these pools, so make sure to answer it if you enter one of them. If there’s still a tie even after the tie-breaker question is factored in, the prize will go the first-place-scorer who entered the pool earliest.

** By now, some of you are wondering how the hell you can enter these pools with your miserable stake of 34 PotatoChips or whatever you have left at this point. Well, if you really want an iPod Touch and you feel confident in your picking abilities, you can purchase chips here. Throw in a few bucks (which supports the site, by the way) and you’ll be good to go. Or, spend the day filling out surveys, whichever’s easier.

Questions, comments, concerns? Holler at us in the comments section, and please enter a UFC 110 pool this week if you haven’t already. Good luck!


Illegal Knockout of the Day: Chan Sung Jung’s Spinning Backfist

(Skip to the 2:35 mark for the good stuff. Props: MMA Share)

A spinning backfist knockout is a lot like an open container of alcohol.  It’s really great in the places where it’s allowed, but a good way to have your night ruined in the places where it isn’t.  Unfortunately for "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung, the "It’s Showtime" event in Prague is the kind of place that frowns upon such displays of 360-degree backfistedness, even if the Czechs don’t exactly have their own word for it.  Guess we’ll have to add it to our list.

The sad thing is, to us it’s a highlight reel knockout.  To them, it’s cause for a disqualification.  Much like gun laws in the U.S., the legality of various strikes can change just as soon as you cross the border into a new place.  That’s why you always call ahead first.  I learned that lesson the hard way after my soccer kicks and head stomps did not go over well at my cousin’s wedding in Arizona.  I’m just saying, why even have an open bar if you don’t want to have any fun?