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February, 2010

Friday Link Dump

(Cain Velasquez’s pro debut, just for kicks. Props: MMA Scraps)

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- 12 crucial sex lessons from movies and TV. (Screen Junkies)

- "Family Guy" does NASCAR in China. (All Left Turns)

- Stop being a pessimist about love. (Made Man)

- Olympic luge slider dies in horrific crash. (Nothing Toxic)


It Won’t Be Chael Sonnen Fighting Anderson Silva in Abu Dhabi

(‘Nate, whaddaya say we call it a draw and go get some cheeseburgers?’ Photo courtesy of Fight Magazine)

The great mystery as to who will step up and challenge for Anderson Silva‘s middleweight title at UFC 112 on April 10 is looking like it will be solved by process of elimination.  Chael Sonnen, who became the number one contender with his upset of Nate Marquardt, now says he won’t be making the quick turnaround to face Silva in Abu Dhabi.  But with Sonnen and Vitor Belfort both ruled out, who’s left? 

Marquardt is coming off a loss at UFC 109.  Demian Maia won a fairly plodding and unimpressive decision over Dan MillerWanderlei Silva and Michael Bisping are set to go at it next weekend at UFC 110.  Face it, there just aren’t many acceptable substitutes available.  If the UFC grabs the first warm 185-pound body they can find and shoves him into a title fight with Silva, we’re looking at a potential farce of epic proportions.  And haven’t we learned our lesson about matching Silva against guys he’s not really interested in beating up?

The best solution at this point would be to either pull Silva from the event entirely and wait until a credible contender is available, or else forget about the title for a little while and get to work finding an interesting 205-pounder who’s willing to accept the challenge.  Easier said than done, I suppose.


Gegard Mousasi Will No Longer Require the Services of M-1 Global

Gegard Mousasi Strikeforce

According to a report on Sherdog, Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi has ended his professional relationship with M-1 Global, the promotional outfit best known for handling the career of Fedor Emelianenko. As Mousasi wrote in an e-mail:

“After careful consideration, I have decided that it is in my best interest to part ways with M-1 Global. During the time I spent under their wing, M-1 Global, as a promoter and management company, allowed me to achieve many great things. I appreciate all they have done for me…My management is [now] being taken care of by someone close to me."

Mousasi added that he’d like to come back to the U.S. to train with Josh Thomson at American Kickboxing Academy; the two fighters recently became acquainted in Miami during the last Strikeforce show. So what spurred Mousasi’s split with M-1? Apparently, they wouldn’t keep him on the payroll for life. Mousasi’s former manager at M-1, Apy Echteld, told MMA Junkie that the Last Gypsy broke ties when M-1 refused to sign him into a long-term management deal that would give the Dutch-Armenian fighter "lifetime security" — a contract setup reportedly enjoyed by Fedor Emelianenko.

Mousasi is still under contract with Strikeforce for as many as seven fights, and plans to enter DREAM’s light-heavyweight grand prix later this year. His next match is rumored to be against Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal in April.


Videos: Nine-Second Knockout of the Day, Rampage Gets Slammed in Nike Commercial

There’s nothing we love more than unregulated MMA shows held in parking lots. This lost classic comes from a "Rumble at the River" event that went down somewhere in Minnesota in August 2007. We don’t know who the competitors are; we just know that one is a welterweight and the other is a bantamweight with a peace-sign tattoo on his arm and shaky striking defense. (Try to guess which one is snoozing on the mat nine seconds after the fight starts.) By the way, it took the paramedic so long to get over to the downed fighter because she had to change out of her ring girl uniform first.

After the jump: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson makes an appearance in a slick new Nike commercial that will be running this evening during the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Okay, so maybe his scene has an unfortunate pro-wrestling vibe to it. (What exactly was his opponent doing when Quinton was stretched out on the canvas? Blowing kisses from the turnbuckle?) But goddamnit if ‘Page didn’t get up and deliver the death-blow to that generically tattooed cage-fighter. Cheesy or not, you gotta be psyched to see something like this in a high-profile mainstream ad…


Someone Better Tell Jose Canseco What a Mean-Mug Is, And Quick

(Something tells me this photo wasn’t Nick’s idea.)

The above photo of Jose Canseco smokin’ and jokin’ with the Diaz boys at their Lodi, California academy comes to us courtesy of, the website that would like you to know that you are, in fact, a punk bitch.  Looks like the unholy union between the Cesar Gracie team and baseball’s most infamous attention whore/steroid snitch is now a reality, at least in some form. 

We were holding out hope that Nick Diaz’s well-established dislike for exactly the type of jock asshole that Canseco is might prevent him from letting Canseco use the squad as a stepping stone in his ongoing attempt to turn MMA into some sort of half-assed celebrity boxing.  No such luck.  Now we just have to pray that one of the Diaz’s breaks his arm in a training "accident" and sends him back to pleading for tanning salon endorsement deals on Twitter, where he belongs.

Strikeforce, if you’re reading, just so we’re clear about this, DO NOT SIGN JOSE CANSECO TO FIGHT FOR YOU.  Herschel Walker was one thing.  He took it seriously, said all the right things, and even though the quality of his fight proved exactly why you don’t put 0-0 fighters on TV, we’re willing to overlook it.  But Canseco?  No way, homie.  He just wants a quick buck and cheap attention.  Stay away.  We cannot stress this enough.


Never Fear, Anderson Silva Will Fight Someone at UFC 112

(‘And don’t let me catch you looking at my little sister again!’)

Good news for those of you who already bought your plane tickets to Abu Dhabi and have spent the last few weeks learning how to say, ‘Stand ‘em up!’ in Arabic. Despite losing Vitor Belfort to a shoulder injury, UFC 112 will still feature Anderson Silva fighting someone in the 185-pound range for a big hunk of shiny metal and leather. As Dana White recently told, Silva has not been pulled from the event just because his top challenger is out, and he’ll still be defending his belt (so abandon your hopes for a light heavyweight superfight, or a heavyweight super-superfight).

The question that has yet to be answered is, who will this opportunistic middleweight be?


MMA Mythology #1: “Dog Fight” is proud to introduce MMA Mythology, a new comic collaboration with illustrator/highlight video editor Kahleem "KahL-One" Poole in which urban legends from MMA’s history are brought to life. In the first installment, Wanderlei Silva and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua do battle over a pitbull puppy; yes, this really happenedClick the images for full-size versions, check out the rest after the jump, and let us know what you think!

MMA Mythology #1 Mauricio Rua Shogun Wanderlei Silva pitbull puppy


Rolles Gracie: One and Done

Rolles Gracie Renzo Gracie UFC 109
("Don’t worry about it, Rolles. Listen, why don’t you stick around Vegas for a while and learn the casino trade?" Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

Following his ugly loss to Joey "The Mexecutioner" Beltran last Saturday at UFC 109, Rolles Gracie has reportedly been cut from the UFC, joining Mark Coleman, Phillipe Nover, Tim Hague, and Frank Trigg in the list of fighters who didn’t make it out of that show with their jobs intact.

It’s not a common occurrence for a new UFC fighter to immediately get cut if they lose their debut, but Rolles wasn’t just any prospect — his last name gave him a lot to live up to. Whether the pressure came from Dana White or the fighter’s humiliated uncle, there may have been concern about Rolles tarnishing the Gracies’ UFC legacy with any more godawful performances. As a 3-1 fighter, his story is by no means over. But he’ll need a little more seasoning before he makes a return to the bright lights and high pressure of MMA’s biggest stage.


This Day in Fighting History: Tyson vs. Douglas

(Props: The Rumble)

What do you say we take a break from talking about fights that aren’t happening and discuss one that did?  Twenty years ago today, back when MMA was still in the Vale Tudo dark ages, possibly the greatest boxing upset of all time went down in Tokyo, Japan.  Unheralded and often lazy heavyweight Buster Douglas became the first pro boxer to beat the seemingly invincible Mike Tyson via tenth round knockout. 

Tyson actually came into this bout a 42-1 favorite, but a combination of failing to take the fight and his training seriously enough, along with indulgences in what one sportswriter termed Tyson’s "ravenous heterosexuality," helped turn him into a fraction of the fighter he usually was.

Those of you who actually like to read books and stuff might want to check out Joe Layden’s "The Last Great Fight" for an interesting examination of what happened before and after that night.  Those of you who only read the internet can just check out Douglas’s take on things now that he’s had twenty years to think about it.


Great, Now Vitor Belfort Is Out of UFC 112 With an Injury

(8:03 am: Vitor learns about World of Warcraft. 12:16 pm: Vitor calls in sick to training, orders a pizza. 5:37 pm: Vitor suddenly declares himself incapable of fighting Anderson Silva at UFC 112.)

Get your disappointed faces on, Potato Nation.  Vitor Belfort won’t be challenging Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight strap in Abu Dhabi this April, after all.  Brazilian website Tatame broke the news today, which was later confirmed, that Belfort is out of the fight with a shoulder injury.  This is the second time the bout has been put off, and now we’re starting to wonder whether we’ll ever see it happen or whether the MMA gods have deemed it too potentially awesome to take place on an earthly realm.

The immediate question for the UFC is, what now?  They could postpone it yet again, relying instead on the novelty of the event to draw a crowd in the Middle East, or they could get crazy and try to shuffle newly-crowned contender Chael Sonnen into the challenger spot.  It seems unlikely that he’d be able to make the April 10 date considering all the damage he suffered in the win over Nate Marquardt, however.  Physical exhaustion aside, the guy got his forehead sliced in half, which means he’s going to need time to heal before he can even resume full-contact sparring.  Not only would the UFC be asking him to forego a full training camp, they’d be asking him to fight the world’s best 185-pounder with just two months rest after the toughest fight of his career.

Besides, Sonnen seems to have other things on his mind just now…