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February, 2010

Axe-Wound of the Day: Kampmann Out of UFC 111 With Monster Gash; Ellenberger to Replace

Martin Kampmann gash cut eyebrow
(Photo courtesy of

The poor bastard you see in the picture above is UFC welterweight contender Martin Kampmann, who had to pull out of his UFC 111 fight against Ben Saunders on Tuesday due to a stomach-turning gash over his right eye, which he suffered in training. (Damn, those Xtreme Couture guys need to take it easy with the broken-glass kickboxing matches.) Kampmann hopes to return to the cage in May. Saunders, who’s coming off his first-round knockout of Marcus Davis at UFC 106, will now take on Jake Ellenberger, who’s fresh off his TKO victory over Mike Pyle. In other UFC matchup news…

— According to a report on MMA Weekly, TUF 7 winner/Master Tweeter Amir Sadollah will compete next against undefeated Judo specialist Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 114 (May 29th, Las Vegas). Sadollah is riding back-to-back unanimous decision wins against Phil Baroni and Brad Blackburn; due to injury, Kim hasn’t competed since his decision win over TJ Grant at UFC 100 last July.


Josh Koscheck Is Being Photoshopped Into a Living Death

Koscheck Bob Ross photoshop

Josh Koscheck Garbage Pail Kid
(Images courtesy of The UG.)

Who knows what will happen when Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley mix it up at UFC 113 (May 8th, Montreal), but Semtex has scored a first-round KO in the battle of insulting pre-fight Photoshops. Peeved at Koscheck’s recent Twitter outbursts, Daley stopped by The UG earlier today to post this call to arms:

Heard Koscheck, talking a little….but a real man, can tell his chat is just a front….I can smell his pussy from here….Bitch
For my Supporters, we are also running a competition to help Josh….we can all see he is in desperate need of some advice about what to do with his Blonde ‘Fro…..So PHOTOSHOP PEOPLE, Wining hair style will be handed to Josh at the pre fight press conference…..

The UG’ers quickly got to work whipping up a batch of photoshop destruction, the highlights of which you can see above and after the jump. (See, we told you that forum was the shit.) Enjoy, and if you have your own Joshoshops to add, please post links in the comments section or e-mail ‘em to us…


Frank Trigg? Yeah, He Got Fired Too

(Frank’s the guy in the background who is being assured by Josh Rosenthal that everything is going to be all right.  Well, not everything, but you get the point. Photo courtesy of Fight Magazine.)

We left one name out of yesterday’s recap of the post-UFC 109 contract-cutting bloodbath, and it is perhaps the least surprising one of all.  Frank Trigg, who suffered his second KO loss in as many fights after being brought back to the UFC in 2009, was also invited to seek other opportunities/paychecks this week.  One has to think that Trigg saw the firing coming after his poor showing against Matt Serra last Saturday.  Not only did he get knocked out, but this fight had loser-leaves-town written all over it from the start.  Why Trigg would dare show up for a fight of that importance with hair is beyond us.

Unlike Mark Coleman, Trigg says he’s not sure yet whether he’ll try to land a gig fighting outside the UFC.  He has some on-camera experience and can probably land a job of some sort in broadcasting, or maybe he’s had enough of working for other people and will resurrect the Triggonomics brand as MMA’s next clothing giant.  Changing the name so it no longer "sounds like a lemonade stand" might be a good first step.    


James Toney Gets a Bigger Megaphone, Remains Just as Incoherent

(Props: Cagewriter)

At least now we know that the difficulty we had understanding James Toney’s previous video rants was not the result of poor video equipment and low production value.  Dark Gable showed up on the Versus show "Sports Soup" to deliver yet another Dana White/UFC call-out, and once again we only understood every fourth word.  Something about candy and Chuck Liddell being "daddy’s little girl."  Other than that it was like trying to understand a voicemail that your very drunk friend left you at three a.m.  You know he’s saying something about what a bitch his ex-girlfriend is, but the details remain hazy.

The most interesting thing about this is that it happened on Versus, which is the UFC’s newest cable network sweetheart.  That’s not to say that the UFC necessarily instructed them to let Toney wander into their studio and then refuse to leave, but chances are good that they probably did not disapprove of the free publicity either, or else it might never have happened at all.  Now we just sit back and wait for Toney’s guest spot on Spike TV’s "Blue Mountain State," where he ambles into the frame to interrupt a date rape scene by calling out "Simba Spice" and imploring the UFC to get their money right and make him a real offer.       


The 25 Most Essential MMA Twitter Feeds

Arianny Celeste bikini UFC ring girl
(Arianny Celeste self-shot bikini pics: The reason why Twitter was invented. Photo courtesy of

There was a time when you had to be a well-connected MMA journalist to keep tabs on where fighters were training and who their next opponents would be. Now you can do what we do — stay in bed with your laptop all day and follow them on Twitter. We call that progress. In case you’re not as tweet-obsessed as us, or if you’re simply too old to understand what the social-networking site is — ‘sup, dad — here’s what to do: Start an account, follow, then start adding the pages below, which represent the 25 most informative and entertaining MMA-related Twitter feeds currently in operation. Your life will change in ways you never expected. And so, in alphabetical order…
Bio: "mma shooter"
Known for her artfully crafted action shots and revealing portraiture, Esther Lin might be the greatest MMA photographer working today. Lately she’s been juggling gigs for MMAFighting, Strikeforce and Showtime, and the best of her work can always be found on her website, Follow Esther’s tweets for photo updates and observations from her life behind the lens.
Sample tweet: "Fighters Are Dirty: the toilet in my hotel photoshoot room has pee all over it! Guys! Lift up the seat or aim better!"
Bio: "Winner of The Ultimate Fighter 7"
It turns out that Amir Sadollah‘s awkward brand of ultra-dry humor is perfectly suited to short bursts of 140 characters or less. Like most UFC fighters, he spends a lot of time tweeting about publicity appearances and food. Unlike most UFC fighters, he somehow manages to make it all genuinely entertaining.
Sample tweet: "Yes Macs are expensive. But you can’t get a virus with them so I save money on condoms."
Bio: "im not that cool. lover not a fighter."
Thanks to Twitter, stalking hot chicks has never been easier! UFC ring-girl goddess Arianny Celeste takes the guesswork out of our unhealthy obsession with her by generously sharing details about where she is, who she’s with, and what she’s doing, pretty much at all times. Also: Bikini pics and bikini pics and bikini pics. Why go anywhere else?
Sample tweet: " – On my way 2 see an agency. Hope they like me, if not I’ll kick them in the groin area n give em stank eye."


Videos: Goran Reljic Calls Wrestling in Croatia “A Disgrace,” Chuck Liddell Used to Talk Real Good

Our chums at just posted their most recent video of Goran Reljic‘s "Road to UFC 110," this time focusing on his attempt to learn as much wrestling as he can possibly soak up before heading in to face C.B. Dollaway next weekend, who has shown very little ability to do anything else so far in the UFC.  According to Reljic, wrestling is one thing you really can’t learn while chilling near the treacherous Adriatic Sea back home.  While he says they have some form of Greco-Roman wrestling, he calls it a "disaster" and a "disgrace."  Damn, Goran.  We asked about wrestling, not Croatia’s inflation rate

Yeah, I took it there.

After the jump, travel back in time to a point when Chuck Liddell spoke as clearly and coherently as a local TV news weatherman.


Pink Slip Day in the UFC: Coleman, Nover, & Hague Cut After Losses

(‘Is this about those stolen Octagon bracelets you found in my locker?  Because I was just holding those for Baroni.’ Photo courtesy of The Sun.)

It’s a tough time to be licking your wounds in the UFC. In a move that likely has every fighter to post an ‘L’ on his record at UFC 109 sweating bullets, the organization has reportedly released the “next Anderson Silva,” the “Godfather of ground-and-pound,” and the guy who was on the wrong end of the UFC’s fastest knockout (officially, anyway). Let’s take them one at a time, shall we?

- Mark Coleman (1-2 in his most recent UFC run) lost a one-sided contest of MMA elders to Randy Couture during a week that saw him run out of gas on the 215 freeway and get heckled by Tito Ortiz in his post-fight interview. Losing your job after all that makes your life start to sound like a cliché country music song. Please just tell us that his dog is okay.


Congrats, Amir…

Amir Sadollah glamour shot
(Props: via MMA Weekly Insider blog)

You definitely earned this one. And speaking of breathtaking fighter images…


MMA FightPicker Update: Catch ‘KOTC Vengeance’ on HDNet This Friday

King of the Cage Vengeance poster Clementi Wiuff Kyle Lapsley Cullum Lopez East

Sure, regional events like King of the Cage and Rage in the Cage don’t have the same big-name caché as UFC and Strikeforce shows, but let’s be serious — it’s still dudes beating each other up. If you don’t find that entertaining, feel free to spend your weekend catching up on old episodes of Private Practice, you sick freak.

Where were we? Oh right, the fights this weekend. Set your DVRs, folks, because this Friday’s King of the Cage card — which is providing us with the first seven questions in our current FightPicker pools — will be broadcast on HDNet, starting at 10 p.m. ET. The show promises three title fights (at heavyweight, bantamweight, and flyweight), plus appearances by UFC vets Rich Clementi, Travis Wiuff, and Mike Kyle. Watch it live and you can be the first person to gloat when your picks come in. As for the BAMMA and RITC events, you’ll just have to trust us when we tell you the results later. Not to sound like a broken record, but please join FightPicker if you haven’t already, and if you’re one of the 1,660 people who have started FP accounts but haven’t entered any pools yet, it’s this kind of indecision and lack of follow-through that’s taking our once-proud country straight to hell.

Very important note: Even though KOTC has been advertising a featured matchup between submission artists Rich Clementi and Anthony Lapsley, "No Love" has announced that he’ll actually be fighting Quinn Mulhern instead. If you’re playing the game this week, please re-visit your pools and edit accordingly.


Chael Sonnen Not Advertising His MMA Credentials in Oregon Statehouse Bid

Chael Sonnen State Representative website
(He’s got all the vague platitudes you want, but as soon as you ask about specific policy proposals suddenly it’s ‘Se habla español.’)

You know what’s fun about Chael Sonnen’s website promoting his run for Oregon State Representative? For one, there’s a picture of him forcing himself to smile, and another of him having a serious conversation over coffee with a woman who may or may not be a constituent. For another, when you click the “Priorities” tab to see what Sonnen stands for as a politician, you see only a single sentence telling you to “Check back in the coming weeks” to find out what he’s all about. But what’s most interesting is that, if you didn’t already know it, you’d have no idea that Sonnen is a professional fighter. None.

His website describes him as “a successful realtor and vice president of Caged Promotions, a sports and music production and promotion company,” and touts his wrestling credentials both at the University of Oregon (where he earned a degree in Sociology, the hippie) and as an alternate on the U.S. Olympic squad. It even mentions his volunteer work with a local youth wrestling program, and yet nowhere does it reference the UFC, MMA in general, or any kind of fighting career whatsoever.