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March, 2010

UFC Fight Night 21: Live Results and Pithy Commentary

(Don’t be afraid to stare. Roy Nelson is all man and he doesn’t care who knows it. Photo courtesy of

Hope you’ve got your bucket of Bojangles fried chicken and your usual Wednesday night energy drink/prescription allergy medication buzz, because Charlotte is ready to rock for UFC Fight Night 21. Tonight we find out whether Takanori Gomi still has any fireballs left in his arsenal, as well as whether Roy Nelson can find a way inside of Stefan Struve’s reach without having his face turned to mush. Keep it locked right here for live results and commentary, or else spend the rest of your life wondering whether you might have missed the best fat joke ever told.

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UFC Fight Night 21 Results: The Prelims

(‘Well Ronys, I look forward to fighting you and hopefully we can put on a good show for the…I’m sorry, but I just can’t take you seriously with that thing on your head.’ Photo courtesy of

If you want to know the results of the fights on the preliminary portion of the Fight Night 21 card, then proceed after the jump.  If you don’t want to know, then don’t do that.  Pretty straightforward, really.

Whatever you decide, don’t miss our liveblog of the event later on tonight. We promise to share all the little fleeting thoughts that are probably better kept to ourselves.


Announcing the Six Deuce MMA Poster Photoshop Contest!

(Images courtesy of

You may remember Six Deuce as the brilliant gear and apparel company that gave us the Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory t-shirt. Well, they’re rolling out some new product, and they want you to be the first person in your gym/book club to sport it. So shut up and listen for a minute: We have on our hands a grand prize training pack that consists of the following items, pictured above…

These shiny red satin MMA fight/board shorts
The Fedor-rific Glorious Sweater t-shirt
These high-quality leather Muay Thai training gloves
A pair of black hand wraps
A pair of Muay Thai ankle supports
This leather speed bag

Total street value of this prize package: About $179. But you’re not going to pay for it. No, child, you’re going to win it. Here’s how…


Paulo Filho to Take on Hector Lombard in Non-Title Bellator Superfight

(Remember the good old days when Filho’s crazy tattoos stayed below the neck?)

Bellator sent out a press release last night announcing that troubled Brazilian fighter Paulo Filho would be emerging from his top secret compound in Crazytown to take on current Bellator middleweight champ Hector Lombard on May 13th in a non-title superfight to be televised live on Fox Sports Net. Okay, so maybe we added the part about the Crazytown compound, but this is the same guy once seen communicating with the spirit world during a fight.

Filho, who has racked up a nice little three-fight win streak of late with victories over Melvin Manhoef and Alex Schoenauer, has seemed at times like a guy on the verge of getting his act together once again, only to later erase that perception by no-showing for events or getting a tattoo on his face. But a bout with Lombard, who seems promising even though he’s yet to beat a truly notable opponent? Now that’s a really intriguing fight right there.


Yep, War Machine Got Arrested Again

(War Machine is the guy under the ‘spit bag.’ Not a place you ever really want to be unless you’re a weirdo performance artist.)

There comes a time when you have to look at the choices a guy makes and shake your head slowly while saying: God. Dammit. For the former UFC fighter and porn actor known as War Machine, that time is now. TMZ reports that Mr. Machine was arrested for assault yet again last night in San Diego, and this time there may have been a “deadly weapon” involved.  This follows a violent episode at a porn party in November, and an arrest outside a gay club in Las Vegas in February of 2009.  Are you beginning to see a pattern of behavior emerge?  

There’s no word yet on what the weapon might have been, or what exactly happened in Thrusters Lounge that led to War and another person fighting with bouncers when police pulled up to the scene, but Machine reportedly fled from police before being tracked down and covered up with one of those fun little spit bags. You know, like in “Con Air.”

What makes this recent arrest even more disappointing/sadly predictable, is that War Machine just finished telling that he had decided to stop being “a wild man” and get his act together. And when we say ‘just finished,’ we mean two days ago:


‘UFC Fight Night 21: Florian vs. Gomi’: The New Guys

(Props: Genghis Con)

Tonight’s UFC Fight Night card will feature three fresh prospects trying to make their names and one MMA legend — all of whom will be competing in the UFC for the first time in their careers. Which ones will rise to the challenge, and which ones will succumb to Octagon jitters and dangerous opponents? Get to know them below and let us know what you think…

Experience: 31-5-0 record w/1 no-contest, with multiple appearances in PRIDE, Shooto, and Sengoku. Notable victories over Tatsuya Kawajiri, Hayato Sakurai, Jens Pulver, and Mitsuhiro Ishida. Most recently won a unanimous decision over Tony Hervey at Vale Tudo Japan 2009 last October.
Will be fighting: Kenny Florian (12-4, 10-3 UFC)
Lowdown: Only the noobiest of TUF noobs would need an introduction to the Fireball Kid, who has already secured his place as one of the greatest lightweight fighters of all time. A legendary former champion in both PRIDE and Shooto, Gomi unfortunately hasn’t looked the same since his gogoplata loss/marijuana no-contest against Nick Diaz in February 2007, as he’s suffered a couple of surprising defeats and struggled to put away opponents that he would have smashed in his prime. Though he vows to "create a ruckus" in the UFC, this bit of info is somewhat troubling: "I don’t have a cage in my gym, but I understand that the cage can either be used for me or be used against me. I’ll try not to think about the cage too much as I fight in it.” He’ll also need to adjust to elbow strikes on the ground, something he hasn’t had to deal with in Japan — which could become a painful factor against Ken-Flo.


Heads-Up: Enter Now to Win the ‘UFC Ultimate Fan Experience’!

Quinton Rampage Jackson UFC Fan Expo
(That terrified white kid could be you! Photo courtesy of

Man, did you come to this site on the right day. We’ve received word that our homeboys at are giving away a kickass "UFC Ultimate Fan Experience" prize package, which includes airfare to Las Vegas, two nights’ stay at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, and a pair of tickets to the next UFC Fan Expo, which goes down May 28-29 in support of UFC 114. And unlike the contests on CagePotato, you don’t have to humiliate yourselves by writing awful photo captions that will be mocked by your peers later. Nope, to enter this contest, all you have to do is go here and plug in your name and e-mail address. That’s it. Watching the trailer to Sherlock Holmes — available now on Blu-Ray and DVD — is completely optional. Enter now, or regret it on your death bed!


I’m Sorry Mr. Gomi, Are We Boring You?

(Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

Well, the first of two weigh-ins for Wednesday night’s UFC Fight Night 21 on Spike TV went off without a hitch.  Now the boys have to worry about weigh-in number two tomorrow morning, where they can’t be more than thirteen pounds heavier than the official weight they clocked in at today. 

It’s an interesting policy to try and ensure that fighters aren’t cutting too much weight, but if they’re re-weighing them again in the morning, whether than right before fight time, you have to wonder whether it will really achieve the desired result.  Also, thirteen pounds seems pretty arbitrary.  For lightweights, it’s a pretty decent amount of leeway, but what if "Big Country" wants to hit the buffet?  Who does North Carolina think they are that they can tell him when to put down the fork?  That’s a decision that is between Roy and God.

Full weigh-in results are after the jump.


Rumorwatch: Now It’s Liddell vs. Couture…Again…in July

(Whaddaya say boys? Once more on the way to the nursing home?)

The rampant speculation train just keeps right on rolling when it comes to Chuck Liddell’s next fight. After persistent rumors that an injury to Tito Ortiz had forced the UFC to change their plans for his first fight after the TUF coaching gig, the newest iteration comes to us via, which claims that Liddell will now be meeting Randy Couture for a fourth time at UFC 116 on July 3. If true, that would put the fight on the same card as the planned meeting between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin, which would pretty much guarantee the kind of pay-per-view numbers that would convince Dana White to forego base-jumping and just be shot out of a cannon over the MGM Grand and into the moat at Excalibur.

So, is there any reason to believe that it’s actually going to happen? We have no idea, but with all these rumors flying around it seems less and less likely that the Liddell-Ortiz bout will actually happen as planned. At this rate, we’re expecting to hear the Chuck Liddell vs. James Toney rumor any day now.


And the Winner of the MMA FightPicker iPad Prize Pool Is…

Apple iPad
Extra special shout-out time: Last week we ran two prize pools over at the ‘ol FightPicker to give away some of those newfangled Apple iPads, though God knows what you kids do with those things. The 25-person pool unfortunately ran aground due to the fact that not enough players had the balls to acquire and wager 3,000 PotatoChips — for SHAME — but the Unlimited pool did brisk business. And when the scores were counted up, one man stood tall, and his name was…

Phil Pennington

Hell yeah, bro!  Makin’ dreams come true! Phil, you should have already received an e-mail from us, but we wanted to give you a public "attaboy," and let the rest of you know that not all the glory in this world belongs to Aaron Rampey. (Although we appreciate him too.) Stay tuned for more kickass prize-pools, and be sure to throw down some picks for tomorrow’s "Florian vs. Gomi" card on Spike.