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March, 2010

MMA FightPicker Update: Enter Your Pools Now for ‘Florian vs. Gomi’

UFC Fight Night 21 Florian Gomi Nelson Struve

Another big week on MMA FightPicker is in the books, and would you believe that Ben and Ben ended up tied for 2nd place (along with Geriatric Peon) in their pool? I guess that’s what happens when you make the exact same selections. Who knew. Celebrity guest-picker Roy Nelson did about as well, and we applaud him for predicting Ricardo Almeida’s win over Matt Brown, as well as the lack of an early stoppage in St. Pierre/Hardy. Speaking of Nelson, Big Country makes his next Octagon appearance this Wednesday at UFC Fight Night 21: Florian vs. Gomi, which goes down at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte. The event will be broadcast on Spike TV at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and will lead in to the season premiere of TUF 11.

How does this affect you as a FightPicker player? Well, you only have until Wednesday afternoon to enter this week’s pools and make your selections, so get your e-asses in gear and make it happen. There are no prizes up for grabs this time around; we’ll announce the winners of last week’s iPad pools as soon as we have them. Let’s take a look at the questions that are currently in play…


Overeem vs. Rogers Will Be for Strikeforce Heavyweight Title

Alistair Overeem Mickey Rourke Strikeforce MMA
("Y’know, Alistair, I think I can get you a role in the next Iron Man flick. We can call you ‘Juice Man.’ Or ‘Needle Man.’ No offense." / Photo courtesy of

Strikeforce confirmed last night that the May 15th heavyweight battle between Strikeforce champion Alistair Overeem and mohawked contender Brett Rogers — originally thought to be a non-title fight — will now be for the belt. The decision was made "after much internal debate," and will bring Overeem back under the Strikeforce banner for the first time since he beat up Paul Buentello in November 2007. Since then, Overeem has gone 7-0 with 1 no contest against such notable cans as Tony Sylvester and James Thompson.

So let’s get this out of the way: Of course it’s ridiculous that Brett Rogers has effectively earned a title shot by getting smoked by Fedor Emelianenko. But he and Alistair were available in May, and Fedor wasn’t. And what would happen if Rogers beat Overeem in a non-title fight? Would they need to have an immediate rematch for the belt, while Fedor takes another meaningless exhibition? Would it be another 30 months before Alistair decided to grace Strikeforce with his presence? In the end, it just makes more sense if the champion defends his title against somebody. Anybody.


UFC 111 Aftermath: Press Conference Notes, Bonuses, and More

(Ariel Helwani chats with Dana White, who says Carwin and Lesnar will face off on July 3 for the real heavyweight championship belt.)

Impressive performances at UFC 111 were worth an extra $65,000 to a few lucky fighters on Saturday night. Kurt Pellegrino nabbed the Submission of the Night bonus for his rear naked choke finish of Fabricio Camoes. Shane Carwin pocketed the Knockout of the Night bonus for battering Frank Mir into a surreal dream state, and prelim fighters Jared Hamman and Rodney Wallace got the nod for Fight of the Night after their three-round slobberknocker that resulted in a decision win for Hamman. Other notes to come out of UFC 111:

- Rousimar Palhares says he’s “really sorry” for injuring Tomasz Drwal’s knee by holding on to that heel hook, but the apology isn’t good enough for the state of New Jersey. The local commission issued Palhares a 90-day suspension for not letting go of the submission more promptly.


Looks Like That Interim Belt Is Good For Something

(Photo courtesy of Shane Carwin’s Twitter.)

This morning Shane Carwin awoke to find the UFC interim heavyweight championship belt and a bunch of empty Bud Lights in his hotel room.  We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  The weird part is, we just assumed that make-believe belt would have turned back into a pumpkin by morning, leaving "Hulk Hands" with only some sore fists and a debilitating light beer headache to remind him that it wasn’t all some beautiful, violent dream. 


UFC 111: St. Pierre vs. Hardy — Gym/Tan/Liveblog

Georges St. Pierre Dan Hardy UFC 111 Weigh-in pics photos Dana White
("Please, Dan, I used to fuck guys like you in prison. Coincidentally, I used to fuck guys like you before I went to prison. The guys I fucked after I got out of prison were different from you in certain fundamental ways, but I don’t have time to get into that right now." Photo courtesy of the UFC 111: Weigh In Pics gallery on

Armpit of America? No, ladies and gentlemen, tonight New Jersey will be super classy. UFC 111 is now underway at Newark’s Prudential Center, and will culminate in two thrilling title fights: Heavyweights Frank Mir and Shane Carwin do battle for a make-believe belt, and welterweight king Georges St. Pierre tries to avoid a shock upset against massive underdog/red-eyed freak Dan Hardy. Live UFC 111 results from the Spike TV prelims and pay-per-view broadcast are after the jump; refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest.


Strikeforce Challengers ‘Johnson vs. Mahe’ Quick Results…

Lavar Big Johnson Lolohea Mahe Strikeforce Challengers MMA
(And you thought the tats on the *front* of Mahe were insane? Photo courtesy of Esther Lin/Strikeforce.)

…are after the jump, for the benefit of all you crybabies.


Photo: Jersey Devil Spotted at Prudential Center

Dan Hardy UFC 111 weigh-ins red contacts eyes
(Photo courtesy of the UFC 111: Weigh In Pics gallery on

Now that, my friends, is INTENSITY. Either that, or PINKEYE. Come back to tonight starting at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT for our liveblog of the festivities — beginning with the prelim broadcast on Spike — and find out if Georges St. Pierre will even be able to step into the cage with such a terrifying human being.

After the jump: Pics of guest Octagon Girl Rachelle Leah looking a little…different. Did she do something to her hair? Or her face?


Friday Link Dump

(Another day, another Danavlog.)

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UFC 111 Weigh-Ins Almost Went Off Without a Hitch

(Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle’s UFC 111 weigh-in gallery, where you can also see a jacked Frank Mir and fine-looking Rachelle Leah.)

The only time weigh-in stories are ever not completely boring is when someone misses weight by a large margin or when something weird happens. The pushing and shoving that sometimes goes on? Even that has started to get somewhat commonplace, and more often it can be accurately described as ‘jostling.’ So what we truly need in order to have something to talk about is for someone to show up heavy, or possibly with red contact lenses. Fortunately, the UFC 111 weigh-ins had both.

Dan Hardy wore an ‘I Hate Dan Hardy’ t-shirt complemented by evil red vampire eyes, and Rory Markham came in six pounds over the upper limit for his welterweight bout with Nate Diaz. Markham will reportedly be fined $1,000 (or 12.5% of his show money) for his lack of carb-control, while Hardy somehow gets off free for treating the weigh-ins like a half-ass rave. I tell you, there’s no justice in this world.

Full weigh-in results are after the jump.


Brandon Vera’s Going to Be Out For a Long Time

Brandon Vera UFC Jon Jones
(Click the above image to watch a sleepy, drugged-up Brandon Vera try to explain what happened to him on Sunday night.)

We just wanted to pass along a little update on Brandon Vera’s broken face following his beating by Jon Jones at UFC on Versus. Vera reportedly had surgery last night to fix his dislocated cheekbone, which was in woeful shape after absorbing that fight-ending elbow:

“It broke his cheekbone in three places and it’s sort of floating right now,” said [Vera's manager Matt] Stansell on Thursday. “(The bone) is kind of laying on the muscle of the right eye, which is preventing Brandon from looking to his right, and it’s pushing his eyeball forward.”
Stansell said two plates will be inserted during the surgery to secure the bone back in place. Vera, who hails from his own Alliance Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., hopes to return to grappling training in six to eight weeks. Stansell estimated it could take anywhere between four to six months before Vera will be medically cleared to spar again, though that timetable is determinant on the fighter’s recovery.

In other words, Vera won’t be back until the fall or winter, assuming that his face eventually returns to normal. And when he does come back, what will be waiting for him? A full-time position as a gatekeeper for up-and-comers? Most likely, he’ll have one more chance to prove that he has any sort of value to the company. Who would you put him up against at this point?