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April, 2010

UFC 115 Official at Vancouver’s General Motors Place, 6/12

Chuck Liddell Heidi Northcott UFC
(Chuck hates paparazzi as much as he loves huffing paint thinner. Photo courtesy of Zimbio.)

Though the UFC’s planned show in Vancouver nearly fell apart due to creative differences, it is finally official, according to a new announcement on

The Ultimate Fighting Championship® organization, Canucks Sports and Entertainment and the City of Vancouver announced today that UFC 115 will take place in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at General Motors Place on Saturday, June 12.
"Our Canadian fans are among the most loyal and enthusiastic in the world, and we are thrilled to bring the UFC to Vancouver," said Dana White, UFC President. "We want to thank Mayor Gregor Robertson and our partners at Canucks Sports and Entertainment for helping to make UFC 115 become the first UFC event in British Columbia.”…
More information about UFC 115 including ticket availability, the main event and the undercard will be announced in the near future.

No mention of the reportedly-off fight between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz — make of that what you will. But even without the TUF 11 coaches battle, UFC 115′s supporting card is very compelling. Expected fights include Mirko Cro Cop vs. Pat Barry, Ben Rothwell vs. Gilbert Yvel, Paulo Thiago vs. Martin Kampmann, Carlos Condit vs. Rory MacDonaldTyson Griffin vs. Evan Dunham, and Mac Danzig vs. Matt Wiman


Finally, Strikeforce Fighters and LL Cool J Come Together to Make TV Magic

You know that show "NCIS: Los Angeles," right? No, it’s not the one where David Caruso takes off his sunglasses over and over. That’s "CSI: Miami." And it’s not the one with Lt. Dan from “Forrest Gump.” That’s "CSI: NY." And it definitely isn’t the one with Scott Baio and the chick from "Baywatch." That was "Charles in Charge" and sadly it’s been gone for some time now. No, "NCIS" is the one with LL Cool J and a bunch of cameos from Strikeforce fighters who mostly mill around in the background. At least, that’s what this promo would have me believe.

CBS’s latest genius idea (let’s not forget this work of art) to promote the upcoming Strikeforce event in Nashville on April 17 is to take a bunch of fighters and stick them in a show that’s normally about, I don’t know, solving crimes or something. But hey, if "News Radio" could work in an MMA storyline, any show can.


MMA FightPicker Update: Win a 32″ Sony BRAVIA LCD HDTV! [UPDATED]

Sony Bravia LCD HDTV

After a short week of pickin’ for UFC Fight Night 21: Florian vs. Gomi, it’s time to stretch out a bit. The pools for next Saturday’s UFC 112 card are now open on MMA FightPicker and two things are worth noting: 1) You have a full nine days to enter pools and make your selections, and 2) Up for grabs in the prize pool this time around is a 32-inch television. Seriously. And it’s a nice one, too. A 3,800-chip buy-in gains you access to the 25-person-limit prize pool, in which the first-place winner will score a Sony BRAVIA 32" 1080p LCD HDTV, valued at $549.99.

Yes, 3,800 Potato Chips is about 3,750 more than you have at this point; we realize that. So why not buy some chips? Put it this way: If you need a 32" flat-screen and you think you have a good handle on how UFC 112 will play out, you could pick up a brand-new television at a very deep discount. The prize pool requires a minimum of 16 players, and it includes a tie-breaker question that you’ll need to answer. Any of you sissies have the guts to play? Anybody feel like taking a look at the questions before making such a rash decision?

UPDATE: Okay, listen up crybabies. We realize it’s not fair to con you into buying chips when the prize pool could shut down for not hitting the minimum number of players. So we’re going to lift the minimum player requirement for this one. Thanks for all your feedback, and please check back later…


Dana White Is Currently the Most Influential Person in the World

Time 100 Poll Dana White
(Well, well, well, fuckers. Image courtesy of

This morning, Time launched its 2010 TIME 100 Poll, in which online readers vote on the world’s most influential people of the year. It’s impressive enough that UFC president Dana White was chosen to be among the 201 politicians, entertainers, and assorted cultural leaders that are up for voting. It’s downright bizarre that as of a few minutes ago when I took the above screen-cap, Dana White was sitting on top of the freaking list, three spots above Barack Obama, 18 spots above Stephen Colbert, and 34 spots above Bill Gates. His only real competition at this point is Robert Pattinson, the poof from those vampire movies.

If this is an April Fool’s joke from, it’s an incredibly subtle and brilliant one. More likely, it’s just another sign that UFC fans are a group that’s both large and quickly mobilized on the Internet, and that Dana White has more nuthuggers that the president of our country. So let’s enjoy this odd little victory while we have it, because once Team Coco and the Colbert Nation get wind of this, it’s going to be a dogfight. To vote for Dana White as the most influential person in the world (!?), click here.


TUF 11 Fighter Rich Attonito’s Guest Blog: Episode 1

(Rich isn’t looking at you, tough guy. He’s looking through you.)

American Top Team fighter and New Jersey boy Rich Attonito is the latest “Ultimate Fighter” guest blogger for Cage Potato, following in a rich history that features former contestants such as Gerald Harris, Santino Defranco, and season eight winner Efrain Escudero. He’ll be giving us his thoughts and reaction to each episode, so make him feel welcome and remember to check back every Thursday for his inside take on things. To learn more about Rich, and to hear his pretty solid Schwarzenegger/Jersey Shore impressions, watch this short video.  If you missed his elimination fight last night, watch this.

It was 6.00 a.m. when I arrived curbside at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale. The sun was starting to rise and it was the start of another typically beautiful day in South Florida. However, I was about to embark upon an extraordinary journey far from typical. I hugged and kissed my wife goodbye, knowing I was not going to see her for six weeks if everything worked to plan.

Before I knew it the plane had taken off and I was watching the palm trees and beaches shrinking beneath me until they were out of sight. I arrived hours later in Las Vegas, where the sky was covered in dark clouds and rainy weather. I could see snow and cloud cover on the peaks of all the surrounding mountains. The continuous rain seemed to only get worse, creating small floods and soaking everything in sight. This is not the Las Vegas you see on the postcards. It reminded me of the weather I got used to for so many years growing up in New Jersey. I thought to myself that this was great fight weather; it put me in the mood to kick someone’s ass.


The Potato Index: UFC Fight Night 21 Aftermath

(Dutch punch-faces are the best, aren’t they? Photo courtesy of

Kenny Florian (Submission of the Night), Roy Nelson (KO of the Night) and the duo of Ross Pearson/Dennis Siver (Fight of the Night) pocketed $30,000 bonuses for their work on last night’s UFC Fight Night 21 event, but what’s money compared to the numbers of the Potato Index? Sure, maybe the Index’s arbitrary numerical rankings system can’t be exchanged for goods and services, but on the flip side, no one has ever accused the Index of being the root of all evil. Not yet, anyway.

Let’s see who’s up and who’s down on this fine Thursday morning.

Kenny Florian +74
Beating Gomi doesn’t mean quite as much as it once did, but Florian looked sharp, patient, and smart in victory. He probably still wouldn’t beat B.J. Penn, which makes him the second-best lightweight in the UFC. Guess it’s better than being the third-best.


TUF 11.1 Recap: Easy Come, Easy Go

TUF 11 broken nose Charley Lynch

The eleventh season of TUF began like many others: With a bunch of tatted-up aspiring fighters checking out the gym, comparing their wild hairstyles, waiting for Dana. But there’s a twist, and it’s a big one. A sudden explosion by the Airdyne bikes interrupts the small-talk, and a banner rolls down the wall. It does not say The Ultimate Fighter. It says Tool Academy. Most of the guys understand what that means, and they’re pissed.

"I’m not a fucking tool, bro," says Nick Ring. "I’m a fighter. I have so much extra testosterone that I have to hole-out bar-skanks at least twice a week. I’m actually doing it for Tammy’s benefit, because if she was the only outlet for my passion, she would literally die, bro." We learn that Tammy is the mother of Ring’s twin daughters.

"When I find my girlfriend, I’m going to strangle that bitch," says Brad Tavares. "Uh, I mean I’m going to do whatever I can to rebuild the trust in our relationship."

Okay, so the real twist isn’t that shocking. Basically, instead of 32 fighters battling for 16 spots, it’s 28 fighting for 14; two eliminated fighters will be chosen by the coaches to fight for a final spot in the quarterfinals, after the round-of-14 is completed. DW shows up and implores the fighters to not leave their fights in the hands of the shitheaded judges. He’s pissed off just talking about it. "Don’t be that fuckin’ guy tomorrow." And then it’s just fights and fights and Chuck screwing with Tito and more fights.