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April, 2010

Report: M-1 Global President Refutes Mob-Tie Claims By Overeem’s Manager

(With a BFF like this, who needs the mob?)

M-1 Global president and Fedor Emelianenko puppet master Vadim Finkelchtein responded today via MMAJunkie, to several claims made in an open letter addressed to him by Alistair Overeem’s manager and trainer Bas Boon, including an assertion the longtime Russian promoter has strong proven ties to the Mafia in his country.

In the letter,  Boon recalled an incident from a few years ago involving Finkelchtein’s right hand man, Apy Echteld, in which the latter allegedly threatened  to use his mob contacts to have a Seattle-based promoter  killed because of a soured business deal. Finkelchstein say that a nearly identical claim was made by Boon in the past, however that time the story involved a Dutch promoter.


MMA Gif Party: Oh, If Only…

Jason Mayhem Miller Jake Shields Strikeforce Nashville
(Props: TSGIGOR)

You see, guys? You see how easy it is to not turn a friendly interview-interruption into a goddamned Royal Rumble? More alternate realities here


Video Hype: ‘Machida vs. Shogun 2′ Extended Preview

(Props: MMAVIDS10)

The UFC’s next pay-per-view card goes down May 8th in Montreal, featuring the light-heavyweight title rematch between Lyoto Machida and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua — both of whom haven’t competed since their first fight last October. This extended preview acknowledges the controversy about the decision, which Shogun lost despite the fact that he clearly landed more strikes. Following two fantastic knockout victories over Thiago Silva and Rashad Evans, Machida’s title reign was immediately put in question after the Shogun fight, and the long layoff hasn’t helped his stock. Once again, he’ll need to convince fans of his merits. And once again, Dana White sells a fight as a matchup between two guys who "don’t like to go to the ground." Well that’s a relief. I wouldn’t want any of that grappling stuff to distract from the kickboxing match I’m paying for.

In the co-main event, top welterweight contenders Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley do battle in what could turn out to be a #1 contender’s match. In fact, there’s a rumor floating around that the winner of this fight will coach opposite Georges St. Pierre on TUF 12. If Koscheck employs his superior wrestling against "Semtex," he’ll dictate the fight. If he lets his ego force him into a striking war with Paul Daley, he could get his fraggle-lookin’ head knocked off. Any predictions on UFC 113′s headlining fights? And what about the TUF 10 castmates match between Kimbo Slice and Matt "Meathead" Mitrione?


Move Over EliteXC, You’ll Soon Be Joined By Jared Shaw’s Rap Career

Damn, $kala. That tattoo is street.)

If you’re like me, you often sit and think about things like, Who’s the REAL Boss, Tony or Angela? I mean, sure Angela paid Tony to cook and clean her house, but she never really had the authority that Tony wielded. I don’t recall her ever reprimanding Sam once throughout the series, yet Tony always sent Jonathan to his room and gave him lectures about stuff like ditching school and getting into mischief with his friends. Sure, Angela would talk to Sam about puberty and boys, but she was more of a friend.

Besides the impossible "Who’s the Boss?" paradox, something I often wonder, and I’m sure you do too, is where I can get a sneak peek of Jared Shaw’s album?

I finally found our answer.


‘How Far They’ve Fallen’ Alert: Norifumi ‘Kid’ Yamamoto

(Props: spicadocious)

There was a time, not too long ago, when Norifumi Yamamoto was considered to be far-and-away the world’s best fighter under 155 pounds. His star-making run in K-1′s MMA shows from 2004-2007 featured Kid savagely knocking out fighters like Caol Uno, Royler Gracie, Rani Yahya, and most famously, Kazuyuki Miyata in just 4 seconds. Yamamoto hasn’t been the same since he returned to competition last year following a knee injury layoff, and has dropped back-to-back decisions against Joe Warren and Masanori Kanehara. Still, we weren’t expecting this recent news from MMAFighting:

Japanese star Kid Yamamoto is expected to make his Strikeforce debut on May 15 against Federico Lopez. The fight is not officially signed, but sources say it is close. The fight would be contested at 135 pounds. As of right now, the fight isn’t expected to air on Showtime.

FYI, Federico Lopez is a 4-2 Team Quest product who has lost his last two matches. I only have one question: You kiddin’ me? While promoting Yamamoto in the U.S. has its share of challenges — Strikeforce’s lack of a bantamweight division, for one thing — Yamamoto is a true legend, and one of the biggest MMA stars that Japan has ever produced. Recent losses aside, Yamamoto would still have great value in the hands of the right promoter. At the very least, why wouldn’t you have him headline a "Challengers" event, instead of sticking him on the dark portion of "Heavy Artillery"? (I still wouldn’t trust Showtime to show his fight between/after main card bouts, UFC-style.) Will Strikeforce be able to convince casual fans why Kid Yamamoto matters? After the jump: The tentative lineup that Yamamoto may be getting lost in…


Video: New UFC Undisputed 2010 Promos

(Video courtesy

You’d think that, as a director for THQ’s latest promo spot for UFC Undisputed 2010 featuring Cain Velasquez, the last thing you would want to do would be to draw attention to the large script "Brown Pride" tattoo that is emblazoned across Mexican-American heavyweight’s chest. Apparently, that’s why you’re sitting at home surfing the Internet on a Tuesday night while the future Francis Ford Coppola is likely ballin’ around Cali making "Girls Gone Wild" videos on the regular.

Judging by his performance in the future TV spot, Velasquez isn’t going to be the token MMA fighter in a Sylvester Stallone movie any time soon.
THQ  also posted this Wikipedia-style fighting techniques video on their site, featuring Mark Laimon doing his monotone, uninspired best to explain  the differences between Greco-Roman versus freestyle wrestling as well as muay thai versus karate.


Knockout of the Day: Jose Aldo’s Pro Debut

(Props: MMA Fighting)

Believe it or not, Jose Aldo was as dominant in the beginning of his career as he’s been during his current reign in the WEC. Before suffering his first (and to date, only) loss to Luciano Azevedo in November 2005, Aldo racked up seven straight victories via brutal stoppage. The video above shows his very first vale tudo appearance against Mario Bigola at Eco Fight 1 in August 2004; Aldo was just 17 years old at the time. As you’ll see, the future featherweight champ needed just 18 seconds to land a fight-ending head-kick on Bigola, who never competed again. As for the chaos that erupts at the end, don’t be alarmed. Throwing chairs and bottles is simply how Brazilians show their appreciation. Seriously, invite one to dinner and see if I’m lying.

Related: Aldo Destroys Barbosa (Jose’s 4th pro fight)


Report: Penn vs. Edgar II Confirmed for UFC 118 in Boston

Frank Edgar BJ Penn UFC 112 Ferrari World
("All summer, they begged us to take them to Ferrari World. And now that we’re here? Forget it, they just want to stay in the hotel room all day. I’m telling you, Helen, don’t have boys. They will drain years off your life.")

Fighters Only breaks it:

Former UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn will get his rematch with Frankie Edgar on August 28th, Fighters Only can reveal after speaking with several key sources. The fight will headline UFC 118, the UFC’s first card in Boston, Massachusetts.

When this rumor first emerged, we weren’t sure if Penn should get an immediate rematch with Edgar simply by virtue of being BJ Penn. But the more we think about it, the more it makes sense. Penn may still be the #1-ranked lightweight in world at this point — judging from the poll on our homepage, 65% of you agree with that assessment — and making him whoop another contender to "earn" his shot is kind of a waste of everybody’s time. Besides, Penn vs. Edgar II is the only logical fight from a promotional standpoint. When you’re headlining a card with a title fight, at least one of the participants should be a star. Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard II doesn’t really fit that criteria.

As for Maynard, the Boston Globe published a report that he’ll be facing Kenny Florian at the same event, but they quickly retracted it, possibly after getting smacked down by the UFC. It would be a great matchup, though we’d hate to see Maynard lose his top-contender spot to a guy who’s already had two shots at the belt. Still, it’s Boston, and Ken-Flo is going to have to beat up somebody in his hometown…


Video: Cagefighting for Jesus

(Video courtesy YouTube/Fox News)

It seems like everyone is jumping on the mixed martial arts bandwagon these days, so it should come as no surprise that religious groups would eventually hitch a ride on the locomotive that was set in motion by the shot in the arm of popularity that The Ultimate Fighter show injected into the sport.

Based in Clarksville, TN, Xtreme Ministries was founded by John Renken, an evangelical pastor who is also the gym’s head trainer.  The “church” and its leaders who preach and corner its fighters under the motto, "Where Feet, Fists and Faith Collide," attempt to tie together MMA and how Christ fought for what he believed in.

Seems logical, since Jesus was known for knocking and choking out anyone who tried to smite him.


MMA FightPicker Update: A Moral Victory

Aldo vs. Faber WEC 48 poster Henderson CerroneMMA Fightpicker pool standings
(Left: The poster for this Saturday’s WEC event. Right: Proof of BG’s FightPicker superiority.)

Props to Jeremy Hill for winning the MMA fan package in last week’s MMA FightPicker prize pool — and special props to myself for taking first place in my final head-to-head pool against BF, despite getting four of the questions wrong. It was that kind of week, I guess. (What happened, Dan Quinn’s Tramp Stamp? Put all your eggs in the Tim Stout basket?) Anyway, I hope this eases the rest of your concerns about the sound leadership of, in the absence of you-know-who.

There’s no prize pool in effect this week on MMA FightPicker, but every week presents new opportunities to claw your way up the leaderboard and challenge the dominance of Aaron Rampey, who frankly seems to be getting a little too comfortable in first place. Perennial contender surf_finland trails him by just 437 PotatoChips at the moment, while nismo17, herbaliser, and Nick Allen TheBrave round out the FightPicker top 5. Take a look at this week’s WEC 48-related questions after the jump, then head over to to make your picks!