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April, 2010

Ben Fowlkes: A Remembrance

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I think I’ll just leave this here…


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Announcing the Newest Member of the Family…

Shane Carwin Godzilla pandemonium 

As soon as Ben Fowlkes gave me the terrible news that he’d be leaving us for, I did two things. First, I spent about 15 minutes digging my fingernails into my arm, because I find that physical pain is the only thing that can drown out emotional pain, and besides, it’s good to feel something, you know? The second thing I did was drop a line to our Canadian friend Mike Russell. In case you don’t know Mike, he used to work for The Fight Network, he currently writes features for, and he’s been contributing to this site since December. Just to refresh your memory…

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Exclusive: Gray Maynard: ‘My Shot Will Come’

With a natural understanding of CagePotato’s snarky-but-smart tone, a thick rolodex of industry contacts, and fearsome Photoshop skills (see above), I knew that Mike was the best candidate to come in and replace BF. Well, I shouldn’t use the word "replace," because how could you possibly replace someone as surly and unmotivated as Ben Fowlkes? Anyway, I’m extremely proud to announce that Mike Russell will be’s Senior Editor beginning Monday. 

Just as Fowlkes opened up the floor for questions as he made his way to plaid’er pastures, I’d like to invite you guys to ask Mike whatever you need to know in the comments section below. He will answer a handful of the best questions in a separate post at some point in the future. I know Mike’s "not your real dad," so to speak, but I hope you can give him a warm welcome and show him the kind of respect that’s always been the standard of this site. (LOL.) 

Always love,
BG, the one with the receding hairline


Ask The Potato: Once More, With Feeling

Seasons Greetings From – Watch more Funny Videos
(Back by popular demand. Who says you can’t have Christmas in April?)

First of all, let me start by assuring everyone that I am not leaving Cage Potato to fight Anderson Silva, manage the utterly hopeless Dave Farra, work for the UFC, or begin a prison jolt (my mom asked me to be very specific about debunking that one). Instead, I am leaving to take a job with AOL’s, which is where you’ll find my work beginning next week.  Hope to see you there.

Second, I’m overwhelmed by the appreciation and support from you guys – even the sort of mean appreciation and support – and I can’t thank you all enough. That said, don’t act like this is a death blow to this site. Half the hilarious stuff you guys have attributed to me was written by Ben Goldstein, who was holding it down well before I came on board, and I happen to know that a very capable replacement has been chosen who will keep CP fully stocked in LOLs long after I’m gone.

Now, on to your petty questions.

I guess my question is WHY, oh WHY ARE YOU LEAVING US?

– LargeMidget

Because I hate you. And I mean you, personally, LargeMidget. Okay, not really. I just strongly dislike you. The real reason I’m leaving is because, after two years, I feel like doing something a little different. It’s been great writing for the Potato, and I’ve enjoyed the hell out of it, but it feels like it’s time to move on and try something else. That’s all.


MMA FightPicker Head-to-Head: Strikeforce – Nashville Edition

Tango & Cash. Pancho & Lefty. Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA. All great duos, and yet none can last forever. So it is with Cage Potato’s own Ben & Ben. But before we break up the team for good, we’re getting together one last time to go head-to-head on Strikeforce: Nashville picks in this week’s MMA FightPicker (Heavy Hitter Pool 10 #1517, stand up!). If you haven’t made your picks yet, get to it. Time waits for no man, and neither does the UFC/Pride prize pack.

Henderson vs. Shields @ Strikeforce: Nashville…
BG: I don’t think he’ll run away with it, but Dan Henderson clearly holds more advantages in this matchup and should be able to take the victory. Hendo has serious knockout power, and unlike Shields’s past opponents, he won’t be manhandled on the ground.
BF: Agreed. Shields isn’t going to submit him and definitely can’t hold him down for five rounds. It’s a bad, bad matchup for him.


Open Discussion: A Time of Chaos in the Land of Pound-for-Pound Rankings

(Gentlemen, please…you’re *both* wrong.)

The last time I put serious effort into crafting an MMA pound-for-pound list, Anderson Silva had just Jedi’d the shit out of Forrest Griffin at UFC 101, Georges St. Pierre was fresh off his domination of Thiago Alves — on a torn groin, no less — and Fedor Emelianenko had once again proven his invincibility earlier that year, knocking Andrei Arlovski out of mid-air at Day of Reckoning. Unable to rank one fighter over the other with anything close to objectivity, I wrote the following: "Whoever has the most recent awe-inspiring, damn-near-inhuman performance gets to be #1."

A lot has changed since then. In 2010, so far: BJ Penn lost his first match at lightweight in over eight years. Anderson Silva proved that he has no desire to finish fights at his natural weight class. GSP couldn’t put away Dan Hardy in five rounds on a healthy groin. Fedor Emelianenko hasn’t competed at all. Miguel Torres lost his second fight in a row. Lyoto Machida has been sidelined, still waiting for the rematch of a fight he probably should have lost on the scorecards, which effectively put a halt to his "Machida Era" hype.

Yes, I’ll update the very dusty CagePotato Power Rankings soon, you have my word. But coming up with a new set of P4P rankings is a hairy proposition, considering that all of the usual suspects haven’t had any awe-inspiring, damn-near-inhuman performances in a long time.


Bellator XIV Quick Results…

(The gruesome end of Curran vs. Ricci. All four tournament fights from last night’s event ended in stoppages. Video courtesy of

…are waiting for you after the jump.


Heads Up: Bellator Returns Tonight With Ben Askren, Toby Imada, and More

(Just look at how much fun Jeremy Shockey and Mickey Rourke had last week, then try and tell us you don’t want to be a part of that.)

It’s another Thursday night in April, which means everyone’s favorite tournament-based MMA promotion is back in action.  Bellator XIV is coming to us from the historic Chicago Theatre tonight, featuring a welterweight tournament bout between Olympic wrestler Ben Askren and Ryan Thomas, as well as a lightweight scrap between inverted triangle choker Toby Imada and James Krause, and a featherweight bout between Wilson Reis and Shad Lierley.  The TV portion of the card kicks off at 7 pm local time and airs live-ish, depending on where you live, on Fox Sports Net, so check your local schedule for details.

While you wait, why not check out last week’s fight between Roger Huerta and Chad Hinton after the jump.


UPDATE: Mike Whitehead Charged With Three Felonies Related to Alleged Sexual Assault

Mike Whitehead mugshot MMA sexual assault
(Where’s Benson and Stabler when you need them?)

From a new report on MMAJunkie:

Mixed martial arts veteran Mike Whitehead has been arrested and charged with three felonies including sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, and open and gross lewdness, according to a release from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department issued today. If convicted, each charge carries a minimum of one year in prison, according to Barbara Morgan, a Public Information Officer with the LVPD.

Whitehead turned himself into the LVPD’s Investigative Services Division on Wednesday. Detectives arrested him after he declined to answer questions about a sexual assault of an adult female that he was allegedly involved in this past Saturday, Morgan said. Whitehead is currently being held at the Clark County Detention Center. His bail has not been set.


WEC 48 Is Too Important to Be Handled by the WEC


Just a week after we learned that Stephan Bonnar is permanently replacing Frank Mir as color-commentator for the WEC, it’s been announced that the UFC’s Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg will be handling the talking-head duties for WEC 48. Headlined by the featherweight title fight between Jose Aldo and Urijah Faber, and the lightweight title fight between Ben Henderson and Donald Cerrone, WEC 48 will be the organization’s first attempt at charging a shitload of money for their product. You may have already noticed that the show’s video promos feature Dana White and Joe Rogan — not anybody directly related to the WEC — and for the most part, the UFC will be promoting this card. Sorry, Reed. As soon as it’s time to promote your next not-nearly-as-relevant event, it’s all you again

The presence of Joe and Mike won’t be the only similarity between WEC 48 and a UFC pay-per-view. Apparently, Spike TV will be broadcasting two fights from the preliminary card, directly before the PPV broadcast: Former featherweight title challenger Leonard Garcia will welcome "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung into the WEC, while UFC vet Alex Karalexis faces off against Anthony Pettis, who scored the Knockout of the Night at WEC 47.


Latest Wave of UFC Firings Claims Rob Emerson, Brad Blackburn + More

Fabricio Camoes Caol Uno UFC 106
(Fabricio Camoes loads up on Caol Uno at UFC 106. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

The UFC did some spring cleaning this week, shredding the contracts of four recent fight-losers. In order of least surprising to most surprising…

Fabricio Camoes: During his brief stint in the UFC, Camoes drew with Caol Uno (who was released last week along with Lucio Linhares) then got choked out by Kurt Pellegrino at UFC 111. If you’re a relatively unknown prospect, you can’t really hope for more than two chances to pick up your first win in the Octagon. Back to the bush leagues…

Rob Emerson: His unanimous decision loss to rising prospect Nik Lentz at UFC Fight Night 21 was his third defeat in his last four fights, and dropped his career record to a grim 9-9. It was a little odd to see Emerson get this fight in the first place, as it came less than two months after his decision win over Phillipe Nover at UFC 109, but it’s just been too long since Emerson truly impressed. You hate to see that happen to such a kindhearted person