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May, 2010

UFC 114 Video Hype: ‘A Day in the Life of Todd Duffee’


"Athletically, I’m pretty much where I’m gonna be — I’m 24, I’m probably in the prime physical peak of my life — it’s the mental side of the game that I really have to develop and work on."

So says Todd Duffee (6-0), the impressive-looking heavyweight prospect who has acquired just seven seconds of professional MMA experience since 2008. Duffee’s blitz of Tim Hague at UFC 102 caught the attention of the MMA world, but his momentum was doused due to a back injury suffered in November. Now, the Xtreme Couture member is set to make his long-awaited Octagon return on the main card of UFC 114 against Mike Russow (12-1, 1 no-contest).

Both guys are known as finishers: Duffee has defeated all of his opponents by KO/TKO, with just one fight making it out of the first round. Russow’s unanimous decision win against Justin McCully at UFC 102 broke a seven-fight streak of stoppage victories, all of which came in the first two rounds. And yet, all of the heat is on the side of the 24-year-old. As he told “Here we have one of the most over-hyped fighters going against one of the most underrated in the heavyweight division. I am highly hyped. Am I overrated? I don’t think so. But I’ve been over-hyped by that seven-second knockout."

We’re about to find out if the Duffee-hype is justified. Russow will be an incredibly tough opponent, and a noticeable step up in competition. But if Duffee juggernauts his way through him, will anybody be that surprised?


UFC 114: The New Guys

(Cyrille the Snake’s early kickboxing highlights. Props: Gorgeous PX)

UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans goes down this coming Saturday in Las Vegas, with two new faces casting their fates to the wind in the prelims, both of whom have peripheral connections to TUF 9. Who will survive and what will be left of them? Get to know the guys below, and swing by MMA Fightpicker to make your UFC 114 predictions…

Experience: 16-6-1 record competing around the world for promotions like Cage Rage, 2H2H, PRIDE, and ShoXC. Has won nine of his last ten fights, with eight of those wins coming via stoppage in the first two rounds.
Will be facing: Luis Cane (10-2 w/1 no-contest, 3-2 UFC)
Lowdown: A veteran kickboxer and mixed martial artist, "The Snake" has been putting the hurt on people since the ’90s. Diabate spends part of his time training at Team Quest in Temecula, and appeared on TUF 9 last year as Team USA’s striking coach, but is doing most of the preparation for this fight in his native France. Standing 6’6", he tends to rely on his endless reach and striking prowess, but says he’s been concentrating on wrestling recently to become a more complete fighter. He hasn’t lost an MMA match since September 2006, when he was nearly stomped to death by Mauricio Rua at PRIDE Final Conflict Absolute.


Jake Shields Doesn’t Remember Most of First Round Against Hendo

(I’m not your mommy and no, I won’t read you a bedtime story)

Whenever most fighters are asked whether or not they were hurt by a heavy punch, solid kick or vicious knee, they usually lie through their teeth and deny the shot had any effect whatsoever.

Jake Shields, isn’t like most fighters.

When asked in a recent interview with, if the pair of right hands that dropped him twice in the first round of his title defense against Dan Henderson at Strikeforce: Nashville in April had any effect, Shields was quick to admit he was in trouble and survived on pure instinct alone as he wasn’t sure about much more than the fact that he knew he was in a fight.


Kyacey Uscola Nearly Lost His Manhood While Shooting TUF 11

(Yager went a bit overboard with the pranks by soaking Kyacey’s boxers in Alpo)

In the latest installment of The Ultimate Fighter 11 "The Aftermath" post-episode interview series Kyacey Uscola revealed that he was attacked by pit bulls while on a stroll outside the confines of the TUF house following his loss to Kris McCray and they nearly turned him into Cris Cyborg.


Heads-Up: Voting on FLO TV T-Shirt Design Contest Begins Next Week!

Caol Uno MMA t-shirt
(Props: tj.labs)

We’ve reached the mid-way point in our fighter t-shirt design contest, and the submissions are rolling in nicely; many thanks to everybody who sent in designs. To re-ignite your competitive fires, we’ve posted some of our current favorites, which continue after the jump. Please send your entries to by Sunday, 5/30, at midnight ET. Voting on the finalists will begin the next day, and the top vote-getter will score that FLO TV Personal Television, with access to the pay-per-view broadcast of UFC 115. So get crackin’…
Chael Sonnen t-shirt MMA
(Props: Brian R.)

Georges St. Pierre t-shirt not impressed
(Props: Stevicus. Click here for larger version.)


The Top 10 Conspiracy Theories in MMA

(“Hey sweetheart, you ever seen the missing frames from the Zapruder film? Would you like to?”)

If MMA folks sometimes seem a little suspicious that The Man is out to get them it’s because there was a time in the sport’s short history when The Man really was out to get them, and not just in the Rampage-Jackson-on-the-55-Freeway kind of way. A number of factors, including efforts by finagling lawmakers to kill MMA in the late ’90s and the glut of misinformation about the sport that still percolates in many mainstream media reports, have created a bit of a bunker mentality among its hardcore supporters.

At this point, when events fall apart, judges issue hinky decisions or another fledgling organization goes under, some of us are all too quick to assume that it’s the work of sinister forces beyond our control. Whether true or not, MMA’s past is rife with rumors of secret plots, backroom deals and widespread collusion.

In light of that, here are’s Top 10 MMA Conspiracy Theories. Many of them you’ve probably heard before, but perhaps a few will be new to you. Some are ludicrous, while others probably contain a kernel of truth. At least a few are enough to make a man question everything he thought he knew about life and the universe around him.

The truth is out there, motherfuckers.


Babalu Ready to Get Off the Bench

(Props: MMA Fighting.)

It’s been nine months since Renato “Babalu” Sobral lost the Strikeforce light heavyweight title via short-and-sweet first round TKO to Gegard Mousasi last August. If you think that sounds like a lot of time to sit at home ruminating on the defeat, you’re right. Babalu is understandably pumped at the opportunity to step in for training partner Jason “Mayhem” Miller against Robbie Lawler next month and expresses some frustration to Ariel Helwani in the above video that it’s taken so long to get back in the cage.

Also interesting to note, Babalu seems to direct his annoyance at Showtime, not Strikeforce itself, so that should further stoke debate about who’s really wearing the pants in the fight company’s relationship with the premium cable channel. An excerpt from the interview after the jump.


Sunday Link Dump

(Georges St. Pierre schools Montreal Canadiens enforcer Georges Laraque in a friendly grappling match last week; action starts around 4:03. Props: danieltricolore)

Sorry for the delay on this, link dump fanatics; we were experiencing some technical difficulties on Friday afternoon. Anyway, here’s some interesting stuff to go with your morning coffee…
- The scariest fan at Moosin: God of Martial Arts. (MiddleEasy)

- Exactly What is Strikeforce Hoping to Accomplish with Challengers Events? (MMA Fighting)

– DREAM light-heavyweight grand prix slated for July 10th show; Aoki vs. Kawajiri also possible. (Sherdog)

– UFC’s third Fan Expo to coincide with UFC 118 in Boston. (MMA Junkie)

– Josh Koscheck goes out partying, tries on a cop’s helmet. (TMZ)

- The LaRosa fable unravels at Moosin. (CageWriter)

– Enson Inoue discusses his love of gangster MMA. (Fight Opinion)

– Who wouldn’t want to watch a cartoon series about two guys playing video games and insulting each other? (Fightlinker)

- Mike Russow – Aiming to Derail the Duffee Train (UFC)

– The 10 Best Trash-Talkers in MMA. (Bleacher Report)


So Thiago Silva Didn’t Mind Seeing Machida Get Knocked Out, Huh?

(Insisting that it lacked the subtle social commentary of the original series and citing only sporadic appearances by one character in particular, Silva could never reconcile himself with “Joanie Loves Chachi.”)

Given that the average Brazilian MMA fighter can hold a grudge long enough to make the Count of Monte Cristo look like a goddamned amateur, it should come as no surprise that Thiago Silva hasn’t exactly gotten over suffering his first career loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC 94 last year  … or that the fighter took such glee in seeing his rival get knocked out earlier this month by Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

Silva told this week that he respects Shogun, so was pleased to see him finally emerge from UFC 113 with the 205-pound strap around his waist, but I don’t think we’re reading too much into it to say there are also some lingering bad feelings about Machida bubbling underneath the surface. Silva’s (fully sic’d) comments are after the jump …


Sylvia Doesn’t F*ck It Up, Stops Pudzianowski at Moosin

("I got your Atlas Stones right here, bitch." Props: YouTube)

For Tim Sylvia the best case scenario at “Moosin: God of Martial Arts” was simply, don’t screw this up. The worst case scenario? You lose to shit-talking sideshow Mariusz Pudzianowski and your career is over. Basically, it was a no-win situation for the former UFC heavyweight champion in Massachusetts on Friday night, but that’s the harsh reality when you fuck around and get knocked out by Ray Mercer. Fortunately for Sylvia, he managed to stave off the angels of (professional) death for at least another day, dropping the professional strong man with an uppercut and finishing him with strikes on the ground one minute, 40 seconds into the second round.  

Though it seemed academic once they got in the cage, victory wasn’t a foregone conclusion after Sylvia weighed- in at 305-pounds earlier this week. The Maineiac’s cardio was understandably in question, but it quickly proved to be much higher than that of Pudzianowski.  It took only a few minutes for the Polish carnival barker to turn the shade of deep purple usually reserved for a Hulk Hogan tan job or the latter stages of a Mark Coleman fight.  Maybe that tune-up bout in Poland just two weeks ago wasn’t such a great idea after all, eh Pudzi? After the jump, all the gory details …