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May, 2010

TUF 11 Fighter Rich Attonito’s Guest Blog: Episode 8

Rich Attonito TUF 11 The Ultimate Fighter
(Photo courtesy of Rich’s Facebook page.)

In the latest installment of his TUF 11 guest-blog for, Team Liddell’s Rich Attonito recaps the fights from last night’s episode, reveals Nick Ring’s house nickname, gives his thoughts on Court McGee, and reminds everyone how awful it is to be stuck in the TUF house when you’re out of the competition.

The Wild Card fight is under way and the match-up is Uscola-McCray. Right before their fight Kaycey got the good news that his son was born. Everybody knew how much Kaycey was anticipating the birth of his child since we got into the house. Now the moment had finally arrived, but there wasn’t much time for reflection because his fight with The Savage was looming. It was the first time we were gonna see two guys on the same team go at it and everyone was anticipating how it would play out. I personally felt like Kaycey would take this one. But I wondered if the birth of Kaycey’s child was going to be a distraction for him going in.

In the end, McCray walked away with the victory by submission early in round two. Kaycey hurt Kris’s knee early with some well-timed leg stomps, but he got overzealous and charged in, allowing Kris to lock him up and recover from the pain he was in. McCray’s got a pretty sick body lock and he put it on display in this fight, as he eventually used it to ground Kaycey and finish him off.


The Ten Most Notorious Lawsuits in MMA History

Quinton Rampage Jackson courtroom trail lawsuit mohawk
("Objection, your honor! There’s no way Mr. Jackson can do justice to the character of B.A. Baracus!")

By CagePotato contributor Jim Genia

Last week, legendary promoter/murderer Don King filed a legal injunction against the Shine Fights organization to put the kibosh on their “Worlds Collide: Mayorga vs. Thomas” main event, a bout that would’ve seen pugilist Ricardo Mayorga — whom King manages in the realm of boxing — take on UFC vet Din Thomas in the pro boxer’s MMA debut. Though the event’s subsequent collapse can’t completely be blamed on King, his legal cock-blocking of the headlining attraction certainly didn’t help.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a handful of legal documents and a judge have affected the MMA world, and though the history of the sport is a relatively short one, it’s a history rife with broken contracts, copyright infringements and countless other court-based fisticuffs. Who’s filed a lawsuit against whom? How many fighters know too well the insides of a courtroom? What happens when you sell the UFC a lemon? The answers to these questions and more can be found when examining the top ten lawsuits in MMA history.

10) Zuffa v. The Ghost of Pride: There’s an old Greek saying that goes, “Buying from the Yakuza is like passing out at Mike Whitehead‘s house — one way or another you’re going to get screwed.” Zuffa learned this the hard way when they purchased the Pride Fighting Championship from Dream Stage Entertainment, for they soon discovered that the whole thing had been held together by organized crime money and Scotch Tape (and not even real Scotch Tape, but that cheap knockoff stuff you buy at the dollar store). Consequently, in February 2008, Zuffa filed suit against DSE alleging that they were sold a clunker. DSE in turn countersued, complaining that Zuffa went back on its promise to keep Pride alive.


Lorenzo and Dana Will be in Toronto Tuesday to Make a “Major Announcement” at Rogers Centre

(Press conference?…In Canada?…Wait….Canada has press?)

The UFC has announced that Dana White and Lorenzo Fertita will be holding an impromptu press conference at the Rogers Centre on Tuesday in Toronto to make a "major announcement" that will be broadcast via satellite to news outlets across North America.


The Fighter Formerly Know as Krazy Horse to Rematch KJ Noons at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum Event in June

(Hopefully, for KJ’s sake, that scale is bolted down)

Sherdog is reporting that June’s Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum  event has added double the firepower with the addition of a main card bout featuring former EliteXC lightweight champion KJ Noons and Charles "Krazy Horse" "Kid Kaos" Bennett. The fight will be a heavily anticipated rematch of their February 10, 2007 fight (video after the jump) that saw Bennett knock Noons out in the first round.


TUF 11.8 Recap: Revenge of the Losers

TUF 11 Joe Leonidas Henle Ultimate Fighter
(Look on the bright side, Joe — you weren’t going to win that fight anyway.)

Last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter blessed us with two fights — the Wild Card match between previously eliminated Team Ortiz members Kyacey Uscola and Kris McCray, and the first quarterfinal match, which basically turned out to be a Wild Card match in itself. Allow us to explain…

Kyacey’s son, Charles Champ Uscola, is born. Kyacey is elated, and fired up to capitalize on his second chance after losing by DQ to Rich Attonito. McCray previously lost a decision to Josh Bryant, but showed a lot of heart in the process. Kris McCray considers himself the underdog in this fight. He’s less experienced, and Kyacey has the better wrestling pedigree. Tito will be watching from the bleachers, and promises not to say anything during the fight.

Round 1: McCray starts out with a leg kick and a couple jabs, then a body kick. Uscola responds with a leg kick, and two inside kicks to McCray’s knee that make him wince. Uscola charges in, but McCray clinches and eventually scores the takedown. Uscola quickly gets up, but McCray is on him against the fence. Uscola fires a knee in the clinch. McCray works some knees to Uscola’s legs. One of them nails Uscola in the nuts and the ref warns McCray and separates them. They trade kicks. Uscola hip-tosses McCray, lands a knee to the body, and they trade punches when McCray fights his way up. McCray picks up and slams Uscola, who turtles on his knees. McCray works to take Uscola’s back, and throws down a couple of short elbows from the top. He tries to set up a rear-naked choke as the round ends.


Shameless Plug: Pre-Order ‘UFC Undisputed 2010′ at Walmart Gamecenter for a $10 Gift Card and Exclusive Fighter Content

UFC Undisputed 2010 PS3 video game cover Brock Lesnar

The latest installment in THQ’s UFC Undisputed franchise hits stores next week, and from all accounts, the 2010 edition beats the crap out of last year’s. Besides the new playable characters and improvements to the gameplay, the create-a-character and career mode functions have been nicely tuned-up. (You now have the ability to disrespect your opponents at weigh ins, for one thing.) And check this out: If you pre-order the game from Walmart Gamecenter, you’ll receive a $10 e-gift card as a token of their appreciation.

But that’s not the only reason to swing by Gamecenter today. While you’re there, take a look at their exclusive video feature with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Forrest Griffin, and Todd Duffee giving their thoughts on the game, and the career mode tutorial with Black House manager Ed Soares. So do yourself (and us) a favor and click here


Strikeforce to Stream Ribeiro vs. Beerbohm Undercard Bout from Saturday’s Heavy Artillery Event Today at 6 pm ET

(I wonder if Fancy Pants went by the same handle in prison.)

Just a heads up that Strikeforce will be streaming the hotly contested bout between undefeated Lyle "Fancy Pants" Beerbohm and Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro from last weekend’s Heavy Artillery event today at 6pm ET/3pm PST.

If you haven’t heard, the fight was a back-and-forth barnburner that many in attendance feel Shaolin won, yet Beerbohm pulled out the decision.

Watch it here today and decide for yourself.


Chael Sonnen Completes First Step to Becoming President of the United States

 Chael Sonnen Nate Marquardt UFC 109
(Sonnen vows to "bring taxes down, and lay on top of them until my term ends.")

While some fighters can’t even be bothered to show up for practice more than four times in a given week, Chael Sonnen is trying to secure a spot in the Oregon House of Representatives, in the same year that he’s preparing for the biggest fight of his life. On Tuesday, the UFC’s #1 middleweight contender claimed a "landslide" victory in the Republican Party primaries for Oregon’s 37th District, picking up 99.13% of the vote. We should probably mention that Sonnen ran unopposed, and the remaining 0.87% percent of the vote was made up of write-in ballots, most of which probably went to Anderson Silva. But still, Chael’s got momentum on his side. You can learn more about his platform at, where he’s described as a "successful realtor and vice president of Caged Promotions, a sports and music promotion and production company." Sonnen’s main gig as one of MMA’s most insane heels is mentioned nowhere on the site.


Black Eyes: MMA’s 13 Most Shameful Moments of All Time

(You can’t mention MMA and black eyes in a story without a "what’s up" to Rich "perma-periorbital hematoma" Franklin)

With the recent rash of unfortunate post-fight antics and TMZ newsworthy stories that seem to have plagued mixed martial arts in recent months, Cage Potato has saved you a whole lot of Googling and have compiled our list of the 13 biggest black eyes the sport has experienced over the years.

*Note: If the first fight you ever watched was Bobby Southworth vs. Lodune Sincaid, chances are you may not recognize the bulk of the fighters named below.

The list (in no particular order) is after the jump.


Phil Baroni Back at Middleweight for UFC 118

Phil Baroni Strikeforce sunglasses
(Phil Baroni: Here for the orgy. / Props:

MMA Junkie confirmed yesterday that veteran slugger Phil Baroni will be competing at UFC 118, August 28th in Boston. No opponent has been named yet, but as the New York Bad Ass told, his next fight will see him return to middleweight. After compiling a journeyman’s record of 10-10 over the first eight years of his career, Baroni dropped to 170 pounds in 2008 and won his first three fights against Scott Jansen, Ron Verdadero, and Olaf Alfonso. Those wins were followed by unanimous decision losses to Joe Riggs in Strikeforce and Amir Sadollah in Baroni’s Octagon return at UFC 106. Once again, it’s time to regroup:

"I’m going to go back up to 185 for this fight…The cut [to welterweight] was rough; I think I made the cut wrong the last couple times I made the weight (to 170). I lost some strength and I lost some of my speed and explosiveness and I think those are some of my strengths. So I think that in the future if I made the cut again I would do it slower and go about it a different way. But right now I’m more focused on getting my strength and power back and getting my explosiveness back and in order to do that I’m going to have to gain weight. So it’s going to be a cut right now to 185. I wouldn’t be able to make 170 right now and be able to perform at a higher level. But at 185 I think I’ll be able to get my strength and explosiveness back and be able to perform at a higher level. In the future I’m not ruling out 170 but right now I’m going to fight at 185. I’m not sure where the best weight class is for me and I’m not sure where I will be best at but right now it’s not 170, 185 is the place. 179 would probably be the best weight class for me, but I don’t have that luxury."

So who can the UFC give Phil at 185 who will contribute to a good brawl, and who’s also hanging on to his job by his fingernails? Start getting in shape, Tom Lawlor