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May, 2010

Two Weeks Before UFC 114 Fight, Dan Lauzon Breaks With Brother Over Training Dispute

Joe Lauzon Dan Lauzon Affliction
(Joe Lauzon, Dan Lauzon, and Narcoleptic Larry pose for a picture before Affliction: Day of Reckoning. Photo courtesy of

When Dan Lauzon steps into the Octagon at UFC 114 on May 29th — where he’s scheduled to face TUF 8 winner Efrain Escudero — he will do so without three longtime coaches in his corner. Due to a dispute over Dan’s commitment to training, his brother Joe as well as his trainers Joe Pomfret and Steve Maze will not be traveling to the fight in Las Vegas from their home base in Bridgewater. As the story goes, Dan was given an ultimatum a month ago to shape up and start training 10-11 times per week; when he didn’t, his team broke ties with him. Dan first went public with the story earlier this week, telling the Boston Herald:

"I don’t really know what I did to deserve this. I wouldn’t do that to anybody. I wouldn’t do that to my brother, I wouldn’t do that to anyone in my gym. It’s not right…In my eyes, I was doing everything right. I was making it to the gym; I was training hard two times a day. I was doing everything right. I was completely blown away…

Joe Pomfret is somebody I look at like a father, and he is going to do this to me? You’re going to tell me you can’t (work my corner) and you’re sending me out to Vegas alone for one of my biggest fights? I was completely hurt by it, especially my brother Joe. I don’t think anybody would ever do that to their brother. I can’t think of anyone else that would ever do that to their brother and just tell them, ‘Hey, you’re on your own.’”

Rashad and Rampage Turn Up the Verbal Warfare on UFC 114 Conference Call

(Clip courtesy YouTube/Cagewriter/UFC – Let’s hope the fight lasts this long)

If the fight between Rashad Evans and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is half as intense as their pre-fight bickering has been, we’re in for a hell of a fight Saturday night. Let’s just hope both guys save some of their energy for the Octagon.

During today’s conference call ahead of the May 29 event in Las Vegas, the pair who really do seem to hate each other, got into it again and after arguing for more than five minutes had to be cut off by UFC president Dana White. The funny thing was, as incoherent as their argument got at times, it still made more sense than Franklin McNeil (who was the reporter who asked the original question in the clip) makes 99 percent of the time.


Saturday’s Strikeforce Viewership Drops More Than 40% from Last Showtime Broadcast in January

(Both Coker and White received news of the ratings at exactly the same time)

According to a report by Saturday night’s Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery event, that featured a main event title fight between champion Alistair Overeem and contender Brett Rogers broadcast on Showtime drew 40.43 percent fewer viewers than the Strikeforce: Miami show that was presented by the network in January. 

To put into perspective how bad the ratings for the show are, last weekend’s broadcast netted 308,000 Showtime subscribers, while the UFC’s Spike TV broadcasted counter-programming initiative, UFC’s Ultimate Fights, was seen by 894,000 viewers.

No matter how you slice it, things aren’t looking good for Strikeforce, especially if they eventually do reach out to CBS to plead their case to have another show broadcast on the cable network.


Pitch a Winner: How to Land an MMA Sponsorship (Without Embarrassing Yourself)

Ben Rothwell extenze UFC
(Attention, fighters: Don’t let this happen to you.)

By Kelly Crigger

You might know me. I’m a sponsor. I get an email every other day from a manager (usually a fighter’s brother whose only business experience is a checkbook management class) asking me to sponsor someone. Sometimes I get a gem that’s professional and treats the situation exactly as it is — a product pitch. But too many times requests are so poorly written that they’re embarrassing and I don’t give them a second thought. Why? Because MMA is a young sport full of young people who have no business sense, and until that changes, fighters are going to miss out on sponsorship opportunities.

When asking for money, managers must answer one basic question — why should I give you money? It has to be a watertight pitch that describes the product (the fighter) and gives me no reason to say no. Unfortunately this is rare and more than one email has been relegated to my trash file. If you don’t want it to be you, follow a few simple rules:

– First off, a sponsor and a fighter need to be the right fit. A staunchly Catholic fighter who’s offended by pre-marital sex shouldn’t be sponsored by Condom Depot, and Ranger Up only sponsors fighters with a military background. Do your research so you’re not wasting my time and yours.

– Don’t wait until the last minute. Contacting me three days before a fight says you lack the foresight to plan ahead. That doesn’t instill me with the confidence that you’ll take care of my brand. Two weeks before a fight is okay. Three weeks is better.


Shine Fights Would Have Canceled Mayorga vs. Thomas Even Without Don King’s Meddling

(Nick Thompson, Rick Hawn, and a bunch of angry fans react to the last-minute cancellation of "Worlds Collide." But hey, they came all that way, so they might as well hit up the concession stands. Props: RealTimeMMA)

After Shine Fights’ "Worlds Collide" event fell apart this weekend, we all assumed it was a direct result of the injunction that wretched, slimy, reptilian motherfucker Don King filed in order to block the participation of headliner Ricardo Mayorga, who King had under a previous fight contract. But it turns out that the cancellation actually had to little to do with King’s interference with the main event, and the general mismanagement of the promotion has led Shine Fights matchmaker Ron Foster to resign. MMA Weekly has the gory details:

"There were concerns about fighter safety and well being, that’s why the fight was canceled," said [North Carolina Boxing Authority Superintendent Terrence] Merriweather on Monday. "What we’re talking about specifically is failing to have a doctor at the event, at the time for the fighters to be seen before the fights had started."

Pike and Merriweather confirmed that in North Carolina it’s the responsibility of the promotion to provide the doctor, and one was not on scene for the fights on Saturday. A financial problem arose as well, as the members of the Boxing Authority explained…

Murilo Bustamante ‘Feeling Like a Beginner’ Preparing for his July 18 MMA Return

(For Busta, it was always about the fight, not all the bullshit like tattoos, shaved chests and  pre-fight smack talk.)

When Murilo Bustamante announced his retirement from mixed martial arts in 2007, it didn’t take long for fans and pundits to start wondering how long before the former UFC middleweight champion returned to the cage. 

As we reported yesterday, a date and an opponent has been set for the head of Brazilian Top Team’s return as he will face Jesse "JT Money" Taylor in Australia at Impact Fighting Championships’ July 18 event.


Video: Ariel Helwani Interviews Kevin Casey, Spencer Pratt and Alistair Overeem on The MMA Hour

(Video courtesy

Ariel Helwani was back yesterday with his The MMA Hour, which is arguably the best Internet radio show out there right now. (Sleep with one eye open though, Helwani. We’re coming for you.)


MMA FightPicker Update: Make Your Predictions for Moosin and Strikeforce Challengers [UPDATED]

Moosin Gods of Martial Arts Tim Sylvia Mariusz Pudzianowski poster

This Friday, the DCU Center in Worcester will host the oddly-named Moosin: God of Martial Arts event, in what is being billed as the first major, sanctioned MMA event in Massachusetts. The show will be available on pay-per-view, and should feature some entertaining matchups, including the headliner between former UFC champ Tim Sylvia and strongman-turned-MMA-fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski, and the female feature between Tara LaRosa and Roxanne Modafferi. Eric "Butterbean" Esch — who is also the event’s promoter — will be taking on radio host Lyndon Byers, though the fight won’t be part of the PPV broadcast.

Also on Friday, the Strikeforce Challengers series returns to Showtime, headlined by the "WTF, Are You Serious?" match between Matt Lindland and Kevin Casey. Tyron Woodley, Roger Bowling, and Tarec Saffiedine will also be on the card.

The full list of this week’s MMA FightPicker questions are after the jump. Give ‘em a look, and go get those PotatoChips. And if you haven’t done so already, please follow MMA FightPicker on Facebook!


Meet Jan Finney, Cris Cyborg’s Next Victim

Jan Finney MMA Cris Cyborg
(Remember this face — because it might not look the same after next month. Props:

As we mentioned this weekend, Cris Cyborg will be returning to the cage next month against Jan "Cuddles" Finney. You may be asking yourself, "Why is Strikeforce making their 145-pound women’s champ fight some broad named Cuddles who I’ve never heard of?" Fair enough. So let’s run through the checklist…

Is she a natural 145-pounder? Of course not. Finney has competed around 135 pounds for most of her career, which would make her a more logical opponent for Strikeforce’s 135-pound champ Sarah Kaufman, who could also use a fight.

Does she have a winning record? Just barely! Finney’s record stands at a shaky 8-7, though she has won her last four fights.

Has she faced top competition? Definitely. She’s gone toe-to-toe with Miesha Tate, Erin Toughill, Shayna Baszler, and Julie Kedzie (three times), and has lost to all of them. She was scheduled to face Gina Carano at Dynamite!! USA in June 2007, but Carano had to withdraw from the fight due to illness.

So wait, why is this fight happening? [shrugs]

Videos of Finney in action are after the jump…


Video: Rachelle Leah Does a Photo Shoot in Her Gitch, Covered in Grease, Playing with Guns

(Video courtesy MMAthletics)

If you can get past the first half of this infomercial for Randy Couture and Jay Glazer’s MMAthletics conditioning program, you will be rewarded by footage of host Rachelle Leah doing a photo shoot in Hollywood. 

Now, I get the oil and the underwear and the guns, but whose idea was it to incorporate a bowl of nachos in the shoot? Is that to up the appeal to guys who are otherwise uninterested in a scantily-clad models but who may really like snacks?

Unless they’re shooting an ad for Doritos, it seems pretty bizarre, but whatever.