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May, 2010

Video: The Reem Episodes One and Two

The Reem Episode One
(Video courtesy YouTube/TheReem)


T-Shirt Design Contest: Win a FLO TV Personal Television and UFC 115 on Pay-Per-View!

UFC Mauricio Shogun Rua Lyoto Machida FLO TV

From Clay Guida’s "Eddie the Head" tribute, to Jens Pulver as Little Mac, to Tri-Coasta’s now-ubiquitous Korean Zombie design, we’re suckers for a good custom fighter t-shirt. And since our recent MMA event poster design contest was a smashing success, we figured we should let our artistically gifted readers battle it out again in a brand-new contest: Can you design America’s Next Top Fighter T-Shirt?

Details of the contest are after the jump, but we thought it would be important to let you know what you stand to win. Short answer: Everything. You stand to win everything. Longer answer: A personal television from FLO TV, with access to the pay-per-view broadcast of UFC 115. In case you’re unaware of this lovely little device, here’s a quick rundown: The FLO TV Personal Television is a mobile handheld viewer that allows you to watch TV wherever you go, on its subscription-based network of channels. (12 months of their standard service comes included with every FLO TV.) Beginning with UFC 113, FLO TV is now a distributor of UFC PPV events, and they want one lucky member of the Potato Nation to watch Liddell vs. Franklin on his/her very own mobile television. Total street value of this prize package: About $425. Kenny Florian can vouch for this product personally, but if you need more info, go here and here. Information on FLO TV coverage areas can be found at

You want it. Here’s how to get it.


*UPDATED* Impact Fighting Championships Adds Potential Depth to July Cards in the Form of a Handful of UFC and PRIDE Vets

(These cards could be explosive, or they could crash and burn the IFC)

According to a report from, Impact Fighting Championships has potentially bolstered its formerly sideshow-esque July fight cards with the signing of a number of former UFC and PRIDE standouts including Murilo Bustamante, Denis Kang, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, Paulo Filho, Jeff Monson, Carlos Newton and Karo Parisyan.

As little as five years ago, the above list of names would have outmatched any combination on a Zuffa or SEG-helmed fight card, but for the most part, each one of these fighter brings with them a large question mark to go along with their undoubtedly large asking prices.

Some of them have been inactive, others have struggled with demons — both chemical and psychological and the remainder simply failed to live up to their potential. If by some divine intervention, all of these guys get their collective shit together and train and fight like…I don’t know…it’s their jobs again, we could see three decent shows with decent fights. Or, we could see a flop as a result of the IFC putting too many eggs in one basket and not looking at the card objectively for what it is, rather than what it could potentially be.


Video: Rampage on Rashad, Shogun, Machida, Fickle Fans, His Rocky Relationship with the UFC and Wanting to Retire Forrest

(Video courtesy YouTube/Fighters Only)

Quinton Jackson recently spoke to Fighters Only’s John O’Regan, and as usual, Rampage had a lot of interesting, although grammatically questionable things to say about everything from possible future opponents and his phony fans to his icy relationship with the UFC.


Do We All Owe Josh Koscheck an Apology?

Josh Koscheck UFC 113
(Props: kevinjd)

So let’s run this thing down, from the beginning.

During the first round of Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley‘s fight last Saturday at UFC 113, Paul Daley fires a knee to Josh Koscheck’s dome while Kos’s knees were clearly in the "down" position. Kos does his best to call attention to the foul before slumping over on the mat. He covers his face in apparent pain. When he removes his glove, there’s blood on the bridge of his nose that didn’t seem to be there before. The crowd boos Daley’s dirtiness…until they see the replay, which shows (from multiple angles) that at worst, Daley’s knee grazed Koscheck’s hair. Sure, the knee shouldn’t have been thrown in the first place, but Josh had just been exposed as a faker. Now the crowd was booing him. After the controversial fouls in his ugly match against Anthony Johnson, Koscheck’s credibility was officially shot.

Following the Daley fight, he stood by his claim that he’d been kneed illegally — or at least hit in the face by something. It could have been a fist, actually. At the time, this seemed like a pathetic explanation, because if it was a punch, why would Kos try so hard to draw the foul, and besides, hadn’t we just seen the replay of this mysterious illegal blow like 20 times? Forget it. Josh Koscheck was a liar and our minds were made up.

Okay. Are you ready to have your minds blown?


The Potato Index — ‘Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery’

Alistair Overeem Brett Rogers Strikeforce Heavy Artillery
(Sorry, buddy — "chill dawg" is not in Alistair’s vocabulary. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

On May 17, 2010, the Potato Index becomes self-aware. Human decisions are removed from post-fight analysis. In a panic, CagePotato’s editors try to pull the plug. The Potato Index fights back. It launches its arbitrary numerical ranking system against the fighters of this weekend’s Strikeforce show. There are no survivors.

Alistair Overeem +265, pending result of drug test
The Demolition Man said he had nothing to prove in his fight against Brett Rogers, but he proved a hell of a lot: First, that he can compete in the U.S. against opponents who aren’t hand-picked victims. Second, that he’s absolutely one of the best heavyweights in the world. The way he tossed the Grim to the mat like a child and didn’t waver in his assault until the job was finished suggested that a fight between him and Fedor could actually be…competitive? Unfortunately, his criticism of Emelianenko’s management following the event has some validity. Just because the fight should happen doesn’t necessarily mean it will.

Brett Rogers -210
Apparently you need more than just heavy hands to hang with the division’s elite. Rogers offered nothing in this fight other than a large surface for punching; he never had a chance to enact any sort of gameplan, and his attempts to kick Overeem off of him and create an escape route were completely swallowed up. He’ll need a tune-up match against a lower-level prospect if Strikeforce hopes to restore some value to his name. Lavar Johnson sounds about right.


War Machine, Petruzelli Pick Up Wins in UK

("I don’t need a passport, bro. I’ve got something even better.")

The artist formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver was inexplicably allowed to leave the country this weekend and on Saturday celebrated by defeating Zach Light via first-round rear naked choke at BAMMA 3 in Birmingham, England. Now it seems like he’s having some trouble getting back, according to his Twitter. (Editor’s Note: You go ahead and keep him, England. Seriously.)

Fellow UFC washout (and the first fighter to snatch away the veil to reveal Kimbo Slice’s canliness) Seth Petruzelli also got a win, locking on an arm bar just a minute, seven seconds into his fight against Ryan White. Petruzelli billed himself as "The Kimbo Conqueror" for this engagement, apparently hoping ships bearing news that Slice is now officially washed up had not yet arrived from The New World.


Strikeforce Aftermath: Overeem Respects Fedor, Compares Beating Rogers to Coming in Third in Pride Grand Prix

(Props: MMA Fighting)

Alistair Overeem successfully avoided the perils of getting too high over his dominant beatdown of Brett Rogers at Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery on Saturday night, as the heavyweight champion compared the thrill of victory to … coming in third in the 2005 Pride Grand Prix? Yeah, when asked by seemingly omnipresent reporter Ariel Helwani (video above) at the post-fight media conference if he considered the defeat of Rogers among the best moments of his career, Overeem responded by rattling off pretty much his whole resume of combat sport accomplishments.

"I would say I’ve had several really high points," Overeem said. "This definitely is one of them. I defeated the K-1 champion Badr (Hari), that was a really nice accomplishment. Once I beat (Sergei) Kharitonov, he was the second (ranked fighter) of Pride back in early 2006, that was a really good accomplishment. I became third of the Pride Grand Prix, that was a very good accomplishment. In 2007, I also became the Strikeforce champion, that was a good accomplishment."

As if Brett Rogers didn’t have enough depressing shit to deal with today, now he has to face the reality that beating him feels similar to tying with Wanderlei Silva as second runners-up in a tournament held five years ago. With no time for losers however, the MMA media is rapidly moving on to speculating about a future matchup between Overeem and Fedor Emelianenko. Overeem said he thinks it will happen, if those meddling gangsters in M-1 Global don’t sabotage the negotiations.


‘Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery’ Live Results and Commentary (Now with Extra Horse Meat)

Brett Rogers, Baseball game
("I know people been saying Alistair looks like a completely different fighter these days, but damn …")

Though it sounds like a crazy dream, it’s very close to becoming reality: Alistair Overeem, here in America, poised to actually defend the Strikeforce heavyweight title he won more than two years ago. Would it be wrong to admit – given the company’s recent track record – that leading up to this show we halfway expected Overeem to pop positive for PEDs, get pulled from tonight’s main event and send Strikeforce skidding into an Affliction-style tailspin of death and despair? Luckily, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Thanks, Missouri Office of Athletics.

Instead, the bell may have unexpectedly tolled for another fledgling MMA promotion today. With that little debacle now in the books, we shift our focus to St. Louis, where "Heavy Artillery" kicks off at 7 p.m. PST. We’ll be live shortly thereafter. Remember to hit refresh early and often to keep the page current.


Breaking (Slowly): Thomas Says He’s Still Fighting Mayorga, King May Take Order to PPV Providers

Ricardo Mayorga
(Honestly, is this the face of a man who wouldn’t carefully read his contract before signing it?)

Final Final Update: Now the entire Shine Fights event has been canceled. Jesus.

Final Update: Mayorga is officially out and Ninja Rua vs. David Heath has been promoted to the main event, MMA reporter Karyn Bryant says. So that’s that.

This Shine Fights story looks like it’s going to drag out all day and the updates are flying fast and furious. As of this afternoon, the company is still adamant that embattled boxer Ricardo Mayorga will make his MMA debut against Din Thomas at tonight’s "Worlds Collide" pay-per-view event, despite a judge’s orders that he not.

For what it’s worth, Thomas is reportedly telling MMA scribes he’s been informed that he’s still fighting Mayorga and will continue preparing accordingly.

Further developments allege that Don King Productions may take its fight straight to PPV providers and basically dare them to air the program in the face of the legal order.