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July, 2010

Exclusive: Dongi Yang vs. Chris Camozzi Added to UFC 121

(Yang vs. Nastula @ Sengoku 4, 8/24/08)

By CagePotato contributor Dallas Winston has learned that new UFC signee Dongi Yang, a.k.a. “The Ox”, will face Chris Camozzi at UFC 121 on October 23rd in Anaheim, CA. [Ed. note: "Dongi" is not a typo. Despite being previously listed as Dong Yi Yang, we're told that Dongi is the correct spelling of his name.]

Thus far, Yang has been a complete wrecking machine overseas, with an aggressive style eerily reminiscent of his Korean Top Team training partner Chan Sung Jung. He’s finished all nine of the fights on his flawless record by way of the crushing power in his heavy hands save for one submission (a triangle choke in his pro debut against Hyung Kyo Lee) and one TKO-via-exhaustion over former PRIDE fighter and standout judoka Pawel Nastula.


Video: Court McGee and His Family Members Talk About His Triumph Over His Struggles With Addiction

Video courtesy KSL)

Hearing guys like Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg explain that Court McGee has come a long way from his days as a junkie pale in comparison to hearing Court and his family members speak about their recollections of some of McGee’s darkest and lowest points in his life.

The guy literally died and was seconds away from suffering irreparable brain damage, but because of a combination of luck and good timing, was resuscitated before becoming a vegetable.

According to The Ultimate Fighter 11 winner, he didn’t know how far he had sunk until after he hit rock bottom and came back to reflect on the life changing experience.

"I started hanging out with the wrong people — drinking, partying. It went from that to worse, to drinking every night," McGee explained. "I started mixing that with the alcohol and then it got worse. It went from that to cocaine and heroin, and then overdose."


Shields Confirms UFC Signing; Says Octagon Debut Will Be Against Kampmann at UFC 121 in October

(Look at you with your exciting style and appropriately fitting nickname. You make me sick.)

Jake Shields confirmed via his Twitter account today that he has officially signed with the UFC and said that he will indeed face Martin Kampmann in his Octagon debut at UFC 121, October 23 in his home state of California.

"UFC contract officially signed. Fighting Kampmann in CA in a few months. Thanks to @danawhite and everyone for their support," the former Strikeforce middleweight champion tweeted this afternoon.


Kang vs. Filho Decision Further Supports the Argument for PRIDE-Style Scoring

(Is the 10-point must system suitable for use in MMA?)

After re-watching the Impact FC bout between Denis Kang and Paulo Filho that ended in a split draw – the second notable MMA bout to do so in a month with the other being the WEC 49 bout between Jamie Varner and Kamal Shalorus – I couldn’t help but wonder why MMA continues to rely on a scoring system created and tailored for boxing judging.

When the majority of mixed martial arts organizations adopted the Unified Rules in 2000, along with the governing principles, each organization adopted the system known as the 10-point must system.

Under the guidelines of the 10-point must system, judges score each frame based on their accumulative points tally for the round. The winner of each round receives a score between seven and 10 depending on who won the round. If a round is deemed a tie, both combatants are assessed 10 points each by the judge who perceived the frame to be even. The problem with the system is, when used to score a three-round MMA bout, the likelihood of a fight ending in a draw is exponentially higher than in a 10-round boxing match.


Kalib Starnes is now a Champion and Fans Still Haven’t Forgiven Him for the UFC 83 Debacle

(Video courtesy YouTube/AFCFights)

Well, Canadian MMA has caught up to Japanese MMA and has officially jumped the shark.

Onetime UFC marathoner Kalib Starnes (11-5-1) won the Armageddon Fighting Championships middleweight title Saturday night with an armbar win over former King of the Cage light heavyweight champ Nick Hinchliffe (15-6).

Interestingly, the bout was only Starnes second fighting for the upstart British Columbian promotion and only his first at 185. His only other AFC bout was contested at a catchweight of a catchweight as his opponent, Marcus Hicks (10-20) failed to make either the contracted 185-pound or the then-agreed upon 190-pound catchweight and ended up weighing in at 201 lbs for the bout.


Must-See: The Greatest Knockouts of 2010 (So Far), Women’s MMA Highlight Reel

Because it’s Monday morning and you’re all still half-asleep and three-quarters hungover, we’d like to present the latest epic highlight reel from Caposa, which presents 2010′s best MMA knockouts from around the world. It’s been a damn good year for head trauma, apparently. But wait, there’s more…

Read More DIGG THIS Will Be at UFC Fan Expo Boston — Will You?

Good news, Potato Nation: CagePotato has secured a booth at the 2010 UFC Fan Expo, which takes place August 27-28 at the John B. Hynes Convention Center in Boston, in support of UFC 118. As with the two previous Fan Expos in Las Vegas, the event will provide fans with opportunities to meet fighters, attend training sessions and seminars, and collect craploads of free swag from the estimated 150 industry vendors that will be hawking their wares. We’ll keep you posted on the fun stuff we have planned at our own little space (booth #2017, write it down), but for now we just wanted to give you an advance heads up that we’ll be there, spreading our message of PotatoPositivity.

Hit up for more info on the two-day spectacle and to purchase tickets ($30 for Friday, $35 for Saturday, $50 for both days). Let us know if you’re planning on attending, and if you are, please make sure to stop by and say hi!


Vitor Belfort And Shawn Tompkins Are Also Rooting Against Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

(“So then the older bull says, ‘Hell son, let’s *walk* down there and screw *all* of them cows!’ Seriously Vitor, I’ve got a million of ’em. Hey, you ever hear the one about the rabbi and the Indian chief … ” PicProps: Las Vegas Sun)

It’s amazing that after nearly two decades of mixed martial arts in this country, reporters are still asking fighters who they want to face next. Really, has any one of these guys ever answered that question with anything other than some variation of “It doesn’t matter/Whoever the UFC wants me to fight next”? Take Vitor Belfort, who is now fully recovered from shoulder surgery and training in Las Vegas for a future bout with the winner of Anderson Silva’s UFC 117 title defense against Chael Sonnen on Aug. 7. You think Belfort is going to admit to Las Vegas Sun Reporter Brett Okamoto that he cares who emerges from that event with the middleweight belt? Fat chance.


Impact FC Aftermath: Yes, It Was Just as Bad as You Assumed It Would Be

(Never surrender, except to leg kicks. VidProps: YouTube/ZP840)

If you can imagine a fight card populated by has-beens and no-accounts, filmed by the blind and narrated by the guys from “Flight of the Conchords” (except without the genuinely funny parts), then you have a pretty good idea what it was like to watch Impact FC’s first-ever pay-per-view on Saturday night. “The Uprising” was filled with plenty of the awkward pauses, even more awkward announcing, terrible camera work and retro graphics that we’ve come to expect from fledgling MMA promotions. As for the actual fighting? It played out about like you might have predicted, too.

Indeed when, just a few moments into the broadcast, nattily attired but totally incompetent ring announcer James White forgot his lines midway through his introductory remarks and had to stop cold to confess he’d drawn a blank, you knew it was going to be a long night. Despite how many times we were informed by the play-by-play team that the action in the cage was “thunderous” or “amazing” the show – filmed around noon local time in Sydney, Australia in a partially filled arena — felt so flat that the fighters themselves would’ve been hard-pressed to break the monotony. Luckily for them, it didn’t seem like they were trying too hard.


Final Reminder: Impact FC Airs Tonight on PPV

(A face made for pay-per-view. PicProps: Middle

As if you needed any reminder. For whatever reason – probably psychologically rooted in our inability to look away from the scene of a car crash – the MMA media has covered the shit out of Impact FC’s rapid fire debuts in Australia during the last couple of weeks. Last Friday’s show – in which Josh Barnett crushed some can named Geronimo Something-or-other — was just a subtle aperitif before tonight’s main course, which is available on pay-per-view for all to see, beginning at 10 p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST.

Look, we’re not going to beat around the bush here. Impact FC needs you to buy this card. For evidence, look no further than the promotion’s refusal this week to buy Bob Sapp a plane ticket from Bulgaria to Sydney because it allegedly couldn’t afford it. If true, that’s not the mark of a cash-rich business, people.