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August, 2010

Finally, Someone Employed by FEG Admits DREAM Could be in Trouble

(Could this be DREAM’s swan song?)

For months Fight Entertainment Group (FEG) executives have denied persistent rumors that the Japanese combat sport promotion firm is in trouble. Now one employee who works stateside has finally admitted that there is a crack forming in the facade perpetuated by DREAM and K-1 officials.

Mike Kogan, FEG’s U.S. representative today told MMAJunkie that the company is holding its breath while it waits for the results of an audit being done by potential investor, PUJI Capital, which will determine if the organization will receive the funding necessary to resume operations.

According to Kogan, the Japanese investment bank is attempting to raise $230 million for the cash-strapped company, that has been accused of owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid fight purses spanning more than three years worth of events.


WWE Wrestler John Cena is Not a UFC Fan and is Also an Idiot

(Word Life? Nevermind. Cena is brilliant. He can communicate without the use of verbs, adjectives or pronouns.)

Before all the Pro Wrestling fanatics jump all over me for the title of this post, read the quote below, then take a deep breath and think about things in perspective.

Cena, who is a native of Newbury, Massachusetts, was asked about what he thought about the UFC coming to Boston last weekend, likely by an oblivious reporter ,who, like many mainstream scribes, think that MMA and WWE are just variations of the same acronym. Why else would you ask a wrestler to talk about a sport that has as much to do with his profession as hunting does to being a butcher? 

Here’s Cena’s well thought out reply which likely earned him a bonus from Vince McMahon:

"It’s just not something that particularly interests me," Cena told The Boston Globe ahead of UFC 118. "UFC is where boxing was years ago, and I was never really into boxing, either."
In town for last night’s WWE "Monday Night Raw" at the TD Garden, Cena said he prefers professional wrestling because it’s "regulated entertainment that’s safe for anyone to enjoy." And UFC? "It is what it is," he said. "It can be pretty over the top, and it’s not something I’d want my children to watch."

‘Don’t Be Scared Homey’ Is Pretty Much the Official Slogan of Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Noons II


It’s not quite Nick Diaz vs. Jason Miller, but Strikeforce is going to do its very best to convince you that Nick Diaz vs. KJ Noons — who’s fighting for the title in his Strikeforce welterweight debut! — is the grudge match you’ve been begging for. And how do they plan on accomplishing that? By staying on message. As you’ll see, the famous phrase "Don’t be scared, homey" pops up twice in this one-minute hype clip for Strikeforce’s next event at San Jose’s HP Pavilion on October 9th. Which begs the question: If "DBS,H" is the theme of the night, why not hold the event in Stockton? What, too real for you guys? Violent crime rate too high? Pussies.

At this point, only two other fights have been booked for the Showtime broadcast of Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Noons II. After earning her employers’ respect with a slam-knockout of Roxanne Modafferi at the last Challengers card, 135-pound champion Sarah Kaufman will make her next title defense against Marloes Coenen, who was sacrificed to Cris Cyborg earlier this year at Strikeforce: Miami. Also, Matt Lindland will follow up his TKO win over Kevin Casey with a bout against hot middleweight prospect Luke Rockhold (7-1), who has ended all six of his Strikeforce appearances by first-round stoppage, including wins over Jesse Taylor and Cory Devela. Christ, good luck Matt.


Roger Huerta to Appear on TMZ Live at 1:30pm PT to Talk About What Really Happened in Texas Street Fight

(TMZ? Roger wasn’t kidding when he said he was goin’ Hollywood.)

Bellator lightweight Roger Huerta will finally break his silence about what really happened in the Texas street fight he had with former Texas Longhorns linebacker Rashad Bobino.

Interestingly, though, he has chosen to do it on gossip site, TMZ, rather than via one of the many MMA news sites that have undoubtedly been clamouring to get  a statement from "El Matador" about the incident.

Hopefully TMZ gets to the bottom of what happened when the camera panned away from the fight and whether or not Huerta was the guy who stomped Bobino as he lay sprawled out on the ground.

I wonder if they’ll discuss anything of substance, like say, his upcoming Bellator fight with Eddie Alvarez in October or if they’ll ask him about Snooki and Octomom.

The segment airs live on at 1:30pm PT.


Jay Hieron Isn’t Quite Out of Strikeforce Deal, But Says He’s ‘Looking to the Future’

(Clearly not bothering to read the fine print. PicPops: Xtreme Couture)

News about Jay Hieron’s contractual status has a funny way of going public before the legal Is are dotted and Ts crossed. Last year, he had to tell us all to just chill when reports that he’d bailed from the Hindenburg that was Affliction and signed with Strikeforce proved premature. Now, Hieron himself admits he “jumped the gun” in announcing his own departure from Scott Coker’s slowly deflating dingy of an MMA promotion. When Hieron tweeted last week that he’d been officially released from Strikeforce and then proclaimed: “Ya’ll know what I’m about to do!!!!!!!” the truth was, not even Hieron himself actually knew what he was about to do.

Though the Xtreme Couture product told MMA Fighting over the weekend that he’ll “definitely” be fighting again before the end of the year, he isn’t quite free from Strikeforce’s clutches just yet. And the UFC return he seemed to be hinting at on his Twitter? At this point, that sounds more like wishful thinking than a done deal, too.


Jens Pulver’s New Movie is Going to Have Grown Men Crying

(Video courtesy YouTube/GregoryBayne)

If you’re like me, seeing Jens Pulver go from being a Tasmanian Devil-like dominant fighter, tearing through guys like John Lewis, Caol Uno, Dennis Hallman and BJ Penn, to being on the brink of retirement after losing eight of his last nine fights gives you a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.

For those of you who don’t recognize the feeling, it’s called empathy.

Imagine being raised by an abusive father who other abusive fathers would hear stories of and say "Holy shit. That guy was an asshole," and rising above the problems in your life,  escaping by wrestling, then fighting in mixed martial arts, only to have your career go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.

THAT’S what Jens has gone and is going through in his life.


‘Beatdown’ Caption Contest, Part 1 — The Winners!

Marcus Davis UFC 118 Nate Diaz eye
(Photoprops: CageWriter)

Thanks to everybody who submitted captions for yesterday’s Beatdown contest; the general consensus was that Marcus Davis looks like a cross between E.T., Rocky Dennis, Sloth from The Goonies, the Elephant Man, and one of several characters from Total Recall. So who will go home with a copy of Beatdown (out today on DVD and Blu-Ray)? First some honorable mentions…

LikeTheWhiskey: This is what happens when you say "I’m a Yankees fan" in Boston.

Sudos KFC: the only thing the townsfolk would later agree on was that Quasimodo was never seen in the 209 again.

Dirt: "The doc said I’d look 10 years younger"

MoTropolis: "I think I’m allergic to getting punched in the face repeatedly."

The Stockton Makeover!
Get yours today!
Just call 1-800-420-DIAZ

dxhernandez: Shortly before, the man to the left began to have an acid flashback from two hits of acid he had dropped at a 1985 KISS concert. As Marcus Davis approached he looked on with horror while trying to differentiate between reality and "fuuuuuuuu……"

ReX13: "Don’t be scarred, homey"
[Ed. note: As an increasingly visible contributor to CagePotato, we'll say that ReX is disqualified from winning contests for a while. But come on, how brilliant is that.

And now the winners…


UFC Fan Expo Scene Report #2: The ReX13 Story

(Doug "ReX13" Richardson [right] spends time with a wheelchair-bound guest at the expo. If we put a smile on that poor, rotund man’s face, then the whole trip was worth it.)

As the Boeing 757 descends in to Boston Logan Airport, I look out the window and contemplate the path that’s led me here. One year ago, I was just another guy on one of the world’s most popular MMA blogs. Now, I’ve ducked out of work for a couple of days to attend the UFC’s Boston Fan Expo as a guest of my favorite website. I’m not just a fan; I’m taking what I hope to be another step toward actually working as a writer. Somewhere down there, Ben Goldstein is carrying around an exhibitor pass that has my name on it. I claim my baggage, which is split evenly between electronics and clothing, and hustle out to catch a taxi. A Ugandan cabbie asks for my destination, and speeds away toward the Hynes Convention Center. I pepper him with questions (because that’s what I do when I meet people) but he’s not in the mood to talk, so I settle back for the short ride and get my first look at Boston. Mostly, I get a good view of the results of the Big Dig, Boston’s massive twenty-five year freeway improvement project that has six lane highways routed under the Boston Harbor. Once we leave the turnpike, however, the views of the Harbor and the Charles River are incredible. Everything is vibrant, people and dogs are everywhere, and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

We find my hotel, and I spend very little time settling in. It’s Thursday, and I’ve gotten it in my head that I’m needed. I walk to the Hynes Center, and mange to locate Ben after a few texts and a phone call. We shake hands, and walk back to booth 2017. There, Ben shows me the signage he’s already erected, and the swag he’s brought to entice the hordes that will descend upon us tomorrow. On one side is the punch machine, a simple carnival game that most of us have seen plenty of times. Ben hits the start button, and rips a nice right hook at the bag. "You take boxing classes, right?" I ask. "Yeah," Ben says, "Muay Thai." I help him with a few last minute touches, including checking on a table rental for the booth, but most of the work is done. Ben checks his watch, and announces that there’s really nothing left to do here: "Wanna go get a drink?"


St-Pierre and Koscheck Will Face Each Other at UFC 124 December 11 in Montreal

(I’m not impressed by your eyes-closed technique.)

Josh Koscheck will definitely not have the advantage of a bipartisan crowd on his side when he squares off against Georges St-Pierre two weeks before Christmas in the UFC welterweight champion’s hometown of Montreal, Quebec at UFC 124 on December 11. 

The news was first reported today by’s Ariel Helwani, who confirmed the venue and the match-up (which will be the culmination of the pair’s season as opposite coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 12) with UFC president Dana White.


Armchair Matchmaker: UFC 118 Edition

Frank Edgar BJ Penn UFC 118 photos MMA
(There he goes again, trying to steal the victory. Photo courtesy of CageWriter)

Here’s what we know: Frank Edgar will make his next title defense against Gray Maynard, who routed Kenny Florian on Saturday night. Dana White is done with James Toney, even though James Toney might not be done with MMA. Nick Osipczak, John Salter, and Gabe Ruediger could very well be receiving "Dear John" letters from the UFC as we speak. As for UFC 118‘s other winners and losers, their fates are yet to be decided. But as usual, we have a few opinions on the subject…

BJ Penn: The Prodigy spent 2007-2009 destroying all the top talent in the UFC’s lightweight division, then looked completely uninspired in two consecutive fights against Frankie Edgar. Either Penn has fallen off his game dramatically or Edgar is just a terrible style matchup for him — and we won’t really know the answer until Penn’s next fight. What’s obvious is that lightweight has been Penn’s most effective weight class in general, and going back up to 170 would be a terrible idea, especially while Georges St. Pierre still rules the roost. The UFC should give Penn a rebound fight against a name opponent who’s a little further down the ladder, but will test BJ’s desire to fight. That’s right, folks, it’s time for BJ Penn vs. Takanori Gomi II. Gomi is born-again after starching Tyson Griffin; add in Gomi’s history with Penn, and you have a co-headliner that any pay-per-view card would be lucky to have.