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August, 2010

Announcing the Semi-Official Potato Nation ‘Welcome to Boston’ Meet-Up!

Champions Sports Bar Boston
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As many of you know, will be in Boston this week for UFC 118 and the UFC Fan Expo. To commemorate the occasion, CP’s dedicated superfan-lackeys Viva Hate and ReX13 have organized a Potato Nation meetup on Thursday night for folks who live in Beantown or will be visiting for the fights. (Seriously, they made a Facebook page and everything.) Here are the details…

When: Thursday night, from "8:30 or so" onward
Where: Champions, a very classy-looking sports bar located on the second level of the Boston Marriott Copley Place (110 Huntington Ave.), with an astounding beer selection and more TV screens than a drunk person could possibly count.
What: Drinking; lots of drinking. The opportunity to hang out with your Internet friends. Trying to convince the waitress to put one of the TVs on Fox Sports Net so we can watch Bellator.

If that’s not enough to get you out to Champions, we have one more thing to share…


Wednesday Morning MMA Link Club

Nick Thompson Okuno Sengoku 14 photos MMA japan
(Nick Thompson is stretchered to safety after getting smoked by Taisuke Okuno at Sengoku 14. Check out FIGHT! Magazine‘s exclusive gallery of photos from the event right here.)

Some selected highlights from our friends around the MMA blogosphere. E-mail for details on how your site can join the MMA Link Club…

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Meet James Toney’s Secret Weapon

(Instead of bringing a knife to a gunfight against Couture, Toney’s bringing an unarmed combat instructor)

If you caught the UFC 118 countdown show last night, you were introduced to James Toney’s new trainer, Kenpo karate black belt and hand to hand combat instructor Trevor Sherman.

I was kind of taken aback since the last I had heard Toney was working with the beloved former plaintiff of a CP court case, Juanito Ibarra.

It turns out Ibarra and Toney parted company back in May, and since we can’t afford to defend another frivilous lawsuit after paying for new CP smart cars for Ben and I, we’ll say it was Ibarra’s choice to leave and just leave it at that. It’s not hard to believe, since he’s never been a difficult person to deal with in the past.


Dana White’s UFC 118 Video Blog: Mike Tyson Talks Toney vs. Couture

(Video courtesy YouTube/UFC)

Dana White is back with another installment of his self aggrandizing video blogs and he’s rubbing in our faces how much better his life is than ours is again.

In this edition, White hangs out with former multiple time world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson and the conversation inevitably turns to the Randy Couture-James Toney bout set for Saturday night in Boston at UFC 118.

Tyson calls the bout intriguing, but seems to be leaning towards Couture as the favorite. The most interesting comments made by Iron Mike in the video were regarding Toney’s personality.

"Toney’s a crazy guy. He’s a really dark kind of crazy guy…. ha…ha..ha..ha..ha!!"

When Mike Tyson calls you dark and crazy, it might be time to re-examine things.


King Mo Tore His Knee Up Pretty Good Against Feijao, Could Be Out 9 Months

(Big ups to Team Thirsty, Team Get Dat Paper and Team Having-a-Second-Reconstructive-Knee-Surgery-in-Less-Than-Two-Years. PicProps: Esther Lin, obvi.)

OK, so here’s a textbook example of why fighters need managers (preferably managers who are not also their girlfriends, because that’s a no-win situation for everyone): Word out of Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal’s camp in the wake of his loss to Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante at Strikeforce: Houston on Saturday is that Mo blew out both the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments in his left knee during the bout. Because he’s an MMA fighter, Lawal wanted to squeeze in one more fight before opting to have surgery, but fortunately cooler (read: sane) heads prevailed. Manager Ryan Parsons now says the former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion could be out for up to nine months.

“Mo wanted to take one more fight, but we decided that this injury should be attended to first,” Parsons told yesterday.  Um, yeah. No shit.


Now That It’s Legal, What’s the Next Step in MMA Sanctioning in Ontario?

(When will Ontario see its first event?)

When the Ontario government announced a little over a week ago that it had decided to sanction mixed martial arts in the Canadian province, the news came as a very welcome surprise to pretty much all of the issue’s stakeholders.

It wasn’t the fact that the province’s Liberal majority government finally decided that MMA was on par safety-wise and skill-wise with other sports that are legally contested in Ontario, making it a no-brainer to legalize that threw so many people off; it was the fact that the announcement came without much warning or fanfare.

The then-Minister of Consumer Services (she was shuffled to a different cabinet position four days after the announcement) Sophia Aggelonitis tweeted the news early on the morning of Saturday, August 14. Within an hour of sending out her brief message, that simply stated “Ontario will move to allow mixed martial arts,” Aggelonitis’ office posted a press release regarding the decision pointing to “competitor safety and boosting local economies” as its main reasons behind its landmark decision.


Report: Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen Rematch Slated for This Winter

Anderson Silva Chael Sonnen UFC 117
(The unstoppable force meets the immovable asshole. Photo courtesy of

According to the LA Times’ Lance Pugmire, a middleweight title rematch between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen is being penciled in for the UFC’s next New Year’s Eve or Super Bowl weekend card, after Silva recovers from the rib injury that reportedly plagued him before the fight. Unlike other immediate UFC title rematches that have been booked recently — see esp., Machida vs. Rua II, Penn vs. Edgar II — Silva and Sonnen’s first meeting didn’t end in a close/controversial judges’ decision. Instead, Silva sunk a triangle-armbar with less than two minutes remaining in the fifth round, after getting out-wrestled and battered for the previous four frames.


Classic Fights: BJ Penn, The Early Days

Going into his UFC 118 title rematch against Frankie Edgar, BJ Penn is carrying a title that he hasn’t had since before UFC 80 — former champion. We’re willing to believe that the Prodigy had an off night in Abu Dhabi, but if he wants his belt back he’ll have to relocate the kind of violent aggression that got him to the top in the first place. With that in mind, let’s take a look back at four of Penn’s early fights that set him up as a star in the UFC, and laid the groundwork for the legend that was to come…

BJ Penn vs. Joey Gilbert, UFC 31, 5/4/01

As the first non-Brazilian to win the black belt division at the Mundials, Penn entered the UFC with a reputation to uphold. But he wasn’t looking to become the next Royce Gracie. Even from the beginning, the Prodigy was a true hybrid fighter, whose grappling and striking worked in tandem. His Octagon debut was against another UFC newbie, Joey Gilbert (1-1 MMA record at the time), and though Gilbert showed impressive ground defense in neutralizing Penn’s attacks and positions, Penn was finally able to flatten Gilbert out on his stomach and whale him in the head until the ref stopped the fight with three seconds left of the first round. It looked like there might be something to this BJ Penn kid after all.

BJ Penn vs. Din Thomas, UFC 32, 6/29/01

Penn returned to action just eight weeks later to take on another fighter who was making his UFC debut. But even though Din Thomas was new to the Octagon, he’d already been around the block, compiling a 12-1 record with all victories by stoppage and a notable win over future champ Jens Pulver. Penn plays guard for a while (and shows off his famous leg flexibility at the vid’s 2:13 mark), but once Thomas starts to threaten with ground-and-pound, Penn escapes to his feet and turns Din off with a perfectly-placed knee to the jaw. The Prodigy was no fluke, and the UFC’s fledgling lightweight division was officially on notice.


Reminder: Countdown to UFC 118 on Tonight

(Video courtesy YouTube/

I’m not sure what the betting odds are set at but I’m thinking that its pretty much a lock that James Toney’s interview segments from the UFC 118 countdown show that premiers tonight will include closed captioning. Apparently even Chael Sonnen can’t understand anything that comes out of Toney’s mouth and he figured out Portugese from an iPhone application in an afternoon.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that his trash talk on the show will include a bunch of insults towards Randy about how "he’s no legend" and he’ll fill in the remainder of his segment by talking about how great he is, how he’s going to "turn Randy’s lights out" and by referring to Couture at every turn as "princess."


Amilcar Alves: UFC 118′s New Guy (Besides James Toney)

(Props: EASJBS)

Since you’re probably tired of hearing about James Toney and his wack-ass smack talk, we’re going to leave him out of today’s installment of The New Guys. Instead, we’ll focus on a fighter who actually has a decent chance of winning his UFC debut at #118, and will probably stick around for one more fight even if he loses. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the other guy who will be entering the Octagon for the first time on Saturday…

Experience: 11-1 record (seven wins by first-round stoppage), competing for various Brazilian promotions. Last competed in December 2009, avenging his only career loss with a 59-second knockout of Fernando Paulon.
Will be facing: Mike Pierce (11-3, 2-1 UFC), in the first fight of the preliminary card.
Lowdown: A product of the red-hot Nova Uniao team in Brazil, Amilcar Alves is a training partner of such elite fighters as Jose Aldo and Marlon Sandro. The judo black belt plans on being a crowd-pleaser: “I know what audience and the promotion expect from a newcomer: to be a ferocious and hungry dog, and this is what I want to [be]. I know what I’ll bring will please the person who’s a UFC fan, much aggressiveness and versatility…I’m capable of bringing new tricks to the table in any moment.”