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September, 2010

UFC 119 Aftermath: We’re Only Still Talking About It Because It’s Our Job

(Seriously Mirko, you didn’t miss much. We’ll tell you about it later. PicProps: Vancouver Sun)

There were times during UFC 119 when it felt like everyone involved spent Saturday afternoon chugging tons of codeine cough syrup. Everybody looked just a little slow, a little out of it. It sure didn’t help that the two main eventers were totally sleepwalking during the first 14 minutes of their fight before Mirko CroCop ended things with his vicious head butt to Frank Mir’s knee. The “co-main event” was also entirely forgettable, as Ryan Bader outpointed Roger Nog to reportedly win the Jon Jones Sweepstakes. Guess we’ll have to check in with him in six months, find out how that worked out for him …

This was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a great effort from the world’s largest MMA promotion. It also wasn’t quite as bad as a lot of people are saying. We’re not talking “worst show of all time” territory here. Credit local boys Matt Mitrione, Sean McCorkle and Chris Lytle for salvaging what they could of the day. Also, Evan Dunham and Sean Sherk’s back-and-forth battle was by turns exciting and totally bizarre. Too bad it was marred by a shaky judges’ decision. And hey, the good news is, if you liked UFC 119 you’re gonna love Oct. 16’s UFC 120, which looks just as terrible on paper but at least airs for free on SpikeTV.


Reminder: UFC 119 Post-Fight Presser Live Right Here

Just a reminder that the UFC 119 post-fight presser is live and can be watched right here.

Will Mirko retire? Will Dunham swallow the loss to Sherk? Does Bader get to be killed by Jon Jones Next? 

All this an more will be answered. Giddy up!

UFC video player is after the jump.


UFC 119: Live Results and Commentary

(Well, now I’m going to have nightmares. That’s great. Thanks for nothing, Joe Rogan. PicProps:

Look, we’ve been trying to think of a good way to tell you this. In the end, maybe it’s best if we just come right out and say it: UFC 119 isn’t a great PPV card. Your main event features two guys just trying to cling to life in the heavyweight division, while the rest of the card is kind of … meh. Not saying it’s terrible, but if you wanted to save your money for, say, UFC 121 and just follow the live blog for this baby, we’d understand. We got you, player. That’s what we’re here for. And if you’re some big swinging dick who has money out the yaz (even in these tough economic times) and you’re ordering the thing, but for some reason still feel compelled to follow along online – maybe as a respite from how empty and shallow your life really is, maybe just to toss out sweet zingers in the comments section — that’s fine too. We don’t discriminate. Except against fat people. And the old.

We’ll be going live just after 10 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. PST. Remember to hit refresh early and often to get the latest updates.


Dream 16 Aftermath: If You Really Need to See Proof That Kazushi Sakuraba Shouldn’t Be Fighting, Here It Is …

(Fight starts at 4:15, though all the good stuff is before that.  Vids Props: YouTube/ZombieProphet420)

Leading up to his fight with Kazushi Sakuraba at Dream 16, Jason “Mayhem” Miller said he wanted to be the first person to submit the Japanese legend since Kimo did it during a possibly worked fight back in 1996. Well, Miller gets his wish here, though at this point beating Sakuraba seems to be the same level of accomplishment as going to the grocery store and coming back with everything on your list. The only way it’s not going to happen is if something goes horribly wrong.

We’re told that Saku’s entrance video before this bout is an homage to a popular cartoon in Japan. Don’t know about all that. In the states, we just call that shit creepy. The whole scene – complete with fellow old-school fighting phenom Tsuyoshi Kohsaka on the “drums” – is almost bizarre enough to distract from the sad reality of what’s become of Sakuraba as he continues to fight well into his golden years. Almost, but not quite.

As a little pick-me-up, after the jump watch Chase Beebe get knocked out by Hiroyuki Takaya.


Exclusive UFC 119 Weigh-in Photos

Our man Jason "J-Dog" Wright was hard at it again tonight getting us some great shots of today’s UFC 119 weigh-ins. If his photos so far are any indication we can expect some incredible stuff from tonight’s show.

Check out the rest of the photos after the jump. 


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(Video courtesy YouTube/Heavy)

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All Fighters Make Weight for UFC 119

(A Croat, an asshole and a Brazilian walk into a bar…)

Frank Mir weighed in 25 pounds heavier than opponent, Cro Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic at today’s UFC 119 weigh-ins, dispelling any rumors that he is over his loss to Brock Lesnar and he will drop to light heavyweight any time soon.

Making weight, Filipovic got the final stamp on his Indianapolis fight license, which made him breathe a sigh of relief after an eye injury he sustained earlier this week in training left the bout in jeopardy.

Shortly after he weighed in, Croatian news outlets who had been asked by the fighter to not release the photo until after he was given the go-ahead to face mir by the commission printed this shot of Mirko’s injury taken immediately after the eye poke occurred.

Amazing how much he has healed in less than five days.

(Amazing what the power of Stevia can do for healing.)

Every fighter on the card checked in at their respective weight limits, thus making all of their fights official for tomorrow night.

Check out the official weights and the replay of the weigh-ins after the jump.


Reminder: DREAM 16 is on HDNet Early Tomorrow Morning

(Video courtesy YouTube/DREAM)

If you’re a diehard MMA fan or you get home from the bars tonight and are looking for something to watch, remember that DREAM 16 is on HDNet at 2:00 am ET tomorrow morning. 

Besides the Sakuraba-Miller fight that is advertised above as if it were a Japanese game show, only with worse music, there are some solid match-ups that haven’t gotten a lot of media attention, including Mousasi-Mizuno, Hansen-Tokoro, Miyata-Inoue and Takaya-Beebe.


Tokyo Five Caption Contest: There Can Be Only One Champion

Chael Sonnen UFC Fox News
Tokyo Five duffel bag

After frantically skimming through the 473 (!) entries that came in for this week’s caption contest, we’re happy to announce a winner. So who will pick up the duffel bag stuffed full of gear from Tokyo Five? We can’t tell you that just yet. First, the honorable mentions:


Joey Beltran Seems Far Too Nice to be Nicknamed ‘The Mexicutioner’

(VidProps: YouTube/

Gotta be honest, Joey Beltran is not at all what I expected.  The gentleman who appears in the above video seems far too sensible, far too well-adjusted and far too agreeable to multiple wardrobe changes to also be a guy called “The Mexicutioner” whose calling card is that he likes to knock his opponents’ jaws into the third row. In fact, the Beltran we meet in this interview with seems to be a pretty fun-loving dude. Even when the topic turns to his fight with Matt Mitrione at UFC 119 this weekend, Beltran takes on a friendly, matter-of-fact tone while explaining how badly he plans to whip that ass.