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September, 2010

Bellator XXX: Guy on Guy Action!…Wait, What?

By ReX “Charles Bukkake” Richardson

(Bryan Baker putting the stomp on Jeremy Horn and cancer. Photo props Fight!Mag)

Bellator came back around to Louisville, Kentucky last night with a passel of pint sized contestants in the first bantamweight championship field, a middleweight fight featuring Bellator regular Bryan Baker and a man who has somewhere over 9000(!) fights at Moneyweight, and the standard assortment of young up and comers looking to have a breakout performance. Come on in and we’ll find out who’s going to the bantamweight tourney finals, who is bouncing back from serious illness, and who has a juvenile sense of humor.

You know who has the juvenile sense of humor? You do. But we dig that about you. Check it out: through pure coincidence (or epic matchmaking radness), Bellator’s thirtieth show features a card full of fighters with somewhat suggestive nicknames.

Just try to skim the names and not picture them working for Vivid Entertainment. (PS: You just lost the game.) (PPS: I’m sorry Mom, I was raised better than this.)

Ok, then: Fights!


The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 7 is Live, Y’all


If it went over your head, the title should be read with an Indianapolis accent (see the Sean McCorkle interview in Episode 4 for an example).

Moving on.

Episode 7 of The Bum Rush Radio Show is now live on iTunes or for direct listen here

In this episode, Ben, Mike and Chad weigh-in on the week’s big news stories and make more terrible predictions for Saturday’s UFC 119 event.


Exclusive Photos of Yesterday’s UFC 119 Pre-Fight Press Conference

("You want the winner of Koscheck-GSP?")

Here’s another story that illustrates why the Potato Nation is awesome.

Jason Wright (or J-Dog as he is known around these parts) contacted us about a month ago to see if we needed a photographer to cover UFC 119 for us. Since CagePotato had never been credentialed, we figured with the success of our UFC Fan Expo booth (which was due largely to the help of CP’ers ReX13 and Viva Hate) now is as good a time as any to apply.


Dana White Talks Sonnengate, PEDs in MMA and the Firings of Todd Duffee and Efrain Escudero

(Video courtesy YouTube/MMAFighting)’s Ariel Helwani spoke to Dana White ahead of UFC 119 this weekend in Indianapolis and besides the match-ups on the card the UFC president spoke about all of the hot topics on the minds of fans and pundits alike including his take on Sonnengate, if he feels there is a PED problem in MMA and why he cut Todd Duffee and Efrain Escudero.

Here’s what the baldfather had to say:

About Sonnen’s current mental state and whether or not he will support his appeal:
"I’ve spoken to him a couple of times. I saw him at the opening of the UFC gym in Los Angeles and then I talked to him yesterday I think. He’s in a really good place. Listen, there’s more to this story than meets the eye and it will all come out in the athletic commission hearing. People look at me and they say, ‘You’re the commissioner of this thing.’ No, no, no. The way that this works is, the athletic commission oversees us. Every time these guys step in and compete, the athletic commission drug tests them and everything else. Everyone thinks that ‘Dana White has the commission in his hand,’ but the commission doesn’t give a shit what I think, what I have to say — nothing. You’re dealing with the government. That’s like thinking that Dana White can tell the IRS what to do. That’s never going to happen. So, Chael is gonna have to go in front of the commission and we’re going to have to wait and see how this thing plays out."


Wanderlei Silva Tells Chael Sonnen to Watch His Mouth When Talking About Brazil

(Video courtesy YouTube/WandFightTeam)

*Editor’s note: Turn down your volume before pressing play or Burt Watson will scare the shit out of you.

If you’ve never watched any of the episodes from Wanderlei Silva’s video blog series, you’re missing out. It gives a rare and uncut glimpse into Wand’s life and his thoughts on the sport and his career.

The latest one takes place during the pre-fight media blitz ahead of Ultimate Fight Night 22 in Texas last week, but the best part is something that happened behind the scenes during a limo ride from one event to another. At around the 3:53 mark the usually quiet and cordial in person "The Axe Murderer" confronts Chael Sonnen about his recent bashing of Brazilian MMA luminaries Antonio Rogerio and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira when he said that earning a black belt from the two is like getting a Happy Meal toy from MacDonald’s.


Sean McCorkle Says He’s ‘Like Kimbo Slice, Except Without the Fighting Part’

(VidProps: YouTube/Ariel Helwani)

As we found out on a recent episode of The Bum Rush, UFC rookie and Indianapolis local Sean McCorkle understands at least one constant in life: Nobody likes an angry giant. When you’re as physically imposing as McCorkle – he’s 6-foot-7 and says he started his “living nightmare” weight cut for UFC 119 at around 320-pounds – you basically have no choice but to be jolly. It’s just the more socially acceptable thing to do. As McCorkle reaffirms in this video interview with Ariel Helwani, the big fella’s got jokes, alright.

McCorkle is so legitimately amusing here that he doesn’t even break out his best material until the six-minute mark, when he starts talking about his bitch of an ex-wife. He claims he never considered fighting anything more than a hobby until said bitch “pretty much took all his money” in a divorce about a year and a half ago. Since then it’s been full speed ahead, running his professional record to 9-0 before being tabbed as the guy to welcome Pride veteran Mark Hunt to his contractually-obligated Octagon debut on Saturday.

“Boy, does your ex-wife feel stupid now,” Helwani says.

“She felt stupid to me before,” McCorkle deadpans. Hi-yo!


Reminder: Watch the UFC 119 Pre-Fight Press Conference Live Right Here at 1:00 pm ET Today

(UFC 119: Mediocre Mean-Muggers)

Will Frank Mir come off as a douche bag? Is Cro Cop motivated and in shape enough to shut his mouth with a headkick? Will Bader or Lil’ Nog say anything bad about each other?

All these questions and more will be answered at 1:00 pm ET today during the UFC’s obligatory pre-fight press conference for Saturday night’s UFC 119: Mir vs. Cro Cop event in Indianapolis, Indiana.

UFC video player is after the jump.


TUF 12.2 Recap: A Sucker Born Every Minute

(Crappy, TV-shot video of the Alex Caceres vs. Jeff Lentz fight, courtesy of TheMMAResource.)

After last week’s trial by fire, it’s time for the 14 UFC hopefuls to move into the house and get comfy. And boy is the new TUF house classy. The dining room has a chandelier in it and everything.

Alex "Bruce Leroy" Caceres and Jeff Lentz down some shots right away. They’re both characters. Jeff’s a chain-smoker from Jersey with a dye-job, and says he’ll never tap, not even to an armbar. (Pay attention! This will be important later!) The guys are apprehensive about the cigs and booze that Lentz is constantly consuming, but Jeff says he’s just playing with them, and he actually has gas for days. I mean, he’s clearly a nicotine addict and probably has a drinking problem on top of that, but it’s all just a persona, y’know? As for Alex, he can play the harmonica, he once killed a gator with his bare hands, and he nearly murdered a deer, too. But as they say, man is the most dangerous game.

In advance of the team selections, Coach Josh Koscheck has every guy in the house ranked, 1-14. He’s got Michael Johnson at #1, Marc Stevens at #2, Sako "Psycho" Chivitchian and Sevak Magakian at 3 and 4. Koscheck loves those Armenians, bro.

Greg Jackson has been here before with Rashad Evans on TUF 10, and now he’s Georges St. Pierre‘s consigliere. He advises Georges to go after the first matchup rather than the first fighter, if possible. GSP knows that Koscheck likes Michael Johnson, so he gets an idea to try a little gamesmanship. "We’ll see if he’s smart," GSP says. Koscheck, as it turns out, is not smart.


Silva’s Manager Says Anderson’s Ribs Still Aren’t Healed; Belfort Fight Might Not Happen Until February 5

(Video courtesy MMAWeekly)

When UFC president Dana White confirmed that Vitor Belfort would be stepping in to face Anderson Silva next while Chael Sonnen tries to talk himself out of a one-year suspension for testing positive for steroids, one piece of info that he left out was when we can expect the fight to go down.

Silva’s manager, Ed Soares revealed in an interview with MMAWeekly yesterday that Anderson is still experiencing pain in the rib he injured in his four-and-a-half round war with Chael Sonnen at UFC 117 and he may not be ready in time for UFC 125 on January 1 so the fight may have to wait until February 5.

"His rib is stil very tender. They’re very sore. That’s what I’m talking to him about. It’s still a bit sore, but it’s healing up. It’s still not 100 percent. He needs to be training at least 10 weeks with his ribs not being hurt. It’s still tender and it really hurts [him] to throw knees and stuff like that," Soares explained. "I think at this point, we don’t know what date it’s going to be. It’s definitely going to be some time next year. We just don’t know if it’s going to be January first or SuperBowl weekend."


Video: Cro Cop Talks Injuries, His Storied Career and His Future in MMA

(Video courtesy MMAWeekly)

During a media scrum ahead of his UFC 119 bout with Frank Mir, Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic was asked about his career, his future in MMA and whether or not chasing a title is in his plans.

When asked where he sees himself in the UFC’s heavyweight division, Cro Cop danced around the question like a politician.

"I see myself only Saturday night in front of Frank Mir. That’s where I can see myself so far."