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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

September, 2010

CagePotato Stats: The MMA Weigh-In Failure Leaderboard

(The moral of the story? When Gina Carano does it, it’s awesome. When Paulo Filho does it, it’s terrible. / Photo courtesy of

Anybody can be forgiven for missing weight by a half-pound — as long as it doesn’t become a habit. But when an MMA fighter comes in a full four pounds heavy, as Efrain Escudero did this week for his doomed UFC Fight Night 22 bout against Charles Oliveira, it tends to raise some eyebrows. As we’ve done previously with steroid busts, we decided to catalog the worst scale-fails in MMA history, arranged by number of pounds over the limit. When the information was available, we also listed the punishments the fighters were given, along with their excuses for missing weight, which range from injuries to salt water to the dreaded “menstrual period.” This is by no means a definitive list — but we’d like it be, eventually. So if you know of any other occasions where fighters missed weight by four pounds or more, or missed weight for multiple fights, please let us know in the comments section.

* Note: We’ve eliminated the “Repeat Offenders” section. In the instances where fighters has notably missed weight on more than one occasion (see: A. Johnson, P. Daley, T. Alves), we’ve ranked them in the leaderboard by their greatest weigh-in failure.

Lew Polley @ World Series of Fighting 4
Weigh-in date: 8/9/13
Weight: 237 pounds, 32 over the light-heavyweight limit
WTF?? No idea. We’ll let you know when we find out.
Result: Polley was immediately removed from his scheduled bout against Hans Stringer, and will likely be released from the promotion. Stringer was paid his show-money.

Karl Knothe @ Shark Fights 17
Weigh-in date: 7/14/11
Weight: 253.75 pounds, 23.75 over the 230-pound catchweight limit
How is that even possible? Due to some miscommunication between Knothe and his management, Knothe was never informed that his scheduled bout against Ricco Rodriguez was supposed to be at a catchweight, instead of at heavyweight.
Result: The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation disallowed Knothe from competing due to the large weight-gap and concerns over excessive weight-cutting. Knothe was paid a portion of his salary anyway, while Ricco Rodriguez instead faced 5-12 replacement Doug Williams. Rodriguez won via rear-naked choke in the first round.

Ricardo Mayorga @ Omega MMA: Battle of the Americas
Weigh-in date: 5/2/13
Weight: 175.9 pounds, 20.9 pounds over the limit for his contracted lightweight match against Wesley Tiffer, who came in at 153. Needlessly to say, shoving ensued.
How was this fight even allowed to happen?: The match took place in Managua, Nicaragua — which is Mayorga’s hometown, by the way — and the Nicaraguan combat sports commission that was overseeing the event didn’t seem to have a problem with the ludicrous weight discrepancy. (I hear they’re much more stringent when it comes to cock-fighting.)
Result: Mayorga by TKO after two rounds, aided by a fairly illegal knee to the spine. Stay classy, Ricardo.
Update: The result was overturned to a no-contest the following week due to the illegal blow, and Mayorga was suspended from MMA for three months. Mayorga was last seen smoking an entire pack of cigarettes and giving less than half a fuck.


Who Does Koscheck Grab by the Throat in the Next Episode of TUF?

(Video courtesy YouTube/218DeShawn)
If you pay attention to the small details in life, chances are you noticed the clip at the end of last night’s premiere of The Ultimate Fighter 12 that showed a brief glimpse of Josh Koscheck being his endearing self as he appears to grab a Team St-Pierre member by the throat before a scuffle ensues.

Middleeasy made a slowed-down gif of the video above and it turns out that the dude Kos rape chokes is either a somewhat rotund crew member or a random guy who wandered in off the street wearing a TapouT shirt in GSP’s team colors. Whatever the case is, it’s likely just another instance of a set-up scenario or creative editing to make JK look like the bad guy. It all seems very "WWE" to me. He nearly crack a smile as he confront the Biz Markie lookalike who likely hasn’t been a lightweight since junior high.

Check it out after the jump and judge for yourself whether or not the fracas seems staged.


Video: New York MMA Documentary

(Another of NY’s many aspiring criminals)

With states like New York refusing to regulate mixed martial arts, MMA gyms have basically become modern day speakeasies.

It’s in those establishments where fighters not only hone their skills, they also compete in smokers and unsanctioned underground fights which are a by-product of archaic lawmakers who refuse to legitimize the sport.

MMA opponents like Bob Reilly likely look at MMA gyms in the same light as his counterparts in Washington look at Al-Qaeda training camps.

The irony that fighters can legally train to break the law and trainers can supply them with the tools to commit such "crimes" in these locales is head-shakingly ludicrous, yet in 2010 we continue to fight for ordinance of a sport that is in essence, the oldest and purest form of competition known to man.

Our boy, KahL-One, has put together an incredible series of mini-documentaries about the thriving fight community in New York.

Check out episode one after the jump.


‘Keep Your Expectations Low’ Alert: Kevin James to Film UFC-Themed Comedy

Kevin James Quinton Rampage Jackson Paul Blart Mall Cop Spike
("The guy has titties. I couldn’t do a comedy bit next to a guy with titties. For real." Props:

Comic actor Kevin James has long been a familiar face at UFC events, so we suppose it was only a matter of time before this happened. According to a report on (via MMAMania) the star of such critically acclaimed films as Grown Ups and Paul Blart: Mall Cop has his next masterpiece in the works, and yep, it’s MMA-related:

James is attached to play a physics teacher whose school faces drastic cutbacks. In an attempt to save his best friend’s job and the music program his students love, he moonlights in the octagon as a mixed martial arts fighter, ultimately leading to brawling in the UFC. The film is on a fast track, and production presidents Matt Tolmach and Doug Belgrad hope to get it into production next year.

I know what you’re thinking — the idea of shlubby-ass Kevin James getting a UFC contract is way too far-fetched, even in the context of a screwball comedy. But remember, Roy Nelson was an untrained paralegal with no MMA experience before going on TUF 10, and you all saw how well that worked out. One more thing: The music-teacher best friend in the movie? I’m willing to bet that the role will be an embarrassing gay stereotype played by Rob Schneider. Seriously, you all have to pay me five bucks if I’m right.


‘The Ground Game’ Caption Contest: And the Winners Are…

Don Frye Hooters girls Texas funny MMA photos
(Images courtesy of Esther Lin/Shark Fights, Victory Belt)

Thanks to everybody who entered this week’s caption contest — even those of you who referred to "General Custer" as "General Custard." After sifting through 280 of your entries, we’ve pulled out the two that we think are most worthy of winning a signed copy of Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts: The Ground Game, in stores now. As usual, there are a bunch of captions that were almost good enough. Let’s take a look at those first… 


Video: ‘Big’ John McCarthy Talks Relationship with the Gracies, the LA Riots and His UFC Reffing Debut

(Video courtesy YouTube/Fight!Mag)

I’ve always been amazed with the fact that "Big" John McCarthy is as, or more famous than a lot of MMA fighters. Think about it. How many football referees or baseball umpires can you name, let alone who you would want an autograph from?

I worked with BJM at The Fight Network a few years ago and no matter if he was at an event doing color commentary or just hanging out at the station, he would get requests non-stop for photos and autographs. It’s crazy to think that besides guys like Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, Big John is more recognized than a lot of marquee fighters for his involvement in the sport and his regulation of landmark bouts over the years.

He has his own gym, MMA refereeing and judging certification course, his own Xtreme Couture signature shirt and will be releasing an autobiography, "Let’s Get it On!" which he has spent the last few years writing with MMA journalist Loretta Hunt, who also wrote Randy Couture’s "Becoming the Natural.".

The videos above and after the jump shot by Fight! Magazine give some insight into the stories that will be shared in the book and if they are any indication, the tome will be well worth picking up.

In the clips he talks a bit about his time with the LAPD, the origin of his fight-starting catchphrase and the fateful favor he did for his then-jiu-jitsu teacher, Rorian Gracie that would lead to his career as one of the most respected and recognizable officials to ever call a fight.


Don’t Tell Anybody, You Guys, But Antonio McKee is About to Sign with the UFC

(Antonio McKee: Good at fighting, terrible at keeping secrets. PicProps: Sherdog)

Antonio McKee went on Sherdog’s The Savage Dog Show this week in the wake of his victory over Luciano Azevedo and pretty much screamed into his phone for 40 minutes. The effect was dizzying actually, and hosts Greg Savage and Jeff Sherwood could really do nothing about it but sit back and laugh while McKee ranted. There is frankly no way to do it all justice in blog form, but some of McKee’s major bullet points included: He still suspects a vast conspiracy against him and his gym; that he knew he would stop Azevedo in the first round at MFC 26 because he saw it in a vision; that he thinks elbows should be outlawed in MMA because he’s too dangerous when he can use them; and also, that he cried and had to go to church to seek forgiveness after beating Azevedo so badly during their bout.

In midst of these ramblings McKee let slip that, although he hasn’t signed anything yet, he’s currently in contract talks for a four-fight deal with the UFC. Apparently not understanding that he was on a live radio show at the time – and hey, who has time for details when there’s so much shouting to be done? — McKee asked Sherdog not to tell anybody about that until after the deal was finalized. A very short transcript is after the jump.


Strikeforce Signs Paul Daley

(Regrets? Does it look like I have any regrets??)

After announcing they had taken a gamble in signing perennial positive drug test denier, Josh Barnett Monday, Strikeforce is letting the questionable bet ride as the promotion revealed today that it has also inked post-bell puncher, Paul Daley to its roster for six fights.

Daley, whose story of why he was dropped by the UFC has been re-told ad nauseam, fought twice since receiving his Zuffa walking papers, finishing Daniel Acacio with elbows in the third round of a July Impact Fighting Championship clash and winning by razor-thin decision to Jorge Masvidal at Shark Fights 13 last weekend.


TUF 12.1 Recap: Welcome to the Ultimate Fighter. Now Get Lost.

(Nam Phan vs. Mike Budnik. Props: eze32101)

No need for a lengthy preamble — you’ve already seen the first five minutes of the Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck season premiere, and you know how these things generally go down. We’ve got 28 lightweights, battling for 14 spots. Dana White addresses the troops, Bruce Leroy giggles with anticipation. It’s the elimination round, where the RFFs (real fucking fighters) are separated from the pretenders. Let’s get it.

Marc Stevens vs. TJ O’Brien 
Stevens wrestled at the University of Buffalo when Josh Koscheck was the assistant wrestling coach there. Kos calls him an "okay wrestler." Stevens immediately lands a huge overhand right, then jackhammers O’Brien on the ground until the ref steps in. We later learn that the 13-second TKO is the fastest stoppage in TUF history. "Remember me now?" Stevens asks Koscheck.

Spencer Paige vs. Steve Magdaleno
Paige’s striking is as good as advertised, as he lands a mix of attacks in round 1. Magdaleno ends the round on top, working some ground-and-pound, but it might not be enough to steal the round. They start round 2 swinging for the fences before Paige starts blasting Magdaleno with knees. Magdaleno shoots on Paige and dumps him. Magdaleno looks for an arm triangle, then goes back to abusing Paige from the top. Magdaleno drops to guard when the action goes standing again, and possibly blows the fight, as Paige finishes strong with strikes from the top. Paige takes the unanimous decision.


UFC Fight Night 22 Aftermath: Press Conference Highlights, Bonuses, Apologies + More

(Props: Heavy)

The UFC handed out $40,000 performance bonuses to five fighters following UFC Fight Night: Marquardt vs. Palhares, including two separate "Submission of the Night" awards. The honorees are:

Knockout of the Night: Brian Foster, for his 67-second storming of Forrest Petz, which was the lone stoppage on the preliminary card. Petz now drops to 0-2 in his current UFC stint, and will most likely be shown the door.

Submission of the Night (1): Cole Miller, for dropping Ross Pearson with punches in the second round of their fight, then icing him with a rear-naked choke. Miller has scored the SotN award in three of his last five appearances, and officially enters the UFC Performance Bonus Leaderboard

Submission of the Night (2): Charles Oliveira, who pushed his record to 14-0 with a huge win over TUF 8 winner Efrain Escudero, secured via standing rear-naked choke in the third round. Though he had trouble getting Escudero to the mat in the first two frames, Oliveira showed off his tenacity in the victory, as well as some impressively unorthodox striking.

Fight of the Night: Kyle Kingsbury and Jared Hamman, for their fast-paced three-round brawl in the prelims. Despite a third-round rally from Hamman, Kingsbury’s domination and damage in the first two frames secured him 29-28 scores from all three judges.

Some other notes on the fights…