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October, 2010

Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader Fight Could Be Off

Ryan Bader Cain Velasquez UFC fighters pool
(Well, they found the shortest guy at the Palms Pool. Next on the photo scavenger hunt list? A pair of real breasts. / Photo courtesy of

Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader was supposed to be the badass Super Bowl Weekend co-headliner that established a top-dog 205-pound contender in the UFC. Turns out, it might not happen at all. As Dana White told fans earlier today in London, "I don’t know if Jones is going to fight Bader. We tried to put that fight together, but Bader has some stuff going on. Jon Jones might be fighting somebody else, I don’t know how that’s going to go…[Jones is] going to have to go through a couple of guys before he gets a title shot, but at the rate Jon Jones is going he could be fighting for the title next year."

BloodyElbow points out that the "stuff" Bader has going on includes his wedding at the end of this month and a gym-opening later this year. According to Jones’s agent, Bones vs. Darth is still a go at this point, so all hope isn’t lost. It would be a shame if a fight as important and logical as this one doesn’t happen because Bader has to nurse a honeymoon hangover and attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony. In other words, would you mind sacking up, bro?


Bellator XXXII: Who Wants to Win a Poster-Sized Check?

Cole Konrad Bellator heavyweight champion 32 XXXII deathclutch
(I like how they put "Season #3 Tournament Purses" in the memo line, so that Cole doesn’t get confused when he’s going through his stack of $100,000 novelty-checks at home. PicProps: MMAFrenzy)

By ReX “Write Pride” Richardson

Bellator’s third season just came out of the seventh inning stretch, visiting the Kansas City Power & Light District with a couple of championship matches on hand and two more events on the calendar. Unfortunately, you probably missed it due to either incompetence or fuckery most foul; the event was broadcast late, if at all, by every Fox affiliate in the multiverse. On top of that, it appears that the Fox-Dish Network pissing match has gone into perpetual death overtime, so essentially I’m saying that sometimes these things happen in MMA, and I was unable to watch and then come tell you guys about it. Sorry, bro. Since I feel bad about missing the last event (Bellator XXXI.V, at Talking Pines Casino, BFE), I’ve included this drawing of a spider, plus some other stuff after the jump.


Brock Lesnar Ain’t Got Time for Your Baiting Political Questions, MMA Media

(He might go home and try to get on top of his wife but he will not, we repeat not, get on top of your questions about immigration. PicProps: @DCBrockLesnar)

Since we’re already all so giddy to see these two behemoths get in the cage and crush skulls next weekend, it’s been pretty easy to overlook the fact that neither Brock Lesnar nor Cain Velasquez has done a great job selling UFC 121. Truth is they don’t have to, since these titanic heavyweight matchups have a way of promoting themselves. Nonetheless, Velasquez has thus far proved too media savvy and Lesnar too mind-numbingly obstinate to say or do anything interesting leading up to their clash in Anaheim.

Even with two-thirds of “UFC Primetime” already in the books, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a storyline for this bout aside from the run-of-the-mil “unstoppable force vs. immovable object” trope that’s worked so well for promoters for decades. For that reason, we’d like to offer up an earnest golf clap to whichever reporter tried to actually get the fighters to say something interesting during yesterday’s conference call by asking both Lesnar and Velasquez about Arizona’s recent controversial illegal immigration enforcement laws. Brilliant move that might’ve yielded solid gold results. Unfortunately, neither guy really took the bait. 


Who’s On the Chopping Block at UFC 120?

(Who’s getting shit-canned in the UK this weekend? We have a few ideas.)

Looking down the card of UFC 120, you can’t help but notice the large contingent of fighters whose Octagon careers are hinging on their performances on Saturday.

By our calculations, there are no less than eight fighters who really need a win in London this weekend.

The fighters in question are listed after the jump.


All Fighters on Weight for UFC 120; Cantwell Out With Knee Injury

Michael Bisping Yoshihiro Akiyama UFC 120 weigh-ins face off photos
Dan Hardy Carlos Condit UFC 120 weigh-in photos face off MMA
(Props: caposa)

In case you missed it, all fighters made weight for tomorrow’s UFC 120 event; the numbers are after the jump. Remember to come back to tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET for our tape-delayed "live"-blog of the Spike TV broadcast.

One notable absence from today’s weigh-ins was light-heavyweight Steve Cantwell, who ripped a knee ligament in training yesterday and was forced to withdraw from his fight. The general consensus on this week’s installment of The Bum Rush Radio Show was that Cantwell — on a two-fight losing skid and slated to face scary Bulgarian Stanislav Nedkov — was in serious danger of getting fired after Saturday. So maybe this is for the best…


Reminder: UFC 120 Weigh-ins Live Right Here at 11:00 AM ET, Old Chaps

We just remembered that the weigh-ins for UFC 120 start in a couple minutes, so please excuse the lack of humorous anecdotes on this post.

Check out Akiyama, Bisping, Hardy, Condit and a bunch of other dudes hugging and mean-mugging in their underwear  after the jump.


Miesha Tate: Smokin’ Hot MMA Fighter, Friend to World’s Animals

Miesha Tate MMA fighter sexy hot pics photos gallery

Now that Gina Carano is off chasing the Hollywood dream, Miesha Tate has the title of "Hottest Female MMA Fighter" pretty much locked up. She recently posted a new gallery of Brandon Olimpiada-shot photos on her Facebook page that proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Check out more highlights from the shoot after the jump…


Check Out Episode 8 of The Bum Rush Radio Show With Special Guest Martin ‘Hitman’ Kampmann

(This wouldn’t be the last time Ben and Dana’s paths would cross…)

Chances are, if you’re an MMA media type like Ben, Chad or myself and you get a mid-afternoon call from Dana White on a Saturday, it’s not because he’s inviting you out for Pinkberry.

I won’t give away the surprise, but I will say, if nothing else, although I recommend you check out Ben’s interview with UFC welterweight contender Martin Kampmann, I suggest you listen to the first five minutes of the show to hear what "The Baldfather" had to say to our fearless leader.

All of the usual inane banter, terribly inaccurate predictions and somewhat expert analysis are all still included free of charge.

Instead of waiting with bated breath for us to post the latest episode of the show every other week, make your complicated lives easier by subscribing to The Bum Rush on iTunes HERE.


Fort Hood to Host ‘Fight for the Troops 2′ in January, According to Melvin Guillard

Melvin Guillard UFC darth vader mask
(Guillard prepares for battle at UFC 109. Believe it or not, there’s a shriveled-up old white man under that mask. Photo courtesy of

Coming off a split-decision victory over Jeremy Stephens at UFC 119 last month — his third straight victory in the Octagon — UFC lightweight contender Melvin Guillard already has his next fight booked. As the Young Assassin tweeted last night: "Ok world an @Young__assassin fans the next fight is set for JAN 22,2011. FORT HOOD ,FIGHT FOR THE TROOPS."

Though he didn’t name an opponent, MMA Junkie claims that Guillard will be meeting well-traveled veteran Yves Edwards, who won a decision over John Gunderson last month in his UFC return fight, following a four-year absence from the organization. Junkie also pegs Charlie Brenneman vs. Amilcar Alves to the event.

If Guillard’s announcement turns out to be accurate, the January 22nd show at Fort Hood will be the UFC’s second "Fight for the Troops" event, following their December 2008 visit to Fort Bragg, which left Corey Hill with a broken leg, Razak Al Hassan with a broken arm, and Brandon Wolff with a cartoonishly lumped-up head. Talk about setting the bar high…


Mousasi: ‘My Next Fight Could Be Against Ishii on New Year’s Eve or Cavalcante for the Strikeforce Title’

(Video courtesy YouTube/Middleeasy)

Remember when Gegard Mousasi was on a 15-fight win streak, was knocking and tapping fools out left, right and center and everyone was calling him the next Fedor? That was awesome.

Then King Mo came along, laid Mousasi on his back and peppered him with more non-committal shots to the face than Jenna Jameson took in her heyday for the majority of their 25-minute fight.

While he isn’t necessarily a better fighter, Mo, who is regarded by anyone who has spoken at length with him about the sport as an MMA savant, executed the perfect game plan to beat Mousasi. In his next fight against Rafael Cavalcante...not so much.