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October, 2010

Video: The Reem Episode 6 – Training Camp

(Video courtesy Vimeo/TheReem)

Our favorite web documentary series, The Reem, is back with another episode to help you waste a bit of your Friday.

In the latest offering of the show, which chronicles Alistair Overeem’s fighting career, training and personal life, we follow "The Demolition Man" to Thailand where he prepares for his upcoming K-1 bout tomorrow night.


Belfort vs. Silva Will Go Down Superbowl Weekend According to ‘The Phenom’

(Hopefully Vitor can channel Chael Sonnen for the pre-fight press, or else this fight will have to sell itself.)

Well it looks like the UFC’s too good to be true double-title bout New Year’s card was indeed, too good to be true.

According to Vitor Belfort, his showdown with UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva won’t be on the card, and will instead happen a month later on Saturday, February 5 on the eve of the SuperBowl.

He tweeted the news last night.


WEC 51 Aftermath Quick Hits: Bonuses, Rodeos, Wife-Swapping + More

Donald Cerrone pig roast WEC MMA funny photos
(On the bright side, that pig was offered an immediate rematch in Arizona. Photo courtesy of

Between Jose Aldo’s latest title defense/demolition, the off-the-chain Cerrone vs. Varner rematch, George Roop’s KO of the Year candidate, and the other violent stoppages from Torres and Zhang, last night’s WEC event delivered the goods. (LOL @ any poor bastard who decided to watch Bellator instead!) Here’s some things you might want to know with Aldo vs. Gamburyan in the books…

— $10,000 bonuses were handed out to the following fighters: George Roop (Knockout of the Night) for being the first guy to finish the Korean Zombie, which he did with a perfectly placed LHK; Miguel Torres (Submission of the Night) for beating Charlie Valencia to the mat and finishing him with a RNC; and Donald Cerrone/Jamie Varner for their three-round co-headlining battle that was totally OMFG.


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