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October, 2010

ESPN Host’s Remark That UFC is Starting Its Own TV Network Fuels Speculation That Announcement is Imminent

It may have been a speculative remark fueled by an interview Dana White did with Broadcasting Cable this week in which the UFC president intimated that his promotion was considering starting its own television network, but to many MMA news sites, an eight-second conversation the hosts of ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption show had on the subject yesterday was enough to prompt speculation that this is the major announcement that will be made during today’s media conference call.

Here’s what White told BC’s Ben Grossman:

"A lot of people don’t realize we are in a half a billion homes around the world. You know all the things we’ve been through in the United States, but this sport travels well. Cricket will never be big here and the NFL will never be big around the world. But we are all human beings and fighting is in our DNA. We get it and we like it. So we are working on a couple moves now and should be in a billion homes around the world in the next couple months. Sports Business Journal just came out with a survey asking big names in the industry which sport could start its own network and 4 out of 5 said us. They are right. I agree. That will happen within the next couple years.You are starting to see now ESPN is starting to cover us more. I think this is one of those things ESPN will probably kick themselves in 10 years saying, ‘We could have fucking had that.’"

It is possible that if it is true that ESPN got wind of the news, considering they have a deal to broadcast UFC events and to produce satellite pre and post-event MMA Live programs, but it’s more likely that PTI is just throwing the scenario out there to create dialogue on the possibility.


Exclusive Interview: Krzysztof Soszynski Discusses UFC 122 Fight Against Goran Reljic and His Pro Wrestling Past

K-Sos Talks UFC 122 – Watch more Funny Videos

Coming off his Fight of the Night-winning TKO loss to Stephan Bonnar at UFC 116Krzysztof Soszynski — better known around here as "K-Sos" — is hungry to get back to the win column. He returns at UFC 122 (November 13; Oberhausen, Germany) against Goran Reljic, who has dropped his last two bouts against CB Dollaway and Kendall Grove, and needs a victory to save his job. According to K-Sos, that’ll just make for a more exciting fight. As he tells our interviewer Ruben Vera:

"I think it’s another one of those fun fights. He’s gonna leave everything on the line. He’s 0-2 in his last two fights, he’s gonna be desperate; he doesn’t want to go 0-3. So he’s gonna put everything out there, he’s gonna put everything on the line to get this win, and I’m going to have to be ready for it. I feel like with the way I fought against Stephan Bonnar — a lot of punches, a lot kicks, a lot of pressure — I think it’s gonna be one of those barnburners, and one of those fights where the fans are gonna get a really good look at what we can do…
It’s gonna be a brawl…it’s gonna be a battle of wills, a battle of conditioning, and whoever’s fresher in the third round is gonna win that fight. I’m expecting a three-round war, and I’m pretty sure he’s expecting the same from me. We’re just gonna put on a great show for the fans and the UFC."

Later in the interview, K-Sos talks about why he left Team Quest for Reign Training Center, how studying under Bad News Brown inspired him to leave pro wrestling for MMA, what he thinks about the current season of TUF, and what his favorite Van Damme movie is. Shockingly, it’s not Bloodsport.


TUF 12.7 Recap: Swing and a Miss

Sako Chivitchian Dane Sayers fence grabbing
(If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t trying…)

The problem with GSP picking favorable matchups all season is that he’s eventually going to be stuck with one that isn’t so favorable. For the last match in the round-of-14, his #7 draft Dane Sayers will automatically be fed to Sako "Psycho" Chivitchian, a crazy Armenian with world-class judo skills. St. Pierre says he wanted Dane to fight last so they’d have more time to work with him. A few weeks might not be enough; Sayers snuck through the elimination round thanks to his heart, but didn’t show a whole lot of skills.

Two lucky losers will soon be getting picked for the wild card fight, and everybody’s jockeying for it, except for Spencer Paige, who’s out of action for three months with a broken hand. Bummer, brah. Aaron Wilkinson is all banged up from his war with Michael Johnson, but he still wants it, and he’s clearly the most deserving. Wilkinson doesn’t think Jeff "Waster" Lentz should get a second chance, since he’s just been sitting around drinking and chewing tobacco. Jeff vows to piss on Aaron’s bed.

Our hero J.C. Skarbowsky returns to advise Dane, "Good is not enough, you have to be perfect." Everybody is calling Dane "Red Horse" this episode. Red Horse is his Indian name; he’s part Blackfoot and Chippewa. (On his mother’s side, we would assume.) Says Skarbowsky: "Koscheck’s not from the States, [Dane's] from the States. Koscheck needs your permission to come here."


Bob Reilly is Using His MMA Opposition in NY as His Main Platform for Re-Election

("My war against MMA is more important than the war on drugs and the war on illegal guns.")

New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly once again proved that he is an idiot with a personal agenda against MMA during a debate this week with opposing candidate Jennifer Whalen he participated in yesterday.

While Whalen outlined her priorities for her potential term as assemblywoman which included overhauling the legislature’s ethics policies, reducing unemployment and constructing a small business relief program, Reilly pointed out that his main priority is cock-blocking MMA in the state, explaining that it has become his personal crusade and that he has spent the most time and effort on — even more so than much needed tax relief for the state that his opponent says he has ignored in favor of the axe he is grinding against MMA.

"On a personal level, because what happens in the legislature — you have to shepherd certain bills through, I will be working, as I’ve said, twice already — my forfeeiture of pension bill. I will also be working on the bill — although it is not a bill — I will be working against the bill that would put Ultimate Fighting into this state," Reilly explained, hardly unable to contain his excitement. "Those are a personal effort where I am the lead legislator on those two efforts."

A personal effort, huh? No kidding?


Alan Belcher Gets the Nod from His Doctor to Start Training; Says He’s Shooting for a May UFC Return

(Wanderlei vs. Alan will likely happen in April in Toronto since Leben likely won’t be getting across the Canadian border any time soon.)

Alan Belcher got some good news this week regarding the future of his up-in-the-air MMA career.

The UFC 26-year-old middleweight contender was informed by his ophthalmologist during a check-up yesterday that he can resume physical training and that he may get the go-ahead to start light sparring in the coming weeks.

The news came as a welcome surprise for the Biloxi, Mississippi native who suffered a potential career-ending eye injury earlier this year.

"There’s no doubt I miss [training and fighting]; I miss it bad," Belcher told MMAFighting’s Mike Chiappetta today. "I was the kind of guy I’d be training almost every day. You’d have to make me stop because I love it so much. But I did it because it was fun and it makes me feel good about myself. This has been the longest break I’ve taken from training in my entire sports life. I’ve trained every week, almost every day since I was a kid. I started martial arts at eight years old and haven’t missed more than a week, so it was really weird doing nothing for months."


And Now He’s Fired: Patrick Cote

Patrick Cote Anderson Silva UFC 90 knee injury
(The beginning of the end for the Predator…)

From #1 contender to castoff in three fights — such is the fate of Patrick Cote, who confirmed today that he has been cut by the UFC following his decision loss to Tom Lawlor at UFC 121. As Cote wrote, "I had a little hope but finally got the release word from the UFC. Its been a awesome experience! Ill be back!!"

The TUF 4 middleweight finalist lost his first four official matches in the Octagon (including his TUF 4 finale fight against Travis Lutter), but then went on a monster run in 2007-2008 that saw him score five consecutive victories over Scott Smith, Jason Day, Kendall Grove, Drew McFedries, and Ricardo Almeida.


Exclusive Interview: Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Calls Nick Diaz a Bitch, Discusses ‘Bully Beatdown’ and Brock Lesnar

Ruben Vera catches up with Jason Mayhem Miller – Watch more Funny Videos

CagePotato’s West Coast Correspondent Ruben Vera recently got some time with Strikeforce/DREAM star Jason Miller, and if there’s one thing you should take away from this interview, it’s that BULLY BEATDOWN RETURNS NOVEMBER 4TH!!! Okay, now that the shameless plug is out of the way, we can get down to business. Mayhem is rather upset that Nick Diaz has the gall to talk shit and throw water bottles at him backstage after Strikeforce events, but won’t step up to fight him in front of a paying audience. He also runs down his DREAM.16 fight against Kazushi Sakuraba, his recent trip to Brazil, bringing MMA to a new audience with Bully Beatdown, and UFC 121‘s marquee matchups. Some highlights…

On Nick Diaz: "Man, this guy’s a paper champion, get out of here with this. What the hell? So he beat up a 155-pound KJ Noons, and ‘ohhh, you gotta come down to 170, bro.’ Get out of here! Like, okay, what exactly does that mean? The only fight anyone wants to see is me and Nick Diaz. Outside of the UFC, that’s the only fight that people are talking about, here in America. I’m sorry, that’s how it is. You broke it off, you jumped me. You did it, you asked for it, you talked about, for years, guys with painted hair who bark at themselves. Who are you talking about? You didn’t call out names. I’m calling out names! Nick Diaz is a bitch…he wants it, but he doesn’t. ‘Oh, come to my gym and fight me.’ Come to your gym and fight you? Really? That’s what you’re saying now? Get out of here, man. Step in the cage and fight me, you know? It’s ridiculous."


Shields Easily Wins UFC 121 ‘Understatement of the Night’ Award: ‘If I was Fighting GSP I Don’t Think I Would’ve Won’

(“They said this *was* the biggest hat they had.” PicProps: Sherdog)

Man, Jake Shields either possesses an unbelievable knack for stating the obvious or he just has an incredibly dry sense of humor. Either way, we dare you to read the following quote without having some variation of the expression “No shit, Sherlock,” flash through your mind. On the topic of his underwhelming performance against Martin Kampmann at UFC 121, Shields tells MMA Weekly: “If I was fighting GSP that night I don’t think I would have won, to be honest. I just don’t see myself beating GSP being the way I felt that night, but I also don’t feel that’s me. I feel like I can go out there and beat him still.”

Actually, there are a lot of people who don’t even think Shields beat Kampmann. The former Strikeforce middleweight champ showed up in the Octagon with a boatload of hype and – as is the fashion for big-name signees these days – came within an iffy split decision of fumbling his UFC debut. Then he went to the post-fight presser and said some shit about how he had cut 20 pounds in one day in order to make the 170-pound limit for the first time since 2008. UFC President Dana White called that “ridiculous” and “stupid,” but for some reason appears firm in his plans to have Shields next challenge for the welterweight title. Just goes to show, you never can tell what’s going to make the big man fly into one of his rages these days and what he’s just going to shrug off …


Share Your Favorite Cage Potato Memory During Our Live Third Anniversary Bum Rush Radio Show Podcast and You Could Win a Prize


Just a friendly reminder that we are recording our first interactive version of The Bum Rush Radio Show podcast today to commemorate Cage Potato’s third anniversary this October at 2:00 pm ET.

You can listen live here at 2:00 and call in to join the show using the following instructions:

Dial (724) 444-7444
Enter: 89629 # (Call ID)
Enter: 1 # or your PIN if you have a Talkshoe account.
We will be notified that you are in the queue to talk with us.

Call in on your bosses dime to shoot the shit with Ben, Mike and Chad about all things MMA and to share your fondest Cage Potato memory and you could win one of our CP devil horn shirts.

If we continue to get blacklisted by MMA organizations at the rate we’re going, we may have to switch up our marketing campaign a bit, which means these babies could become collectors items some day.


Hot Potato: Logan Stanton Still Very Attractive, as Bikini Pics Prove

Logan Stanton model bikini pics photos gallery Roxy UFC ring girl

Logan Stanton model bikini pics photos gallery Roxy UFC ring girl Logan Stanton model bikini pics photos gallery Roxy UFC ring girl Logan Stanton model bikini pics photos gallery Roxy UFC ring girl Logan Stanton model bikini pics photos gallery Roxy UFC ring girl

Props to our friends at MMAFightGirls for discovering Logan Stanton‘s latest modeling gig — the unjustly fired former UFC Octagon Girl is now the face (and body) of Roxy swimwear. Some choice bikini pics from their website are above; you can see a lot more here.

Bonus, after the jump: A couple highlights from Logan’s other gig with Guess and a recent Alex MacPherson shoot. Implied nudity FTW!