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October, 2010

The Apocalypse Must Be Near: Jenna Jameson Might Be Broadway-Bound

(Tito and Jenna minutes before being banned for life by Chuck E. Cheese.)

Well, it’s official: Broadway doesn’t discriminate against people with no acting or singing experience who used to be paid to have sex.

According to the New York Post, former porn star and current common-law wife of former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, Jenna Jameson is in the running for the role of strip club owner Justice in the New York-based rock musical, "Rock of Ages."

In her defense, she did convince everybody that Tito beat the shit out of her, then had us all believe that it was all a big misunderstanding and that her injured arm was her fault and not The Huntington Beach Badboy’s.

According to Jameson, who was to meet with the show’s producers today, playing the role of a former stripper will be easy, considering she can be very believable when she talks about Tito being the best fighter ever and becoming a UFC champion again some day.

"I’m meeting with the producers [today], and I just hope I have enough talent to carry the role. We are talking about a run that would be anything from a month to three months, and it could start very soon."I think I’m perfect for the role, and I am really looking forward to becoming a New Yorker."

If she gets the role, I predict Jenna leaves the kids with Tito, moves to NY and hooks up with a co-star like 90% of married actors and he will blame the situation on an injury he suffered while single-parenting.

What will the MMA world do without Jennito?


Video: Jim Rome Takes on the Enigma That is Brock Lesnar

(Video courtesy YouTube/Choward730420/ESPN)

Brock Lesnar anti-fan Jim Rome sat down with the UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar today and discussed a number of topics from his serious battle with diverticulitis to which sport is tougher: professional football or professional MMA?

Perhaps the most interesting thing Brock said in the interview came out when he was asked by Rome what he thought about comments Chael Sonnen made about him having a $5 haircut and a penis  knife tattoo and an assertion that he would "shove up through [Lesnar's] face if he got in his way. A baffled looking Brock told Rome that he "seriously" had no idea who Chael was, asking increduously if he was a fighter.

Two can play the pro-wrestling heel game, Chael, and I’m pretty sure that having done four or five shows a week for a few years during his stint with the WWE, Brock is a bit more experienced at it than you are.


Doctor Confirms That Tito Ortiz Is a F*cking Idiot

Tito Ortiz crying MMA UFC
("I know, I know…he just seemed so *real*, that’s all.")

After going on Inside MMA to claim that deaf people are easier to knock out because of their soft heads and poor "equilibium" [sic], Tito Ortiz recently took to his Twitter page to offer this retraction:

"I want to apologize to the deaf community for the remarks I made about Matt [Hamill] it was uncalled for. He is a good fighter and I was out of line."

An apology certainly helps, but to fully settle this matter, MMA Junkie enlisted their medical columnist Dr. Johnny Benjamin to answer the question once and for all. And man, Dr. Johnny didn’t spare anybody’s feelings. Here’s what he had to say:

"This is a difficult question to answer – not because it has any basis in fact but because it is difficult to stay professional and not attack the character of a person who makes such ignorant statements.


Hot Potato: Strikeforce/Rockstar Girl Kelli Hutcherson

Andre Galvao Kelli Hutcherson Strikeforce ring girl photo gallery
(Photo courtesy of Esther Lin/Strikeforce)

Kelli Hutcherson Strikeforce Rockstar ring girl photos gallery hot blonde naked Kelli Hutcherson bikini model pics photo gallery Strikeforce ring girl Rockstar photos Kelli Hutcherson Strikeforce Rockstar ring girl photos gallery hot blonde ass Kelli Hutcherson Strikeforce Rockstar ring girl photos gallery hot blonde naked 

That top photo of a brave Strikeforce/Rockstar ring girl staring down Andre Galvao in Jorge Patino’s absence at the Strikeforce: Houston weigh-ins immediately became one of our favorite MMA images of the year. So we were psyched when MMAFightGirls came up with her name. The sexy blonde is Kelli Hutcherson, a 21-year-old California girl who has also modeled for Metal Mulisha, Muscle Milk, and Transworld Motorcross. According to this profile/photo gallery, Kelli enjoys Mexican food, bro-comedies and spending money; she gogo-dances on the side, and was once arrested and taken to jail "for something so stupid." (Yeah, well, you shouldn’t have been blowing those bubbles.) You can get to know Kelli Hutcherson better on Twitter and ModelMayhem. More photos are after the jump…


Horodecki to Face Cerrone at WEC 53

(Chances are this one isn’t going to decision.)

It looks like Mark Hominick won’t be the only Team Tompkins product who will get a step up in competition for his next WEC fight.

Chris Horodecki is slated to take on former WEC number one lightweight contender Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone at WEC 53 on December 16 in Phoenix, AZ.

The news was first reported by MMAWeekly, and has since been able to confirm the bout with a source close to the fight.

16-2 in his five-year MMA career, "The Polish Hammer" was knocked out in dramatic fashion in his WEC debut by Anthony Njokuani, but rebounded with a pair of wins over Danny Downes and Ed Ratcliffe. Cerrone will arguably provide the 23-year-old London, Ontario native, who was the face of thew now-defunct International Fight League with his toughest test to date.


Exclusive Interview: Cain Velasquez Loves Fedor, Waxing, and Us

Cain Velasquez talks to – Watch more Funny Videos

Just a few days out from his UFC 121 heavyweight title fight against Brock Lesnar, #1 contender Cain Velasquez sat down with our man Ruben Vera to answer some tough questions. For instance, what exactly is Cain going to bring to the table that’ll make him different than the other top heavyweights that Brock has already smashed? Velasquez also discusses the looming threat of Junior Dos Santos, the responsibility of being the new Latino standard-bearer in the UFC, and his appreciation of Fedor Emelianenko. Plus: UFC 121 picks, where Cain falls on the tweezers vs. waxing debate, and just like with Phil Baroni, Ruben somehow manages to get Cain Velasquez to say that "CagePotato is the best." Damn, bro…are you holding these guys’ families hostage or something?


Chris Leben Arrested (Again!) for DUI After 2 AM Truck Crash

(Well, this mug shot represents a vast improvement over the old one. At least Leben’s learning *something* from all this. PicProps:

We were half joking earlier this year when we compared Chris Leben to that screw-up brother of yours who borrows your car, gets high and then crashes it. Right now however, that assessment seems sadly apt after Leben wrecked his truck on a Hawaii freeway earlier this week and was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Again.

Here’s the word straight from the document of record, by which we mean a story from a local television station in HI:  “Officers arrested Christian Leben, 30, a middleweight fighter known as the Crippler, on suspicion of operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant Tuesday. He was released from custody after posting $1,000 bail. Police say Leben was driving on the west-bound side of the H1 Freeway just before 2 AM, when he lost control of his pickup and crashed into a wall near the Kapiolani Boulevard off ramp. He was allegedly driving without a license and without insurance.”

At this point, there seems to be no appropriate response to this news aside from a resigned sigh and a disappointed shake of the head. Let’s just hope this latest brush with the law doesn’t upset Leben’s scheduled meeting with Brian Stann at UFC 125. We’d hate for this to go down like it did last time.


Video: UFC Primetime – Lesnar vs. Velasquez Episode 3

(Video courtesy YouTube/Nic1985H/SpikeTV/ZuffaLLC)

Saturday night’s main event at UFC 121 has all the makings of a classic match-up of contrasting styles and the Primetime show did a great job of illustrating that point.

On one side you have the juggernaut UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar who makes up for his lack of experience and skills with his work ethic and physical abilities. Everyone from Lesnars camp has taken to referring to him by the nickname bestowed upon him by a famous thread on the underground forum that proclaimed the former WWE champion to be a "Frate Trane," and the monicker couldn’t be more fitting.

The question is whether or not the "Frate Trane" will be able to contend with the switchman who is trying to derail his title run. 


TUF 12.6 Recap: Boom, It’s Gonna Be a Disaster

(The Stevens vs. McKenzie "fight," if you can call it that. Props: TheMMAResource)

Still giddy from his squad’s first victory, Josh Koscheck starts picking on Team GSP’s Michael Johnson, telling him he looks heavy, he gassed out in his fight against Aaron Wilkinson, and he would have lost if not for that beast-like surge at the end. Kos’s entire team is equally assholish, continuing their celebration into the night, screaming in the house like complete jackasses. Koscheck shows up with burgers and Johnson asks him why he has to be such a dick. Josh denies he’s a dick; he just loves yellow. You can’t really fault a man for that.

Koscheck also loves being in the power-position for the first time in the season. He finally has control of the matchups, and during a team discussion, the idea of Marc Stevens (his #1 pick) vs. Cody McKenzie (GSP’s #6 pick) is floated. They figure that as long as they stay away from Cody’s famous guillotine choke, it’s a good matchup for them. Since this is one of those two-fight episodes, we know that whatever happens, it’s not gonna last long.

Kos announces Stevens vs. McKenzie as his match selection, and the two lightweights face off for the first time. "You don’t have to puff your chest out like that," Stevens says to McKenzie. "Exhale…it’s not very friendly." Cody mean-mugs Stevens, but then grins and chin-checks Koscheck again before walking off, just like he did last episode. Koscheck has to be reminded that this should piss him off. "Cut his fingers off the next time he does that to you," Sako says. "We can’t even understand you," Cody deadpans to the Armenian. It’s personal now. Yellow doesn’t like Cody McKenzie, no sir.


Bizarro World Video: Strikeforce Fighters and Personalities Make UFC 121 Predictions

(Video courtesy Fight!Magazine)

If a reporter were to ask Dana White who he was picking to win from an upcoming Strikeforce card, the UFC president would likely answer with something to the effect of, "Are you retarded? I don’t fucking watch Strikeforce. That show is garbage," before walking away in disgust.

It’s sad when pride and despising the competition gets in the way of being a fan of decent match-ups and it becomes the norm for reporters to pretend that other competing organizations don’t exist when talking to promoters.

Fight! Magazine’s Danny Acosta defied convention at the release party for the EA Sports MMA game this week and asked Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, commentator Frank Shamrock and fighters Dan Henderson and Fedor Emelianenko for their picks for UFC 121 on Saturday night.

Shamrock came off like his usual arrogant self, proclaiming that he won’t watch Jake Shields’ UFC debut and that he hopes Kampmann kills him, but the rest of the Strikeforce crew give thoughtful insight into which fighters and why they will win the main and co-main events of the card.