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November, 2010

‘The Ultimate Fighter’ 12.9 Recap: Special Moves

(Jonathan Brookins’s lateral drop even worked on Jose Aldo, back at WEC 36. No one is safe. Props: NHB USA)

We’ve officially entered the quarterfinals, and last night’s episode gave us two of ‘em: Sako Chivitchian vs. Jonathan Brookins, and Cody McKenzie vs. Nam Phan. But you already know what happens in the McKenzie/Phan fight, right?

At the house, Sevak Magakian explains to his bro Sako that he has to redeem the Armenian race and beat Brookins, who is representing the Fraggle race. "Sak you gotta do this bro," Sevak says. "You gotta beat him, whatever it takes. I couldn’t do it, now you have to do it…There’s not gonna be two Armenians gonna lose to the same guy…you’re gonna fuck him." Wow, that’s some threat. Magakian has clearly been studying at the Wanderlei Silva school of trash talk.

Coach GSP wants to train his quarterfinalists like he trains when he’s about to fight — one training session a day, no more hard sparring or hardcore workouts. The focus is tactical now. He wants to make the guys feel hungry, like they’re not training enough, and build up their aggression for the fight.


The Ultimate Fighter ‘Aftermath’ Episode 8: Nam Phan, Cody McKenzie, and Jonathan Brookins

We’re happy to announce that from now until the end of the season, The Ultimate Fighter‘s "Aftermath" online series will be exclusively embedded on So be sure to come by after each episode and watch Stephan Bonnar yuk it up with the week’s winners and losers. In this installment, Nam Phan, Cody McKenzie, and Jonathan Brookins — wearing a Nam Phan for Mayor t-shirt that I’ll probably be ordering for myself — drop in to discuss Marc Stevens’s "Party Boy" routine, GSP’s surprising gameplan for McKenzie, Nam Phan’s possibly-illegal elbows, what weights they’ll be competing at after the show, and lots more. We won’t throw out any spoilers now, but you can read the full episode recap tomorrow on the site.


WEC 52 Weigh-ins Live Right Here at 7:00 pm ET

For all of you who aren’t participating in our latest interactive edition ofThe Bum Rush Radio Show, you can watch the weigh-ins for WEC 52 live after the jump, but keep in mind that you’re dead to us.


Six Deuce Hipporiffic Caption Contest: The Winners!

Alistair Overeem hippo funny mma photosSix Deuce t-shirt MMA Black Fall SevenSix Deuce t-shirt MMA Muay Thai Arena
(Shirt images courtesy of

After two days and 350+ submissions, we’re proud to announce the three winners of this week’s caption contest, who will be picking up some kickass new t-shirts from Six Deuce! Was your entry worthy of recognition? Find out after the jump. But first, some honorable mentions…


Pending Passing Results in English, Andre Galvao is on the Next Season of The Ultimate Fighter

(Imagine a mugger trying to rob these three on their way home from the gym..)

Grappling star Andre Galvao revealed to Tatame yesterday that he is one step away from being on The Ultimate Fighter.

According to the Wand Fight Team lightweight, he is waiting for word that he will be one of the hopefuls tagged to compete for the coveted six-figure contract next season and that the decision will likely hinge on how well the producers feel the 28-year-old Sao Paulo, Brazil native speaks and understands English.

"We went through a test, we’ve shown some of our Jiu-Jitsu skills, they raffled some guys, and you had to do the grappling with the guy. I did it with an American, it was quick, about one and a half minute. Then we started to do gauntlet and then there was an interview. If you passed one test, they’d give you another one. On my group there were 20 people, and there were only 5 left for the interview. I was one of them, I was interview and they’ve approved me, but maybe they like other guys better on the interview," Galvao says. "Now I don’t know if I made it or not. I’ll just have to wait for them to call me," he explains. "The interview is exactly about that, they want to know your English level. I speak English, I can get things, I can read, I understand what people say and I communicate well. They’ve approved me on the test and let’s see if they’ll let me get in there with my English level, but I can speak good English. There are guys there that can’t (laughs). I think I’m a purple belt on English, fourth grade on the purple belt (laughs)."


Suddenly Disinterested in Third Lesnar Fight, Frank Mir Suspiciously Complementary of Brendan Schaub

(A fella could get used to this. PicProps:

Don’t know about you, but a world where Frank Mir no longer harbors troubling fantasies about murdering Brock Lesnar inside the cage is a world I’m not terribly psyched about. Like death, taxes and Phil Baroni constantly tweeting inspirational sayings (Seriously. Fucking constantly.) I thought Mir’s unhealthy and unquenchable blood feud with Lesnar was one of the only things I could really count on about our nation’s increasingly unstable future. Not so apparently, as Mir allegedly tells something called this week that he no longer lusts after a fight with the recently dethroned Dark Lord.

"Honestly right now, probably (not),” Mir is quoted as saying on the topic of a third meeting with Lesnar. “Just because (in) the Carwin fight, (Lesnar) didn’t look all that spectacular. I think a lot of people might have thought that he lost that fight. And then the Velasquez fight, obviously. Velasquez made (Lesnar) basically shout ‘Stop, enough, enough!’ before he tapped due to strikes and that looked really bad."

Huh. Not sure where exactly Mir gets off suddenly turning his nose up at a guy because he didn’t look great in his most recent loss and/or most recent win. Seems like a classic throwing-stones-while-living-in-glass-houses situation. Anyway, Mir has apparently set his sights on what he considers a more deserving next opponent. Someone a little less, you know, big and dangerous …


Check Out The Preview for Jorge Rivera’s Incredible Looking Documentary

(Video courtesy YouTube/RangerUpVideo)

After nearly eight years of drought in decent MMA documentaries since The Smashing Machine was released in 2002, 2010 has seen several new features that have been nothing short of incredible, most notably Jens Pulver’s Driven film and Alistair Overeem’s The Reem web documentary series.

Our friends at Ranger Up and filmmaker Tim O’Donnell will likely be added to the growing list of awesome documentaries released this year when they put out Jorge Rivera: Surrender some time later this year.

Regardless if you’re a Rivera fan or not (but you should be because the guy always goes out to perform) Surrender should speak to you on many levels whether its as an MMA fan, as a parent, as a fighter or as a human being.


‘WTF?’ of the Day: Guy in Wheelchair Nearly Submits Convenience-Store Psycho

Guy In Wheelchair Stops Robber – Watch more Funny Videos

Word to the wise — before you try to start trouble at a convenience store, make sure there isn’t a paraplegic BJJ specialist waiting in line to buy scratch-off tickets. The above video was taken Saturday night in Vancouver, after a man tried to pass off a suspicious-looking $50 bill. When the clerk refused to accept it, the dude in black lurched awkwardly behind the counter, clearly up to no good.

That’s when Epic Wheelchair Man (real name: Larry Skopnik) rolls up and grabs a rear-naked choke. The robber twists away, and Skopnik transitions to the same kind of guillotine that Dan Miller tapped Jake Rosholt with. And he would have sunk it if those other dudes hadn’t started meddling. (How ’bout that pussy swinging the "Wet Floor" sign?) The gang was able to subdue the bad guy until police arrived. As Skopnik said later, "I don’t feel like a hero and I’m not really comfortable with this limelight. What made me do that is inside of me. It has nothing to do with disability." In other words, you can take a man’s legs, but you can never take his balls.

Thanks to CagePotato reader Paul B. for the tip!


Wednesday Morning MMA Link Club

Brittney Palmer UFC ring girl Georges St. Pierre
(The UFC’s newest Octagon Girl looks very familiar. GSP, as usual, is not impressed. Props:

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Golden Glory Standout Gokhan Saki to Make MMA Debut in 2011

(Left leg, bodybag.)

If you aren’t familiar with the name Gokhan Saki, by next year you will be.

The talented K-1 light heavyweight’s Team Golden Glory trainer Martin de Jong informed today that his charge is preparing to make his MMA debut in 2011, but said under which banner is yet-to-be decided.

"Saki has not signed anything yet, but will make his official debut in MMA
next year," said de Jong.

Here’s a clip of Saki’s last fight a few weeks ago at the Glory hybrid MMA and kickboxing event in which he scored a Bas Rutten approved liver punch KO over Nicolaj Falin:

(video courtesy YouTube/GloryMMA)