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November, 2010

Mike Kyle to Step in Against Antonio Silva at ‘Henderson vs. Babalu’

Mike Kyle Abongo Humphrey Strikeforce MMA
("All in all, I prefer chest-biting." Photo courtesy of Esther Lin/Strikeforce.)

In the wake of Valentijn Overeem’s mildly disappointing injury withdrawal over the weekend, we racked our brains trying to come up with logical heavyweight replacements to face Antonio Silva. Strikeforce, however, took the opposite approach — drafting one of their light-heavyweights and hoping for the best. The promotion confirmed today that reformed bad boy Mike Kyle would be facing Bigfoot on the televised portion of this Saturday’s "Henderson vs. Babalu" card. Huh. That’s an odd one.

To be fair, Kyle has competed at light-heavyweight and heavyweight throughout his career, and has gone 5-0 with 1 no-contest in his last six fights. But his record — especially under the Strikeforce banner, where he’s never won as a heavyweight — suggests that he’s best suited for 205. Competing at light-heavy last year, he scored an upset TKO over current champ Rafael Cavalcante, and made another LHW appearance in July, choking out Abongo Humphrey. The last time Kyle competed for Strikeforce as a heavyweight, he was quickly choked out by Fabricio Werdum.


Matt Arroyo Does a Pretty Decent GSP Impersonation

(Video courtesy YouTube/MattNYY2)

If TUF 6 graduate Matt Arroyo’s fighting career doesn’t pan out, he may have a future as an impersonator.

The 28-year-old who was dropped by Zuffa after back-to-back losses has been inactive as a fighter since his last Octagon appearance against Dan Cramer at UFC 94: St-Pierre vs. Penn 2 in January of 2009. He has competed in BJJ competitions since then, but it seems like he’s been spending the majority of his time away from the cage working on ‘is riddum.

More MMA notables’ doing some other impressive impersonations after the jump.


Scott Coker Probably Can’t F*cking Wait for 2010 to Be Over

(Sometimes the metaphor is just … too perfect. PicProps: Showtime)

So … not to be overly cynical … but we find it pretty hard not to start snickering from the very first line of USA Today’s recent holiday weekend interview with the Strikeforce CEO, when the newspaper boldly (read: blandly) proclaims: Scott Coker is approaching 2011 with optimism.

Well yeah, no shit. We’d be stoked about the new year too if we’d just witnessed our MMA company spend much of 2010 looking like a scared stray dog trying to work its way across a busy four-lane highway during rush hour traffic. Just to recap, this year Strikeforce — among other fails — staged an enormous brawl on national television, watched its awesome-sounding middleweight tournament go tits up before it even got past the planning stages, gave its middleweight champ to the UFC, stood dumbfounded when Fedor Emelianenko fucking lost to Fab Werdum, gaped while two Brazilian dudes nobody has ever heard of captured gold in two different weight classes, showed a complete and total inability to book the right fights and continued to slap itself on the proverbial forehead while suffering the whims of its largely absentee heavyweight champion.

Somehow, the stray dog made it to the other side of the Interstate but frankly we’d rather hit our own dick with a hammer than endure a year like the one Strikeforce just had. So forgive us if we can’t quite take Coker at face value when he implies that 2011 is “about more than surviving” for his company. It’s actually all about surviving and as much as the boss promises a 33 percent increase in Strikeforce programming next year, we can’t help but notice that for the bulk of this interview Coker just sounds like a dude who is taking it one day at a time.


Listen to MRuss Rep The Potato Nation On Last Night’s Episode of MMA Sucka Radio

Mike represented the Potato Nation last night on MMA Sucka Radio’s third instalment of their State of the Union MMA media-centric series where he added his commentary on a variety of hot topics.

The roundtable discussion also featured the 209s rising MMA videographer/editor Layzie the Savage and host Trevor Dueck.

Check out here, a sample of Layzie’s work below and give the show a listen.

(Video courtesy YouTube/LayzietheSavage)


MMA FightPicker Update: Make Your Predictions for the TUF 12 Finale and Henderson vs. Babalu!

TUF 12 Finale UFC poster ultimate fighter bonnar pokrajacStrikeforce Henderson vs. Babalu St. Louis poster MMA

Clear your schedules, Potato Nation — this coming Saturday, the Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale (Spike, 9 p.m. ET/PT) and Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu (Showtime, 10 p.m. ET/PT) will both be competing for our attention. If you haven’t visited our MMA FightPicker game in a while (which you can also play on Facebook), please swing by and test your prediction skills against your fellow fight-fans; this week’s pools include questions related to both events. For those of you who already made picks over the weekend, keep in mind that Strikeforce’s recent run of bad luck and Leonard Garcia’s withdrawal from the TUF 12 Finale have altered things a bit, so revisit your pools and make any necessary changes. The current list of FightPicker questions is after the jump. Good luck.


Video Insanity: Dazed MMA Fighter Mounts Ref, Maiquel Falcao Loses His Sh*t in Brazil + More

(Props: Gofightlive via Fightlinker)

Since nobody likes to get right back to work after a four-day weekend, we figured we’d ease you back into your time-wasting routine with a few ridiculous MMA videos. First up, a three-second KO at an Evolution AMMA event that’s notable for what happens after the knockout. The losing fighter is so dazed that not only does he grab onto the referee in confusion, he manages to successfully score mount. Early stoppage, if you ask me.

After the jump: During a 2007 bout in Brazil, new UFC acquisition Maiquel Falcao continues to beat on his opponent long after the fight is stopped. Could this be a bad omen for his UFC career? (And where was that intensity at UFC 123?) Also, video of Bob Sapp‘s latest sad kickboxing match, Saturday night in Sweden, in which the Beast takes a dive at the absolute earliest opportunity.


Alessio Sakara Swears Off Tuna Fish After Pulling Out of UFC 122

(Propers: YouTube/Legiostaff)

Shaky camera work? Check. Chair awkwardly placed in front of a full-length mirror? Check. Poorly translated subtitles? Check. Odd excuse for why you missed weight/pulled out of a fight/didn’t win? Triple check. Having run down our checklist, we’re confident that Alessio Sakara’s explanation of why he withdrew from his scheduled bout with Jorge Rivera at UFC 122 earlier this month meets all the requirements of a standard postfight mea culpa video. To hear Sakara tell it, it was not the weight cut but rather some bad tuna fish that knocked him out of action just hours before the event. Since he was on an all tuna diet for at least a week before the fight, there aren’t a lot of other possibilities, the fighter says.


After Injury to Lesser-Known Overeem, Just How Totally Screwed is Strikeforce?

(Nothing awkward about that. PicProps:

It is with a heavy heart that we must bring you news that Valentijn Overeem – the older but slightly less impressive brother of Alistair – withdrew from his scheduled fight with Bigfoot Silva over the weekend after suffering an elbow injury in training, according to multiple reports. We know, it’s an epic bummer for those of you who were really looking forward to seeing the two middle-of-the-pack heavyweights slug it out on premium cable television. Seriously though, try to pull yourselves together. After this latest injury, Strikeforce is going to have to make some tough decisions and you’re not gonna wanna miss it.

As of this writing, none of our intrepid internet brethren have yet been able to contact anyone at the snakebit promotion to find out how it will cope with the news of a second fight being redacted from its scheduled televised lineup due to late injury. When Herschel Walker dropped out of his glorified sparring session with Scott Carson last week, Strikeforce scrambled to boost middleweights Benji Radach and Lucas Lopes into a light heavyweight bout to fill the void. What will it do now that Overeem is out? Try to find a heavyweight willing to step in against Bigfoot on less than a week’s notice? Press on with just four televised fights, one of which is already a last-minute replacement? Elevate a bout from the typically D-list undercard? We’re not seeing a lot of great options here.


Hendo Says Pain Meds Hampered Weight Cut, Performance in Shields Fight

("So … you holdin’?" PicProps: Some dude’s blog)

It was pretty clear back in April that Dan Henderson came to Strikeforce: Nashville fully intending to knock Jake Shields out in the first round. When that didn’t quite happen, it looked to a lot of people watching at home like Henderson just took an “ah, fuck this” attitude to the next four rounds. In conceding a unanimous decision loss, Hendo sent Shields cruising to the UFC on a high note while simultaneously raising a lot of troubling questions about his own future in the sport and exactly what Strikeforce got when it signed the 40-year-old former Pride champ to a deal after Big DW passed on him.

Now, Henderson says it wasn’t boredom or lack of training that made him look like a guy who’d rather be back home in California wolfing down fish tacos and watching the tide roll in for the final 20-minutes of his promotional debut.  It was, uh, the pain pills. Yeah … not sure if this makes it better or worse, but Hendo recently told MMA Weekly that the meds he was taking for his aching back turned his weight cut to 185-pounds for that bout into a real doozy and that it left him feeling not quite himself by the time he stepped in the cage.


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