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December, 2010

Struve Subbed for Mir Versus Schaub, Further Fuelling Speculation That Frank and Brock Are Next Season’s TUF Coaches

(Winner gets Hammer’s gold pants.)

It looks like the rumors that Frank Mir will coach opposite Brock Lesnar on next season of The Ultimate Fighter gained some momentum today with news that the planned bout between Mir and heavyweight prospect Brendan Schaub has been scrapped.

According to Sportsnet’s Joe Ferraro, sources indicated today that Schaub will likely face fellow Alchemist Management repped fighter Stefan Struve on the UFC’s third "Live on Versus" card on March 3 which will feature a main event welterweight tilt between Martin Kampmann and Diego Sanchez. The change in opponents without any mention by Mir of an injury coupled with his re-tweet of the message below, proclaiming the two former UFC heavyweight champions as opposing coaches does little to disprove the assumption.


Sure Anderson Silva May Have Steven Seagal as a Trainer, But Vitor Belfort Has Mike Tyson

(If Vitor walks out at 126 to Iron Mike’s version of "In the Air Tonight," bricks will be shat. Pic props: Sherdog)

It looks like Vitor Belfort has one-upped Anderson Silva’s secret training weapon.

If you recall, prior to his UFC 117 bout with Chael Sonnen, the longtime UFC middleweight champion spent some time with 7th-dan Aikido black belt Steven Seagal to learn slap blocks, wrist locks and throat strikes — none of which helped him from being dumped on his ass and pounded on for the majority of five rounds by the testosterone deficient Republican.

After trying in vain to secure Ralph Macchio to help him prepare for his upcoming UFC 126 bout with Silva, Belfort had to settle for the next best thing: Mike Tyson.


Leading Up to UFC Debut, Antonio McKee Compares Himself to Muhammad Ali, Don King and Tupac

(You know it’s crazy when Antonio McKee makes a face like someone *else* is out their damn mind. Props: ProMMANow)

Antonio McKee’s long awaited (by McKee himself) and briefly rumored (by McKee himself) Octagon debut is scheduled to go down this weekend at UFC 125. The 40-year-old motormouth will take on Jacob Volkmann on the undercard of Saturday’s "Resolution" card in Vegas and it’s a fight he frankly better win, lest his years of trash-talk appear all for naught. Luckily for us, the grapple-first, ask-questions-later McKee isn’t letting his impending UFC entry get in the way of his on-going monologue with the world at large. Nope, he wastes little time this week making some typically farfetched comparrisons to Todd Martin in a sprawling and fairly entertaining long-form narrative at

“I feel like I’m the Muhammad Ali of MMA,” McKee says within the first three or four paragraphs. “I feel like I’m the Don King of MMA. I feel like I’m the Tupac Shakur of MMA. I’m the mouth, the talent, the brains, and I’m also the business side. Where does that put me? That puts me as one of the all-time greatest black mixed martial arts fighters.”

Huh, “greatest black MMA fighters” is a Top 10 list we’ve never even considered before. Consider that one tucked away for a rainy day.


Dan Hardy vs. Anthony Johnson in the Works For March

("What in the bloody hell? That’s my victory pose, you wanker.")

A welterweight bout between Dan Hardy and Anthony Johnson has been verbally agreed to for March, however it isn’t clear which of the four events that month the fight will happen at. learned of the bout from a source close to one of the fighters Sunday afternoon, but was the first to report the story.

An erroneous report surfaced earlier in the day yesterday that stated that the bout would happen at UFC 129 in Toronto, but according to our source, the Canadian date was not offered, but it could happen on one of the three other planned cards. UFC on Versus 3 is penciled in for March 3 in Louisville, Kentucky, an event is reportedly being planned for an undisclosed location for March 19 and Ultimate Fight Night 24 is slated for March 26 in Seattle.


CroCop Looking Forward to Success in 2011, Sketchy Subtitles Allege

(Props: YouTube/10CroCop)

As has been noted on this website in the past, we can only assume that it is really, really hard for anyone – even actual Croatians – to find Croatian-to-English interpreters. Either that, or whoever is doing it for is just totally half-assing it. As you can see with your own two eyes, the “English” subtitles on the above video only make “sense” in a highly impressionistic, inexplicit kind of a way. If the translation can be trusted at all, it purports to be a local news report about our guy Mirko, where he insists that he is healthy headed into 2011 and “can hardly wait” to see some kind of the positive return on the “investments” (we assume he’s talking physical and financial here) that he’s made in training.

Also, we’re not sure if we should just laugh or be kind of legitimately mad about the 20 second span from the 52-second mark to 1:12 when the subtitles drop off entirely and the words “About Croatian Politics” appear on the screen in red type. Look, are we interested in Croatian politics? Hell no, but we’d like the opportunity to make the decision for ourselves. We don’t need CroCop being our Jack Valenti, but it’s whatever, on to the fighting stuff.


Is the Man Behind Frankie Edgar’s Improved Striking a New Jersey Boxing Coach/Pizza Joint Owner?

("What’s so hard to remember about ‘Hold the anchovies?’" PicProps:

Man, why are we totally not surprised that Frankie Edgar’s boxing coach owns a pizzeria? When you’re talking about a bunch of guys from New Jersey it might sound culturally insensitive to make that assumption but at least according to MMA Weekly, it’s also true. The man responsible for Edgar reaching zenith of his stand-up game in recent fights is one Mark Henry – no, not that Mark Henry – a former member of the US Boxing team who has also owned and operated a place called Pino’s Pizza in the Jerz for nearly two decades. Frankly, it sounds like a bad place to try to rob unless you’re bringing a gang of homies and a whole lot of firepower.

Henry has been working with Edgar for some time, but says they only really got serious about pugilism after he watched Edgar suffer his lone career loss to Gray Maynard in April, 2008. Coincidentally, this interview comes to us just as Edgar is preparing to defend his 155-pound title in a rematch against Maynard at UFC 125 on Jan. 1. See, that’s just good storytelling from the Gray Lady of MMA Journalism. But we digress …


Video Evidence: Maynard Trains, ‘The Reem’ Finale, Thomson Talks, Bas Shows Off Holiday Beard

(Propers: YouTube/UFC)

Would it surprise you much if we told you Gray Maynard’s UFC 125 video blog wasn’t – how do we put this – the most exciting thing in the world? Nope, the No. 1 contender for the UFC lightweight title just kind of grinds this one out. Give Maynard some credit for tooling around Vegas in a black-on-black Caddy with dark tinted windows and retiring to what appears to be his very sweet condo to play with his dogs, but that’s about as exhilarating as this one gets. At one point, dude makes a sandwich. Open-face. Peanut butter and banana on a rice cake. In a four-minute video, it takes about a minute. And that’s sort of a metaphor for the whole thing.

Anyway, we know it’s still officially the holiday weekend and you’re still trying to ease back into this thing, so after the jump you’ll find a smattering of weekend videos to keep you entertained. Think of it as like our Xmas gift to you. Our Xmas gift for you that we stole from other places without so much as a tremor of good conscience. Hey, we never said we were nice guys.


Christmas Link Dump

(It’s a Christmas miracle! Nah playa, it’s just a Jonathan Brookins video blog. Propers:

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Lyoto Machida Says MMA Fans are Fickle and Sometimes Being Conservative is Necessary in MMA

("There goes my number of Twitter followers down the tubes.")

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida finds himself in the unfamiliar position of having his back against the wall coming off of two consecutive UFC losses. Aware that he needs to win his next bout or risk having his head on the UFC’s chopping block, "The Dragon," who was previously undefeated in his career before losing to Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in his last two bouts says that the biggest adjustment he had to make as a loser was getting used to fans turning their backs on him.

“People sometimes want something that is not possible. St. Pierre for instance, plays by the rules, once you lose people don’t want to know about you anymore," Machida told Tatame in a recent interview. "It’s great to make a good show, if you can do both things, great, but you can’t always. Each day that goes by you keep seeing it as a sequence of losses because you keep distancing yourself to the title, so it’s harder for you to fight a top guy, like Rashad, who’s on the line for the belt. I have to seek another fight d o what I want, but when you’re in the middle of the ranking you never know what can happen to you. Vitor (Belfort), for instance, fought once and will dispute the title, because of his background, so it’s hard to say. But in my weight class I know there’re other people before me on the line; it happens."

As far as his last loss — a decision that many feel shouldn’t have gone  to Rampage — Machida says he is done dwelling on what should have or could have happened.

"Until these days I hear everybody telling me, ‘they steal from you,’ but I don’t like to keep saying it because it ain’t change anything, maybe it make things worse because I’ll keep thinking about it. Now I’ll do my own game, win without leaving any doubts. These are things we learn on the road."


‘All I Want for Christmas’: The Illustrated MMA Edition

(No, really, I love it. It’s much better than something practical like a new hoodie or pair of glasses.")

Since it’s the holidays and we haven’t been spitting out as many Photoshops as we used to, we figured it would be appropriate to put together a collection of illustrations depicting what a handful of fighters and MMA luminaries are angling for this Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or putting up with obnoxious relatives just so you can get a crappy token gift day.

The possibilities were pretty much endless, but these are the best we could come up with on an hour’s notice.