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’2011 Hottest Women in MMA Grand Prix’ Voting: Round-of-16, Pool A

(Who’s in the mood for a popularity contest based on the most superficial criteria possible?)

The big dance begins today, ladies and gentlemen. Our quest to crown 2011′s Hottest Woman in MMA kicks off after the jump with the first half of the round-of-16, plus a bonus vote to determine the Wild Card spot in Pool B. (We won’t ruin the surprise, but let’s just say that one of the competitors has an adorable South African accent, one of them is occasionally referred to as “the beautiful” by Mike Goldberg, and one has a cartoonishly huge ass.)

Here’s what to do: With the help of the photographic aids we’ve provided below, cast your vote for your favorite lady in each of the five polls; hit that ”next page” link when you’re done with each one. Any questions, let us know in the comments section, and be sure to come back on Friday to decide the other half of the Grand Prix round-of-16.

Note: If you don’t see the poll widget under each pairing of girls, please refresh your browser, or switch to one that doesn’t suck. And please forgive the janky formatting on pages 2 and 4; not sure what’s up with that. Now let’s go to work…

Arianny Celeste (#1 seed)

Who is she: The UFC Octagon Girl Queen Bee, and relentless self-tweeter. Can often be found in a threesome. Posed nude in Playboy, which got us into a bit of trouble last year…but we forgive her.


Marloes Coenen (#8 seed)

Who is she: Strikeforce’s 135-pound women’s champion. Despite ten hard years in the fight business, the Dutch submission specialist has managed to retain the kind of natural beauty worthy of a J.Crew catalog model.

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  1. danomite Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:04

    well, there's at least one vote for Chandella you racist homosexuals! I felt like an asshole just for voting for this thing so I'm not even going to bother making any comments about who's hotter than who.
  2. your mother. Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:07

    i officially can't take this seriously without natasha wicks as an option. dicks.
  3. uzithrasha Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:09

    i picked marloes coenen, i know she is a heavy underdog but i think shes hot as hell.
  4. Ruke Doufus Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:09

    +1 Chandella. If you can't see her hotness, there's something wrong with your hetero! Especially against these 2 dead-behind-the-eyes chicks. You might want to cast your vote for Nick Ring!
  5. LOKI Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:12

    Wow, I actually have a strange possitive feeling like my vote is gonna count unlike when I voted for Gore in 2000 and did a write in for the Norsefire candidate on both of the subsequent elections.
  6. Stak40 Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:13

    Fuck no, seriously Chandella over Juliana Salimeni?
  7. the chef Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:14

    Clearly Arianny is hotter
  8. DangadaDang Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:19

    Good to see I'm not the only Chandella fan. For Christ sake the girls initials are CP! CP (the other one) Army unite!
  9. Jugger Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:21

    I'm sorry, but Juliana Salimeni has a case of TMA. Too Much... Hello! It's not even feminine. Looking at her from behind from the wasted down looks too much like a college linebacker. I went with Spracklen. Still, the fact that Natasha Wicks isn't in this thing makes it a farce. A showdown between Arianny and Natasha would be of '92 Duke vs. Kentucky proportions.
  10. Gardeninja Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:23

    I don't get the Chandella hate, I think she is hot and not a marshmallow brain.
  11. entisgood Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:24

    I found myself voting for all the lower seeds except for Rhian. Titties! Also, your ranking seems to be in order of skankiest, not hottest.
  12. Ruke Doufus Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:25

    Chandella over Juliana Salimeni? Uhh..hell yeah! Juliana is not that hot (and I'm saying this as a Brazilian). She has a cartoonish figure and an OK face. I guess if you're one of those that jack to anime, go ahead...
  13. CheechFace Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:25

    Chandella is pretty, haters be damned, but in the pool she pulled....Brazil needs to be represented in the next round. And Juliana Salimeni has all the rights rounds to be that rep!!!
  14. 825IVER Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:28

    Pic of Marloes kicking. dayum!!!
  15. Tobi-Wan Kenobi Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:31

    Arianny always comes across as really conceited and .. stupid in interviews imho. Marloes on the other hand is humble and actually does something real for a living. This one was easy.
  16. BossNasty Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:31

    Salimeni can get the Salami over and over and over again for a full 3 minutes maybe even 4. She has already won the whole thing.
  17. BossNasty Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:36

    I'm not one to hate on Chandella, she has some nice pics that have been argued as air brushed and she has some terrible pics, I'm still not convinced to hate on her. I would not go so far as to say she's completely garbage, BUT she stands no chance against Salimeni. Big Plump Ass and Big ole titties what seem to stand proud. You're a fool to pick anyone in this round over that unless you might have issues reaching the goodies.
  18. Stak40 Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:37

    Ima tell you right now if you pick either of them chicks over Juliana its because you know yo shit cant reach from the back. Too much...man get the fuck outta here.
  19. ReX13 Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:42

    Voted the straight 'M' ticket, plus Joanna. Marloes >> Actually a fighter, not a vapid, conceited cunt. Got my vote. Miesha >> Actually a fighter, Kenda is stupid-skinny now. Easy pick here. Miesha. Mercedes >> Yeah, there's no way i'm not repping my girl Mercedes. Megan Olivi >> Rhian had no chance with that brazen blonde and brown eye combo. Just a personal turnoff. Plus Megan is really cute. Joanna >> I can see voting other ways, but the accent clenched it. And the BJJ videos. And the being hot.
  20. BossNasty Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:42

    TOO MUCH??? TOOO MUCH????? you must have a little baby dick like the chinese dude in the trunk on Hangover. Too Much ass. That mother fucker right there should be banned from CP. Jugger is now a permanant Bitch in my book. Jury, please strike from the record everything that, lil fuckboy Jugger said, has ever said and ever will say. Too Much???
  21. Stak40 Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:46

    Maybe i read the rules wrong but i didnt know we were suppose to read these bitches biographies to vote. I voted for the one i wanted to give the bidness to the most. Too much...sheeit.
  22. Stak40 Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:47

    Boss please add Ruke to that list and also pull his green card and send his ass to europe. He dont deserve to be in America or go back to Brazil.
  23. Sloppyspray Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:48

  24. BossNasty Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:51

    Also I don't ever recall anyone giving a damn about what a brazillian dude thinks is hot. We like your women, you dudes could fall of the face of the earth all together. Like you set the standard on hot. You saying Chandella is hotter than her and talking about linebacker ass shows right there your opintion ain't shit.
  25. BossNasty Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:53

    Also again... REX needs more bio's on the girls to make an informed decision.
  26. bgoldstein Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:53

    @ your mother: Natasha isn't in the running because she no longer has an official connection to MMA. @ Sloppyspray: Ditto. Michelle is raising a new daughter and hasn't fought in a year.
  27. Harry Sack Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 01:58

    What no Cyborg? Fuck.
  28. HardKnockLife Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 02:06

    "Big Plump Ass and Big ole titties"... you can find any girl at McDonald's with a big ass and titties, it's just Salimeni's tits cost more. For that reason alone I voted Chandella. Not to mention CP can probably kick any of the other ring-girls 'big plump asses'. +2.
  29. NomadRip Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 02:12

    Chandella is is 100 times finer than any woman any of her haters will ever sit next to. Pick 1 was tough though...
  30. your mother. Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 02:14

    @bg: did you not see that kswiss commercial? she and urijah faber's chin were BANGIN'. on a minor note, kyra gracie was left out. @harry sack: ineligible due to inactivity.
  31. intercept440 Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 02:19

    come on you guys know the only reason you like chandella is so you can live out your fantasy of being fucked by a black man..... im sorry i just dont see it, to me she is a classic butterface
  32. intercept440 Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 02:21

    @nomad, actually your wrong, she might be 100 times better looking that any woman youll ever sit next to. but dont speak for the rest of us on that one.
  33. Fried Taco Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 02:26

    Can somebody help me? I'm not able to see any of the naked pics.
  34. SmokinJoe86 Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 02:30

    "Ima tell you right now if you pick either of them chicks over Juliana its because you know yo shit cant reach from the back. Too much…man get the fuck outta here." A-fucking-MEN Stak40.
  35. CaptnJonesy Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 02:34

    I'd leave Arianny's placenta looking like the aftermath of Hiroshima
  36. Mikey Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 02:51

    Natasha Wicks.
  37. logdog52 Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 02:58

    Thank you cagepotato
  38. Joanne4thewin Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 03:12

    Joanne and Natasha Wicks no can defend
  39. Chromium Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 03:23

    No Michelle Waterson? Tournament invalidated.
  40. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 03:38

    Juliana Salemeni... It's notcha beauty, it's ya booty!
  41. radiobaby Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 03:45

    Pat Barry is jealous of Juliana Salimeni's man thighs.
  42. CaptnJonesy Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 04:04

    @Radiobaby Imagine eating that twat and being slipped into an orgasmic triangle choke
  43. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 04:22

    +1 for Arianny (come on, we need to make ammends somehow), Kenda, Stephanie, Megan & Joanne.
  44. Cestus84 Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 04:49

    Marloes is a bad bitch!!
  45. CaptnJonesy Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 04:52

    ^^Yeah but she has a rack like Nate Diaz
  46. fxdfp Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 04:55

    Marloes can put on a dress, look sexy, then tap you out - Arianny can put on a dress, look sexy, and sit there. I pick Marloes.
  47. CurlyBewbs Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 05:15

    Arianny's ass can suck my cockmongler. Oh wait she doesn't have one. This is the hardest decision-making I've gotten myself into this week. Miesha's glutes on Kendra's face perhaps..
  48. RoyNelsonMuntz Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 05:16

    MMMMMMMeeeeeeeiiisshhhaaa Taaaaaateeeeee
  49. stopdrinkingpee Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 06:16

    I can't find your fucking poll widget, and I have goddamn firefox. 3.6.16. Also, screw you for putting Ari vs. Coenen in the first goddamn round. Coenen an 8 seed? Really? I can't figure out whether you guys hate Coenen, or you're still mad at Arianny and think this might knock her out in the first round. And if you mentioned Natasha Wicks in a comment, you're a loser. That's it. --- If I stop cussing and calling people losers, will someone kindly point me to the poll buttons? Ari, neither, SAC, Rhian. I like all the wild cards and will make up my mind when I can actually vote for one.
  50. DaltonSwayze Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 06:43

    Stopdrinkingpee: I voted for Coenen, even though I think Arianny is hotter. Granted, Coenen is hot, but she ain't winning this thing. I've got a feeling a certain big bootied Brazilian may come out of the wild card slot, to be honest...
  51. Jim Lahey Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 06:53

    stopdrinkingpee, if you're using something like NoScript with FF, you have to allow SurveyMonkey.com.
  52. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 06:54

    I really don't get the Coenen love. Yes, she's attractive for a female athlete when you compare her to Sarah Kaufman, Cyborg, or anyone in the WNBA. But she is not actually hot. Look at that middle picture of Coenen dressed in normal clothes and tell me she is any better than, well, normal.
  53. d.harn Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 07:01

    I vote Michelle Waterson in for the wildcard.
  54. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 07:14

    I agree with Michelle Waterson. If Ben's criteria for excluding the Karate Hottie is that she hasn't fought in a year, well then what the fuck is Gina Carano's recent connection to MMA? Because she gave a shitty interview and released a teaser video showing her fat ass is getting back in the gym? A pregnant Michelle Waterson is more fuckable than a girl with cute dimples whose body takes after her linebacker father.
  55. The Highest Primate Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 07:35

    Arianny hands down (and knees too) wins this comp.. I dont want a bitch who can arm bar me when im gorilla fucking her too hard into the couch, and as for her not being hot cause shes dumb and conceited.. well its hard to say dumb conceited shit with a cock stuffed in her mouth. problem solved. Chandella? really? i want my dick sucked not peeled by a monkey.
  56. agentsmith Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 08:23

    I think Arianny vs Kenda and Marloes vs Meisha would have been alot more interesting. Putting the professional fighters against the professional hotties isn't exactly fair.
  57. agentsmith Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 08:24

    And really, it's not fair for ANYONE to get matched with Rhian Sugden... that's just a death sentence.
  58. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 09:40

    I suggest another judging criteria, see which bitch makes me a fucken sammich quickest and then gives me a blow job for dessert, I'd film it so you guys can vote.
  59. Fedor vs. Bas Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 11:39

    Natasha Wicks. . . WHERE?!?!?!
  60. cecils_pupils Says:

    Wed, 04/06/11 - 11:40

    I have no problem finding my pole widget under each pair of hotties, nyuk nyuk nyuk!
  61. jackthedrinker89 Says:

    Thu, 04/07/11 - 12:53

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!! @Fedor vs. Bas
  62. Turd Furgeson Says:

    Thu, 04/07/11 - 04:47

    If Mercedes what's her face or what's her face Sugden doesn't win, there's somethin wrong with y'all. Also that wild card chick with the butt... Wowsa!
  63. MyDonkeyPunch Says:

    Thu, 04/07/11 - 04:56

    I said it before and I'll say it again... I would pee in Rhian Sugden's butt. Oh and I'd let Juliana watch.
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  66. Bonerman Says:

    Thu, 04/07/11 - 06:22

    Where's Britney?
  67. PingPong Says:

    Thu, 04/07/11 - 08:06

    Marloes looks pretty good in that second pick, the fact that she fights and that she DOESN'T fuck Tiki means she gets my vote.
  68. budsellers Says:

    Thu, 04/07/11 - 08:14

    i voted for the mmagirls chick because i don't fantasize about women with horsefaces or women with ass like that
  69. SpringerSTL Says:

    Thu, 04/07/11 - 08:24

    Marloes Coenen, Miesha Tate, Mercedes Terrell, Megan Olivi, & Juliana Salimeni.
  70. Sgt. 606 Says:

    Thu, 04/07/11 - 12:00

    I voted on ass and ass alone. I am the original ASSMAN.
  71. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Thu, 04/07/11 - 12:49

    If anyone voted for Arianny after seeing her naked then you are certainly sad. No i'm just kidding I mean I'd hit it even after Tiki had just finished. However I didn't vote for her! I mean honestly whats hotter then a chick who throws down? nobody thats who.
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  73. SteveyJBond Says:

    Thu, 04/07/11 - 04:54

    I have a sneaking suspicion Coenen will take out Celeste - with a signature late armbar/puppy dog stare. Also - where's the new girl, Jade Bryce? Best ever.
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  75. Eyes red as Fedor Says:

    Thu, 04/07/11 - 10:33

    I'm taking Rhian Sugden. Arianny is like the Jimmer Fredette. She seems to have a lot of talent when competing against lesser competition but could never cut it at the next level(full time titty model).
  76. thebassmaster Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 06:01

    Rhian Rugden over everyone else
  77. thebassmaster Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 06:02

  78. stopdrinkingpee Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 04:20

    @Jim Lahey: Thanks, I was blocking it. @Turd Ferguson: Have you ever watched a Bellator event? Mercedes is not hot. I miss Monica.
  79. mmamike76 Says:

    Tue, 04/12/11 - 09:15

    Everyone has it wrong. Stephanie Ann Cook is da bomb! So cute and sexy, sweet and such a great person. Spent time with her last week and in awe of everything she does. VOTE STEPHANIE!!
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