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January, 2011

Wednesday Morning MMA Link Club

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Some selected highlights from our friends around the MMA blogosphere. E-mail for details on how your site can join the MMA Link Club…

- If Stann can’t get Wand, he’ll settle for Bisping or Belfort  (LowKick)

– Five lessons we learned for UFC Fight for the Troops II (Versus MMA Beat)

Herschel Walker: ’This is not a gimmick for me. This is life.’  (FiveOuncesofPain)

– Ricco Rodriguez to begin his road back to the UFC against James McSweeney at BAMMA 5 (MiddleEasy)

- A tribute to Chuck Liddell (WMMMALC newcomers ProFighting-Fans)

– Watch Hatsu Hioki choke Mark Hominick unconscious (MMAScraps)

– Tito Ortiz prepared to resume career outside UFC when if he loses to Lil’ Nog’ (5thRound)

– Both UFC and Strikeforce planning 2011 events in Japan (MMAConvert)

– In poll of favorite sports, MMA is overlooked (MMAFighting)

– M-1 Global signs UFC vet Vinny Magalhaes (FightMagazine)

– Elimination round for TUF 13 nixed by UFC and Spike (SBNation/MMA)


Spend Your Wednesday Morning Getting to Know Gilbert Melendez and The Skrap Pack a Little Better

(Video courtesy YouTube MovieMaker76)

When most people think of The Skrap Pack this is the image that comes to mind:

Well, most of us didn’t live in Gilbert Melendez’s California gym for two months to film a documentary on El Nino; otherwise we would know that The Skrap Pack is now actually the name of the Strikeforce lightweight champion’s up-and-coming fight team, not the coalition of pain of the same name he started with his Team Cesar Gracie blood brothers Jake Shields and Nick and Nate Diaz. 

The resulting short web doc above, titled "The Fighter," gives a glimpse into what goes on in Melendez’s gym on a daily basis and the relationship he has with his fighters. If anything, it will leave you wanting more.


Eric Lawson Is a Pretty Cool Guy. He Drives BMX and Doesn’t Afraid of Anything.

"…and really, any risky or sporadic employment will increase a bank’s assessment of risk to the loan.  That alone would cost you thousands over the life of a mortgage.  Honestly, Marcus, I suggest you find more stable employment."   

So you’re planning on watching the Strikeforce fightsthis weekend, despite the fact that we here at CagePotato refuse to say anything nice about them, ever, upon pain of death? Well, there’s some decent fights on the lineup, and a double handful of undercard fighters that are hoping to make the broadcast. Among them, you’ll find middleweight Eric Lawson, a six-foot-something Californian who you may have seen on one of his six previous Strikeforce appearancesº. You may look at his 9-3 record and quickly dismiss him as small potatoes.

 But … maybe you run into the guy while you’re laid over in an airport somewhere in Middle America, because it’s snowing every damn place in the country that it’s not supposed to snow, and you learn a few things about a guy who may or may not have an adrenaline addiction, a guy who went in to MMA with relatively little training just to see what it was like.  Either that, or E Lawdog heard about my nineteenth degree black belt in MMA and general ninjaness and called me up to shoot the breeze.


Clay Guida Doesn’t Think His Fight With Anthony Pettis Should Decide Who Fights the Winner of Edgar-Maynard III

(Video courtesy YouTube/MMACanada)

MMACanada caught up with Clay Guida in Edmonton over the weekend where they asked him about his upcoming bout with former WEC lightweight champ Anthony Pettis at the TUF 13 finale June 4. According to "The Carpenter" Pettis is a solid prospect, but he’s in for a rude awakening when he makes his UFC debut.

"It’s a very exciting fight. Anthony Pettis has a lot of hype around him right now. He’s a very advertised fighter. The kick heard around the world. ‘Showtime’ is gonna be ‘No Time’ once I get in there. I’m really excited about it. [He's a] very tough kid, but the WEC and the UFC merger is gonna show you what the UFC’s all about."


Nerd Alert: Jon Jones, Aaron Simpson Engage in Twitter War

("Blog about *this*, motherfucker." PicProps: Us?)

We’re already on record with our belief that Twitter is great for us media types and not so great for the MMA fighters who think they are using it to establish a personal “brand” but are really just broadcasting the worst parts of themselves to the public on a regular basis. We also already told you that Jon Jones is not only obsessively following upcoming opponent Ryan Bader on Twitter, but he’s also shadowing many of his friends, training partners and followers. You know what we love? We love when two seeminlgy unrelated stories from the past come together to make a new story in the present, like this …

UFC middleweight Aaron Simpson – who is currently training with Bader – sent a fairly innocuous tweet earlier this week essentially saying he thought Bader was ready to go against Jones at UFC 126. Naturally, Jones saw it and he did not appreciate it.


Vitor Belfort Wants Shawn Tompkins to Know He’s Doing Just Fine Training Without Him, Thank You Very Much

("Tell me again what it was like hanging out on the set with Hocky Balboa.")

When a story emerged last week that less than a month prior to the bout Vitor Belfort had jumped ship from training with Shawn Tompkins at TapouT Training Centre in Las Vegas in favor of holding his camp for his February 5 UFC 126 showdown with UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva at Xtreme Couture, the Internet exploded with theories about the obvious fragile mental state of "The Phenom" and fans and pundits quickly began writing off the former UFC heavyweight champ’s chances in the fight.

According to Belfort, the truth is, although he returned to working under the tutelage of Tompkins for this camp, he never really actually stopped training at the Randy Couture-helmed gym.

In a recent Twitter post Vitor (who incidentally trained almost exclusively with the Xtreme Couture coaches he’s working with now like Gil Martinez and Ray Sefo for his planned UFC 122 fight with Yushin Okami that was scrapped in favor of the Belfort-Silva bout next month) wrote that Tompkins was way off in his assessment of the situation.

"I dont think I have anything nice to say other than just ignoring it all. I have the right to choose who to train with. I have loyalty and respect and that is why I didn’t hide[the fact that I was also training at Xtreme Couture] from him," Belfort tweeted. "He tooks this more personally. I made my choice and this is just his opinion of it and nothing more."


Florian Fires Back at Guillard: ‘Who Has He Beaten? What Has He Done?’

("Tell me the truth, does this haircut make me look washed-up?" PicProps: MMA Convert)

It was just a matter of time before some intrepid MMA journalist got to Kenny Florian to get his response to all that shit Melvin Guillard was talking before Fight for the Troops 2. During his appearance on our own Bum Rush podcast (and a bunch of other shows) Guillard quipped that he no longer considers Florian a top contender for the UFC title and said he thinks KenFlo should get out of the way and let some new blood have a chance. “I’ll fight Kenny Florian,” Guillard told us, “but to be honest with you, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say he’d be a pretty easy fight for me." Damn, playa. Really?

On Monday, Al Pepe of ProMMA Radio invited Florian on the air to play him some clips of Guillard talking crazy. As always, Florian was gracious and well-spoken, but when the topic of “The Young(ish) Assassin” came up, you could hear a hint of irritation creeping into his normally composed broadcast voice. Dig it, after the jump …


Video: Rashad Evans is Training His Mind Jedi-Style for Fight With Shogun

(Video courtesy YouTube/JacksonsMMAMedia)

When he’s not employing his other favorite alternative training method, Rashad Evans is Jedi mind tricks to manipulate matter, proving that there’s something to the rumor that Greg Jackson really is Yoda-like.

Rashad took time out from training for his upcoming UFC 128 showdown with UFC light heavyweight champ Mauricio "Shogun" Rua to work on improving his brain activity using the Star Wars "Force Trainer."

According to the manufacturer, "the toy uses EEG technology to transmit your alpha and beta brainwaves from a head set to wirelessly drive a motor which powers a fan that sends a sphere up a tower." Hopefully for Rashad’s sake it will help protect his brain from a head kick KO or maybe he will be able to do what Lyoto Machida did at UFC 104 and convince the judges that Shogun is not the fighter who they thought won the fight. 

Read More DIGG THIS Named as Offending Site in December Zuffa Infringement Letter to Google

Remember last year when a pirate hacked the San Francisco Chronicle’s website and got a link to his illegal UFC 121 stream stickied on the top of the main page for the newspaper’s website?

Well it looks like a fellow stream hawker one-upped his SFC advertising cohort.

According to a cease and desist letter sent to Google on December 10, 2010 by MiMTiD Corporation acting on behalf of Zuffa, the owner of was a bit more industrious.

According to the document, he employed the services of the pay-per-click advertising services Google Syndication, Google Doubleclick, ?,,, and to promote his non-licensed paid stream for UFC 124 on various websites Google paired his site with using its "super secret algorithm." He would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for the UFC’s pesky broadcast partner Spike TV whose site was the most prominent one’s ad appeared on.


Joey Beltran is Not Cool With His Loss to Pat Barry Saturday Night

("Take a deep breath, Joey. This will all be over soon.")

When Pat Barry left Joey Beltran laying in a heap barely able to get up at the end of their heavyweight scrap on Saturday night, choosing Beltran as the winner of the bout seemed like an unlikelihood unless you were Cecil Peoples. 

It depends on who you ask, I guess.

According to Fight Metric, "The Mexecutioner" landed more punches in the bout even if they were ineffective for the most part. Beltran is of the opinion that he did enough to win and that besides the unintentional eye poke he took in the third round which led to a just stoppage, referee Mario Yamasaki all but cost him the fight by calling for breaks and restarts when the two fighters seemed to be stalling on the cage and by stopping the fight when Beltran had an advantageous position when Pat claimed to be kicked in the berries.