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January, 2011

Brian Stann Very Politely Calls Out Wanderlei, Bisping, Anderson, GSP

(“Think of this next right hand as my way of thanking you for the opportunity and expressing what an honor it was to meet with you here this evening.” PicProps: Las Vegas Sun)

OK, so maybe “calls out” is a little bit strong in reference to Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre, but the American-Hero-turned-mediocre-light-heavyweight-turned-newly-minted-middlweight-comer certainly didn’t shy away from candidly assessing his skills against both the UFC 185-pound and 170-pound champions while also mentioning his desire to fight Wanderlei Silva and Michael Bisping during a recent interview with the UK Telegraph. Read on to hear Brian Stann’s respectful, but classicly fighter-centric take of most of the rest of the middleweight division, and beyond. Also, be warned that we took the liberty of changing the British English spellings back to ’Merican, for obvious reasons.

Reasons like the Revolutionary War.

"Hopefully, my next fight will be Wanderlei Silva, who is obviously a legend in the sport, and it would be an honor to fight your guy from the UK, Michael Bisping, an amazing fighter who has truly distinguished himself in the weight class …” Stann tells the Telegraph’s Gareth Davies. “He has proved himself to be an exciting, all-round fighter and has the ranking. Guys like Michael Bisping and Wanderlei have what I want in the sport — the respect and the rankings, and that’s where I want to be.”


Vitor Belfort is the Rodney Dangerfield of Brazil

(Video courtesy YouTube/ARK1988LAB)

You would think that if one were to interview 15 MMA experts, at least one would have a differing opinion than the rest.

Apparently this isn’t the case in Brazil, where pretty much everyone believes that Anderson Silva is going to beat Vitor Belfort.

Although a few of the 15 Brazilian experts Tatame recently asked about their predictions for the fight added the disclaimers that, "anything could happen" and that "Vitor is a tough opponent," not one of them chose "The Phenom" to win the bout, even with his recent revelation that Jesus will be his cornerman for the fight.

Check out the 15 ways the 15 experts think Silva is going to beat Belfort after the jump.


Kimbo Slice to Fake-Fight Pothead Sumo Wrestler in Japan Next Month, Obviously

Kimbo Slice Japan pro wrestling Antonio Inoki
("Five…five dolla…five dolla, foot rong." [Ed. note: I sincerely apologize for that awful caption.] / Photo courtesy of sportsnavi.)

His MMA career? Dead in the water. His boxing comeback? Who knows. But the Miami Pound Machine gotta eat. And so, Kimbo Slice has reportedly agreed to perform at an IGF pro wrestling tournament on February 5th in Fukuoka, Japan. His opponent will be Shinichi "Wakakirin" Suzukawa, the marijuana-scandalized sumo wrestler who allegedly went off the script against Mark Coleman last year. (Wakakirin was also supposed to wrestle Bob Sapp at Dynamite!! 2010, but Frankenhood pulled out at the last moment like the professional he is.) And before you ask, yes, Josh Barnett will be part of the tourney as well. 

Note to Kimbo: If you "win" your first match, Antonio Inoki may want to slap the shit out of you in front of everybody. I know, if that happened on a street-corner in Perrine, he would be as dead as yesterday’s chicken. (That’s something that people say, right?) As it turns out, the slapping is actually a sign of respect and well-wishing. Please inform your crew.


Shane Carwin Talks Recovery, His Next Fight and Possibly Training With Fedor

(Video courtesy of Comcast Sportsnet)

Shane Carwin appeared on Comcast Sportsnet’s Fight Fix recently to expound on the tidbit revealed by Fedor Emelianenko during the Strikeforce conference call last week that he was planning on training with the former UFC interim heavyweight champ in the near future. According to Carwin, his management reached out to the former PRIDE heavyweight champion to try to set up a pairing between the heavyweight superpowers.
Carwin explained that besides the obvious, the reason why he instigated talks with The Last Emperor’s camp were Fedor’s humility, faith in God and family values.

As far as his recovery from his neck injury, Carwin says that he is on track to get off the bench for a planned main event bout in June at UFC 131, but says that no opponent has been named as of the time of the interview. 

Hopefully if he does ever end up training with Fedor for the bout, he records it so we can see how he fares.


Video: KahL-One’s ‘New York MMA, Episode 2: Two Perspectives’

(Props: KahL1One)

Not just a badass highlight reel editor and part-time cartoonist, Kahleem Poole has put a lot of effort into promoting New York’s MMA scene, which is often overlooked due to the bullshit political climate in this state. Here’s the latest installment of Kahl’s "MMA in NY" series, which focuses on Evolution Muay Thai and Ultimate Gym. Shameless plug time: Evolution is the gym where I (BG) personally train, so I was incredibly excited to see how well this episode turned out; it’s awesome to see folks like Brandon Levi, Rene Driefuss, and Angela Hill start to get the recognition they deserve. If you live in New York City and you’re interested in taking up Muay Thai or BJJ, you should really come by sometime and say hello…


Strikeforce Eyeing Canada, Japan for Possible Heavyweight Grand Prix Sites

Josh Barnett Japan MMA photos food
("Yeah, I’ll take the soki soba, an Asahi, and 25mg of the…uh…you know…the usual." Photo courtesy of ESPN.)

We know what you’re thinking: Strikeforce’s 2011 Heavyweight Tournament isn’t nearly chaotic enough as it is, and it would be great if some of the fights were held in different countries like Canada and Japan. Basically, more moving parts is what they need, right? Scott Coker totally agrees with you. The Strikeforce CEO recently appeared on Radio where he revealed that newly open-for-business Ontario, Canada, and Tokyo, Japan are both being considered as host sites for future fights in the HWGP.

"This is a world grand-prix tournament, which means we might not just be in the United States," Coker said. "This thing could be traveling."


The 25 Weirdest MMA-Related Ads on Craigslist

(Matt Hammill, when will you ever learn?)

Besides being a useful resource for hawking your old furniture and buying (likely stolen) used video game consoles, Craigslist is known as a portal for freaks looking to fulfill their bizarre fantasies with perfect strangers.

It turns out that the site also has a strong contingency of MMA fans who use the online service to solicit training partners, pay-per-view watching buddies and much, much worse. 

We took on the painstaking, and extremely disturbing (seriously…some boxes can’t be unopened…) task of searching through countless personal ads using combinations of the names of promotions, submissions and fighting disciplines as keywords to come up with our list of the 25 strangest ads we could before having to tap out.

Check out the 25 most eyebrow-raising posts we discovered after the jump:


Photo of the Day: My God This Rhian Sugden

Rhian Sugden MMA ring girl page 3 model British marie BAMMA photos
(Photo via MMAFightGirls)

England’s most beloved MMA ring girl — and 2010 Potato Award Winner — Rhian Sugden will be back in action at BAMMA 5, February 26th at Manchester’s MEN Arena. We just came across this photo and felt compelled to share it. You can now proceed with your day.

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Video: Josh Barnett Defeats Sublime’s ‘Santeria’ Via Karaoke

Video courtesy TMZ. Josh Barnett Does Karaoke – Watch more Funny Videos

Recently signed Strikeforce heavyweight Josh Barnett may be way too busy to attend his next California State Athletic Commission license reinstatement hearing in February, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to belt out a few karaoke tunes.

Judging by the video above that was taken of Barnett last week at a bar in Los Angeles, it’s probably safe to say that the Babyfaced Assassin won’t be releasing an album anytime soon, but if he does, he might want to consider hiring a better hype man.


Mayhem vs. Kennedy III Bumped to ‘Strikeforce: Columbus’ in March

Jason Miller Tim Kennedy HDNet Fights Reckless Abandon
(I guess you had to be there. Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.)

Originally slated to go down this month, the long-awaited (at least by us) rubber match between middleweights Jason Miller and Tim Kennedy is now expected for Strikeforce: Columbus, which takes place March 5th at the Nationwide Arena. It’s great news for Kennedy, who has been ducked by everybody in the universe since his decision loss to Ronaldo Souza in August. Miller has won his last two fights, scoring a first-round TKO over local yokel Tim Stout at Strikeforce: Nashville last April, and choking out creaky legend Kazushi Sakuraba at DREAM.16 in September.

For the second year in a row, the UFC has decided not to hold an event during the annual Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, and Strikeforce is swooping in to take full advantage. Along with Miller/Kennedy, the event is rumored to feature Rafael Cavalcante vs. Dan Henderson in the main event, a 135-pound women’s title fight between Marloes Coenen and Miesha Tate, the possible return of Paul Daley, and maybe (maybe!) even Werdum vs. Overeem

Speaking of Jason Miller, did you know that he once fought a 360-pound man at an Icon Sport event, and held onto a choke for so long that even Babalu Sobral would be disgusted? I just learned that over the weekend, and I’m still confused. Video proof after the jump…