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January, 2011

Aoki Considering Retirement After Disastrous NYE Knockout?

(Sure, he looks like a bum, but he’s got a golden radio voice. PicProps: SBNation)

More good stuff out on Sunday from MMA Fighting Japanese correspondent Daniel Herbertson, who debuts a new weekly, notebook-style feature chock full of overseas news tidbits. Item No. 1? According to D-Herb – citing those ever-present “sources close to the fighter” — Dream lightweight champion and notorious a-hole Shinya Aoki is considering hanging up the fingerless gloves after his embarrassing knockout loss to Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima at K-1 Dynatmite!!! 2010 on New Year’s Eve.

You’ll remember this bout as the “special rules” contest that alternated a three-minute kickboxing round followed by a five-minute round under Dream rules. You know, kind of like they do it on “Bully Beatdown.” You’ll also recall that Aoki clearly came out with a game plan to just fuck around during round one, waste as much time as possible with copious rule-breaking and rely on the impotent Japanese referee to not penalize him for it. It was a strategy that worked like clockwork until the opening bell of round two, when Nagashima knocked him stiff with a knee as he shot in for a takedown. On this side of the Pacific, it seemed like an obvious case of karma being a complete bitch. At home, it doesn’t sound like Aoki is taking it too well.


Pat Barry Says Beltran Fight will be Like ‘Night of the Living Dead’

(No hard feelings? PicProps: AvantguardBJJ)

Shameless plug: Our man Pat Barry will appear on next week’s episode of the Bum Rush podcast and our interview with him – which taped yesterday – is reportedly pretty awesome. If you’re not already listening to the show (wait, you’re not already listening to the show???) next week would be a good time to buy a ticket for the Bum Rush express. Seriously, get on that shit.

But we digress, Barry also talked to some other “media outlets” this week about his upcoming fight with Joey Beltran at Fight for the Troops 2 next Saturday and the results are typically entertaining. Case in point: Barry’s interview with MMA Weekly, where it becomes clear that he’s been studying a lot of film to get ready for Beltran. George Romero films, mostly.


Depressing News Alert: Jens Pulver to Keep Giving It ‘One More Shot’

(PicProps: MMAConvert)

On a personal note, we’d like nothing more than to see Jens Pulver at the top of the heap when it’s all said and done. Though we admit we’ve never met him, Pulver has always seemed like one of MMA’s truly stand-up guys. Exciting in the cage, straightforward and honest (maybe to a fault) outside of it, it’s hard not to root for him. It’s also been difficult to watch him slump through the last few years of his rapidly fading MMA career, including establishing his current six-fight losing streak and dropping eight of his last nine bouts overall. It’s that innate likability that additionally makes it downright heartbreaking to read Pulver’s latest interview with MMA on Saturday, where the aging former UFC champion indicates he’s just going to press on with his career until he “gets it right.”

"I’m trying to put ‘Lil’ Evil’ to bed, if that makes sense, so I can retire the right way, and so I can be done the right way,” Pulver says. “I can’t go out the way I’ve gone. Not from being a world champion to losing six fights in a row. I want to give it one more shot."


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Dominick Cruz Won’t Be Fighting For a While, You Guys

(Cruz’s new paw complete with adamantium exo-skeleton. Photos courtesy of the Dominator’s Twitter)

WEC champ Dominick Cruz underwent successful surgery yesterday to repair a broken hand he sustained in his WEC 53 title defense against Scott Jorgenson on December 16. The Dominator will likely be sidelined for at least three months before he can resume training, which pushes his first UFC 135-pound title defense back until the summer.

Cruz tweeted a handful of photos from the hospital, including the first one after the jump taken hours after having pins inserted to hold his mangled third metacarpal on his left hand together.

Be forewarned that it ain’t pretty.


Video: Mainstream Media Continues to F*ck It Up When Dealing With MMA

(Props: NYPost via Fightlinker)

After UFC officials swung through New York yesterday to hype up their commitment to bring MMA to New York state, local media outlets were forced once again to confront the question: "What’s Mixed Martial Arts, anyway? It’s that human-dogfighting stuff where you get to hit each other in the balls, right?" Seriously, listen to the opening narration in this New York Post news feature. At the 1:04 mark, Frankie Edgar specifically explains that groin-shots are illegal in MMA, but I guess that wasn’t enough to convince the person writing copy for this report. Unless the reporter was referring to leg kicks…but come on, how much credit do you really want to give these people?

My favorite part of the video is when they give equal time to people who support MMA, and people who have no fucking idea what it is. "I know that what they’re trying to say is that, what they want to do is put two different styles together," says the time-traveler who just arrived here from the year 1993. I guess you can’t claim to be unbiased unless you give voice to the informed and the ignorant…


Video: Rashad Evans is Going to Hurt Shogun…Or At Least Make Him Feel Very Uncomfortable

(Video courtesy YouTube/nathanmarquardt)

It looks like Rashad Evans has taken a page out of number one UFC lightweight contender Gray Maynard’s training manual to get ready for his upcoming light heavyweight  championship bout with Mauricio "Shogun" Rua.


Wanderlei Silva Likely to Return Against Brian Stann in the Spring

Wanderlei Silva MMA photos weights Xyience
(We immediately regretted not wiping down that rowing machine.)

Due to the torn knee ligaments and broken ribs that forced him to pull out of a scheduled UFC 116 meeting with Yoshihiro Akiyama, Wanderlei Silva hasn’t competed since his unanimous decision win over Michael Bisping last February. According to a new report by MMA Fighting, Silva will be ready to rumble in the spring, and his opponent is likely to be Brian Stann, who’s coming off a first-round smashing of Chris Leben at UFC 125.
We expect Leben to be all kinds of pissed once he hears about this. After replacing Silva against Akiyama on very short notice then scoring a miraculous submission victory, Leben called out Wanderlei Silva, and Silva happily accepted the challenge. But instead of keeping Leben benched until the Axe Murderer recovered from his injuries, the UFC decided to throw him into a fight with Brian Stann on New Year’s Day. Stann won in dominant fashion, then he called out Wanderlei Silva. His wish was granted. Life’s not fair, Chris.

Personally, we would have liked to see Silva and Chael Sonnen settle their beef, but then Sonnen had to go and get his contract frozen due to that little money laundering misunderstanding. If Silva can successfully rebound against Stann, it’s always a possibility for down the road…


It’s Official: Strikeforce is Just Making This Sh*t Up as It Goes

("I’m thinking of a number between 1-20. First person to guess it gets to be Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix champion. No shit, we’ll give you a belt and everything." PicProps: Canvas Chronicle)

So, in a nutshell? Strikeforce held a conference call yesterday where it contradicted many of the things it just told us last week about its proposed heavyweight grand prix tournament. No, the title won’t be on the line. No, the fights (excepting the final) won’t be five rounds. Instead, the winner will become the Strikeforce tournament champion and will get a shot at Alistair Overeem’s belt after the grand prix wraps up … some time in like 2015. Unless Overeem himself wins the tournament. In that case, aside from The Reem having another hunk of gold to add to his collection and Strikeforce having zero title contenders left, we have no idea what happens next. From the sound of it, neither does Strikeforce.

Some other oddities in the tournament “rules” revealed yesterday: In the unlikely event of a draw, the promotion will call upon a fourth judge to break the tie. That’s cool, because draws suck. It’s also shitty, because the “fourth judge” will reportedly be appointed by Strikeforce, not an athletic commission and therefore stands to be even less trustworthy than the blind simpletons who normally score MMA fights. Also, in the very likely event that someone can’t continue in the tournament due to injury (or some other reason) a five-person “tournament committee” comprised of Strikeforce officials will handpick a replacement. If you think this concept is obviously rife with major conflicts of interests, well, you’re right. Don’t worry though, it will all sound very official. Kind of like in the ’80s when “Jack Tunney” used to be the “president” of the WWF.

Anyway, after the jump, some meditations on how all the things we told you in the above two paragraphs could potentially make this tournament go all fubar. We have questions, people. Tons of questions.


Royce Gracie Says He’s in Talks to Fight at UFC Rio, But Sources Say It’s Unlikely He’ll Be On the Card

("I also want a twenty percent senior’s discount on all UFC merchandise and a scooter to get me to the Octagon.")

When the UFC announced it would be holding a press conference in Brazil to announce that the promotion would be returning to the South American birthplace of modern MMA to hold its first event since Ultimate Brazil on October 16, 1998, many were surprised to see UFC 1, 2 and 4 tournament champ Royce Gracie included in the festivities.

The fact that Royce was prominently positioned on the dais between fellow Brazilian MMA luminaries Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort and Jose Aldo didn’t rais any eyebrows,  considering Gracie’s UFC Hall of membership and his family’s history with the promotion. It was the fact that the 44-year-old, who hasn’t competed since testing positive for steroids after his K-1 Dynamite!! USA bout with Kazushi Sakuraba in June 2007 revealed that he was interested in competing on the "UFC Rio" card.

In an interview he did with Sherdog yesterday, Gracie said that he is negotiating with the UFC to be included on the card, which will likely be at least half filled with Brazilian fighters.

According to Fighters Only who spoke to a source close to the situation, "it’s unlikely" that Gracie will be included on the card, but "anything is possible possible."