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February, 2011

Fedor Tells Russian Reporters ‘I Will Fight More’

(“Retire? No, I said I was going to ‘relax.’ That crazy translator lady always misquotes me.”)

Returning to his Russian homeland following his disappointing defeat at the hands of Antonio Bigfoot Silva on Saturday night, Fedor Emelianenko told reporters at the airport that he will likely fight again and that the pseudo-reitrement announcement he made following the fight was a knee-jerk reaction to racking up the second legitimate loss of his MMA career.

“I rushed to declare my retirement out of frustration. I will fight more. Possibly, I will return to the [Strikeforce] Heavyweight Grand-Prix,” Fedor told “I am confident that I am capable of having a few more fights. I didn’t make any analysis yet on why I lost. I need to recover. I can’t see very well yet.”


Strangely Arousing Photos of the Day: Natasha Wicks’s Nasty Road-Rash

Natasha Wicks MMA ring girl longboarding scraped ass photos gallery
(Photos via Click all for larger versions.)
Natasha Wicks MMA ring girl longboarding scraped ass photos gallery Natasha Wicks MMA ring girl longboarding scraped ass photos gallery Natasha Wicks MMA ring girl longboarding photos gallery

Former UFC Octagon Girl Natasha Wicks had herself a little spill last week while longboarding in California. As she explained via Twitter: “Wiped out on my Sector Nine… f-ing hurt :( 7 flips downhill.. booth cheeks gashed, shoulder gash, hand destroyed … I can honestly say this is one of the worst pains I’ve experienced…crying helps sometimes.. and in this case it def does.. ill b fine :)

As they say, she who does not fall does not stand up. And she who posts photos of her scraped-up ass on twitter runs the risk of having them re-posted by weirdos like us. But hey, if you’re not into open sores, there’s some recent swimsuit photos of a perfectly intact Natasha after the jump. (Props: MMA Roundup)


These Jorge Rivera Insult Videos Are Getting Stranger and Stranger

(Props: RangerUpVideo)

First, Jorge Rivera mocked Michael Bisping’s pillow-fists. Then, he brought in a dude with a terrible British accent so he could slam the Count as a “professional decision-winner” who lies about where he’s from and gives koala bears chlamydia. And now there’s this. Fans of Monty Python and the Holy Grail are going to love it (or at the very least, begrudgingly respect it). Everyone else will wonder, “on what kind of hallucinogens were the Ranger Up guys on when they came up with this concept, and was this really just an excuse to show off Rivera’s bounce-pass?” At this point, Bisping will have to respond with a video of his own. All he needs is somebody who can do an exaggerated New England accent, and he’ll be set…


Scott Coker Hopeful Fedor Will Fight the Loser of Overeem vs. Werdum

(After drowning his sorrows until closing at a New Jersey Dairy Queen, Emelianenko was overheard telling his priest, “Dah. I may fight again.”)

Scott Coker stopped AOL’s studio today to talk with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani about the successful first show of the opening round of his promotion’s heavyweight grand prix that took place Saturday night at the IZOD Center in New Jersey. Talk quickly turned to former top pound-for-pound king Fedor Emelianenko and whether or not Coker felt that “The Last Emperor” will indeed walk away from the sport forever as he intimated following his loss to Antonio Silva this past weekend.


Happy Valentine’s Day From Lil’ Evil and the Producers of Jens Pulver: Driven

(Video courtesy of YouTube/gregorybayne)

If you haven’t seen Gregory Bayne’s masterful documentary about former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver’s personal and professional triumphs, trials and tribulations, you really should be ashamed of yourself.

We get it; money’s tight and the economy isn’t great, so we’ll let it slide this time, but when we ask tomorrow, no one in the Potato Nation will have an excuse why they haven’t watched this movie.


‘Fedor vs. Silva’ Post-Fight Press Conference Highlights: Emelianenko’s Possible Return to the GP, The Dueling Overeems + More

Just wanted to pass along a few interesting moments from Fedor vs. Silva‘s post-fight presser, which featured all of the night’s winning fighters, plus the other four heavyweight grand prix competitors who will be squaring off on April 9th (venue TBA). Josh Barnett was the first to be introduced, and he gave the media his usual mix of insightful analysis and comic-book-like hyperbole. “Getting an easy win doesn’t do anything for you,” he said. “I’d rather stare death in the face.”

Scott Coker confirmed that Fedor Emelianenko could theoretically return to the grand prix as an alternate, jumping ahead of Shane Del Rosario, who was supposed to have earned the first replacement spot with his impressive win over Lavar Johnson. Nope. The tournament committee will decide that. And Coker’s not even on the committee. It is only now, two days later, that it’s occurred to me to wonder, “Wait a minute, so who is on the committee?” Vadim Finkelchtein and Gus Johnson? God help us.

After the jump: Alistair Overeem is bummed that Fedor got knocked out of the tournament because of the “glow” he brings to the proceedings, but after being ducked by Fedor twice, he already gave up on the idea of fighting him. Plus, Alistair and his brother Valentijn say that they’d have no problem fighting each other in the context of a tournament. I’m sure Dana White would respect that, but Coker is less than thrilled by the idea.


Josh Grispi to Face George Roop at TUF 13 Finale

(If Roop can kill a zombie, he has the potential to do the same to a grappler from Plympton, Mass. Still, this is Grispi’s fight to lose.)

According to a report by The Boston Herald, Josh Grispi’s booby prize for losing to Jose Aldo’s UFC 125 replacement, Dustin Poirier, will be the fighter current number one contender Mark Hominick recently beat to leapfrog “The Fluke” to a title shot.


While You Were Out: UFC Light-Heavyweight Division is Still F*cked and Everyone is Still Pissed

(We just can’t stay mad at this guy. PicProps: MMA Space)
Not to distract you from your busy morning of eulogizing Fedor Emelianenko, but we feel compelled to remind everyone that Scott Coker isn’t the only MMA impresario who woke up Monday with a pounding headache. Remember that when we left the UFC last Friday, the butterfly effect from Rashad Evans’ knee injury was causing near-seismic shifts in the vaunted light heavyweight division? Yeah, we don’t think that got solved over the weekend.

Let’s see if we can get this goddamned soap opera straight: Evans tweaked his knee a couple weeks ago and instead of pushing his scheduled title bout with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua back a few months to give Rashad time to rehab, Dana White took a flamethrower to the entire 205-pound title picture. In one fell swoop he gave Evans’ title shot to Jon Jones, pulled Quinton “Rampage” Jackson out of a scheduled fight with Thiago Silva at UFC 130 and quashed entirely the idea of having Matt Hamill fight Phil Davis at UFC 129. Smooth move, guy. Now the matchup merry-go-round is whirling out of control and everybody is pissed.


In Your Face, Bob Reilly: MMA Stops Knife-Wielding Whacko’s Murderous Rampage in NYC

(Who says takedowns and stalling don’t win fights?)

Maybe now New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly will change his tune about MMA being detrimental to society.

According to a story in yesterday’s New York Times, a 40-year-old mixed martial arts practitioner on his way to work on Saturday morning ended a crazy knife-wielding murderer’s  rampage in New York City with the help of a single-leg takedown. The story is a chilling and tragic one, but the fact that someone trained in MMA stopped this nutjob from killing anyone else using an MMA technique is a feather in the cap for the sport that Reilly and his supporters were trying to ban people from training in the state of New York less than two years ago.

Read what went down after the jump.


‘Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva’ — Main Card Fight Videos

(Fedor Emelianenko vs. Antonio Silva)

(Sergei Kharitonov vs. Andrei Arlovski)