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March, 2011

Friday Link Dump

(Video courtesy of YouTube/kimurasweden)

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Weekend Primer: Everything We Know About Those Bellator & M-1 Global Shows (Which is Not Much)

(Unconfirmed reports say the guy on the left is Jose Figueroa, who fights in the main event of a televised show this weekend. Care to guess which one? Pic: Sherdog)

Holy bejesus, there’s a lot of fighting on television this weekend. We already pulled your coat to the fact Bobby Lashley is fighting a middleweight at Titan FC on HDNet tonight. We assume you also already know that one of the most exciting young lions of the light heavyweight division (no, not Jon Jones, but close) will fight an old school warrior of the bygone Pride days (no, not Shogun Rua, but close) Saturday night in the UFC cage on SpikeTV. On the other hand, we totally forgive you if you forgot M-1 Global is also set to make its debut on Showtime on Friday night while Bellator offers up another show on MTV2 on Saturday. God knows we did, until we saw it on some random dude’s Twitter this afternoon.

It kind of begs the question: We know you really, really like MMA, but doesn’t four shows in two days seem kind of … dunno … excessive? After the jump, some things you’ll need to know to make an informed choice about where to set your DVR during this weekend’s other two shows …


Reminder to Watch The Voice vs. Wanderlei Silva tonight at 8:00 pm ET on HDNet

(Video courtesy of YouTube/edelsonmoura)

Just a reminder that HDNet will be airing the latest episode of Michael Schiavello’s The Voice vs… series tonight featuring UFC  and PRIDE favorite, Wanderlei Silva.


Ortiz-Bader Official for UFC 132 July 2 in Las Vegas

(“Is ‘March’ with one ‘e’ or two?”)

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz posted a video of himself signing his contract to face Ryan Bader at UFC 132 July 2 at the Mandalay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV.

The fight will likely be Ortiz’s last chance to prove the UFC that they should hold on to him in spite of the fact that he has not won a fight in the past five years or in any of his past five fights. UFC president Dana White has said recently that he thought about letting “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” go after his loss to Matt Hamill in October at UFC 121, but decided to give Ortiz, who still has some drawing power, one more kick at the cat.


Bobby Lashley, Phil Baroni Throw Down Tonight on HDNet

Bobby Lashley Titan FC 17
(“…so you see, my client couldn’t have *possibly* committed these murders.” Hey that’s two OJ jokes in the same day! Good times! / Lots more photos and videos from the Titan weigh-ins at

Seven months after his unexpected loss to Chad Griggs at Strikeforce: Houston, WWE-star-turned-MMA-fighter Bobby Lashley will return to action tonight in the main event of Titan Fighting Championships 17 at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas. Though Lashley was originally supposed to face off against James Jack, Jack mysteriously went M.I.A. and has been replaced with an equally-obscure fighter named John Ott, an 8-7 journeyman who has primarily competed at middleweight and light-heavyweight. Yesterday, Ott weighed in at 215.4 pounds for the heavyweight contest, against Lashley’s 252.4. It is what it is.

Also on the card, Phil Baroni will look to break a three-fight losing streak against the comparatively unseasoned Nick Nolte, while Abe “Sylvia Killer” Wagner clashes with Strikeforce/Bellator vet Aaron Rosa. The event will be broadcast tonight on HDNet starting at 10 p.m., following “The Voice vs. Wanderlei Silva” at 8 p.m. and Inside MMA at 9. Here’s the Titan FC 17 televised lineup, according to their Facebook page:


Is it Fair to Blame Jon Jones for UFC 128′s Lackluster Buy Rate?

(“Your numbers are a little weak in the swing states, Jon. We’d like you to consider wearing this American flag pin.” Pic: ESPN)

Even as MMA hardcores continue to cream their collective jeans over the unbelievable awesomeness of new light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, early estimates indicate UFC 128 didn’t quite live up to expectations in the sales department. Stalwart fight journalist (and the kind of dude who keeps track of this stuff) Dave Meltzer reports his numbers show Saturday night’s pay-per-view notching between 415,000-470,000 buys, which puts it pretty much exactly on the nose of the UFC’s “average” buy rate of 445K. What’s that mean exactly? Well, to borrow a phrase from Scott Coker, it means UFC 128 didn’t really “move the needle” with casual fans.

Naturally, some of the people who get paid to have opinions about this kind of thing (dudes like us) will see this as a failure on the part of Jones himself. After all, the UFC did everything it could to market this PPV behind the 23-year-old phenom, including both a “Countdown” special and the heretofore unseen “In the Moment” documentary on SpikeTV. To this notion, we’d like to say: Not so fast. Even as a website that’s occasionally been quasi-critical of the sport’s new Christ figure, we think it’s pretty unfair to hang this particular PPV’s disappointing showing on Jones. Don’t forget that he didn’t become a full-on breakout superstar until AFTER he crushed Mauricio “Shogun” Rua to win the strap, you guys.


Source: Jon Jones Capture of Robber Was a Staged PR Move

(A picture says a thousand words…like, “Why is there a SPIKE TV camera man’s reflection in the windshield of that car?”)

When Jon Jones unbelievable story of chasing down and capturing a thief in the hours prior to his UFC 128 championship bout with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua made the rounds, it seemed like an unbelievable story. Well, at least one source claims that the incident was a staged PR move to designed to get the UFC light heavyweight and the sport of MMA more mainstream press.

Mission accomplished.

Thanks to the Zuffa creative team, who are said to have cooked up the plot to the fake robbery that took place Saturday afternoon outside of in New Jersey park, Jones was invited to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to talk about his incredible crime fighting tale.


‘Free CagePotato’: Twitter/Facebook T-Shirt Winners, Round 1

Free CagePotato UFC MMA photos
(Props: mmachiro)

So here’s how we’ll do this: Every week, we’ll announce a handful of our favorite #freecapotato Twitter messages and Facebook photos. As promised, those people will all get “Free CagePotato” t-shirts; if we run your photo or tweet, please e-mail your name, shirt-size, and address to, and we’ll hook you up. Lots more after the jump…

Free CagePotato UFC MMA photos
(Props: Miles B.)


Video: Jon Jones on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’

Via, here’s the video of Jon Jones‘s appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night. The segment began with the UFC light-heavyweight champ handing Jay his belt as the Rickey Minor Band gamely worked its way through the Ultimate Fighter theme music. (“Time to end this suffering,” indeed.) Bones handed himself well. While fending off the advances of a very-smitten Kirstie Alley, Jones told the full story of his robber-apprehension in New Jersey before UFC 128, explained MMA to the old folks in the crowd, revealed how his mom beat him and his brothers twice a day (you know, because he grew up in such a strong Christian home), and then plugged his next fight against Rashad Evans, date still TBA. Your move, Brock. What did you guys think?

After the jump: Photos of Jonny Bones choking out Jay Leno and getting comfortable with Kirstie Alley.


Ryan Jimmo’s ‘Big Deal Blog’ Number 2.1: Here We Go Again!

(Video courtesy of YouTube/Polska58)

Well another fight is on the horizon for me.

Three weeks left until Emanuel Newton and I throw down. Not to mention the new two-fight deal with the MFC we just signed. My manager and I had a meeting with the Pavelichs and told them we wanted Emanuel for April 8th. Mark made a few calls and set it up. He also thought it was an interesting match up and would be great for MFC 29 in Windsor, so we got on the card with just over a month’s notice even though it was nearly full.

Emanuel is a tough dude who is ranked 35th on, not to mention a former champ. I expect a great performance from him considering how he looked in his last fight with Rodney Wallace.

At the press conference after the fights Emanuel said, “Jimmo, that’s a nice belt…..Ill be coming for it,” so this is a fight I pushed for. It is a great opportunity and not to mention Emanuel added a little emotional element to it by saying what he did about my belt. It’s also a big fight card and the first major MMA show to set foot on Ontario soil, so how could I pass it up?