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May, 2011

Witness this Crazy Brawl Between Fans at UFC 129


There is so much to simultaneously love and despise about the above video of an epic brawl in the semi-cheap seats at Rogers Centre on Saturday night during UFC 129 that we felt compelled to share it with you. Normally, we wouldn’t give these a-holes the time of day – why give any more fodder to MMA’s adversaries? Why continue to disprove the myth that the UFC has “the best fans in the world”? – but this thing is so over-the-top that it’s simply begging for some brief play-by-play and analysis. Props to the homies at Middle Easy for the find.

First off, you know you’ve stumbled on some sweet shit when the opening scene is a bunch of guys in fashion Tees involved in a totally indecipherable melee with a dude in a GSP headband. Note to all MMA fans over the age of 10: That GSP headband doesn’t look as cool as you think it does. Second of all, where you at Rogers Centre security guards? Round one of this scrap goes on for more than a full minute – complete with guys flipping over rows of seats, some protracted shit-talking and dudes sporting pro-wrestling-style “crimson masks” of blood – and we’re not sure anybody in an official capacity ever shows up to do anything about it. By the time some totally different guy in a GSP headband asks the cameraman, “Is this gonna be on YouTube? What’s your YouTube channel? I gotta look this shit up!” we’re sold. We’re sure there’s a commentary somewhere in that statement about the ease of technology and the immediacy of postmodern life, but fuck it. Dudes start fighting again too soon for us to figure it out.


Video: Rashad Evans Says He’ll ‘Never Train With Somebody in the Same Weight Class Again’

(Video courtesy of YouTube/MMADigest)

Rashad Evans was in Toronto over the weekend to watch his friend and former training partner Georges St-Pierre’s UFC 129 bout against Jake Shields Saturday night at Rogers Centre.

The night before the event, Evans spoke to MMADigest at a pre-party at Muzik nightclub and touched on his recent break from Team Jackson as a result of Jon Jones becoming UFC light heavyweight champ.

For those of you who can’t watch the video at work, the meat and potatoes of the interview are transcribed after the jump.


’2011 Hottest Women in MMA Grand Prix’ Finals Voting: Arianny vs. Brittney

(Wow! They just seem so thrilled by the honor!)

This is it, folks — the final round in the greatest MMA tournament since PRIDE’s 2000 Open-Weight Grand Prix. After nearly a month of voting, you’ve whittled our 16-woman field down to two finalists. UFC Octagon Girls Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer are the lone survivors, and will be competing for your votes starting right now.

Check out more photos of the two ferocious competitors after the jump, and cast your final vote in the poll at the end of this post. (As usual, if you don’t see it, refresh the page or try a different browser.) We’ll announce the results on Friday. Man, this is really happening. Finish strong, people…


Video: Jake Shields Pokes Georges St. Pierre in the Eye Pretty Blatantly at UFC 129

(Props: elytko via BloodyElbow)

Not sure if was intentional, but Jake Shields‘s fingers introduced themselves to Georges St. Pierre‘s left eyeball on Saturday night, causing an injury that’s still bugging the UFC welterweight champ. Greg Jackson spoke to Sherdog after UFC 129, and let it be known that GSP’s performance might have been more impressive if not for that poke:

Georges’s eye was pretty badly injured — he told me that in between rounds — and Georges is a very timing-based fighter, and so when one of your eyes is injured your depth-perception gets off pretty significantly and it’s very hard for you to time the shots because it’s hard to see where they are coming. I felt he did really, really well considering he fought with one eye, I’m really proud of him for fighting through that. We’ll try to get better and do better the next time, but I really feel the injury played a significant role…he was just missing a little bit, he was just off a little bit on some of those big shots, and I feel like if he would have had both eyes he could have landed those shots and could have done a lot more damage.”

Responding to the argument that GSP should have finished Jake anyway, you know, because he’s so awesome and Jake Shields sucks, Jackson didn’t mince words:


Independent Laboratory to Perform UFC 129 Drug Testing

(“Why is this cup empty?”) has learned that the Ontario Athletic Commission did not oversee pre and post-fight drug testing for last night’s UFC 129 event in Toronto, contrary to its current set of MMA rules which state that the commission will “[test] competitors for performance enhancing and illegal drugs, where it is required in the contract between the promoter and the competitors.”

According to former Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director and current UFC Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Marc Ratner, testing for performance enhancing substances and for drugs of abuse were administered by an unnamed independent laboratory hired by the UFC.


UFC 129 Aftermath: Business as Usual, as Usual

Yeah, that happened.

Ever since the UFC purchased Strikeforce, it has been business as usual. Well, for some things at least. Georges St. Pierre and Jose Aldo are still the kings of their respective weight classes. Jumping karate kicks are still incredibly badass. A stadium full of over 55,000 fans could get pretty loud. You know, business as usual.

Georges St. Pierre extended his winning streak to nine fights last night in convincing fashion, exhibiting his superior stand-up skills en route to a unanimous decision victory over Jake Shields. While Jake Shields displayed much better striking last night than anything we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from him, he was also unable to get the fight to the ground. Oh well, on to Anderson Silva now, right?

Well, not exactly. GSP didn’t hide that he hasn’t committed to moving up to middleweight, and Anderson Silva still has to beat Yushin Okami for this to happen. Oh yeah, there’s also one minor issue: Dana White seems interested in seeing GSP fight Nick Diaz. But can Dana White really make this fight happen? In the “business as usual” manner we’ve come to expect, Dana White said, “I imagine I could do whatever I wanted to do if I really wanted. But we have a contract with Showtime, and he’s a Strikeforce fighter. We’ll see how it works out, but that’s an interesting fight.” For what it’s worth, Jake Shields also likes the idea of Diaz vs. GSP.