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May, 2011

Nick Diaz Gives Up His Boxing Dream For a Cage-Fight Against Some French Dude; Ricardo Mayorga Calls Everybody ‘Maricon’

Nick Diaz triathlon ironman race mean muggin MMA photos
(If triathlons allowed you to punch other racers, and the participants got paid millions of dollars to do it, well, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Props:

Despite that totally official press release claiming that Jeff Lacy had already signed for the fight, Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz will not be facing Lacy in a boxing match. In fact, Diaz will be sticking to the sport that he seemingly can’t stand — and it’s becoming very obvious what’s convincing him to stay.

According to a new press release, Diaz will continue pursuing his MMA career instead of professional boxing, “as it has been deemed that it be in Nick’s best interest to focus on his primary combat sport and profession…an opportunity arose for Nick to make a different sort of history in his primary field of fighting.”


Rashad Evans Admits Sending ‘White Boy’ Text, Points Out That Some of His Best Friends Are White

(Rashad Evans: Friend to the white man.)

Look, we’ll be the first to admit that this business about Rashad Evans calling Jon Jones a fake ass white boy via text message is pretty damn silly. The only reason we felt the photo was worth posting on this site is because Evans originally denied sending it. Do I think the “white boy” line should be characterized as “racist,” or as an insult to white people? No, not at all — although the tradition of one black fighter questioning a rival’s blackness is one of the oldest tricks in combat sports, and it’s slightly disappointing that Rashad stooped to that level.

Now that the photo has spread around the Internet, Evans was forced to admit its authenticity, which he did on the latest episode of MMA Weekly radio. Evans offered an apology to anybody who he might have offended, but also used the situation as an opportunity to question Jones’s maturity. The quotes (which start around the 1:23:00 mark of the show) are below:


Exclusive: Left With a Bitter Taste in His Mouth From Controversial TKO Loss to Ryan Ford, Karo Parisyan Calls For Rematch

(Video courtesy of YouTube/CP)

Ahead of his MMA Live 1 main event bout with Canadian standout Ryan Ford, Karo Parisyan said he wanted to prove to himself and to his fans that he turned a corner in his personal and professional life.

In spite of the fact that message boards have been abuzz with how impressive the 28-year-old’s performance was Thursday night in London, Ontario, Canada, in spite of a disappointing doctor’s stoppage loss, after watching the fight Parisyan wants another crack at Ford.

“I did say I wanted a rematch. First and foremost going into the fight I felt great and everything was fine and I was controlling the fight until the last moment [when] I caught an unfortunate knee. Wherever they can put together this fight, hopefully he takes the rematch and I would love to take it and fight him again,” Parisyan told Sunday. “And I will prove to everyone that Ryan Ford didn’t beat me and the knee and the cut didn’t beat me either. I’m so upset. Let Ryan come out and take a rematch. He told me he’d give me a rematch when I was getting into the back [after the fight]. I said, ‘Give me a rematch. You know you lost this fight. You were losing the fight and nothing was going to change.’ I’ve been in these wars all my life and I’ve always been able to pull out every freaking fight whether I was cut or tired or whatever it was or whether I was rocked. I wasn’t hurt and I wanted to keep fighting.”


I’m Totally Up In This B*tch, You Guys

“Remember when ReX13 was just the goofy extra?”

Best part of being a not-at-all professional blogger contributing to this website? Being able to blatantly violate a CagePotato ban without fearing any reprisals from the powers that be. Because let’s face it, the expectations for yours truly are set lower than the credibility bar to be a 2012 Republican candidate in good ol’ ‘Merica. (Suck it, Dundas, i can pick low-hanging political fruit, too!) You bastards can expect plenty more rule-breaking from me in the future, because i color outside the lines. I’m a rebel. I walk on the wildside. I do not consistently capitalize self-referential pronouns. It’s just how i am. At least until BG and GusBuster pull my editing privileges–feel free to start a pool on how long i last, provided i can get in on the action.


More Details Emerge Regarding Hermes Franca’s Sexual Assault Charges

More details have emerged in Hermes Franca‘s sexual assault case and let’s just say, it doesn’t look good for the former UFC lightweight contender.

According to Fox 12 Oregon, the alleged victim is under the age of 14 and the pair of “unlawful penetration” charges indicate that Franca used an object (or numerous objects) on her.


Exclusive Interview: Jon Jones Discusses Greg Jackson, Respect, and His Management at ‘MMA Live’

As promised, here’s Brian J. D’Souza‘s video interview with Jon Jones at the ‘MMA Live 1‘ show last week in London, Ontario. Some highlights:

On his initial decision to train with Greg Jackson: “I was watching his professionalism with Georges St. Pierre and a few other fighters, and I thought ‘man, if I could get all that brilliant energy pointed towards me, they probably could do something really special,’ and that’s what they’ve done I think…who knows what would have happened if I decided to [train] somewhere else, but Jackson’s seemed like the place for me. I remember our first meeting, they were talking about respect, and working hard, and family, and things like that, and that was something that drew me towards them.”


Hot Potato: Kelli Hutcherson’s ‘Maxim Hot 100′ Photos

Kelli Hutcherson Maxim magazine photos scans Hot 100 gallery June 2011 pictorial MMA ring girls Strikeforce
(Props: Maxim. Click all images for larger versions.)

The June 2011 issue of Maxim is out now, featuring Strikeforce ring girl Kelli Hutcherson making her debut in the annual Hot 100 feature. Kelli scored some solid real-estate in the issue, and we’ve got the scans to prove it. More highlights from her new pictorial are after the jump; in case you missed it, video from the shoot can be seen here.

Kelli Hutcherson Maxim magazine photos scans Hot 100 gallery June 2011 pictorial MMA ring girls Strikeforce


Sour Grapes Alert: Jon Fitch Describes GSP vs. Diaz as “Bullshit”

And don’t even get me started on the so called “birth certificate” of our president, you guys. Guys?

Well, that didn’t take long. With GSP vs. Diaz looking more likely by the day, you had to figure that someone would have a problem with it. Yesterday Jon Fitch let it be known that even though he is out of action due to a shoulder injury, and he kind of has a rematch with BJ Penn waiting for him when he gets back, he should be next in line to fight GSP. Jon Fitch was prompted to voice his displeasure for Nick Diaz by a rapture joke (seriously), and kept going on his Twitter account from there. All thing’s considered, it’s pretty entertaining. The results are after the jump, in chronological order.


War Machine’s Big House Blog: Musings on Reincarnation, Open Relationships, and His Plan to Save the World

(If he only knew then what he knows about ‘gay hippy shit’ now…)

Well, War Machine has finally realized what most second graders already know- ‘reading is great’. To think, it only took him being exiled from the UFC, failing at a career in porn, and being sent to jail for felony assault to discover the joy of books.

Below you’ll learn that War doesn’t get down on all of that made-up organized religion crap, preferring to root his beliefs in more time-tested scientific certainties like interdimensional yogis and reincarnation. The good news? While he’s out zipping around through space and time, he totally doesn’t mind if you bone his wife.


Bellator 45 Video: Christian M’Pumbu Smashes Richard Hale, Becomes New Light-Heavyweight Champion


The last event of Bellator’s fourth season went down last night in Lake Charles, Louisiana, featuring the finals of the light-heavyweight and featherweight tournaments. Christian M’Pumbu earned his way to the LHW finals by knocking out Chris Davis and Tim Carpenter, and it was business as usual against co-finalist Richard Hale. M’Pumbu dropped Hale once in the first round, but was unable to finish him with a D’arce choke. The Congolese-French standout didn’t make the same mistake twice; after scoring another knockdown in the third, M’Pumbu threw down leather until the ref was forced to stop the fight, picking up a $100,000 check and the title of Bellator’s first-ever light-heavyweight champion.

In the featherweight final, Patricio Freire edged out Daniel Straus to a unanimous decision, earning a rematch with champion Joe Warren, who he lost a split decision to last June. Full Bellator 45 results are after the jump…