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June, 2011

‘TUF 13′ Episode 10 Recap: The Morning After

(Ramsey jacks Chris’s swagger before their semi-final match. Props:

Following last week’s “Where’s your kid?” fiasco, Tony Ferguson is persona non grata in the TUF house. He tries to strike up a conversation with Chuck O’Neil in the kitchen and gets brutally cold-shouldered. “He’s burnt every last bridge in this house,” Chuck explains. “He’s burnt a bridge with everybody.”

Tony finally gets a clue and apologizes to everybody — or at least tries to — claiming that he drank too much, blacked out, and doesn’t really remember what he said. Chuck ain’t having it: “I was disgusted by what you said last night. For you to put Charlie’s kid’s name in your mouth, and for him not to hit you in the face, that shows what kind of person he is, because all of us wanted to fucking kill you.” The other guys aren’t interested in making up with Tony either, and he eventually gives up. On the bright side, he didn’t come here to make friends, so at least he succeeded on that level.

Both semi-finals are slated to go down on this episode, starting with Chris Cope (Team Lesnar) vs. Ramsey Nijem (Team Dos Santos). They “woo!” at each other during the weigh-in. And it’s already time for somebody’s dreams to be crushed…


Holy Sh*t, It’s Really Happening: Diaz vs. St-Pierre Official for UFC 137 in October

UFC president Dana White made an otherwise slow news day into an exciting one that fight fans have been waiting for for a long time with a simple tweet that was succinct and to the point.

“U wanted it! U GOT IT!!!”

What we will get will be a welterweight showdown between UFC champ Georges St-Pierre and Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. Although he didn’t say whether or not both (or any of the two for that matter) titles will be on the line, does it really matter?


Mike Whitehead’s Sex Assault Case Headed to Trial in August

(“Did I mention I bought Jimmy Dean sausages and I let her use my Star Wars pillow?”)

In spite of earlier reports that Mike Whitehead had reached a plea bargain deal with prosecutors in his felony sexual assault case, it looks like the former UFC fighter will now go to trial in an attempt to refute and disprove the allegations against him.

According to court records, Whitehead’s preliminary hearing will commence on August 19 at 9:00 am in Clark County district court in Las Vegas, NV. The case will be heard by Justice Janiece Marshall.

The preliminary hearing was originally set for last September, but because of delays and an apparent plea deal that either fell through or Whitehead decided not to take, there was a nearly one-year delay in bringing the case to trial.


Hot Potato Gallery: Rachelle Leah Has a Gun

(Full gallery is after the jump…)

UFC Octagon Girl legend Rachelle Leah recently released an eye-catching set of black-and-white shots, and since we have a brand-new photo gallery system we’ve been meaning to try out, we figured we’d toss ‘em up. Let us know what you think; those nude pics at the end are just bonuses for being so supportive. Follow the heavily-armed Ms. Leah at


Knockout of the Day: Justin Buchholz Snoozes Steve Lopez Via Front-Kick

(Props: SuperiorCageCombat)

Two Saturdays ago at Superior Cage Combat 1 in Las Vegas, lightweight UFC veteran Justin Buchholz became the third person since February to score a front-kick knockout in an MMA fight, which came in the closing minute of his headlining bout against Steve Lopez. In a bizarre and tragic coincidence, Lopez happens to be a member of the Xtreme Couture camp, just like Randy Couture and Vitor Belfort, who previously fell victim to the suddenly-hip technique in the UFC. Damn, those guys have to be spooked right now.

2011: Year of the Front Kick. Don’t try to fight it.


Sonnen Responds to Silva’s ‘Loser’ Comment and Gives His Thoughts On Bisping and Miller as TUF 14 Coaches

(“Your perfume is making me feel nauseous.”)

The beauty of social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter for fighters is that they can get whatever message they want across however they want it written. Of course there’s also an ugly side to that reality. Just ask anyone who subscribes to Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson’s Twitter feeds.

Chael Sonnen is one of the fighters who embraces the ADHD-friendly 140 character limit messaging service as it gives him a platform from which to aim punchline-heavy zingers at whomever he wants without having to deal with annoying follow-up questions from reporters.

Sonnen, who was noticeably absent from the Twitterverse while his court and athletic commission issues were being ironed, is once again an active tweeter and has been taking aim at a few fellow UFC middleweights the past few days.


Watch Badr Hari’s Documentary and Then Decide Whether Or Not He’s a Crazy Motherf*cker

(Video courtesy of YouTube/Undubately)

If you’re unfamiliar with who Badr Hari is, watch this documentary and familiarize yourself with kickboxing’s answer to Mike Tyson.

“The Golden Boy” is candid and honest about his issues with anger inside and outside of the ring in the short doc that aired last week on Dutch TV. I don’t know what makes a crazy, out of control person who stomps on downed opponents and knocks people who piss him off out in the street so polarizing, but it’s stories like these that I’d read about or watch any day of the week.

If you’re like me and the show left you wanting to hear more from Hari about himself, you’re in luck. Michael Schiavello announced during the HDNet broadcast of last weekend’s Titan Fighting event that he recently sat down with the beleagured Dutch-born Morroccan fighter to shoot an episode of  his acclaimed “The Voice vs.” series and that it was the most intense interview he’s ever done. The Voice vs. Badr Hari will air June 24 at 10 pm ET on HDNet.

Check out parts 2 and 3 of the documentary after the jump.


More MMA Art That Doesn’t Suck

He really manages to capture almost *all* of Diego’s crazy. And bodily fluid. ArtProps: “Reflex” by Jorg R. Dubin

We’ve shared before with you our opinion on the state of artwork involving MMA, and we’ve showcased everything from scribblings to a double handful of caricatures by some guy on the internet, to a gallery exhibition by a “serious artist” featuring MMA fighters.

(You can tell he’s a serious artist because he has boobies in his paintings he’s examining sports combat themes and how they relate to the struggles in the lives of the average joe. Or something like that — look, he paints on linen and people pay 15 grand for his work, guy must be legit, right?)

We’re pleased to pass along the report that MMA-themed artwork continues to flourish, as evidenced by the increasing level of skill and creativity put into some of our favorites. Check out the updated collection of MMA Artwork That Doesn’t Suck after the jump.


UFC 130 Excuse-Watch: Roy Nelson Had ‘Walking Pneumonia’

Frank Mir Roy Nelson UFC 130 fat MMA photos
(We would have also accepted ‘extreme-constipation’. Photo courtesy of HeavyMMA.)

Breaking away from his usual “fat guy who can throw down” persona, Roy Nelson just looked like your garden-variety fat guy last weekend at UFC 130, wheezing through three rounds, too exhausted to do anything besides absorb blows from Frank Mir. Was it a sign that Roy should finally hook up with a nutritionist and get his BMI in order?

The obvious answer is yes, definitely. Just because you can drag around a barrel of adipose tissue around your midsection and still compete at the highest levels of MMA doesn’t make it a good idea. Nelson is literally weighing himself down in the Octagon, and putting himself at a profound competitive disadvantage; even most 205-pounders in the UFC outsize Nelson at this point. But according to a new report, there was another factor in play on Saturday that made a victory for Big Country even less likely:


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