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July, 2011

Matt Hughes Fan Q&A: Don’t Ask Him About Tonight’s Fights

“…and those are the seven key differences between Durum Wheat and Hard White Wheat. Next question, please.”

The UFC continued their always entertaining series of Fighter Q&A sessions last night with Matt Hughes joining announcer Mike Goldberg on stage. As usual, Hughes shoots from the hip and shares his thoughts on everything from GSP’s standing in the sport to the recent testosterone replacement controversy, but one thing he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about is tonight’s fights. The reason? He really hasn’t seen many of the guys compete.

If you’re interested in catching the hour-long video, check it out here. If you learned nothing from your high school reliance on Cliffs Notes and want to continue eeking by on second-hand information, join us after the jump for a recap of the highlights.


UFC 132 Weigh-In Results & Videos

If you caught last night’s weigh-ins and aren’t amped up for this event, something is wrong with you. No, it wasn’t as eventful as last weekend’s affair, but that’s a good thing as all bouts are expected to take place this evening.

Everyone lived up to their contractual agreements and made weight, and everyone lived up to societal expectations and played their respective roles to a tee. If psychotically tense staredowns are an accurate predictor of fights, only time stands between Chris Leben, Wanderlei Silva, and a brawl for the ages. Tito did his best high school bully impression, unsuccessfully trying yet again to make his opponent flinch during the face-off. As for Faber and Cruz, there’s nothing to be said between these two that a few hundred kicks and punches couldn’t say better.

After the jump, check out the Cruz-Faber and Bader-Ortiz weigh-ins and get the full results from the scales.


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(Video courtesy of YouTube/NCAASteve)

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Reminder: Watch the UFC 132 Weigh-Ins Live Right Here at 7:00 pm ET

(That week off made Dana look 10 years younger. PicProps: MMAMania)

Just a friendly reminder that you can check out the UFC 132 weigh-ins right here starting at 7:00 pm ET.

This could be the last time we see “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” flexing in his underwear — unless of course you’re one of his Twitter followers (am I right, ReX?). Let’s place our wagers now who will get into a heated nose-bumping match and who won’t make weight.

Expect the staredown of the decade between Leben and Silva.

Check out the stream after the jump.


Jose Aldo’s Life to Become a Major Motion Picture

Jose Aldo movie MMA photos
(“Okay, we need a relatively short actor with a prominent facial scar who can do a believeable Portuguese accent. Just kidding, we’re gonna go with Mark Wahlberg.” Photo courtesy of Esther Lin)

Following in the footsteps of the Matt Hamill biopic Hamill, a movie based on Jose Aldo‘s life is reportedly in the works. According to Fighters Only, film director Afont Poyart — who Google has never heard of, but we’re guessing it’s this guy — is making the final tweaks to the script before starting filming, and the flick is slated to come out by early 2013. Aldo is clearly psyched about the news, telling UOL Desporte:

It’s a dream, right? My life to turn into a movie, a story…I guess those who don’t know either me or my story, will know a little more through this film that we will make. It will tell a lot of stories that previously are known only to close friends.”

Let’s just hope the barbecue pit scene is tastefully done. As for the lead actor, Aldo has an interesting casting idea…


The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 23: Short and Sweet Patriotic Long Weekend Edition

(Your country likes to party; our country likes to party. Why not make it a long weekend for both of us?)

If you’re like us, you’re sitting watching the clock waiting for today to be over so you can rip into the long weekend…unless of course you’re one of our Canadian readers, in which case you bastards are probably already sitting on a patio somewhere in a drunken haze trying to explain to oblivious onlookers the inside joke about Chocolate Al.

Do you buy gifts for each other on Canada day, or just drink in its honor?

Anyway, hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Canada Day/4th of July weekend. Give this abridged version of The Bum Rush a listen and waste an hour of your Friday. We were supposed to have our favorite MMA interviewer Karyn Bryant on this episode, but a last-minute scheduling conflict pushed her appearance back until the next show in two weeks. Chris Coleman also tried his damndest to be on the show, but technology foiled his efforts.


Steven Seagal Gets His Hooks Into Ricco Rodriguez Too

(This dude’s Marked for Death…)

Count Ricco Rodriguez as one of the growing number of fighters under the hypnotizing spell of Steven Seagal.

In a recent interview the beleaguered former UFC heavyweight champion did with Bleacher Report, Rodriguez detailed his first meeting with the “Hard to Kill” 7th Dan Aikido master.

“I’ve always been a fan of Steven Seagal’s. I’ve always admired his acting skills and even as I got older and started chasing some of my own personal goals. Because when I was a kid, I watched the Bruce Lee movies and going to Japan, living in Japan and training at the Takada dojo, traveling to Brazil, there was somewhat a similar situation to me and Seagal. So, getting to meet a person such as him, if I can explain to you how phenomenal his energy was, I can’t explain it unless you were because you just feel how motivating he is and how presentable he is. He’s a phenomenal person and a great guy.”


Quick Hit: Dana White Says Japan Show May Happen “This Year”

Well, the marketing people are ready. ImageSource:

In the week leading up to pay per views, there’s a good chance that Dana drops an interesting tidbit either at a press conference or during a conversation with one of the few members of the MMA media that he can stomach being around. (For those of you who are just joining us, CagePotato is not in that exclusive club.)

The PPV this week is UFC 132 (which you should really be stoked for, by the way), and the interesting tidbit is BigDaddyWhite saying that a show in Japan could be right around the corner.

“The rumor is true. We’re going to come to Japan, and probably soon.” White did not include any detail of where the event could take place, and when pressed for details on when, he simply said, “This year.”

Japan has long been a target for Dana and the UFC, and he’s spoken before about the difficulty of breaking into the Japanese scene. With the major promotions in Japan floundering, American promotions have poached quite a bit of top talent, which could help give them an in when putting a show together. [Insert Yakuza joke here]

(via MMAJunkie)



Excuse Watch: Chris Leben Had the Ol’ Gummi Bear Poops Before Fight With Brian Stann

(“Oh God, why did I chug that gallon of Pop Rocks and coke before the fight?” Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Heading into his highly anticipated face-off with Wanderlei Silva tomorrow night at UFC 132, Chris Leben was bound to hear the inevitable question about his last performance against Brian Stann: What went wrong? After all, Leben went into that match with the momentum of an impressive three-fight win streak, and wound up getting flattened within one round. Well, the explanation is simple, and it’s so perfectly Chris that all you can do is nod in sympathy. As he tells Ben Fowlkes:

I ate a bunch of candy, dude. I’m not lying…I didn’t eat sugar for like two months. Then after I made weight I went and bought gummy bears and chocolate and ice cream, and I ate that. My body hadn’t had sugar, so I was backstage puking, sh—ing and puking when I was on-deck for that fight. That’s not a lie; that’s the truth. And Brian Stann fought an amazing fight, but hindsight’s 20/20. No gummy bears for me this fight.”

Hey, we’ve all been there before, right? I mean, certainly not in our adult lives, but as eight-year-olds on Halloween, yeah we could have totally related to that. Anyway, it’s a good thing that Leben is one of those guys who never, ever repeats his mistakes.


Fireworks and Fighters: A 4th of July Comparison Guide

By Jason Moles

We the people of, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Bans, insure comments section Tranquility, provide for the common noob, promote the general Lack of Welfare, and attempt to secure the Blessings of Dana to ourselves and our readers, do ordain and establish this Comparison of fighters and fireworks for the Potato Nation.

There are plenty of MMA fighters out there who love to bring the pyrotechnics to the cage, lighting up their opponents for the enjoyment of the fans and the pleasure of a paycheck. In honor of Independence Day weekend — and our new friends at Wild Turkey — here’s a list of actual 4th of July fireworks that remind us of some well-known scrappers. Celebrate safely, and please try not to lose any fingers.

Snap-n-Pops (aka bang snaps, snappers, or whip’n pops): Corey Hill, Jason MacDonald, Razak Al-Hassan, Tim Sylvia

Call ‘em what you want, these small novelty fireworks are perfect for youngsters. You throw them against a wall, floor, or sleeping grandparent, and they make a satisfying POP! Cool, huh? It’s hard not to think of a ‘Snap-n-Pop’ and not think of these guys, whose limbs unfortunately made the same noises in their past fights.

Roman Candles: Clay Guida

Excitement. Power. Flash. Seemingly unending performance. Fun. Clay ‘The Carpenter’ Guida is more than your average firework. Hey may not blow up any doors but rest assured he’s always going to be a crowd favorite. No one has ever had a Roman Candle war or watched a Guida fight and not had the time of their life. For every colorful ball that is emitted from the candle, Guida whips his hair back and shoots in for a takedown. Regardless of what happens, they both just keep going until the final bell. When messing around with either, be careful; someone usually ends up a bloody mess.