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August, 2011

Four New Brits to Make Their Octagon Debuts at UFC 138

(Oli Thompson, back when he used to lift heavy shit for a living. Photo via

UFC 138‘s main event might be a little underwhelming, but there will be more than enough local talent to keep the Birmingham, England crowd engaged. In addition to well-known names like Paul Taylor, John Hathaway, Brad Pickett, and Terry Etim, there will be at least four U.K. fighters making their UFC debuts at the November 5th event. Here’s a quick rundown, with some videos after the jump…

Philip De Fries and Oli Thompson: The two heavyweight fight-finishers will be facing off against each other. De Fries is an undefeated BJJ specialist from Sunderland whose seven victories have all come by way of submission, with six in the first-round. Earlier this month, the 25-year-old choked out Stav Economou at an Ultimate Warrior Challenge event in Essex. Thompson is a former strongman competitor who won first place in the 2006 Britain’s Strongest Man tournament, and qualified for the 2008 World’s Strongest Man championships. As an MMA fighter, his 9-2 record includes five submissions and three KO/TKOs. He is the reigning heavyweight champion of the London-based Ultimate Challenge MMA promotion.


It Looks Like Chael Sonnen’s Slights About Brazil May Have Finally Caught Up With Him

(Video courtesy of Youtube/twistereddie)

It was inevitable that a Brazilian with the credentials to back up his threats would give Chael Sonnen a piece of his mind for the Xenophobic remarks “The American Gangster” has been spouting off about the South American country. 27-time Mundials champ Renato Laranja released the video above calling out Sonnen for disrespecting him and his homeland, and let’s just say he pulled no punches.

“Ashely Sonnen. I’m see you. I can see you right now. You’ve been talking your big mouths. You been talking a lot of stuffs.You talk a lot of respect for Brazil. You stay a lot of stuff like, ‘They pet the bus and they feed the carrot to the bus.’ That’s a very funny stuffs. But you say we don’t have a the Internet in Brazil. I think you’re wrong. I know I have Internet in Brazil. We have everything. I have a MySpace. I’m a new with the thing. Every kids have the MySpace. I have my job friends. I have Marco Ruas. I have Pedro. I have the Pedro. I have a de Pedro Rizzo. Those guys who clean the streets, he told me to put MySpace I don’t know how long ago it was. Maybe even three months ago he told me to put it. I download the music I call in Napster. You can’t tell me about the Internet.”


Technique Video of the Day: Name That Choke

VidProps: jbelljitsu/YouTube

Chokes from the front headlock position: there are many. Names for chokes from the front headlock position: there are more. It’s enough to make you second-guess yourself while you’re at the bar in your Affliction shirt and you see a fighter shoot his arm under his opponent’s neck for a choke. Is it a Brabo? Is it a D’Arce? Gator roll, anaconda, neckties of various nationalities… how do you keep them straight?

By learning them, you big silly. Learn a little bit about the anaconda choke/gator roll vs the Brabo/D’arce choke by watching Jay Bell show a transition from the former to the latter. The difference is subtle, but you should be able to pick it up with a little instruction.

There, now you won’t look like such a douche at the bar when you’re trying to figure out which arm triangle choke variation you’re looking at.

Although changing into a CP shirt would have helped a lot. Just sayin’.



This New Machinemen Highlight Will Make You Remember Why You’re a Fan of MMA

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TheWarHedo33)

Typically the best MMA highlights are perfect combinations of clips and music that, when combined, elicit a common response from fans.

Although the music selection was interesting to say the least, this video by Machinemen effectively runs the gamut of emotion from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat and everything in between and brings you along for the ride. Although not as technically dazzling as some of MM’s other work, “Marchin’ On” is just as effective at eliciting a response.

If you’re unfamiliar with his work, check out some of Machinemen’s other masterpieces, including his timely Fedor career retrospective short, after the jump.


After the Fall: Five Fights for Fedor

Marriage, children and happiness have robbed us of Fedor the Unstoppable. There, someone needed to say it. PicProps: CombatLifestyle

In the aftermath of Saturday night Strikeforce show, the hot topic is Fedor Emelianenko’s plan for the future. Will he retire? Should he retire? When does God make these decisions about retirement, and can we get an invite to the press conference?

We here at CagePotato are willing to go out on this limb and say, “Geez, you guys, it looks way higher from up here than we thought.” We’ll also say that Fedor is not done yet, because advancing that opinion allows us the chance to write in some suggestions for Fedor’s next opponent, with varying degrees of likelihood.

Inside, we’ve selected a handful of fighters with history of challenging Fedor in some way, that we would be willing to watch take on the Russian Cyborg of Total Destruction. NoteL to keep things fair, everyone on the list is older than Fedor, except the first guy. But Fedor’s already signed on to fight that guy once…


Hot Potato Gallery: Miesha Tate, Strikeforce Champion

Miesha Tate photos MMA Strikeforce gallery women's MMA
(Full gallery is after the jump.)

Following her upset submission win over Marloes Coenen at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson, it’s clear that Miesha Tate is the hottest thing going in women’s MMA. While the “Face of Women’s MMA” title doesn’t mean a whole lot to the new 135-pound Strikeforce champion, she’s now the sport’s de facto female star, in light of Gina Carano and Cristiane “Cris Cyborg” Santos‘s long absences from the cage. So how far can Miesha Tate’s growing stardom take her? And can she help sustain interest in women’s MMA in the face of an uncertain future? Those are very important questions to consider as you gawk at the photo gallery after the jump…


UFC Vet Edwin Dewees Arrested for Child Abuse After Twin Toddlers Found Walking Alone on Road

UFC veteran and TUF 4 castmember Edwin Dewees was arrested on Thursday and taken to the Yavapai County Jail in Camp Verde, Arizona, after his twin two-year-old sons went missing for an afternoon and were found walking alone on a road. According to TheDailyCourier, the boys were picked up by police after a report was made about two small children spotted by themselves near Road 1 North and Cactus Wren:

The officer immediately found two 2-year-old boys, one wearing just a T-shirt, walking barefoot down Road 1 North, said Cmdr. Mark Garcia of the Chino Valley Police Department.

The officer took the children, who appeared unharmed, to the Chino Valley Police Department and called CPS, which took custody of the children, said Sgt. Vince Schaan of the Chino Valley Police Department.

For nearly two hours, officers tried to find the children’s home and their caretaker, but could not, Garcia said.