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August, 2011

“UFC 134″ Live Results and Commentary: The Blog from Ipanema

“Where’s your liveblog now, Playboy?” (Photo:

Chael Sonnen may have opted to stay home this weekend, terrified of losing his ranking as the biggest ass on the continent, but the rest of the MMA world has descended upon Rio de Janeiro and dammit we’re going to blog about it!

It’s the UFC’s triumphant return to Brazil and we’ve got a treasure trove of questions to work through tonight. Will there be enough carrots to get the fighters to and from the stadium safely? With Joe Rogan absent, can Kenny Florini fill the void in nut shot and cup-related conversation? Will the raucous Brazilian audience make good on the riots that Vancouver expected?

There are probably some questions related to the fights as well, and time permitting we will answer them. Join us after the jump to catch the punch-by-punch PPV action and to explain why your favorite fighter just lost and/or had an off night in the comments section.


So Aleksander Emelianenko Actually Trains. With Mariusz Pudzianowski, Go Figure.

Video Props: MiddleEasy via

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, the day of a UFC event is always a pretty slow news day. Aside from last second hype for the event and the occasional minor league show with people you’ve actually heard of, we have to get creative with our definition of “news”. So when MiddleEasy posted a video of Aleksander Emelianenko training with World’s Strongest Man turned MMA fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski, it was a pretty easy decision to pass this along.

I’ll be honest, I kind of assumed that Aleksander’s busy schedule of crushing cans, getting prison tattoos and not having hepatitis left him zero time to actually train. For that matter, I also assumed that when you’re a decorated Russian criminal and Fedor Emelianenko’s younger brother, you wouldn’t need to practice to be really good at hurting people. Different strokes, I suppose.


Amanda Lucas Defeats Hikaru Shinohara; Hikaru Shinohara Defeats Her Cornerman

(YouTube props: CrazyLuke111)

Whenever a psuedo-celebrity climbs into the cage, something in our TMZ-infested DNA makes us take a little extra notice. A fight that would normally pass right on by without a second thought suddenly sparks a curiosity in the back of our brain. Promoters put these fights on with just that in mind, hoping that the anomaly will pay off in a little added exposure. Thus far in her career, Amanda Lucas has proven to be a goldmine in that respect.

We’re not saying that she isn’t taking her job as a fighter seriously (nor are we saying that she is, really), but the fates have intervened to garner her far more attention than her name alone could ever deliver, and very little of it has to do with her directly. First, a scheduled bout against Heather Martin was canceled last April when her opponent showed up an incredible 13 lbs. over the agreed upon weight limit. Then she had the displeasure of getting rag-dolled at the 2011 Mundials by Strikeforce 145 lb Women’s Champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos. Now when a dominant victory could speak for itself, it’s overshadowed by her opponent’s fit of post-fight rage.


UFC 134 Dana Vlog #2: Where in the World is Dana F’n White?

The latest Dana Vlog opens with a montage of the UFC kingpin battling his way through a torrent of media obligations stateside, including a cell phone convo in which he puts archenemy Bob Arum on blast. Once the final interview has been granted and the last F-bomb dropped, we see him jet off to Rio courtesy of some broke-ass “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” graphic.

While mingling with the segregated Brazilian and American camps, Dana makes a few weight inquiries which reveal that a disgruntled Forest Griffin was walking around at 216 lbs. one day removed from the official weigh-ins while Shogun was hovering just above the limit at 207 lbs. As for Middleweight challenger Yushin Okami, he was tipping the scales at a solid Thursday 89 kilos 196 lbs.

Full weigh-in results after the jump. And if you didn’t get to drop your predictions in our Fight Picking contest, you’ve still got time to tell the Nation how it’s all going down tonight!


Reminder: ProElite 1 to Stream on Sherdog Live after UFC 134 Tonight

Interview with BJ Penn’s brother, Reagan, who makes his MMA debut tonight. Props:

Many readers are probably looking for something to do after UFC 134 tonight. Preferably something that will involve a local bar with good drink specials and attractive women. Well, we can’t help you there. But for those hardcore MMA fans among us who don’t have things like “social lives” or “friends” holding you back, Sherdog has you covered with a live stream of ProElite’s return.

The stream begins at 1 A.M. ET on Sunday morning, and no, you don’t have to pay for it.

Aside from the return of Andrei Arlovski against King of the Cage light-heavyweight Ray Lopez, the event also features a middleweight tilt between the recently axed Kendall Grove and Joe Riggs. Both fighters are riding two fight losing streaks into the cage tonight. Also on the card are 2009 NCAA D1 wrestling champion Mark Ellis, UFC veteran Drew McFedries and BJ Penn’s younger brother, Reagan Penn, who is making his MMA debut. Again, you don’t have to pay for it.


Marloes Coenen Signs Three Fight Deal with BlackEye Promotions

Zuffa may be looking to bring Alistair Overeem back into the fold, but there is one Golden Glory fighter who is moving on to greener other pastures. Former Strikeforce 135lb Women’s Champion Marloes Coenen has signed a three fight, non-exclusive contract with North Carolina-based BlackEye Promotions.

Coenen was cut from the Strikeforce roster following her failed title defense against Meisha Tate last month, though the exile was more political than a reflection of her performance. The drop from Showime to an unknown regional promotion isn’t a glamorous one, but BlackEye is trying to establish itself as a player in the WMMA game. Its upcoming October 1st card—The Breast Cancer Beatdownboasts six female bouts that include fighters Erin Toughill and Roxanne Modafferi.

It is a somewhat curious move, considering that Golden Glory and the UFC are once again on speaking terms. Though her contract with BlackEye is non-exclusive, we all know that Zuffa doesn’t like to share its toys, so even if her current promotion is cool with a return to Strikeforce it isn’t likely to happen unless she breaks free of those ties. “Rumina” expects to return to action sometime in February. We’ll be watching…if that’s an option.



Exclusive: Nick Newell vs. Jesse Zeugin Booked for Shark Fights 19 has confirmed with Shark Fights officials that Proving Ground winner Nick Newell (5-0) will make his promotional debut at Shark Fights 19 against fellow lightweight Jesse Zeugin, a 29-year-old fighter from Missouri who holds a 5-2 record with all wins by submission within the first two rounds. Zeugin last competed at Titan Fighting Championship 18 in May, where he lost to Joe “The Nose” Wilk via anaconda choke. He trains out of the Springfield Fight Club alongside TUF 12 finalist Michael Johnson and Strikeforce/Bellator vet Zak Cummings.

Shark Fights 19 takes place September 10th at the Independence Events Center in Independence, Missouri. We’ll release the full fight lineup in the next few days. If you want to come hang out with us at the show, get your tickets here, and follow Shark Fights on Facebook and Twitter.


Friday Afternoon Pre-Hurricane Link Dump

(“Why are we even talking about Anderson Silva? I saved that guys career and he’s yet to mail me a thank you card.” Props: NaturalBornKillerMMA)

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Zuffa Threatens UbiSoft, Software Company Taps Out

The game in the video above is Fighters Uncaged, a fighting game for the XboX 360 that utilizes the XBoX Kinect motion control system to turn the game player into the game controller. The on-screen character replicates the movements that the player makes in his living room, and virtual beatdowns ensue. That’s the concept, at least. In reality, the game has been beaten up so bad by critics that Dana White wanted to fire it.


Joe Son Convicted on Torture Charge Related to 1990 Gang-Rape, Faces 15 Years to Life

(Why so glum, Joey? Prison is a magical place, just *full* of gang-rape.)

Justice has finally defeated UFC veteran/actor/rapist Joe Son. The thong-clad scumbag‘s gang-rape trial came to an end yesterday, with Son eating a felony conviction that could put him in prison for the rest of his pathetic-ass life. SFGate has the details:

Joseph Hyungmin Son was found guilty of one felony count of torture Thursday. A statute of limitations had expired on other counts. Prosecutors say Son and an accomplice pulled the victim into a car on Christmas Eve in 1990 and drove her toward Huntington Beach as they beat her with a gun and raped her. The investigation had gone cold until Son was required to provide a DNA sample in 2008 in connection with a vandalism sentence. He faces a maximum sentence of 15 years to life in state prison.

Four years after the rape, Son debuted in the UFC as a Bible-thumping nutpunch-magnet. Any guesses on how long he’ll last in prison?