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August, 2011

Watch the UFC 134 Weigh-Ins Right Here, Starting at 3 p.m. [Updated with Results]

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UFC 134 weigh-ins are scheduled to kick off at 3 p.m. today at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. You can watch all the staredowns (and potential scale-fails) live in the video player after the jump, and we’ll update the numbers below when they’re official. And remember to swing by tomorrow night for our “Silva vs. Okami” liveblog!


Authentic Brands Group Lays the Smackdown on Cancer Non-Profit Over ‘Tapout’ Usage

(Pic props: Tapout Cancer via

Apparently Dana White isn’t the only person in the MMA community who keeps a cease and desist in their back pocket, eagerly awaiting to ruin someone’s fun. is reporting that Authentic Brands Group, owner of MMA brands Sinister, Silverstar and Tapout, has officially served notice to the non-profit cancer awareness company Tap Out Cancer over the use of a federally trademarked word ‘tapout’.

All I can think about is Mask rolling over in his grave right now. First the “bro deals” went out the window and now this. I understand the business logic behind the decision. However, I feel it’s a missed opportunity for the most recognizable MMA apparel company to have a positive impact in the lives of others while gaining the hearts of media everywhere. What do you guys think?


This Just In: Brazilian Fans Love UFC, Hate Chael Sonnen


As we all know, Chael Sonnen occasionally says things about Brazilian fighters, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and the country of Brazil that are less than complimentary. You ever wonder what the fans of Brazil think about Chael Sonnen?

Us neither. But Ariel Helwani was at the open workouts for UFC Rio, and there were a few fans there, so why not? Turns out, while there are a few that recognize Sonnen’s promotional efforts for what they are, mostly the Brazilian fans just plain don’t like the gangster from America. Go figure.

Check out five minutes of Brazilians talking about Sonnen. It’s worth it.




UFC 134 Photo of the Day: Big Nog Looks Like Brendan Schaub’s Dad at This Point

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Big Nog Brendan Schaub UFC 134 photos
(Props: epwar. Click for larger version.)

Every time I see a photo of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, it freaks me out that the dude is only five years older than me. I mean, yeah, I haven’t spent my life traveling overseas to be punched in the face by some of the baddest heavyweight MMA fighters in history, but I like to think that my skin care regimen is paying off. (Pumpkin seed oil and placenta, all day. Trust me, guys.)

The mere sight of Nogueira and Brendan Schaub standing next to each other is just one of the reasons why the legendary Brazilian is coming in as more than a 2-1 underdog for their main card bout at tomorrow night’s UFC 134: Silva vs. Okami event. Plus, he’s had surgeries on both knees and his hip since his knockout loss to Cain Velasquez last February, and admits that his rehab was rushed in order for him to compete in his home country for the first time.

Saturday night will determine if Big Nog still has a future as a top-level competitor. Can he pull it off?


Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 134 Edition

Anderson Silva Royce Gracie UFC 134 Rio Brazil
(The Royce Gracie of our generation poses with the Anderson Silva of his generation. Props:

On August 27th, Rio de Janeiro will be Blowout City. Aside from two matches on the preliminary card — Loveland vs. Jabouin and Assuncao vs. Eduardo — every fight at UFC 134: Silva vs. Okami features a fighter who’s a 2-1 favorite or higher. In times like these, it’s not about picking the winners, it’s about picking the upsets. So where they at? Check out the UFC 134 gambling lines below (via BestFightOdds), and consider our advice after the jump.

Main Card (PPV, 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT)
Anderson Silva (-471) vs. Yushin Okami (+425)
Maurício Rua (-220) vs. Forrest Griffin (+225)
Brendan Schaub (-230) vs. Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira (+216)
Edson Barboza (-300) vs. Ross Pearson (+280)
Luis Cane (-200) vs. Stanislav Nedkov (+195)

Spike TV Prelims Live (8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT)
Thiago Tavares (-205) vs. Spencer Fisher (+200)
Rousimar Palhares (-275) vs. Dan Miller (+252)

Facebook Prelims (6 p.m. ET / 3 p.m. PT)
Paulo Thiago (-389) vs. David Mitchell (+340)
Raphael Assunção (-160) vs. Johnny Eduardo (+149)
Erick Silva (-270) vs. Luis Ramos (+246)
Yuri Alcantara (-437) vs. Felipe Arantes (+379)
Ian Loveland (-195) vs. Yves Jabouin (+180)


Counter-Point: Jason Reinhardt Has Feelings Too, You Know

Jason Reinhardt UFC MMA photos
(You can pretty much guess why he had to shave his head.)

Look, we’ve busted Jason Reinhardt‘s balls a couple times because of his tendency to fight 0-0 opponents, his winless UFC record, and because he happens to look like Steve Carrel’s stunt-double in a movie about meth addiction. But of course records never tell the whole story. As a sub-155′er trying to make a living in the Midwest, Reinhardt had to take whatever opportunities were available to him, and was often paired up with much larger opponents on his journey to the big show. After news of his UFC release broke, Reinhardt went on the UG to respond to his critics and defend his strange career. I thought it was worth passing along. Read on…


Technique Video of the Day: 10th Planet Leg Lock and a South African Hottie

Yesterday when we posted video of that double armbar submission, Potato Nation loyalist ihateemo pointed out that it looked a bit like Eddie Bravo’s Sorcerer submission, and he even linked to the video. Thanks, ihateemo, now we can’t post that as the technique video of the day and write about how they looked similar. We would have looked very perceptive and educated, and everyone would have been impressed, but ihateemo had to go and screw it up for us. Thanks a lot, jerkface.

Good thing is, Bravo has plenty of videos out there of the strange and wonderful world of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, and finding footage of him weeded and talking his way through an exotic submission requires about two minutes and a yellow belt in Google Fu. With just a little bit of time and effort, we found this little gem covering the Vaporizer leg lock (which has NOTHING TO DO WITH WEED, YOU GUYS), plus a bonus: the vid features Joanne Spracklen, whom we’re sort of fond of around here.

Ok, Nation: go put on your gi pants, do some stretching, and try this out on a white belt today. With any luck, you can make them tap and/or cry and be back on XBoX before cocktail hour.



Video: Anderson Silva’s Burger King Commercial Is Utterly Insane

And here we have UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva lip-synching to Minnie Riperton as part of his new endorsement deal with Burger King. The lack of business regulation in Brazil means that BK can legally sell five-patty Deathburgers there, and we totally believe that Silva eats those things all the time. The King is dead. Long live the King.

Semi-related: After the jump, MMA stars predict the winner of Silva vs. Okami in a new video from UFC Connected. Silva juuuuust sneaks by with 100% of the vote.


Cris Cyborg Re-Signs With Strikeforce — Next Fight Still TBA

Cris Cyborg Jan Finney Strikeforce MMA photos
(“Hey, remember when I punched you in the face? That was awesome.” Photo courtesy of Esther/Strikeforce)

Inactive for 14 months (and counting), Cristiane “Cris Cyborg” Santos confirmed via Twitter last night that she has finally re-signed with Strikeforce. The 145-pound women’s champ officially became a free-agent in June, when her champion’s clause expired before she and Strikeforce could come to terms on a new deal. Though she had been negotiating with other organizations — and was even courted by the WWE — Santos is back where she belongs, and will face Opponent TBA at Event TBA.

Of course, Cyborg’s original problem still remains — that there are no credible challengers ready to fight her. I have a bad feeling that Ronda Rousey is about to get a life-changing phone call very soon.


‘UFC 134: Silva vs. Okami’ Fight-Picking Contest — Win a Pair of MMA Gloves From!

(Everlast Pro Competition MMA Gloves — perfect for wearing around the neighborhood while demanding that strangers get in your guard. / Image via

Know what we haven’t had in a long time? A good ol’ fight-picking contest. Our new friends at have pledged us a pair of four-ounce Everlast MMA gloves (see above), and we’re going to award them to one lucky CagePotato reader in a test of predictive skill.

This Saturday, UFC 134 goes down at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, featuring Anderson Silva‘s latest title defense against Yushin Okami and the light-heavyweight rematch between former champs Mauricio Rua and Forrest Griffin. Submit your predictions for these two fights in the comments section below, including the winner’s name, the method of victory, and the time/round of stoppage, if any. Your entry should be in this format: