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October, 2011

Eyebrow-Raising Callout of the Day: Fabricio Werdum Wants Brendan Schaub Next

(“I would have picked Joey Beltran or Pat Barry but they both just fought.”)

If you’ve been following the story on other MMA websites — and I don’t know why you would be since we thought you were our bros — Fabricio Werdum was rumored to be headed back to the UFC, but then he sort of denied the rumors and sort of didn’t by saying he couldn’t talk about it. Well, “Vai Cavalo” may have let the cat out of the bag that he’s Octagon-bound today since he’s now calling out UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub — an interesting choice for a guy who beat Fedor Emelianenko and went to a decision against Alistair Overeem in his past two bouts.


Video: Chuck Liddell Returns to the Cage on ‘Hawaii Five-0′

(Props to

Fresh of his various appearances in our Hayabusa Cameo Contest, former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell popped up on Hawaii Five-0 recently, showcasing an entirely different side of his acting abilities, this time playing “cage fighter.” I’ll give all due credit to Alex O’Loughlin for not only fighting up a couple of weight classes, but for taking part in the most brutal charity match this side of Rocky vs. Thunderlips. And is it just us, or does Chucky boy have “that look” in his eyes yet again?


George St-Pierre Considering Drop to 155: Five Fights for His Lightweight Debut

(Well sure, compared to Guy On The Right, *everybody* looks like a lightweight.)

by Sal DeRose

With the news that Georges St-Pierre could (and is better suited to) drop to 155 pounds and further make the UFC’s lightweight division even more stacked, it gave fans more doubt that a mega fight with Anderson Silva will ever come to fruition.

So if GSP were to drop to lightweight, here are five fights for him to take to get him adjusted to the lightweight waters…

Visit to check out GSP’s potential lightweight hit-list.


Hot Potato: ProElite Ring Girl Paige Chapman (aka Porn Actress ‘Chanel Rae’)

Paige Chapman Chanel Rae model MMA ring girl ProElite porn star photos photo gallery
(Full gallery is after the jump.)

While furiously masturbating last week, Zeus of made a rather interesting discovery: One of ProElite’s new ring girls, a 21-year-old model from Los Angeles named Paige Chapman, also “acts” in adult films under the name Chanel Rae. I had to Google her myself, and let me tell you, I was shocked.

Said ProElite VP of Fight Operations T. Jay Thompson: “It was news to me. But I’m a big believer in first amendment freedoms. I support Paige in her decision to make a living any way she chooses. I know one thing…Our ‘Win a date with a ProElite ring girl’ just got a whole lot more popular! Heck, Arianny does Playboy. It’s in the same genre. Actually I kinda hope Arianny goes the same route.”

Check out 12 of Paige’s safe-for-work photos in the gallery below, and if you like what you see, you can find more on her Facebook and ModelMayhem pages.


Shocker of the Day: Brett Rogers Arrested *Again* for Bail Condition Breach

(Tijuana had no answers for Brett’s muay thai game.)

You would think that a guy who is proclaiming his innocence in a spousal abuse case (in spite of the fact that everyone knows his wife is simply too terrified to testify against him) would be doing everything necessary to clear his name. Instead, former Strikeforce heavyweight contender Brett Rogers has yet again breached terms of his pre-sentencing release in his domestic assault case and was arrested this morning at his Apple Valley, MN home and is locked up in Hastings County jail. He was slated to make a first appearance to speak to the charges today, but it’s unlikely that this time around he’ll be able to peg fault on the court.

The news of Rogers’ arrest was first reported by the Apple Valley Patch.

This is the second legit warrant that has been issued for him since the incident in June that culminated with Rogers being charged with felonious third-degree assault, domestic assault by strangulation, uttering terroristic threats and having a pattern of stalking as well as one gross misdemeanor count of endangerment of a child. According to statements made by witnesses and Rogers’ daughters, “The Grim” beat and choked his wife Tijuana unconscious, leaving her face bruised and battered and minus a tooth. She originally tried to deny that her husband had assaulted her, but later admitted what had happened, however she refused to testify against him as she was afraid that a finding of “guilty,” would cause him problems in his MMA career. It didn’t matter though, since Strikeforce dropped him like a bad habit when news of the assault first broke.


Left Kick, Cemetery: Mirko Cro Cop’s Greatest Hits

(I dare you to mock this picture.) 

It’s hard to define someone like Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, a man who is perhaps the most multi-faceted, not to mention intriguing figure in MMA. Aside from his incredible list of credentials including time in both the Croatian elite Special Forces Unit and Parliament, the man has amassed a mixed martial arts and kickboxing resume that reads like a Hall of Fame list in either sport.

But come Saturday night at UFC 137, Cro Cop will simply be fighting for the right to continue his career, or maybe just to end it on his own terms. In a way, Filipovic is kind of like the Metallica of the heavyweights, with his 2006 Pride Grand Prix win being his Master of Puppets. And, like Metallica, everything since then has been well…just kind of downhill. The devastating loss to Gabriel Gonzaga was his ReLoad, the bittersweet win over Pat Barry his Death Magnetic, and the back-to-back knockout losses to Frank Mir and Brendan Schuab his Lulu. Except, unlike Lulu, those losses only felt like an hour and a half of pure shit.

But as fans of the sport, we are pulling for Cro Cop to put on a hell of a performance on October 29th. Even at the cost of our parlays, it would be awesome to see some flashes of the old “Cro Cop” in what could be the last fight of his incredible career, which Old Dad has already promised us Mirko will do.

Look at me, blabbering on like some school girl. Let’s take a look and listen at Cro Cop’s greatest hits, “California Dreamin‘” aside.


‘TUF 13′ Winner Tony Ferguson Draws Yves Edwards for TUF 14 Finale Card

(“Yeah…I’m gonna call you ‘Jessie’. Do you like that name? Shhh, daddy’s got you.” / Photo via

After knocking our four straight opponents to claim his Ultimate Fighter 13 trophy, then shattering Aaron Riley’s jaw last month in his first post-TUF Octagon appearance, Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson is getting another step up this December. The UFC has confirmed that Ferguson (12-2, 2-0 UFC) will be facing 14-year MMA veteran Yves Edwards (41-17-1, 9-5 UFC) at the TUF 14 Finale, December 3rd in Las Vegas.

It goes without saying that Edwards’s biggest advantage in the matchup is experience. The “Thugjitsu Master” has more than four times as many pro fights as Ferguson, and has a resume that includes wins over big names like Josh Thomson, Rich Clementi, and Hermes Franca. Edwards most recently TKO’d Rafaello Oliveira at UFC Live: Cruz vs. Johnson, which helped him rebound from an ugly knockout loss against Sam Stout.


CagePotato Ban: Having Your Champion Fight in Non-Title Fights

Remember: The real champion is the guy on the right. Seriously. Both images via Sherdog.

For those of you who haven’t noticed, Bellator’s Light-heavyweight champion Christian M’Pumbu lost his non-title super fight against journeyman Travis Wiuff on Saturday night. Yes, a champion actually lost one of those super fights that are supposed to show the general public how badass he is. Now that we’ve had an additional twenty four hours to digest the incident since we first reported it yesterday, let’s put the fight into perspective: Wiuff decisively beat Bellator’s light-heavyweight champion, Christian M’Pumbu, in a light-heavyweight fight under the Bellator banner on Saturday night. For his efforts, he has more than likely earned a slot in next season’s light-heavyweight tournament. If he wins said tournament, his reward will be a title shot against the best light-heavyweight in Bellator, Christian M’Pumbu. You know, the guy he just defeated Saturday night.

Wait, what the fucking what?

Having your champion fight in non-title super fights is a dubious idea in the first place. We’ve seen other organizations employ it before with less than spectacular results. Now that the worst case scenario played out at Bellator 55, it’s officially time to give this idea the ban that it deserves.

There are three main reasons why:


Feel Good Story of the Day: Dewey Bozella Comes Full Circle and Wins Boxing Debut at 52

(Video courtesy of YouTube/ESPN)

If you haven’t been following the amazing story of Dewey Bozella, take 12 minutes and get caught up on backstory above and come back and we’ll discuss it.

Okay, now that we’re all up to speed, if you missed it, on October 15 Bozella, who amazingly says he holds no grudge for being incarcerated for nearly 30 years for a crime he didn’t commit even though the police in the case actually buried evidence, made his professional boxing debut on the Bernard Hopkins vs. Chad Dawson undercard.


Not This Sh*t Again: ‘MMA JayT’ is Back And He’s Hugging Cheick Kongo’s Nuts Pretty Tight

(Video courtesy of YouTube/JayT 1976)

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you may recall this dude JayT, who was making a push to become the third man on the UFC broadcast team. Well, apparently MMA’s version of Antoine Dodson realized that Zuffa wasn’t returning his calls for a reason and that his chances of becoming a legit MMA reporter were about as slim as Kenny Florian’s chances of becoming a UFC reporter, so instead “Hotsauce” decided he would head up the Tito Ortiz/Team Punishment fan club. It makes sense, when you think about it since there likely wasn’t a line-up of people wanting the gig.

Anyway, the self-proclaimed Toronto night club pioneer, who says he has “deep roots” in MMA, which, as far as we can muster means he makes his own hats and travels on his own dime to support fighters he likes, is now predicting that our old pal Cheick Kongo will one day be UFC heavyweight champion. He also has some harsh words for Matt Mitrione, who insulted Tito’s (ex?) girlfriend Jenna Jameson. We won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say that “Meathead” better hope that he doesn’t run into Jay-T this weekend. And Ben better hope that he doesn’t run into JT “Jiggly Titties” Warsh or “Cup ” Cheick Kongo any time soon, or else his baby-making days may be numbered, nawmsayin?

Check out more from this trainwreck, including an MMA fight challenge he issues to a member of Jersey Shore after the jump.