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November, 2011

Video: Chael Sonnen is Sick of Anderson Silva’s Reluctance to Fight and Vitor Belfort’s Bankrupt Mouth Writing Checks

ProMMANow caught up with Chael Sonnen over the weekend and they asked the number one UFC middleweight contender if he thinks the rumored bout with Anderson Silva will happen soon. As usual, Chael didn’t hold back especially when talking about Silva’s seeming unwillingness to fight him again and the recent callout he got from Vitor Belfort.

“Listen, I’m gonna go fight whether it’s him or it’s someone else, I’m not gonna hold back. I fight them all. I am the middleweight champion and I take on all comers and he’s an impostor. The clear distinction between the tru champion and that bum is that. I’ll fight ‘em all. I don’t care what their name is, what their record is…big fight, little fight, this fight, that fight…I will fight. Period. Vitor Belfort calls me out, that’s no problem, Vitor,” Sonnen stated. “I will stomp you just as sure as I’ll do this interview today. You mean nothing to me, okay? You wanna fight me? Let’s fight. Got that, Vitor? You challenged me. I accept your challenge, stupid. Now what are you gonna do? Nothing, are you? You just said it ‘cuz you knew my plate was full. Wrong. I will stomp you.”


UFC 142 Booking Alert #2: Anthony Johnson to Make Middleweight Debut Against Vitor Belfort

(Yeah, this is probably for the best.)

It’s been a long time coming. The UFC confirmed today that disturbingly large welterweight contender Anthony Johnson will make the jump to 185 pounds and meet Vitor Belfort at UFC 142 (January 14th, somewhere in Brazil), in support of the Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes featherweight title match.

Johnson is riding a two-fight win streak, including a unanimous decision victory over Dan Hardy and a first-round TKO of Charlie Brenneman last month. Due to his habit of packing on mass outside of training camps — which resulted in him blowing weight by six pounds before his 2009 fight against Yoshiyuki Yoshida — speculation about Rumble’s size has hounded him for most of his UFC career. Competing at a more natural weight could be the best thing for his career. Just ask Alistair Overeem, if he ever gets a break between killing people.


The 100 Greatest Moments in UFC History

(“Comin’ in at #42, it’s Rampage Jackson, with “I Just Called to Say I Unified the UFC and PRIDE Championship Belts.”)

By Scott Harris

On Saturday, Nov. 12, the Ultimate Fighting Championship makes its broadcast network television debut with UFC on Fox: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos. At this point, it’s safe to say the UFC’s popularity is snowballing. Even that may be a mild analogy. With the UFC and its fighters finding newer and wider avenues into the mainstream seemingly every day, MMA’s premier promotion is more like a magnet in a river of paper clips, or a molten ball of caramel careening down a mountain of chopped walnuts.

You get the idea. These are heady times for the UFC.

The UFC’s blockbuster deal with the network that brought you The Simpsons and Terry Bradshaw is just the latest in a long line of accomplishments. So as a celebration of how far it has all come, here’s a list of the greatest moments in UFC history. This encompasses old school and new, serious and funny, inside and outside the Octagon. Moments that were special to witness or helped in some way to move the sport closer to where it is today — which is to say, on the precipice of world domination.

Check out this massive tour through the UFC’s past at


Your Daily Dose of Manitude: Don Frye’s Inside MMA Outtakes

Once again, our boy ZombieProphet over at IronForgesIron has come through with an awesome bit off MMA related goodness to help your work day along. Today, we have the musings of Mustache Kinglife advice expert, and former UFC fighter Don Frye from yesterday’s Halloween themed episode of Inside MMA.

Donning the most appropriate Halloween costume imaginable in Magnum P.I., Frye provided us with more gems in a minute than most of us can come up with in a lifetime:


Aldo to Defend Featherweight Strap Against Mendes at UFC 142 in January in Brazil

(Aldo will make his third UFC title defense at home in Brazil.)

Jose Aldo will be in for a stiff test when he puts his UFC featherweight crown on the line against undefeated 11-0 wrestling standout Chad Mendes on January 14 at UFC 142 in a yet-to-be-announced locale in Brazil.

“Pound-for-pound superstar Jose Aldo will return home to fight in Brazil for the first time since 2007 when he defends his UFC featherweight title against unbeaten powerhouse Chad Mendes,” UFC president Dana White revealed to this morning. “Aldo hasn’t lost in over five years, but Mendes has yet to lose in MMA, and after clearing out all the contenders put in his way, he believes he has what it takes to beat the champion.”


It Looks Like Our Magic Eight Ball Was Right About Gina Carano Not Fighting This Year


Remember when Scott Coker said Gina Carano would be returning to the Strikeforce cage in 2011? Well, apparently he was lying.


Turns Out Carlos Condit Didn’t Have a Choice in This Whole Diaz/GSP Debacle

If you thought something smelled fishy when Carlos Condit simply stepped aside from his title shot with Georges St. Pierre for Nick Diaz, then perhaps it’s time you used that nose to fight crime. On a very special Halloween episode of Inside MMA, it was revealed by “The Natural Born Killer’s” agent and President of First Round Management, Malki Kawa, that Condit was not given an option to back out of his welterweight championship bout, saying:

Contrary to what has been stated, Carlos did not step aside and allow this to happen, and would not just hand over an opportunity for him to achieve his greatest career goal, one that he has earned through his strong performances in the octagon. No option was given to him. 


Gallery: 16 GIFS of Georges St. Pierre Being Awesome

gsp georges st. pierre dancing tv show funny mma gifs gif gallery

Now that Georges St. Pierre is booked to face Nick Diaz on Super Bowl weekend, we thought it was time to put together a moving-picture tribute to the French-Canadian UFC superstar. Lots more brilliant GSP gifs are after the jump.

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Photo of the Day: ‘UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem’ Official Poster

ufc 141 brock lesnar alistair overeem poster
(They should have included a can of soda for size comparison.)

With Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem, the UFC will arguably be presenting the most dynamic wrestler vs. striker battle that the heavyweight division has ever seen — but if you really want to hook the casual fans, it’s a lot easier to say “gawd damn these sons-a-bitches are huuuuuge!”

Which they are, of course. This might be the first time that Lesnar will look out-sized in the cage. And after Brock’s year-long illness layoff, Alistair isn’t exactly the ideal return opponent. But hey, this is MMA, anything can happen, etc.