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December, 2011

Chad Griggs, ‘Big’ Johnson Kick Off Great Strikeforce Heavyweight Exodus of 2011-2012

(Chad Griggs: Funkiest white man alive. / Photo by Esther)

Two of Strikeforce’s hardest-hitting heavyweight prospects are getting some good news this Christmas* season. According to new reports, Chad Griggs and Lavar “Big” Johnson have inked contracts with the UFC, meaning that they’ll still have jobs after Strikeforce disbands its big-man division next year.

Though he’s perhaps best known for his incredible muttonchops, Chad “The Grave Digger” Griggs (11-1) has gone on a three-fight tear under the Strikeforce banner, beating up Bobby Lashley last August at Strikeforce: Houston, then scoring back-to-back first-round stoppages against Gianpiero Villante and Valentijn Overeem in Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix reserve bouts this year. The Arizona native hasn’t lost a fight since April 2007. The date and opponent for his next fight are still TBA, but Griggs is expected to make his Octagon debut in early 2012.


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(Chick vs. dude grappling match ends badly for the dude. Props: nate53202)

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Video: Watch Eddie Bravo Put On a Rubber Guard Clinic Against Takeya Mizugaki

(Video courtesy of YouTube/NoGiGrappling)

If you’ve ever wondered how 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu founder Eddie Bravo would do against a UFC fighter on the mats, your wait is over.

The video above should quell a few of the naysayers who hypothesize that Eddie’s guard-centric style is an ineffective one. He makes Takeya Mizugaki look like a blue belt during the six-minute roll and that’s no small feat considering the UFC bantamweight has only been submitted once in 23 fights.


Lesnar Cops to Hunting Violation in Canada and is Fined $1,725 CDN, or About Three Second’s Wages

(Video courtesy of YouTube/FederalPremiumAmmo)

Brock Lesnar had a lawyer in Manitoba plead guilty on his behalf for a hunting infraction he was charged with in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada stemming from an incident that occurred back in December, 2010.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers charged Lesnar and his guide, Chad Styker with three counts each of contravening the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Act, including improper affixation of tags, spoilage of skin and edible flesh and possession of a controlled animal.

(“What, this officer? No, it’s just a deer mask I wear when I hunt to fool the little buggers.”)


It Won’t Be Long, We’ll Meet Again: The Five Most Necessary and Unnecessary Rematches of 2011

(I see trouble a brewin’ on the horizon.) 

Given their frequency within the sport, we oft discuss the rematch here at CagePotato: we’ve mentioned a few that we’d like to see, we’ve mocked the possible occurence of others, and we’ve even gone as far as to predict how future ones would go down. And with 2011 featuring over 10 in the UFC alone, we decided to take a look back at at a year that both showcased and disgraced the awesomeness that is the rematch. Join us on this trip down memory lane, won’t you?

The Ones We Needed to See 

#5 – Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami at UFC 134

(Silva v. Okami, though this image could be from just about any of Silva’s fights.) 

Why it had to happen: Because the first fight marked the last time Silva had lost…at anything, and even if it was by way of illegal upkick DQ, it was enough to convince some people that Okami had his number. Plus, Okami had earned his shot by this point, and we were getting pretty damned tired of debating this old issue.

How it happened: Absolute. Domination. In typical fashion, Silva toyed with Okami like he was wrestling with his 4 year old nephew, letting the audience know that the fight would end when he decided it would. A head kick that rocked Okami at the end of the first round reinforced this belief, and Silva mercifully finished him off in the second. Cut. Print. TKO.

What it proved: That, outside of Chael Sonnen, there are no threats left in the UFC’s middleweight division for Anderson Silva. As with Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion Christiane “Cyborg” Santos, Silva must journey to another weight class if he desires a true challenge. Even DW is coming around to the idea, sort of.


Spike TV Is Going Uncomfortably Hard With Their UFC Counter-Programming

(“Fuck it, I’m calling in the air strike.”)

This week in “not honoring the spirit of the deal” news: Spike TV is upping the ante on their UFC counter-programming efforts, launching a new best-of-TUF series that would compete directly against season 15 of The Ultimate Fighter. “The Ultimate Fighter Fridays” will be a three-hour programming block debuting on Friday, March 2nd, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, featuring the best episodes from the first 14 seasons of the reality show. According to the press release, Spike will air special-themed editions of “The Ultimate Fighter Fridays” with input from fans via Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile on FX, The Ultimate Fighter LIVE is scheduled to kick off March 9th at 9 p.m. ET/PT, helmed by coaches Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz. Moving the show to a different network on a different night of the week will surely leave some fans confused if they haven’t been paying attention, and Spike’s new programming block just throws a few more tacks on the road, so to speak. But wait, there’s more…


Overeem Passes Conditional Drug Test; UFC 141 Bout With Brock Lesnar Official for Dec. 30

Alistair Overeem has met the first of three required stipulations of his conditional licensing in Nevada today as he passed his pre-fight urine test administered a few weeks ago in Holland.

UFC president Dana White tweeted the news today.


Photo of the Day: GSP Has Already Started Rehabbing His Knee

No, that’s not a photo of Stephen Hawking in bed, it’s actually Georges St-Pierre already rehabbing his reconstructed knee just five days removed from ACL surgery.


It is Really Not the Time to Be a Career Thief

(Fuckin’ amateurs.) 

Props to CP reader Frndlylion for the find, which involves yet another criminal getting his comeuppance at the hands of a mixed martial artist. We’ve seen them get rubber-guarded by some 10th Planet boys in a hotel lobby, we’ve seen them get beat to hell by an unnamed UFC champ, and we’ve even seen them get chased down by a current UFC champ. The latest story comes to us from Davenport, Iowa, where a 23 year old local by the name of Justin Tincher not only thwarted a robbery attempt on his girlfriend’s car, but managed to chase down the robber, bare foot and shirtless, and pin him to the pavement until the police came. The QCTimes explains:

Bishop Thornton allegedly jiggled the handles of several locked cars in the 700 block of Franklin Avenue, Davenport, last weekend before he came to an unlocked one belonging to Justin Tincher’s girlfriend. The 2002 Ford Focus was parked in front of Tincher’s house.

When Tincher saw the attempted theft in progress, he bolted out of his house without socks, shoes or a shirt, chased Thornton down Franklin Avenue, tackled the 19-year-old East Moline man and had him pinned until police arrived.

Tincher, 23, is a former mixed martial arts fighter.

“I don’t take kindly to people messing with my house, my girlfriend or my family,” Tincher said last week while still recovering at home after the ordeal.

He claims Thornton punched and kicked him while he had the suspect pinned. He also claims Thornton bit him on the left side of his torso after police arrived. The bite mark still was visible Friday afternoon.


MMA Merch of the Day: The Chael Sonnen “I Want YOU Anderson Silva” T-Shirt From Punch Buddies

(Props: Punch Buddies via FighterXFashion)

The madmen who brought us the most violent MMA t-shirt of all time have gone a little more subtle with their latest design. Punch Buddies’ new “I Want You Anderson Silva” t-shirt features Chael Sonnen as Uncle Sam (obviously), jabbing his index finger into the bird-like chests of pink-polo’d cowards everywhere. It’s an ideal holiday gift for the MMA fan in your life, and a perfect addition to your collection of Anderson Silva taunt-related apparel.

Swing by to pick up the Chael Sonnen t-shirt for $32.99, and while you’re there, take a look at their Furious Forrest and American Psycho shirts, and their line of UFC regional tees.