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January, 2012

First UFC Fan Expo of 2012 to Coincide With July 7th Event in Las Vegas

(“It’s an honor to meet you, man. The Hills Have Eyes is, like, my favorite movie ever.”)

According to new reports, the UFC will hold its first Fan Expo of 2012 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas on July 6-7. The expo will be held in conjunction with a major UFC event on July 7th, likely at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. As of now, no fights have been announced for the card; we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

The July 2012 UFC Fan Expo will be the first held since October 2011, when the two-day convention was tied to UFC 136 in Houston. Though we couldn’t make it out to that one, CagePotato has enjoyed a checkered history with these expos, highlighted by a crowd-pleasing punch-machine, a lifetime ban, and a drunken night in Toronto. Should we plan for another meetup in Vegas?

For the latest updates on appearances and events connected to July’s UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas, keep your eye on


Check Out Dana White’s UFC on Fox 2 Video Blog

(Video courtesy of YouTube/UFC)

Nothing groundbreaking this time around, but I’m starting to agree with Nick Diaz about how it’s strange that the UFC expects fighters to be cordial and play nice before an event.


Outrageous News of the Day: Man Who Cornered 12-Year-Old Son At One of His Illegal Events Is Alabama’s First Licensed MMA Promoter

By Mike Russell

(Nothing like a shady promoter profiting off of the blood, sweat and tears of fighters.)

Last year when a video began circulating of a pair of eight year olds competing in a three-round grappling exhibition in a cage during the intermission of a UK-based MMA event, the Internet exploded with outrage from pundits and fans of the sport.

Widespread worldwide media coverage of the match prompted the police in Lancashire, England where the event took place to launch an investigation into whether or not any laws were broken by the promoter. They ruled that the event was not illegal and that the boys were never in any harm and as unsettling as seeing two pre-pubescent youths competing in a cage meant for men was, since they were only basically having a no-gi grappling match no charges were ever laid.

It’s too bad that Alabama authorities aren’t as thorough.

On July 30, 2011 in Priceville, Alabama a local karate school owner by the name of Robert Clairday held an underground event in which two 12-year-olds actually fought inside a ramshackle homemade cage.

One of the kids, Christian Echols, is the son of Ray Echols – Clairday’s business partner in his gym, Fear None MMA, who also helped promote the rogue event that was held at Morgan County Celebration Arena — a dirt floor horse arena.

(Video courtesy of YouTube/EcholsRazorRay)


Dana White Is Already Open to a Possible Anthony Johnson Return

(Jesus Christ Rumble, pull yourself together, will you?) 

If you recall, about a fortnight ago, super middleweight contender Anthony Johnson showed up to the UFC 142 weigh-ins at a Weigh-In Failure Leaderboard Record of 12 pounds heavy for his clash with former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort. Dana White all but fired Johnson on the spot, labeling him “unprofessional,” to which Johnson responded by laughing at all us ignant haters. After a strong start in his fight with “The Phenom,” Johnson quickly gassed and succumbed to a first round rear-naked choke, and was given his walking papers promptly afterward.

Well, it seems that, despite missing weight for 25% of his UFC bouts, “Rumble” still has an outside chance of getting back into the sport’s highest promotion. When questioned about the issue following the UFC on Fox 2 press conference, White stated:

[Johnson] needs to go fight somewhere else, get some wins and come in on weight. He needs to prove to me that he can be a professional, show up on weight and do the things that he needs to do. [If] he gets a few fights under his belt and does that, we’ll talk.


Gallery: 12 GIFs of MMA Referees Being Awesome and/or Terrible

Sometimes you gotta give it up for the third man in the cage. Other times, not so much. More GIF greatness after the jump.


Bellator Planning April 6 Event In Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Windsor, Ontario MMA fans will likely only have to wait a few more months for their next live fight fix. has learned that Bellator Fighting Championships have penciled in an event for April 6 in Windsor, Ontario and that the event is likely to take place at Caesar’s Windsor Casino, just across the Ambassador bridge from Detroit.


McKee Stripped of Belt and Will Be Fired After Missing Weight for MFC Title Defense Tomorrow Night

(“I didn’t like working for the David Duke of MMA anyway.”)

Antonio McKee is really limiting his employment options these day.

The 41-year-old Las Vegas native today weighed in seven pounds over the 155 pound limit for his Maximum Fighting Championship title defense against Brian Cobb tomorrow night in Edmonton, Alberta. As a result of the infraction “Mandingo” will be fined 20 percent of his purse stripped of his title and will be let go from the remainder of his contract with the promotion.


Damn, Ronda Rousey Has Some Harsh Words for GSP [Video]

(Skip to the 4 minute mark for the true trash talking, and give your prayers to the poor man that is apparently being sodomized off camera.) 

It seems a day rarely goes by in the MMA blogosphere that doesn’t yield another hilarious, if somewhat polarizing quote from Ronda Rousey. She’s made dick jokes about her colleagues, she’s threatened to kill an entire audience with her bare hands, and now it seems she’s honed in on none other than that B-boying sonofabitch, Georges St. Pierre. About half way through the above interview, Rousey asks the reporter who his favorite fighter is, after declaring that hers is “The Last Emperor” himself, Fedor Emelianenko. When he states that his is GSP, Ronda reacts with a classic “Oh no you di-int” face before letting her feelings about the current welterweight champ be known:

I think [fighting] is about finishing your opponent. It’s about entertainment. It’s not the Olympics; it’s not about coming home and bringing a metal and just getting the win. It’s about pulling more fans in and be entertaining, and I think that fighters that just try to win by points and come away with a win are actually bad for the sport.


Steven Soderbergh Confirms That ‘Haywire’ Is Doing ‘Terrible’

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(Props: TMZ via MMAMania)

Of course, we already knew that. But when a director can’t even be bothered to come up with some spin about “managing expectations” and “making it up in the international market,” you know a film is pretty much fucked. As the jerkoff TMZ cameraman puts it, “all of ‘em can’t be great successes.” Very comforting. Does this mean Gina Carano is going back into hiding for another two years?


Sonnen vs. Bisping. Track Pants vs. Suit. [GIF]

(Always with the forehead contact, eh Mike?)

Staredown gif via ‘unfilter’ on the UG. The full UFC on FOX 2 press conference video is after the jump, in which Dana White clarifies that Chael Sonnen is not actually the middleweight champion, nor will he be challenging for the light-heavyweight or heavyweight titles after this fight.