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January, 2012

Friday Afternoon Link Dump

Video: Sonnen Says
(Video courtesy of MSN/Fox)

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Make Sure You Aren’t Eating When You Check Out What the Surgeon Took Out of Mark Munoz’s Elbow

(“So that’s where all of my remote controls went.”)

Mark Munoz underwent surgery yesterday to repair damage he thought he sustained in training for his upcoming UFC on Fox 2 fight with Chael Sonnen, but it turned out the pain he was feeling in his elbow was caused by a combination of bone spurs on and bone chips he’s had floating around in the joint for a while. Munoz’s surgeon removed a total of 24 combined spurs and chips. Luckily for all of us sick bastards who’ve watched “Two Girls One Cup” or spent countless hours on, Mark posted some disgusting photos of the shrapnel that resemble artifacts found during an archaeological dig.

For the rest of you Nancies, don’t travel past the jump, lest you might throw up on your keyboards, which is a real bitch to clean up. Trust us.


Report: Bellator Signs Sean McCorkle for Season 6 Debut on March 9th

(“Chainsaw-f*cking” jokes are so much funnier when Dane Cook does them.)

In their continuing efforts to pick up the best fighters that Zuffa doesn’t want, Bellator has reportedly signed former UFC heavyweight prospect Sean McCorkle to compete on the undercard of Bellator 60, March 9th in Hammond, Indiana. According to Sherdog, his opponent is expected to be Richard “Big Man” White, who has lost ten of his last twelve fights.

McCorkle’s brief spin through the Octagon was highlighted by an agonizing weight cut, a debut victory against Mark Hunt, and back-to-back stoppage losses against Stefan Struve and Christian Morecraft. Since then, he’s gone 3-0 in regional leagues, with all wins by first-round submission. Like many of his early opponents, his last two victims carried losing records. McCorkle is already booked to face Mike Gordon next Saturday at a North American Allied Fight Series event in West Virginia. Gordon is undefeated in sanctioned MMA competition, with a perfect record of 1-0. Christ, Sean, where do you find these people?


Check Out: Dana White’s UFC on FX 1 Video Blog

(“Get a load of this bullshit.”)

Dana White threw together a short and sweet video blog to commemorate the UFC’s first show on FX tonight and it had a few cool behind-the-scenes glimpses, perhaps most notably the moment he found out that Mark Munoz would be replaced by Michael Bisping against Chael Sonnen.

Some highlights:

• Dana says the UFC 143 countdown show (which debuts tonight) is going to be crazy

• He denies using paper-thin doors on TUF for dramatic effect

• Apparently copyright infringements, including playing Rage Against the Machine and wearing a Sons of Anarchy sweatshirt during the vlog aren’t a big deal

• Jim Miller’s wife hates his moustache

• Melvin Guillard is cool with Jim

• Dana loves the Neer-Ludwig fight

Check out the video after the jump.


Awesome Story of the Day: Guy Mezger Saved a Woman From Knife-Wielding Scumbag Last Month

By Mike Russell

(In your face, Jon Jones)

In spite of the fact that Guy Mezger retired seven years ago this month from active MMA competition, the 44-year-old former Lion’s Den fighter proved recently that he is still a badass.

Mezger, who is the president of HDNet, stepped in to offer assistance to a woman who was being roughed up by her boyfriend outside a Dallas sports store the week before Christmas and soon found himself in a fight with the angry beau.

According to the UFC 13 tournament winner, most of the onlookers just stood and gawked as the angry man repeatedly pushed the terrified woman to the ground while hurling obscenities at her, so he decided to try to diffuse the situation by stepping in between the pair and talking it out with the attacker. The next thing he knew, the guy was rushing him.

Big mistake.

“He wasn’t a big guy. He was maybe 150, 160 pounds. I’m presently about 200, 210 give or take, so I figured my physical size would be somewhat intimidating to him, which it wasn’t. I said, ‘Listen, the cops are called,’ and he said, ‘You called the cops?’ I was like, ‘Yeah,’ and he starts coming at me. It’s funny because he didn’t know how to fight,” he explained to radio host Bob Carson on Carson’s Corner last night. “It was hilarious, actually. I just kind of grabbed him and held onto him with an overhook on the right side and he was trying to hit me with his left. I’m like, ‘Hey buddy, settle down…calm down,’ and all this stuff. He tried to bite at me and then he tried to grab my nuts with his left hand. Then I just had enough, so I did a head-and-arm-throw. [It's] one of my better throws. We hit the concrete and it knocked him out.”

After the brief “fight,” Mezger went to check on the woman to make sure she knew she was safe now and to see if she was hurt. In the meantime, the guy he just KO’ed came to and was even more incensed than he was before.


Exclusive: Carlos Condit Talks UFC 143 Matchup With Nick Diaz

UFC 143 Diaz vs. Condit: Video Interview Carlos Condit – Watch More MMA Videos

We’re about two weeks away from UFC 143‘s interim welterweight title bout between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit, a fight that will mark Condit’s first Octagon appearance since he wrecked Dong Hyun Kim in July. In the ensuing months, Condit has had to remain focused while big opportunities appeared and disappeared with maddening regularity. Finally, his wait is over, and the Natural Born Killer will be able to test his skills against a man who many MMA pundits consider to be the #2 welterweight behind Georges St. Pierre. Our buddy Sal Mora caught up to Condit recently to get his thoughts about Nick Diaz and the challenges of balancing fighting with the rest of his life. Thanks so much to Carlos for the time; visit for more. Some highlights from our interview…

On Diaz’s attitude and antics: “I’ve never met the guy, so honestly I don’t have much of an opinion. I think that we’re fortunate to be doing what we’re doing for a living. We get paid to train, we get paid to fight, and we get paid to do what we like to do. I think he’s got kind of a bad attitude when it comes to being grateful for the position he’s in. But other than that, like I said, I don’t really know the guy.”

On fighters who create a persona to attract more attention: ”When I was younger, I felt like I wasn’t getting the notoriety or the exposure that some of these other guys were getting. But ultimately, when it came down to it, I just gotta be myself, and that’s carried me as far and got me as much exposure and notoriety as somebody acting a fool.”


‘UFC on FX: Guillard vs. Miller’ — Weigh-In Results and How to Watch

(Video via

The UFC’s first live event on FX goes down tonight in Nashville, headlined by a lightweight battle between crowd-pleasing contenders Melvin Guillard and Jim Miller — both of whom are trying to rebound from high-profile losses. We’ll be liveblogging the main card broadcast beginning at 9 p.m. ET. (FUEL TV will carry the preliminary card fights starting at 6 p.m. ET / 3 p.m. PT.) All fighters made weight for the event yesterday, although Fabricio Camoes needed two attempts to make it happen. The full weigh-in results are below.

Main Card (FX, 9 p.m. ET/PT)
Melvin Guillard (156) vs. Jim Miller (155)
Duane Ludwig (170.5) vs. Josh Neer (171)
Mike Easton (135) vs. Jared Papazian (135.5)
Pat Barry (242) vs. Christian Morecraft (256)


Check Out ‘The Reem Episode 10: Redemption’ and Try Not to Get Goosebumps

Well the makers of “The Reem” have done it again and it looks like this could be the best episode yet of Alistair Overeem’s online web series thanks to the cool footage of fans around the world watching and reacting to his UFC debut.

This time our favorite documentary filmmakers follow our hero to and from his UFC 141 fight with Brock Lesnar.

Check it after the jump.


It Looks Like Mike Whitehead Will Call Prison Home for the Next 1 to 4 Years

(Exhibit A for the defense: Whitehead can’t take a punch.)

In a surprising twist in the Mike Whitehead sexual assault case, the former The Ultimate Fighter 2 contestant was sentenced to between one and four years in Nevada State Prison today in Las Vegas. This according to the Associated Press.

Whitehead, who now lives in Tucson, Arizona and was scheduled to fight on Resurrection Fighting Alliance’s March 30 card in Nebraska, burst into tears after the sentence was read in Clark County court. He was immediately handcuffed and taken into custody. A report by the Associated Press states that “Iron” Mike (ironic, huh?) was charged with “attempted sexual assault,” which seems a bit off, considering he was full on having intercourse with a passed out chick while fondling her sleeping friend at his home when the victim woke up and told him to stop back in April 2010. In spite of her protest, Whitehead continued having sex with the 32-year-old acquaintance for several moments before climbing off of her and sitting naked on a chair in the corner while he stared at her and her 28-year-old girlfriend for a couple of hours.

It seemed like he would walk away with probation when it was announced late last year that he had struck a plea bargain with prosecutors to plead “no contest” to all charges against him to avoid the case going to trial, but it looks like the judge agreed with pretty much everyone that Whitehead should do the time for his vile crime.


There Will Be Fisticuffs: Houston Alexander Booked to Face Gilbert Yvel in March

(Change our Facebook status to scared shitless.) 

Coming off a DQ (illegal strikes) loss to his 16 year old son (too soon?), it has been announced that notorious brawler Houston Alexander has already been booked for another fight, and will be taking on referee aficionado Gilbert Yvel under a regional Nebraska promotion named Resurrection Fighting Alliance on March 30th. The fight will be contested at 205 lbs.

Aside from that unsanctioned bout with his kin, Alexander also recently suffered a second round Falling Tree KO at the elbows of former hockey enforcer Steve Bosse, which snapped a four fight win streak that included wins over UFC veterans Razak Al-Hassan and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.

(Admire it, Potato Nation. Admire it like a beautiful April morning.) 

Alexander will be taking on fellow UFC washout Gilbert Yvel, who made the drop to light heavyweight in his last bout and scored a first round submission via strikes win over Damian Dantibo. The victory was his first since dropping three straight to Junior Dos Santos, Ben Rothwell, and John Madsen in his short lived UFC run. We managed to find a video of the fight and added it below. Warning: turn down your speakers.