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July, 2013

Pro-Wrestling-Inspired MMA Move of The Day: Cambodian Fight Ends Via Boston Crab

Because every country needs to have its own MMA promotion these days, Cambodia’s Khmer Warrior Championship put on an event in Phnom Penh on Sunday, headlined by Soung Sovantha (never heard of him) vs. Bun Heang (never heard of him). You can check out the fights on the khmersexystars YouTube channel…or just watch our favorite one above, which pits Von Savy against Bun Mang. Yep, two dudes named Bun were on the same card. It is what it is.

The fight itself is pretty uneventful, up until the finish. The two fighters appear to have Muay Thai backgrounds from their stances, but neither Savy (red trunks) nor Mang (blue trunks) engaged much for the first couple of minutes. There is a lot of feeling out, a tiny bit of clinch work and two effective leg kicks from Savy.

Then, it happens.

Mang throws a left leg kick to the body that is caught by Savy, who sweeps his opponent off of his feet, grabs both of Mang’s feet by the ankles and locks on a freaking Boston Crab.

Anyone who has first-hand experience with high school locker room wrestling matches knows that the Boston Crab hold, popularized by Professional Wrestling, hurts a whole lot if you’re bad enough to let your opponent apply it.


UFC Announces ‘TUF: China’; Tryouts Slated for This Summer

(Sometimes, relevancy is not of primary importance.)

The UFC is officially making a serious and sustained play to break into the Chinese market. According to a report from SB Nation, tryouts for the first Chinese edition of The Ultimate Fighter reality competition show will take place this summer.

“According to the Chinese announcement, this edition of TUF will be broadcast on LiaoNing TV, and tryouts will be open for professional featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight fighters of Chinese descent, who can speak the language.

“Tryouts won’t just happen in mainland China, and it will instead be held on different countries to get most of the talent available. These multiple tryouts will happen on July 21 at the Metropark Lido Hotel in Beijing, July 25 at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, and on August 3 at the Venetian Hotel in Macau,” they reported.

The TUF: China Finale, to be held in Macau, will be broadcast globally. Coaches for the season of TUF have not been announced so it is not yet publicly known if the UFC will choose to have English-speaking organization mainstays coach the prospects, or if they will search for coaches who can speak the native languages of the participants. As it stands, the only Chinese fighters currently on the UFC roster are Tiequan Zhang, who has lost his last three fights in the Octagon, and undefeated bantamweight prospect Jumabieke Tuerxun, who hasn’t competed for the promotion yet.


Gamblers Beware: Chael Sonnen Opens As Slight Favorite Over Shogun Rua

(Meanwhile, Shogun could be found outside the event’s velvet ropes, insisting to the bouncer that his girlfriend was already inside. / Photo via Getty)

Just a heads up, Potato Nation: The betting lines were released for the UFC on FOX Sports 1:1 headlining matchup between Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Chael Sonnen yesterday. Surprisingly enough, “The American Gangster” has opened as a slight favorite (-139) over the former champion (+100) despite being on the heels of back-to-back losses and winless in the light heavyweight division since approximately ever.

Although Shogun is also coming off a tough loss to Alexander Gustafsson at UFC on FOX: Henderson vs. Diaz and has in fact gone loss-win in his past seven UFC contests, many fans predicted that he would emerge a favorite over Sonnen based on his track record alone. It should also be noted that Shogun has never lost back-to-back contests in his MMA career. On the other hand, Rua’s inconsistency on fight night is always a potential issue and it would appear that the oddsmakers are not predicting a vintage Shogun performance come August 17th.

On a positive note, DW & Co. were able to clear up the legal snafu that was threatening to implode UFC on FS 1:1, so there’s that, we guess.

While fate would predict a Shogun win, the bookies would say otherwise. Which will you put your faith in, Nation?

-J. Jones


And Now He’s Retired: Gilbert Yvel ‘Pretty Much Done’ After 16 Years of Terrorizing Opponents and Referees

(Yvel hammers down on a lifeless Pedro Rizzo at ‘Ultimate Chaos’ in June 2009, as one of Steve Mazzagatti‘s star pupils looks on. / Photo via Sherdog)

Gilbert Yvel could have been a beloved figure in MMA. A devastating striker with a kill-or-be-killed approach to fighting, the Dutch kickboxer was able to produce 32 wins by KO/TKO in his 16-year, 56-match career, with all 38 of his victories coming by some form of stoppage. Over the years Yvel has knocked out Semmy Schilt, Gary Goodridge, Cheick Kongo, and Houston Alexander, and won multiple fights against Bob Schrijber, Valentijn Overeem, and Tsuyoshi Kohsaka.

That’s a hell of a resume for a fighter who came up in the late ’90s; he’s the kind of guy you’d expect to find on a list like this. And yet, those wins probably aren’t the first things you think of when you hear the name “Gilbert Yvel.” No, you probably think of the time he punched a referee and kicked him while he was down. Or the time he tried to claw Don Frye’s eyes out and got DQ’d for it. Or the time he bit a guy. Or any of the times he had to be restrained by refs well after the fight had been stopped.

Yvel mellowed out, eventually. Since the referee-hitting incident in 2004, the 37-year-old has managed to avoid dirty fighting, disqualifications, and controversy, and settled into a role as a veteran banger, showing up to squash cans in international promotions, or act as fodder for a larger name. A three-fight stint in the UFC in 2010 was a total bust, and seemed to signal the end of Yvel’s time as a relevant force in MMA. But it wasn’t over yet. Yvel attempted to rescue his career with a weight-drop to 205 pounds, going from pleasantly plump to startlingly skinny.

The crazy thing is, it actually worked. Yvel signed with RFA in 2011, and went 2-0 as a light-heavyweight, stopping Damian Dantibo and Houston Alexander, both in the first round — which makes it somewhat surprising that Yvel has now decided to call it a day.