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January, 2015

WSOF 17 Results and GIFs: Shields Taps Foster And…That’s…About…It

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WSOF 17: “Shields vs. Foster” took place last night from Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV., featuring former Strikeforce champion and UFC alumni Jake Shields against another fellow UFC veteran Brian Foster.

The winner of their contest would go on to challenge Rousimar Palhares for the welterweight title at a later date, and despite the slow start, Shields scored his second consecutive submission win. He’s now 2-0 since being fired from the UFC:


Dillashaw vs. Barao 2, Rampage vs. Maldonado, Bisping vs. Dollaway Confirmed for UFC 186

(Former UFC light-heavyweight champion. Undefeated in Bellator. High-score on the Pop-a-Shot. / Photo via Getty)

It’s official: UFC 186 (April 25th, Montreal) will be headlined by a rematch between bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw and ex-champ Renan Barao, and will also feature the UFC return of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson against “The Iron Hillbilly” (actual nickname!) Fabio Maldonado. Both matchups were previously rumored last week, but UFC president Dana White confirmed them yesterday during an appearance on TSN’s SportsCenter.

But that’s not all, folks. White confirmed five more matchups for the card, which are as follows…

Rory MacDonald vs. Hector Lombard: Yeah, we already knew about this one. The winner gets the next welterweight title shot. Or maybe the Hendricks/Brown winner gets it. Or maybe Kelvin Gastelum gets it? Cripes, who knows.

Michael Bisping vs. CB Dollaway: Bisping is coming off his guillotine-choke loss to Luke Rockhold at that nutso Sydney card, while Dollaway was recently blown up by Lyoto Machida. Fun fact: Bisping hasn’t won two fights in a row since 2011.


Goodnight, MMA

(Arguably my lasting contribution to MMA writing)

By Matt Saccaro

This is the last post I’ll ever be making at CagePotato, and this is the last day I’ll ever be tweeting for CagePotato. This is honestly one of the most bittersweet moments of my life. I love CagePotato and I feel so sad leaving, but I’m getting a real media job at a website I adore (assistant social media editor at Salon).

I’m not really sure what to say in a goodbye post. I remember once last year, some Bellator prelim fighter retired. He left his gloves in the ring and friend-of-CagePotato Mike Fagan hilariously buried the guy, comparing this jobber leaving his gloves in the cage to a supermarket clerk leaving his apron in the store parking lot. That’s how I kind of feel with this post. In terms of MMA “journalism,” I didn’t really do anything that spectacular or memorable. I think my lasting contribution to the sport will be asking Ronda Rousey whether she moderated a Pokemon forum in her youth. It’s been three years since I asked and I still see people favoriting that tweet every couple of months.

Still, MMA writing meant a lot to me (even if I didn’t always like the sport or the MMA media) and gave me a direction in life when I didn’t necessarily have one.


Jon Jones Fined $25,000 By The UFC For Violating The Promotion’s Code of Conduct

(“I’m deeply saddened by this whole situation. I’ll be honest, though … that beard trimmer I bought yesterday was more expensive than this fine.”/Photo via Getty)

The UFC announced via its website today that current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been fined $25,000 for violating the promotion’s Athlete Code of Conduct policy.

Jones, who defeated Daniel Cormier at UFC 182 on Jan. 3, 2015, failed an out-of-competition drug test administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Dec. 4, 2014, testing positive for cocaine metabolites.

The UFC had this to say about the fine (via


TUF’s 10-Year Anniversary: The Legacy of the Most Drawn-Out MMA Show In History

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By Alex Giardini

On Jan. 17, 2005, Spike TV aired a new show titled The Ultimate Fighter, which featured 16 combat sports athletes living under one roof in Las Vegas, competing for a six-figure contract with the UFC. What we didn’t know, however, was this exhaustive program was going to last over 20 seasons, complete with the FOX treatment, and plenty of drunken debauchery in between.

Long story short, the Zuffa brass was in serious trouble since their big gamble to buy the struggling Ultimate Fighting Championship wasn’t paying off. Simply put, that Fertitta money was being blown fast, with no real profit or indication of improvement. Spike TV founder Albie Hecht wanted a program that brought in a lot of viewers from all over, presumably because there are only so many reruns of the hyper masculine shows a person could watch.


Video: UFC Fight Night 59 Weigh-In Replay, Watch Conor McGregor Just Because

(Video courtesy of

The UFC Fight Night 59: “McGregor vs. Siver” weigh-in took place earlier today from Boston, MA., with all fighters on point in their respective weight classes. Check out the full video replay above, or storm to 25:10 to see what you really want.

With the Irish flag hovered around his body, Conor McGregor hit the stage, and upon making weight, bragged about hitting it right on the noggin and wrapped an imaginary title around his waist.

Full UFC Fight Night 59 weigh-in results are after the jump…


Bellator 132 Results and GIFs: “Pitbull” Submits Straus, Karakhanyan Impresses & Brutal Finishes on the Prelims

(Photo via

Bellator came back into our lives in a big way last night, as Bellator 132: “Freire vs. Straus 2″ took place at the Pechanga Casino Resort in Temecula, Calif. Scott Coker‘s new beloved baby gave us some pretty wild finishes from top-to-bottom, proving the second-best MMA promotion in the world is must-see TV every time.

Not one fight went to a decision on the prelims, and the finishes were downright disgusting. Please don’t watch them with your family, hovered around the tube with Michelina’s for everyone (all Vines/Gifs courtesy of ZombieProphet, after the jump.)


[VIDEO] Donald Cerrone and Benson Henderson Bromance One Another at the UFC Fight Night 59 Media Day

(Props: MMAFightingonSBN)

Between “Hey pussy, are you still there?” and “Kiss them feet Nazi,” it’s easy to think that all UFC fighters hate each other, or at least feign enough hate to sell some tickets. Donald Cerrone and Benson Henderson proved otherwise during their staredown at the UFC Fight Night 59 media day yesterday. Let’s timestamp the awesomeness:

0:04 – Cerrone steps into frame and excitedly claps his hands and stomps his foot because he’s just so damn excited to see his buddy Benson again. They embrace like two long-lost friends.

0:10 – Dana White reminds them they’re here to promote a fight and tells them to square off. Cerrone, who’s already four inches taller than Henderson, gets up on his toes, and Henderson just smiles and laughs because his buddy Donald is such a clown.

0:15 – Dana tells them to “face forward, shoulder to shoulder,” and Cerrone takes the command as literally as possible, then starts nudging at Henderson like a young boy pestering his older brother. Cerrone, wearing a soon-to-be-banned Budweiser shirt, announces that “rounds are on ‘Cowboy’ after this fight.”


Watch Miguel Torres’ Knee Implode from a Brutal Oblique Kick

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Every fighter goes through a period of decline as they age, but few fighters have had a fall as sharp and devastating as Miguel Torres.

Torres was once a 37-1 WEC bantamweight champion and one of the best pound-for-pound fighters ever (back when that distinction was less of a dubious marketing ploy). Then he hit a huge skid and wound up losing to a Wiki-less Pablo Alfonso in World Series of Fighting via submission in just the first round. The shame of this loss sent him to garbage regional shows with names straight out of EA Sports MMA — “Rebel FC” and “United Combat League.” Torres went 3-0 during this time over tomato cans.

His recent return to the “big time” was a fight against Desmond Green at Titan FC 31 in late 2014. Torres lost in under a minute. After this, Torres decided to try his hand at kickboxing. Last night, he had his pro kickboxing debut against Angel Huerta at Legacy Kickboxing 1 in Houston. The fight, like the last few rotations of the earth around the sun, held nothing but disaster for Torres. Check out the finish after the jump…


Hot Take: Is Losing Matt Saccaro the Best Thing to Ever Happen to CagePotato? (A Tribute)

(This is probably the most Saccaro tweet ever.)

By Ben Goldstein

A while back, I thought it would be fun to put together a flowchart called “How You Can Tell If It’s Matt Saccaro Tweeting From the CagePotato Account.” There would be a series of questions like…

- Is @CagePotatoMMA live-tweeting a Bellator event?
- Does the tweeter use “heh” to signify amusement, rather than the more common “LOL” or “haha”?
- Is this a hot-take, calmly delivered in question form?
- Is the tweeter mentioning what food he’s eating while watching the fights?
- And would you describe that food as “disgusting”?
- Is the tweet so off-topic that you wonder if the tweeter just forgot to switch back to his personal account?
- Does he later apologize for the tweet, saying that this is the kind of stuff he thinks about when he’s in a reflective/melancholy/pensive mood?

And basically, all YES answers would eventually lead to “Yeah, it’s probably Saccaro.” If you’ve followed CagePotato on twitter over the last year or so, you’d probably appreciate it. But then I got distracted, and I put the idea on the backburner, figuring I could always do it some other time. Saccaro-humor isn’t going out of style, right? He’ll always be here!

Life, of course, operates on its own schedule. The people you depend on the most are simply gone one day, and then what do you do? I don’t know what you do. I guess what I’m trying to say is, go hug your kids, go hug your parents, go hug your best friends, and if you have any beef with anybody from ten years ago that’s over nothing, man, tell them you’re sorry and you love them, because you never know what’s gonna happen, man.

A couple weeks ago, Matt Saccaro — CagePotato’s weekend editor and associate social media editor (aka, lead-tweeter) since Fall 2013 — put in his notice that he would be leaving CagePotato, as he had accepted a job as the new assistant social media editor at If you know Matt, you know that this is pretty much a dream job for him, so go congratulate him.

I’d like to think that Salon was wowed by Matt’s UFC-themed Magic the Gathering cards, or his work on the 95 Theses of MMA, or any of his various articles calling bullshit on Zuffa mythmaking. But the truth is, Matt writes for genuinely legitimate media outlets when he’s not slumming it on the mid-level cage-fighting blog you’re reading right now, and has even written a damn book. It’s possible that we never really deserved him in the first place.