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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

May, 2015

Friday Link Dump: NAC Overhauls Drug Program, TUF Vet Corey Hill Passes Away, Machida vs. Romero Booked (!!) + More

(The Fight Night Manila weigh-ins, via the UFC’s Youtube channel.)

Brandon Halsey Missed Weight, Stripped of Title, Fight With Grove Remains On (The UG)

Federal Trade Commission Re-Opens UFC Investigation, Contacting Promoters, Fighters and Managers (BloodyElbow)

Nevada Athletic Commission Massively Overhauls Drug Program, Topped by Lifetime Bans (MMAFighting)

UFC Veteran Corey Hill Dead at 36, Reports Manager (MMAJunkie)

New UFC Strawweight Michelle Waterson is Very, Very Flexible (Fox Sports)

Lyoto Machida vs. Yoel Romero Set as Main Event for TUF: Brazil 4 Finale (Bleacher Report)

Honest Trailers – Pitch Perfect (Screen Junkies)

Video: Another Crazy Brawl Inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s (EveryJoe)

Padma Lakshmi is Hotter Than Hell’s Kitchen (40 Photos) (Radass)

The 22 Funniest Real Estate Agent Names Ever (WorldWideInterweb)

Mad Max: Fury Road – What a Lovely Day It Is (The Escapist)


Fight Night Manila Is Tomorrow, So Let’s All Gawk at This Awesome New ‘UFC 189′ Trailer

While we all wait on bated breath for this weekend’s superfight-ish battle between Frankie Edgar and Urijah Faber, the UFC would kindly like to remind us of another, even more hyped showdown on the horizon: That of Conor McGregor and Jose Also. It’s been awhile since the pair’s antics during the UFC World Media Tour captured our attention, and as such, the UFC released a brand spanking new trailer for UFC 198 earlier today — as if to say, “Hey, neither of these guys have gotten injured yet! And they still hate each other!!”

Like the True Detective teasers before it, each trailer for UFC 198 seems to be better than the last one, so check out the promo above and remember: If this fight gets cancelled, we riot.


Hot Potato: Photos of the UFC’s New, Filipina Ring Girl, Red Dela Cruz

Yesterday’s Fight Night 66 media day workouts was a landmark occasion for a variety of reasons. Not only did it kick off the UFC’s first ever trip to the Philippines ahead of this weekend’s fight between Frankie Edgar and Urijah Faber — which is being hailed as “the closest thing to a superfight we’ve had in some time” (!!!!) — but it also set the stage for the UFC to introduce its first-ever Filipina ring girl. Please, try and contain your excitement.

That ring girl was none other than Red Dela Cruz, a popular Filipina model and PXC ring girl who was chosen from a pool of a couple hundred applicants as part of the UFC’s Asia Ring Girl search. A monumental occasion, indeed. In any case, check out our favorite photos (plus a bonus video) of Ms. Cruz after the jump, and make sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


CagePotato Open Discussion: With the Reebok Deal a Bust, Where Do We Go From Here?

(If you’re the UFC, I guess the answer is “Not for your fighters.” HI-OH!)

By David Golden

A week has passed since the pay structure of the UFC’s exclusive Reebok sponsorship was made public, and the immediate reaction to the deal from both fighters and fans seems to be…let’s say less than positive. Matt Mitrione and Brendan Schaub were among the vocal minority who seemed completely shocked by the figures, and it’s easy to see why. The structure of the deal effectively turns off an important revenue stream for many fighters and gives them a stipend that is predetermined and minimally effective in many cases. Making matters worse, outside brands have not only been banned as sponsors from UFC events but will no longer be able to participate as vendors at UFC fan expos.

This might have been the saving grace for some fighters hoping to bring in additional income, but that outlet has also been blocked. There has been talk of some secondary sponsorship coming some time down the road but all signs point to that being controlled by the UFC as well. If there isn’t an opportunity for fighters to source their own sponsorship or at least make the money they believe they are worth, then this deal could turn out to be disastrous for the UFC.


Fight Night: Hunt vs. Miocic Aftermath: Oh God, The Humanity (Or Lack Thereof)

(It was at that point that the once bloodthirsty Adelaide crowd, draped in tattered shawls and dirtied robes, began to cry out for mercy. via Getty)

We’ve had the discussion a million times over. Probably more. When a fighter loses the ability to protect himself — whether out of stubbornness, pride, stupidity, or some combination of the three — it falls upon the referee, or his cornerman, or the ringside physician, to do it for him. “A fighter is his own worst enemy,” we so often say, cheaply dismissing a much bigger issue that impacts all combat sports while doing next to nothing to ensure that these fighters can actually be saved from themselves.

Fight Night 65 was, if nothing else, a continuation of our cultural apathy for fighter safety, gently tucked beneath a guise of momentary outrage and Twitter rants. It was the kind of card that would’ve made Matt Saccaro dismiss us all as purveyors of a barbaric bloodsport wherein the costs highly outweigh the gains, were he still covering MMA. (Thankfully, a former governor surfaced to pick up his scraps.)


Friday Link Dump: Pettis Sidelined Again, Fighters React to Reebok Deal, Funniest Help Wanted Signs + More

(Video footage of Albuquerque PD searching Jon Jones’ car. The pipe is to be expected, but the “sh*tload of condoms”? Priceless.)

-Anthony Pettis Injures Elbow, Tentatively Scheduled to be Sidelined for Four-to-Six Months Following Surgery (MMAFighting)

-Edson Barboza Steps in for Anthony Pettis to Fight Myles Jury at UFC on FOX 16 (MMAMania)

-Fighters Respond to the Official UFC Reebok Payscale on Twitter (BloodyElbow)

-As Gripes over UFC Outfitting Deal Pile Up, Will Backlash Be More Than Words? (Bleacher Report)

-10 Reasons to Watch a Rare MMA Co-Promotion and Some UFC fights This Weekend (MMAJunkie)

-Matt Brown: “I Don’t Really Wish Anything Good for Jon Jones at This Point.” (FoxSports)

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-Know Your 2016 Presidential Candidate: Ben Carson (Every Joe)

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-8 Weird Simulation Games that Actually Exist (Escapist)


The Fall of Jon Jones: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

(via Getty.)

By Scott Johnson

As everyone reading this already knows by now, the UFC Light Heavyweight championship has been vacated due to a recent hit and run incident involving Jon Jones  that left a pregnant woman with a broken arm and other injuries. The news comes as…well, not very shocking to anyone that has been paying attention to the behavior of the former champion and it seems that his history of bad behavior has finally caught up to him as the UFC has stripped him of his title, removed him from their rankings and have “indefinitely suspended” him from competition.

Today we’re going to take a look at the effects that this incident has had in a fun segment that I’m stealing from former CP alumni: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


The New Reebok Fighter Payout Structure Has Been Revealed and Boy Is It Something

(To put the Reebok deal in terms Jon Jones might understand, he just went from being able to total a Lexus per fight to only a pre-owned Acura per fight.)

Late last year, it was announced that the UFC had inked a 6 year/$70 million exclusive sponsorship deal with Reebok that would not only change how its fighters presented themselves, but how they could obtain sponsors moving forward as well. Gone were the days wherein a fighter/manager could secure as many (pre-approved) sponsors as possible per fight, and in its place was a tiered system dependent solely on the opinions of a group of “experts” who quite literally could not be less informed.

As has become the case with most of the UFC’s newly-instigated policies, it took a couple tries before the world’s premiere fight organization was able to get it (mostly) right. So the rankings-based payout system was scrapped in favor of a structure that “rewarded” fighters with bigger cuts of the action based on the number of fights they had while competing under the Zuffa-owned Strikeforce, WEC, and UFC.

Earlier today, UFC fighter Cody Gibson tweeted an image of the new payout system which goes into effect on July 6th. And boy is it something.


Dan Henderson vs. Tim Boetsch Now Headlines Fight Night NOLA, With Ryan Bader Scratched Altogether

(Fun fact: This is the second most re-used photo of Henderson in CagePotato history, next to…well, you know.)

The fallout from Jon Jones’ game of real-life GTA has been well documented at this point. A champion lost his title. A(nother) UFC card lost its original main event. Dana White lost what final strands of hair he could possibly grow. But really, the guy who’s been most screwed over by Jones’ antics is none other than one of his former opponents: Ryan Bader.

You see, Ryan Bader was all set to face Daniel Cormier in the main event of Fight Night 68 (aka Fight Night NOLA) in June. It was a fight that “Darth” would have not only won without breaking a sweat, but one that would have made him the light heavyweight division’s clear #1 contender and set up a rematch with Jones, which again, is a fight he would have come out from practically unscathed. LALALALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!

But now thanks to Bones’ inability to call an Uber, Bader’s originally scheduled opponent for Fight Night 68 has been scooped up to face Anthony Johnson for the now vacant title at UFC 187. Bader, on the other hand, has been scratched from Fight Night 68 altogether. I can think of no greater injustice in recent memory that even compares to the situation poor, poor Ryan Bader has put in. Other than, you know, the pregnant woman whose vehicle was struck by a famous mixed martial artist…who then proceeded to flee with no regard for her well-being.

In any case, Bader is out, and the new Fight Night NOLA headliner is…


The Week in Review: “Oh, F*ck My Life” Edition

(The Johnson vs. Cormier promo for UFC 187. We haven’t watched it yet, but drink if the word “monster” is used at any point.)

Afternoon, Nation. It’s been a hell of a week for our fine little sport, amiright? Some bad things happened, some other bad things happened, and depending on how you feel about Jon Jones, some either earth-shatteringly terrible or world-affirmingly wonderful things happened as well. So join us after the jump as we recap the week that was while trying not to cry into our whiskey drink. What? IT’S FRIDAY AND WE NEED THIS, NATION.