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May, 2017

UFC 211: Will Henry Cejudo Shutdown The Young And Hungry Sergio Pettis

The main card of UFC 211 features two top level flyweights, each of whom could be considered for a title challenge with a few more good wins. While Henry Cejudo may have already had his crack at glory, Sergio Pettis is looking to throw his card into the Demetrious Johnson sweepstakes (a prize that I’m not sure anyone truly wants to win at this point). This fight has a lot riding on it for both fighters and it’s good to see it opening up the main card for one of the more stacked events of the year (good job UFC, keep this up and people may end up caring about flyweight).


UFC 211: Eddie Alvarez Looks To Dominate Dustin Poirier

With so many great fights on UFC 211 there’s pretty much no choice but to start the break downs a bit earlier than I normally do. First order of business is one of the more underrated fights on the card pitting former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez against the hard hitting Dustin Poirier. It’s certainly a tough match up for both men. In one regard, it puts Eddie Alvarez in a bit of a lose lose situation. He either beats a fighter he’s expected to or gets a second loss in the row. That’s not to suggest that Dustin Poirier is a slouch or an easy win, but after being crushed by Conor McGregor, you’d expect Alvarez to fight a higher ranked opponent. But in the present day UFC you have to take what you can get.