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21 Times the UFC Proved They Cared More About Entertainment Than Sport

(#22: Building doors out of wet cardboard for dramatic effect.)

The UFC is not a sports organization. They’re an entertainment company that dabbles in athletic competition. Here’s the proof:

1. Firing Jake Shields.

2. Firing Yushin Okami.

3. Firing Jon Fitch.

4. Not firing Dan Hardy (“I like guys who WAR“)

5. Giving Chael Sonnen a title shot coming off a loss.

6. Giving Nick Diaz a title shot coming off a loss.

7. Bringing a 1-0 Brock Lesnar into the UFC.

8. James Toney.

9. Signing Sean Gannon after he beat Kimbo Slice via exhaustion in an illegal bare-knuckle street fight.

10. Putting Kimbo Slice on a main card after he went 0-1 in the TUF House.

11. Allowing alcohol in the TUF house.

12. Telling Ben Askren to win some fights.

13. Basically refusing to sign Cris Cyborg forever.

14. Lying about all the fighter’s credentials and accomplishments for UFC 1.

15. Lying about all the fighter’s credentials and accomplishments in the modern day.

16. Instant rematches when the wrong guy wins.

17. Interviewing Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker whenever they show up at events.

18. The fact that you can buy Arianny t-shirts on the UFC website.

19. Every single time when they brought a potential opponent into the cage to square off with someone who just won their fight (this is our favorite example).

20. Bringing back Tank Abbott in the early 2000′s.

21. Dana White vs. Tito Ortiz.

(And here comes Bruce Buffer with a steel chair!)

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