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22 of the Dumbest Event Names in King of Cage History [GALLERY]

(“You won’t see fighters this scared anywhere else!!”)

In the beginning, MMA events had catchy titles like “Revenge of the Warriors” and “Collision Course” to make them seem even more dramatic than they already were*. Eventually, all the good ideas ran out, and you started seeing crap like “Slammer in the Hammer” and “Helter Smelter” on the local circuit.

But while the UFC eventually wised up and stopped giving its events random, stupid names**, King of the Cage has kept the lunkheaded tradition alive. As proof, here are 22 of the dumbest KOTC event names we could find on the Internet. (Not pictured: Buckeye Nuts, Nuclear Explosion, Knockout Nightmare. Actual event names. Seriously.)

* The trend was officially started in 1993 with Pancrase: Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers 1-4. I guess the promotion was tired of curious locals asking them, “Say, are you guys hybrid wrestlers or something?”

** The final UFC event to carry a name was UFC 125: Resolution, on January 1st, 2011, but by that point, event names had almost completely fallen out of fashion in the UFC. There were only five UFC events that carried names in 2009-2010, including UFC 99: The Comeback and UFC 112: Invincible.

(Because there’s nothing that MMA fans love more than a good split-decision.)

(Moral Victory: Not like a *real* victory, but at least you did your best.)

(Anybody who’s ever put chili in the microwave for too long can relate to this one.)

(Yep, just a random shout-out to Richard Ramirez.)

(“Come to gawk at the black guy’s muscles…stay for the fights!”)

(Of course they’re unsigned. Why else would they be fighting for KOTC?)

(I’m only including this one because the poster looks even more like a gay-porn DVD cover than the rest of these posters.)

(When in doubt, just name the event after your muffler-sponsor.)

(…or a random phrase that has nothing to do with fighting.)

(I see one fighting legend, and one damn fool in mascara.)

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